Friday, March 20, 2009

You Made a Difference in the Life of A Child

This is the orphanage where Brooke volunteers. This orphanage has a sponsorship program to support orphans to be able to go to school and live with extended family or friends. With the money Britt raised, he was able to sponsor the five children in the photo above for this coming school year (right now is summer break in Thailand). Britt is hoping that he can raise the remaining $400 for the last two orphans who need money to attend school for the year. Let me know if you know of anyone who still wants to send $10 or any donation to help sponsor the last two girls.
Day 8 Brooke wrote on her blog:
"Next we drove about 2 hours away from my house up into the mountains. We went to a tribal village to give out new t-shirts, toys, and snacks to the kids. It was a really fun time. They were soooo grateful for everything. It was a huge blessing for them all to have a new shirt to wear and they loved the Double Bubble gum and DumDum suckers from the States. Britt taught the village kids how to hold and throw an American football, how to jump rope, and how to play Frisbee."

"It was incredible to see their faces light up as they were introduced to new fun games.
I'm so glad Britt was able to see the faces and hear the laughs of these children," wrote Brookie.
And this mom is so grateful to each of you who gave money to send an orphan to school, to provide a t-shirt, and to send footballs and frisbees and food with Britt to a land far away that we will hold very close to our hearts.
A $$THOUSAND$$ Thanks for the part you played in showing God's Love to these children who live in poverty. You have given them hope for a better future. You've left a mark on their little lives. And we cannot thank you enough.
"Anyone who welcomes a little child like this
on My behalf welcomes Me,
and anyone who welcomes Me
welcomes not only Me but also my Father who sent Me." Mark 9:37

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2K Zipline Ride through the Rainforest

Brooke's post today took this mom's breath away. Oh my!

Here's what she wrote:
Day 6
This morning began a little after 5 am. Britt and I woke up early to meet the high school volunteer team from Fort Worth. We had a devotion time at the base of a waterfall up on a mountain that overlooks Chiang Mai. The students were able to see that every morning (way before most of them wake up) people begin making offerings. We were able to see monks walk down the mountain toward the city for this morning ritual. People from all different walks of life offer food to them each day in order to receive a blessing in return.

Next part of the morning was at the temple on top of the mountain. A few of our Thai friends who went with us, explained what they were doing as they lit candles, brought flowers, walked around the pagoda, etc. Every time I visit this place, I am reminded of Truth. I am reminded that He is not housed in a temple built by human hands. I am reminded that He does not sleep, but is alive and working in the hearts of those around us.
The afternoon was a fun brother-sister bonding trip! :) We went on an excursion called The Flight of the Gibbon. We ziplined for 2 kilometers through the treetops of the rainforest. As long as you didn't look down (realizing how crazy high we were) it was easy as pie and so fun! (And this mom wants to know----do they do safety inspections??)
(I'm so glad to see my son on solid ground. Whew! Took my breath away!)

Brooke continued: Tomorrow we are going to the orphanage called Baan Kingkaew to donate the money Britt raised to send students to school for one year. Then we will be going out to a hill tribe to play with the kids. This was another fundraiser that Britt did at his school that will provide them with new t-shirts, toys and American candy! :) I pray we will be a blessing to these children and be able to share the hope that is in us.

This is Bev writing: So come back tomorrow to see the pictures of the orphans receiving the money that so many of you sent. I believe Britt raised enough money for six of the seven orphans to attend school. Come back and see the hill tribe children receiving t-shirts and toys that have been provided by so many of you! You have thrilled us so much by giving to people you don't even know! Their lives will be touched deeply because you cared.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Floating Huts and Ele-phants

Day 3
Britt had the awesome opportunity to attend Grace International School today and even go to their workouts. So neat to hear him on my cell last night---half a world away, yet it sounds like he's around the corner. I hope that what he sees will stir his heart ---cause nothing else is worth as much as a disrupted heart.
Day 4
Brookie said it must have been her tenth trip to the Elephant Camp. Britt met up with his high school buddies who are also in Chiang-Mai on a mission's what Brookie wrote:
"Elephant slobber all over you as they search your pockets for more bananas. Elephants playing soccer. Elephant babies that are absolutely adorable. Elephants that can paint a picture! And the list goes on. I love being with people that get to experience this for the first time. You'll see some fun pics below. The first few are our lunch stop on a lake. The floating huts are my favorite. :) We tried to ride the paddle boats but they said Americans weren't allowed (today at least) because we may sink the boats."

I'm so grateful for Britt to have this amazing opportunity to be out of his comfort zone and to see such need in so many for light and love. It's so good for our kids to see a world bigger than their own little world and its concerns. So good for them to offer hope to others. There's so much more to life than just our world. Life truly is not about "me."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brooke Just Made Her Mommy Very Happy!

Britt made it to Thailand! Brookie just posted a plethora of pictures on her and made her mommy so happppaaayyyy!!!!! Here's my sweet boy holding a precious Thai boy...
Day One in Thailand for Britt
Brookie just posted: Another Brandon in Thailand!

Here's a few excerpts of what Brooke wrote:
Yesterday morning my little brother Britt (who isn't so little anymore!), came to visit Thailand. We've already done so much in the last 36 hours.... I can't believe he just got here yesterday!

On Day 1 we visited a village about 45 minutes away from the city. My team has spent a lot of time with these Thai friends already... but we are starting a new activity on Saturdays. This was our first one.... going out, playing with kids, telling a story, doing a craft project, and talking with their families. Britt raised money to bring footballs and frisbees to these kids... he and Greg (one of Britt's best friends who now lives in Chiang-Mai) did a great job playing with the kids. We'll go back again next Saturday and leave the toys with the kids... so they can introduce American football to all their friends! :)

DAY 2 in Thailand: Went to church at a children's home called House of Blessing. We had several hours to play with the kids. This is the home where Britt raised $1,200 last year and I was able to give toys, craft supplies, underwear and shoes to all 123 orphans for Christmas. It was a great opportunity for Britt to meet the kids there. We were joined by a high school volunteer team from Texas.... this is the school that I attended all the way from Kindergarten through high school. Britt used to go to the same school as well, up until last year when my family moved to Austin. So, Britt has enjoyed reuniting with some good high school buddies in Thailand. Crazy! They attacked each other in hugs last night when they first saw each other in a local park. :) Enjoy the pics below at the House of Blessing. You'll see the high school team telling some stories for SS and teaching the kids how to make a necklace for a craft.STAY TUNED for more pics this week! :)Posted by Brooke at 9:41 am on her blog:

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Britt met up with his high school buddies at this orphanage---and they are halfway around the world!
Stay tuned for Brooke to post more pictures every day this week. Thank you so much Brookie!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break --- throwing footballs in villages

Just received a phone call from Bangkok. The voice on the other end sounded spent. My boy just stepped off the longest air flight of his life. 20 hours from Dallas to Seoul. Torture for a teen traveling solo. Another 3-hour flight to Bangkok. Britt is now a stone's throw from Chiang-Mai, Thailand waiting most of this day in the Bangkok airport---a l-o-n-g layover--- to board that flight.

God opened a door for Britt to travel to Thailand for spring break to personally hand deliver the funds he raised for seven Thai orphans to attend school for one year. Britt's goal was to raise $1,400. He raised $1,397.00 and most of that money came in. He also did a fundraiser at his high school. One day he sold popcorn at lunch and raised $460.00 to buy t-shirts and toys and food for children in the remote villages he will visit. And the little boys in the 5th Grade Bible Study he leads on Mondays donated sporting equipment. He'll throw a lot of footballs this week in villages with no running water and no electricity. He'll teach the kids how to play football. And I'm praying something will happen in his heart as well. I know it will.

He should arrive in beautiful Chiang-Mai in 30 minutes. He doesn't know it but the person picking him up is one of his best 17-year-old friends in the whole world---Greg. Greg's family is volunteering over there for one year. Britt misses his buddy more than words can tell. And he gets to be with him half way around the world. Unbelievable. Our children learn so much when they take risks (oh no, that makes me think of Britt riding on one of those Thai motorcycles---I know he will) and see things bigger than their own little world.
Here's one story of prayer and how God moves even when we don't know that He is. Britt hoped to find fifty people to donate $10 each to buy gifts for these children who literally own nothing. He sent out about 100 notes. One note went to Mindy in California. Mindy was shopping in a supermarket when an unknown gentleman approached her and gave her a coupon for $10 off of her grocery bill. But there was one catch. She had to give the $10 to someone who was doing ministry. Had to promise him she wouldn't spend it. She's never seen the guy before. He didn't know her. And then, a note came from Britt---would you like to donate $10 for t-shirts for Thailand. Mindy's reply: Yes, Britt. I have $10 for you from a man in a supermarket in California. And I think I just better match it.

I know one risk Britt won't take. Eating fried worms and fried crickets. He'll leave that one for his adventuresome sister. That so surprised me that Brooke tried crickets! Britt is leery about eating the normal food! He was concerned about starving! Keep posted to hear about Britt's Thailand trip. So many of you are a part of supporting Britt. And this mom cannot thank you enough!
Britt asked if you would pray two things: 1. Safety 2. Connection with children who speak another language. Did you say language barrier? No, I think they'll be speaking a similar language---the language of love while throwing footballs.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

T-Shirts for Thailand

In my attempt to be responsible, I have been trying to work nights as well as full-time teaching and it just is too much so I've take a few steps back. God never intended for me to be consumed in that way. Trusting Him to provide! I've not been able to post in about 4 weeks now. I'll be back soon. Meanwhile, something exciting happened.

God opened a door for Britt to go to Thailand for Spring Break. It's quite unbelievable to me in the midst of where we are. Britt leaves March 12th for Chiang-Mai and will be helping Brooke and her team of friends in two tribal villages and orphanages. Britt will personally deliver tuition money for the orphans and t-shirts/toys for the village children. You may remember that he has been fundraising to send seven orphans to school for one year. Well, he has half of that money raised and needs a few hundred dollars more to deliver it in person.

Britt is looking for 50 people to donate $10 to buy t-shirts & toys for the 50 tribal village children he will get to meet. He'll travel into remote villages with Brooke and bring footballs and frisbees. They've not played football before and he'll teach them---Britt is excited beyond anything I could tell you.
The stark economy is pressing in on all of us but if you can find $10 to donate to spread the kindness and love of Jesus to some really precious kids who have so little, then leave a comment and send it to Britt by PayPal and our user name is:[sixbrandons(at)] or mail it to: 5701 S. MoPac #2012, Austin, TX 78749. Make checks payable to Britt Brandon. Thank you so much for considering this. I don't know if he can find fifty people in just a few days but it's so worth trying.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
"Whoever welcomes a little child in My Name, welcomes Me." Matthew 18:5 We have posted pictures of the orphans receiving their gifts from you. Scroll down to the post entitled "Today Was the Big Day." Many orphans didn't own anything of their own, but now do, because of you.

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