Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monday Morning Cover to Cover.....the Lord is my Keeper - Psalm 121:5 and my feet are standing - Psa 122:2 so look til He Has Mercy on Me Psa 123:2

This will be my last post for Cover to Cover on this blog. I am MOVING Cover to Cover Monday Morning New Testament readings to another blog. I’m moving Cover to Cover to: You can also access it through my profile.

We finished reading the Old Testament this week. Nine months of lingering in the Word of God that changed our lives. It is not the word that changed our lives, it is the Person behind the words Who changed us all---The Living Word!. The psalmist wrote that His Word was like oxygen to us; like a hammer that broke our rocks to pieces; like a healing balm; and like melting snow melting our hearts. He sent His Word to us and healed us because we are greatly loved (Daniel 9:23). And, His Seal is on it. What a privilege to have journeyed with those of you who blogged on Monday mornings. You have no idea how much your comments have brought God to me! I cannot thank you enough for the challenge and encouragement of reading through the Old Testament chronologically with me. Please share with us for the last time on our journey through the OT, what lingers with you from this week.

If one word lingers with me from this week’s chronological readings, it is KEEPER. Psalm 121:5. “The LORD is your Keeper.” HE keeps me together when I have weeks like the one I’ve had. HE keeps me from all evil though HE allows some. HE keeps my life. HE keeps my going out and my coming back in. When I feel so lost, I can know, there is Someone Who is not sleeping tonight. He’s wide awake keeping my life. That so speaks to my moment. Psalm 122:2 – MY FEET ARE STANDING all because of my Keeper. Only HE could have done that from whence I came! Psalm 123:2 – So my eyes look to the LORD til HE has mercy on us. HAVE MERCY on me, o My God!

I went through a severe depression a couple of years ago and could not even stand up physically for a few weeks. But my beautiful God intervened and literally stood me up again. One verse He spoke to me through was: Psalm 147:10-11----His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse, nor his delight in the legs of a man; the LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. It’s not about how strong I am; it’s all about how strong HE is in me. The joy of the LORD is my strength. Neh 8:10. You could hear the sound of their rejoicing for miles away, they had such great joy – Neh 12:43. Wonder what sound comes from my life? God is not committed to our comfort; He is so committed to our deep joy in HIM.

Another verse in our chronological readings this week was one I remember well from a day of desperation about 15 years ago---I was freaking out over life, came to God, and randomly opened the Bible to that unknown verse…. Joel 2:12-13 “Return to me with all your heart…REND YOUR HEART, not your garment.” Don’t pull your hair out of your head, Bev. Live broken before ME and deal with the fray of your own heart. Who knows? He may turn and have pity. But, how I LOVE my Lord’s answer: I am sending you enough to satisfy you fully. I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten—my great army that I sent among you Joel 2:25. That so makes me think of Job and how God restored what His great Army took away. Yes, the day of the LORD is coming and I so want to live this day like it is. So what needs to go? Something has ruled my heart more than the Love of my God this week. I’m seeing it for what it is…and laying it down.

And our OT readings end in the Book of Malachi. “Guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith with your wife.” Mal. 2:16 You have not set your hearts to honor your God. The LORD is listening and hears you as you talk with each other. A scroll of remembrance is being written in His Presence--- Mal. 3:16.

And so the OT closes with a prophecy: “The Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in its Wings.” Mal. 4:1. It will be 400 years of silence after these inspired words fell on open ears. Waiting for the Sun.

If you would like to be a part of reading the New Testament chronologically with us, join us daily at Engage The Journey starting Sunday September 28th and ending December 31st. Come visit the blogsite at and take a look. You can blog daily with this online community and read or listen to the daily readings online. You don't even have to comment---we just want you to be in the Word with us if you are available. The blog has been a powerful tool to connect with our beautiful God Who is bending low to each of you. Then, on Monday mornings, you can weekly share one or two thoughts that LINGER with you from your readings on my new blog I’ll still be here with my “take” on life on this personal blog so I’m not moving, just Cover to Cover on Monday mornings is moving to another blog.

Please e-mail me (sixbrandons(at) if you would like to participate in the chronological NT readings. Go to and take a look. This is not an accountability group. It is an invitation to read the Word together and ask God to show you what lingers in your heart. Malachi 4:1---surely the day of the LORD is coming and the Sun of Righteousness is so rising on you with healing!

Let me hear from you! Call or e-mail (cell numbers are listed at the bottom of my e-mails) with any questions. I’ve made this post way-too-long. I so want you to be in the Word of God and if this is for you, let me know.

Those of you who have journeyed through the Old Testament chronological readings, leave a comment here and tell us what it has meant to you. We are servants for the knowledge of the Truth which leads to godliness, changed lives---Titus 1:1-3. You are not the same person you were when you started nine months ago!


annie's eyes 9/28/2008  

I'll be joining you both places. I love Mondays, too. I haven't finished the readings, but will write my post on Psalm 121. And maybe a little from Malachai. Here we are at the New Testament crossing almost. I agree. I will never be the same again from this journey. Love, Annette

helenw13 9/28/2008  

Hi there,
These last couple of months have been a struggle to keep up in the reading but these last 9 months have been nothing short of life shaking...and heart stirring!
A few weeks ago, I watched as Kay Arthur asked an audience of 5500 people how many books of the Bible are there? There was a loud response of 66...then she asked just how many books of the Bible does the Lord wants us to know...ALL OF THEM...we aren't to pick and choose our favorites or the ones that are the most palatable to us...we are to be in God's Word and to know His Word...this was such an encouragement to me and also made me so thankful that I heeded your call Bev and the Lord's to read through His Word this year...and actually this has been the first time that I have not had big helpings of guilt when I have gotten behind...God knows my heart and my life and He has given me all of you to encourage me...and when I was "on schedule" I was able to encourage others in the same way to just keep on...

I am going to re-post a recent post on Psalm 121 for this week's Cover to Cover and then I will get started with the New Testament...I am excited to keep on reading and getting to know and see more and more of the heart of God.

Thanks for all your prayers as I have been recovering from has been such a priceless gift to me.


Bev Brandon 9/28/2008  

Annette, it has been such a beautiful journey hearing your heart and it's a beautiful one! You have been so faithful to us. Your words have pierced my heart at times; your words have melted my heart too. All because of the beautiful LORD that pours out of you. "Perfect in Beauty, God pours from you." Psalm 50:2. Thank you for your deep encouragement to us all to find our God in the midst of our joys and sorrows!

Bev Brandon 9/28/2008  

Helen, you have been faithful and full of God in your posts. You've listened to HIM and it's been so obvious to us all. And you are right, there is no guilt cause this hasn't been about accountability but all about finding our God. It's not about finishing and checking off the goal---it's about the Goal for the Prize of your upward call in Christ- Phil 3:14. And, you have pressed forward to know HIM and He's responded. "I press on to make it my own." Phil 3:12. And you have so beautifully! What a privilege to journal and journey with you. Praying for a full recovery from your surgery, you precious one!

Mary Lou 9/29/2008  

Even though I do not have a blog, all of your blogs about what He has spoken to you have blessed my life and heart this past nine months. I truly am not the same person that I was when we started this nine months ago. I am changed because of His Word and because of all of you. My life has been enriched because of what He has spoken to me thru His word thru you. I will be joining you on engage the journey and your cover to cover postings, even though I may not comment every time. May this week be filled with the Sonshine of His love and you have a much better week this coming week. Praying as I go...Mary Lou

Karen 9/29/2008  

Ack! I don't like change. :) However, I will follow you over to the new site for cover to cover. Because I like you and your posts more than I dislike change. (and that's saying a lot!)

I think that these past nine months have been nothing short of amazing. I have loved this journey with all my heart. And I have grown so much this year.


Laura 9/29/2008  

I'll change your address! When I first read the start of your message I was afraid you were going to discontinue blogging altogether! I"m so glad that is not the case! thinking of you!

Michelle V 9/29/2008  

Bev, thank you for being so open and sharing your heart for the Lord! I always love your beautiful insights!


Nise' 9/29/2008  

I will re-bookmark the Cover to Cover "meeting" place. Last week I was in Boston and was able to keep up with reading (used the Gideon Bible) but did not take notes to share. Will pick back up this week as we move into the New Testament.

Ang baylis 9/29/2008  

My heart sank when I read the beginning of this post. I'm with Karen, and don't like change, but I will visit both blogs and keep doing my insights when I can. These readings have changed me and given me an understanding like I never knew possible. The insights you have all shared have blessed me more than you'll know! Thank you, Bev from the bottom of my heart! I've enjoyed reading it with all of you!
Angie xoxo

Bev Brandon 9/29/2008  

Mary Lou,
Talk about a faithful have shared things with me through e-mail that have touched me oh so deeply! You are a changed person! Privilege to know you!

Bev Brandon 9/29/2008  

you are absolutely adorable in how you express yourself in words! You are also absolutely Powerful in your expression and so point us all to the Holy One! So thrilled and relieved that you will take the challenge and change URL addresses for cover to cover...whew! I love you on this journey!

Bev Brandon 9/29/2008  

I have thought about quitting blogging more than once but will remain here and only my Cover to Cover will move --- and I will post THERE on Mondays only, for the most part. But, I'll stay here for a while longer and blog more shorter posts---did I just day that? I have so LOVED meeting you and hearing your heart and reading your words---your tongue is the pen of a ready writer...and you write for your King and so honor HIM! Psalm 45: 1-2,11

Bev Brandon 9/29/2008  

Got your e-mail and oh my! You are such a beautiful follower of your LORD. When we don't know what to pray, HE is praying for us in groanings and utterances too deep for words! HE is not sleeping tonight---He's up praying for you. You have been such a faithful contributor here and have been such a servant to us all. Keep on Believing - Mark 5:36. I love your faith!

Bev Brandon 9/29/2008  

How did we ever find you? You are the one we want to around. You have such depth, such kindness, such wisdom, such faithfulness, such acceptance, such passion...
and we are so grateful to have had the privilege to walk alongside of you. Thanks Nise'

Bev Brandon 9/29/2008  

We will never let go of you. We're hanging on tight to you. And you can borrow anything you want from any of us but you have it all in full measure anyway. I have loved watching your humility. And then meeting you face-to-face was such a joy to experience the humility. It's real! I have loved watching you grow leaps and bounds in your beautiful LORD. Your hunger for HIM has been deeply encouraging to me. We won't let you stop! Love your Life!

Shonda 9/30/2008  

Bev, I thank you for inviting me on this journey. It's meant so much to me. I've been so blessed by HIS word.

I'm taking a blogging break to focus on a book proposal I'm taking to a writers conference in Glorieta, NM on Oct. 21. I wont be posting on my blog until I return from the conference on Oct. 28. I'm sticking with the reading and I'll post my thoughts each day something stands out to me on ETJ. I'll stop by your C2C page too when possible. I added myself as a follower. I'll still respond to email's, phone calls, and text messages.

I covet your prayers as I proceed with the call of God on my life with this book proposal. The enemy has tried several times to stop it, but God's plan shall prevail. I'm bruised up, banged up, but still movin' ahead. Blessings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ-

Engrafted by God's Grace-

Bev Brandon 9/30/2008  

Shonda, We have been deeply touched and blessed by the beautiful God in you. I'll always remember being with you at LPL---to be in your presence was so humbling and moving for me. Thank you for being my friend. Praying for your writing two things:
1. Joshua 14:7 - that you will bring the word to us as it is in your heart
2. I Sam 17:29 - that you would be convinced more than ever that there is a cause as David said in fighting his giant---"is there not a cause?"
Love you so my dear!

Alana 10/02/2008  

Even though I haven't been consistent in this journey, I have been changed by it and by God, through you! Love ya!

Bev Brandon 10/03/2008  

Alana, You hung in there. This wasn't about checking off the boxes and you knew that! It was about finding HIM and you did! You are such a beautiful humble heart!

katemcdonald 10/04/2008  

I am sorry you are laid up in the apartment you've never wanted to live in, friend. I hear you! THis is a hard time economically but I pray that you will be able to stave off anxiety by clinging to Jesus.

Thinking of you...

Let me know how the brussels sprouts work out. I ate them for lunch today! *grin*

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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