Saturday, September 20, 2008


UPDATE: 97,000 peeps in the stadium and this AggieSoonerHuskerMom sat directly in front of a Sooner couple who have been Huskers for the past 20 years. I knew them. Just wait til you hear this story on Monday morning. God was so at that stadium today and I'll never forget His Presence in that UT seat---He encouraged my heart so deeply! I like these UT games! But I'll always be an aggie and a sooner and a husker in my heart.

This aggiesoonerhuskermom is on her way to the University of Texas football game, compliments of my new friends here. I'm going to be with them and witness this TU mania....excuse ME, UT devotion. I'm really excited about going! I don't know what to wear cause all my t-shirts are from those OTHER 3 schools in the Big 12! I better not wear the BEAT TEXAS one! This is a new wrinkle for me cause I am going to cheer for the school that I have always cheered against. We live in Austin now, so I guess I have to add UT to my list---and my 3 older children are groaning if you are reading this! I'll always be an AggieSoonerHuskerMom!!!! And may I add that your little brother has become totally enmeshed and engrossed and engaged in becoming an Aggie! Whoop! I'm so confused, I hope I don't whoop at the game. After all, all I know is hullabaloo caneck caneck...will they sing that? Ha.


Laura 9/20/2008  

Identity crisis! I just hope the team you're rooting for does better than my team this year! Have a blessed time, Bev.

ocean mommy 9/20/2008  

Have a wonderful day!!! Sounds like a lot of fun. :) Thanking God for new friends!!


Toknowhim 9/20/2008  

So great that you are going with your new friends... Thinking of you today as you adjust to your new life in Austin (that is where you are right? :) You are a gem!!

PS. The conference I went to today was challenging me to the depths of my soul... I am going back tonight... Love ya

annie's eyes 9/20/2008  

Ahem. . . Hook 'em!
Lindsay's there too, today. Say hello to Bevo! Love, Annette

Brooke 9/20/2008  

did i read BRITT and AGGIE in the same sentence!?!?!? holy cow. this may be one of the happiest days of my life!!!!! :) i'm wondering if all those aggie pine covers helped this process along.

Bev Brandon 9/20/2008  

what is a pine cover??? like a bedspread cover?? an aggie pine cover??

Michelle V 9/22/2008  

Bev, you are just precious! I love you so!


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