Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break --- throwing footballs in villages

Just received a phone call from Bangkok. The voice on the other end sounded spent. My boy just stepped off the longest air flight of his life. 20 hours from Dallas to Seoul. Torture for a teen traveling solo. Another 3-hour flight to Bangkok. Britt is now a stone's throw from Chiang-Mai, Thailand waiting most of this day in the Bangkok airport---a l-o-n-g layover--- to board that flight.

God opened a door for Britt to travel to Thailand for spring break to personally hand deliver the funds he raised for seven Thai orphans to attend school for one year. Britt's goal was to raise $1,400. He raised $1,397.00 and most of that money came in. He also did a fundraiser at his high school. One day he sold popcorn at lunch and raised $460.00 to buy t-shirts and toys and food for children in the remote villages he will visit. And the little boys in the 5th Grade Bible Study he leads on Mondays donated sporting equipment. He'll throw a lot of footballs this week in villages with no running water and no electricity. He'll teach the kids how to play football. And I'm praying something will happen in his heart as well. I know it will.

He should arrive in beautiful Chiang-Mai in 30 minutes. He doesn't know it but the person picking him up is one of his best 17-year-old friends in the whole world---Greg. Greg's family is volunteering over there for one year. Britt misses his buddy more than words can tell. And he gets to be with him half way around the world. Unbelievable. Our children learn so much when they take risks (oh no, that makes me think of Britt riding on one of those Thai motorcycles---I know he will) and see things bigger than their own little world.
Here's one story of prayer and how God moves even when we don't know that He is. Britt hoped to find fifty people to donate $10 each to buy gifts for these children who literally own nothing. He sent out about 100 notes. One note went to Mindy in California. Mindy was shopping in a supermarket when an unknown gentleman approached her and gave her a coupon for $10 off of her grocery bill. But there was one catch. She had to give the $10 to someone who was doing ministry. Had to promise him she wouldn't spend it. She's never seen the guy before. He didn't know her. And then, a note came from Britt---would you like to donate $10 for t-shirts for Thailand. Mindy's reply: Yes, Britt. I have $10 for you from a man in a supermarket in California. And I think I just better match it.

I know one risk Britt won't take. Eating fried worms and fried crickets. He'll leave that one for his adventuresome sister. That so surprised me that Brooke tried crickets! Britt is leery about eating the normal food! He was concerned about starving! Keep posted to hear about Britt's Thailand trip. So many of you are a part of supporting Britt. And this mom cannot thank you enough!
Britt asked if you would pray two things: 1. Safety 2. Connection with children who speak another language. Did you say language barrier? No, I think they'll be speaking a similar language---the language of love while throwing footballs.


Toknowhim 3/13/2009  

What a blessing to watch your children serve the Lord :) I would guess that is about the best thing that could happen to a mom :)

Love ya Bev :) Kim

Shonda 3/14/2009  

Oh how exciting for Britt! I'll say a prayer.

Lord, I give You praise and glory and honor. Lord, i thank You for the young people serving You. i ask You to keep Britt safe on his journey to deliver gifts You provided through him. Lord, i ask You to provide a way for him to connect with these people though they don't speak the same language. Lord, may Your blessing be upon him. In Jesus name, Amen

Much love to you Bev!

Ang baylis 3/14/2009  

Britt is one amazing guy! I loved the story about Mindy! I can't imagine how proud you must be of your son. It sure was nice hearing from you, Bev!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

p.s. I'll keep Britt in my prayers!

Toknowhim 3/14/2009  

Awesome that Britt is finally to his destination... I know that gives you peace as well.

Oh Bev, how I wish we lived in the same city... We could have a once a week meeting and grow together in our relationships with the Lord... You are a wonderful mentor :)


annie's eyes 3/14/2009  

I know you are glad to hear from him and know he's already there--doing what God called him to do. He will have quite a story to tell when he returns. I hope to hear it. He remains in my prayers. Love you, Annette

Linda 3/14/2009  

Wow! What an awesome thing Britt did in raising that money and now getting to deliver it himself. How cool is God to have opened that door? I pray the rest of his trip goes well.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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