Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rendezvous with Rest

Came over a hill and it was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my few weeks in Austin. Spectacular! How can you not believe when you witness God's hand writing on the heavens. I gasped. Nature so stirs something so deep in me these days. As if God were saying, just for you and all the Austinites.

One of my favorite things in my short repertoire in town is walking Town Lake's 3-mile jaunt. The first time I went with a friend, I asked her if they were having a race that Monday morning. I have never seen so many scores of runners and walkers on a trail. It was a normal day at noon. I cannot believe the number of people who "workout" here!

Couldn't wait to walk this a.m. with a friend! I've kind of had a weird pain in my heel, right at the back of my arch, for about two months now but it always subsides when I exercise. Not this morning. Something happened and since that moment, I cannot put any weight on my foot. Crawled to dinner, fixed compliments of my husband. Oh dear me. I do hope this is really short-lived, like overnight. I feel weird asking for prayer for a heel ---but hey, I can't walk. And why would I be embarrassed about asking for prayer for a heel injury or for anything? Some things seem trivial, like heels. Really appreciate your prayers.

Every night about this time, God forces us to stop what we are doing and rest---sleep. We can't go without it. But when we are forced to rest in the daytime, there is something inside of me that feels trapped with all I have to do. Guess it doesn't have to be done, does it? The boxes to unpack will wait. I might miss the wedding this weekend. What does my God want of me? A rendezvous with Rest in my heart I know not.


Karen 9/25/2008  

I have found that if I do not rest when He prompts me to rest, often He "allows" me to rest through some circumstance or another. Just another reminder of His desire for our obedience, even in the small things. I will pray for your foot/heel. I would suggest that it might be planters fasciitis but I'm not a doctor. (nor do I play one on tv.) Rest, sister. (I hate to say this, but the stuff will still be there later.)


Michelle V 9/25/2008  

Sweet Bev, I am certainly praying for you!!


Anonymous 9/25/2008  

Praying for heel-ing!

Smile and rest.
Love you, friend!

PS Blogger wouldn't let me sign in for some reason.

Mary Lou 9/25/2008  

I agree with Karen,as to her diagonsis...I can't spell, but you know what I mean. I had that pain when i walked and then it went away. I put some extra insoles in my shoes and made sure I had good walking shoes. You may need to go to a doctor to have it checked. You inspire me to get out and exercise and do more than I do. It is not trivial,if you can't walk because of the pain that is something important and He may want you to take a rest, rest. May you find His true rest today sweet Bev. Praying for you as I go.

HIS Child 9/25/2008  


Rest and let him tend to every detail. I am praying for your heel, I have been there and it is painful. Make sure to have it looked at even if it subsides for a bit. Let Him love on you in the process, and I am sure your time with Him will be delightful.
God bless,

Profbaugh 9/25/2008  


I've had a heal spur before. Sounds very similar. Definitely need to see a doctor and watch the type of shoes you wear. If you can get a good pair of heel cups (athletic type) and put them in your shoes that should help some. I've had it twice before. Both time it took months to heal.

Now I've very, very careful of the shoes I wear. I always look for something with good support.

Take care. E-mail/call if you want to talk. After two bouts with this I'm somewhat of a heel expert!! I'm praying for pain relief for you.

Love ya,

ocean mommy 9/25/2008  

oh BEV!! I'm praying! My man has been training for a marathon for a couple of months. The last two weeks he's been struggling with heel pain too. He has spent every evening with an ice pack!! Praise the Lord he was finally able to run a little yesterday with no pain. I'm asking HIM to do the same for YOU!!!

Hugs and Prayers!

annie's eyes 9/26/2008  

Lindsay loves Town Lake. It is a beautiful place to run. I am praying for you before I send this comment. Just wanted you to know. Quick healing to you, my friend! Love, Annette

Fran 9/26/2008  

Praying for your sweet self. Always!!!!


Alana 9/26/2008  

I hope it is already feeling better!

Laura 9/26/2008  

I am praying for healing! (Or is that "heeling"?) Bless you, Bev.

Lindsee 9/26/2008  

Just stopping by to say hi and am always so encouraged by your sweet comments! I am hopefully up and running again now that Ike is slowly passing away, or at least the affects of it. I've missed you all so very much!

Love ya, Bev!


Anonymous 9/27/2008  

I really love Austin...are you adjusting to it now?

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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