Sunday, September 7, 2008

Austin Java

We made the "furniture move" this weekend and it's my first day in my new home! These past three weeks living out of a suitcase have been eventful. I could share with you more if you were here in person, suffice it to say it has been a tough chapter to close in moving to Austin.

Our new church family could not have embraced us any more fully than they have. Welcome baskets. An army-load of manpower to move us "in." A precious time to share in church. Breakfasts at Austin Java and Dinners at Chuy's. I adore the women I have met! The "new thing" God is doing could not be any more exciting for me. Tears are pouring down my cheek as I experience the goodness of God already in bringing us home.

We spent the past three weeks with no internet in a Guest House on a goat farm near Dripping Springs. A knock-dead gorgeous ranch where we met a dear couple and these ranchers will be our lifelong friends. God really met me on that goat farm. I remember one special morning where I was spending some time with Him dealing with some "stuff" in my life. I knew I couldn't go to anyone with it but Him first! I was on my knees repenting and crying out for mercy. I so sensed His Presence and a release of His Spirit. I got up off my knees and right outside my window were a pair of deer looking right my way as though He sent them. And I began singing "My Soul Thirsts After You." As the deer pants for the water, so my soul...

God had just spoke to my heart through Daniel 9:23. "At the beginning of your pleas for mercy, a word went out...and I have come to tell it to you. For you are greatly loved." I'm learning to go to Him with my sorrows, my woes, and hear Him before I rely on friends. As Brennan Manning says: if nothing matters more than hearing the Word of God, nothing matters more than listening.

So, I'm back hooked up again with internet and cell phone range. And God has provided beyond what I could have imagined!


Jean 9/07/2008  

Bev, I'm so excited for you! I just copied and pasted your two paragraphs about meeting with God, not friends, crying out to Him for mercy and listening for and hearing His answer, to send to someone I know who is hurting and withdrawing within herself. I so pray it speaks volumes to her heart.

I love you, Bev, and did I mention I am soooooo happy for you? The people at your new church are truly blessed to have you there!

Love, Jean

annie's eyes 9/07/2008  

Austin is a beautiful place. I pray you will enjoy it and it will feel like "home" in no time. You are very brave and going with God. We were studying in Acts today Paul's first journey, and discussed how as you follow God's call, it requires courage, and you may get beat up a little along the way, but His Truth, His Way, is Life! Praying for each of you this evening...Love, Annette

Mary Lou 9/07/2008  

Bev, so glad to read how things are going and how He met you. He will continue to do so. I have sent a couple of emails so that you would know that I had not stopped praying and was thinking about you.
He is speaking to me about something and I'm not really sure what it, but He is speaking to me and working on me. We have another crisis in our lives concerning my mother in law and this is hard. God is good and He is in it and His timing is evident. I will hush, but He is dealing with me and I would appreciate your prayers and any word from the Word that you have for me....Praying for you...sweet blessings....Mary Lou

Laura 9/08/2008  

Hoo-ray! Welcome back to internet access! I'm so glad things are going well for you and your family! I can't help but think of how far He has taken you these past few weeks, BEv! Amazing!

Michelle V 9/08/2008  


I'm so happy and excited for you! The ranch sounds like it was an amazing place! I'm glad you are getting settled into your new home and happy to hear that your new church family is welcoming you with open arms! I know you are going to be such a blessing to them and they to you!


Holly 9/08/2008  

He is faithful my friend. He loves you SO!! I do, too. But not like He does. Praying for you this week. Have had you DAILY on my mind to pray...and have done so with joy.


Toknowhim 9/08/2008  

It seems now a new season is upon you and your family... May this Church family embrace you and your hubby (as they already have) and together bring glory to Christ.

You bless me with your posts... Continue to Delight in our Lord...just as you have been doing since I met you when you responded to my bloggy.

Love ya Bev!!!

Lindsee 9/08/2008  

So glad you are in your house fully now! I hope it becomes "home" to you so very soon!

Much love, sweet Bev!


Shonda 9/09/2008  

I'm glad you're back. I'm glad to hear your new church family has embraced you. You're such a beautiful woman of God. Lots of love-

cindyk 9/09/2008  

Bev!!! I have been meaning to call you my friend and I am going to, Lord willing, this week. Life is crazy just now-
God is so good but life is so hard. I would love to chat over coffee sometime. When are you free? Sorry to use your precious blog to contact you. I knew this was the best way. I am so glad God is meeting you in Austin-He met me here in a big way as well. Love you! Cindy

Teri~Facedown 9/10/2008  

Yay! I can't wait to hear about all of the amazing things God has for you!

Teri~Facedown 9/10/2008  

Yay! I can't wait to hear about all of the amazing things God has for you!

ocean mommy 9/11/2008  

OH Bev! I SO love you. You make me want to love our Jesus more.

Praise the Lord for this "new thing"!

And that Brennan Manning quote...THAT one is going on my mirror right now.

Love you,

jennyhope 9/12/2008  

Oh you mean so much to me and I love the quote from brennan and your heart for Jesus. Glad you are back on the internet and I hope you are feeling better. We have had company since Sat so I have been almost blog absent.

Alana 9/17/2008  

I'm so thankful that your transition is going well! And the goat farm sounds just lovely. I think we can all use a little time away from the noise once in awhile...if not more often.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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