Friday, May 25, 2007


Your big litle brother

is now a SOPHOMORE....
school's out!!!!!!!

Here we are on Mother's Day in Plano
@ Shelby & Toni's....

Britt gave me a card that said that I was
"a great role model that he could look up to & follow God." That's amazing since I have felt at times like such a failure this year.
I was reading today a book called
How Children Raise Parents by Dan Allender and he said it this way..."a leader lives not on success but on the inevitability that I must strike out and pick up the bat and take another swing."
In spite of our sin,
GRACE ABOUNDS and we are called to marvel at His grace which leads to gratitude and grace-filled parenting...GRACE UPON GRACE---i love that verse!

I am amazed tonight @ II Cor. 12: 9,10 as we end this freshman school year that God's grace has been so sufficient for my troubles, tears, and trials.

This week, Bob prayed for me in the middle of the night as I was awakened by a haunting dream...Bob prayed that I would be ready like Zaccheus and come down for He is coming to our house today. He is always inviting us to His party. He's here, gotta go...
One more thing for Brookie Two Shoes...our next stop is College Station...
P.S. Yes, my hair shrunk cause it was dyed 6 times in one day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Forever Friends!

Special Friends A Chapter Closed...

Special Friends
A Chapter Closed...
And God knows the plans
He has for each of you...
Prov. 29:11
And He wants each of you
to not only hear Him but
also to see Him
Job 42:5

Blair's Roommates...
Sweet Roommates...
friends who stick close. Prov 18:24
because each of you
are called
God's Friend James 2:23...
you have been
such great friends to Blair...

A friend loves
at all times .....Prov.17:17

Thanks for loving
my daughter so well!

Blair & Jenna

Graduation Day

May 13, 2007

Forever Friends...

An Aggie Grad

Brookie & The Six Chicks
it has been one year
since these six special friends
graduated from Texas A&M...
where are they this very day???
They are all in the hands of their God!
Last year it was an Aggie Graduation...
This year it is a Sooner Graduation...

Congratulations Sweet Blair

Blair graduated from the University of Oklahoma on May 12, 2007. Congratulations my dear girl! You are such a hard worker juggling a full-time job and full-time school graduating in four years!

If we ever want to meet anyone, just get right behind Blair and she will make it happen. You are one of the most gregarious girls I know. I love your heart for others. Even when you were in grade school, you would be willing to help a fellow student with their classwork before you did your own. Brookie (and the rest of the world) said to me when she was seven..."if I ever want to meet anyone, I can just go stand right behind Blair." You have brought so much life to our family.

I love your tenacity, faithfulness, LOYALTY, INITIATIVE,DILIGENCE, but most of all.... I love your heart for God and for others. I love your passion to want to do His will...there isn't anything else worth living for. And, you have found that inner drive to make a difference in this world starting with you. Your dad and I are so grateful to God for your precious life. Thank you for working so hard to make this graduate moment happen. And we say thank you to our great God who makes all things happen for us. For if we have done anything, it is because He has helped us get there...."not to us, O Lord, but to your Name be the glory because of Your Love, Your Faithfulness...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Orange Hair for Graduation

Barrett called from California---yes, I do have that right that he is in California...but he called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and tell me that he did not really graduate on Saturday. Okay, where have I been? Actually, Blair did graduate from college on Saturday but she only "walked" and starts class on Monday to finish up a class or two. So, she's graduated and still in college. Walking is very new to me....Barrett could have "walked" at Nebraska or from Nebraska or whatever you say---but decided to take his last graduate class this summer. So Barrett didn't "walk" only Blair "walked." I knew Barrett wouldn't be there for his "walk" cause of his "race." However, somewhere in the "walking" conversations, I thought it had happened and he had to miss "walking" at his own graduation to go to California for an important race...ssssoooooooo...we are still very proud of you Barrett for almost graduating or walking and look forward to graduation with no "walk" in August with an MBA in hand! Just wanted to clear that up cause I have confused a few people including myself!
I'll post the story of Blair's awesome graduation soon.... but I can tell you this. I went to get my hair highlighted on Friday for the big day and uh! oh!....I should have had my digital camera with me so you could have witnessed the debaucle....the girl put my hair under the dryer with Paul Mitchell product and that evidently doesn't work. No heat on Paul Mitchell!!!! She had me tilt my head to get the last part of the highlights baking well...oh no!!! Paul Mitchell ran down the whole left side of my head. When the foil came off...I had ORANGE HAIR FOR THE OU GRADUATION and that's not their color either...and it was only on one side kind of random in no specific order. The more people that gathered around my salon chair gave me a clue that it looked hideous from several angles. It looked horrific...THEY ended up trying five more times to color it---first lowlight brown, then bleached again, then toner, then stronger toner, then bleached again and the 6th try worked. I was starving sitting in the chair for 7 1/2 hours straight. And my scalp really hurt from 6 washings and pullings and I was so grateful to be highlighted blonde again. I had to do business with God in that salon chair and make peace that I might have to go to the OU graduation with bright orange TEXAS HAIR but just on one side. Here's a sweet pic of my precious graduate with her mommy who was so proud to be there with normal hair for my sweet Blair. I would have come with orange hair, Blair!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Turn back the clock to 1987...
Barrett's Kindergarten Graduation...
Here are the three musketeers waiting
to attend Barrett's graduation...

Going to Barrett's Graduation

congratulations barrett!!!!!!!!

Barrett graduated Saturday from The University of Nebraska.
Training 3 sports every day while working and doing graduate school
was hard work.

Congratulations on receiving your MBA!
Barrett couldn't attend graduation because
of a conflict with racing in California on the same day..
We love the man you have grown to be---
courageous, committed, curious, charming
loving, loyal, tenacious, thoughtful,
diligent, dependable, faithful, and full of passion!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

from Waco to OKC

WACO...His goal was to run a sub-five minute mile. He missed it by the blink of his eye. Britt placed 6th in the state at the TAPPS State Championships in Waco on Saturday, May 5th running the 1600m in 5:00.84. He told us we should have screamed at him to run a fraction do you think his coach dad was screaming at him GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...he was. Great finish for this freshman to qualify and make it to the State Championships in four different sports this year: cross country, swimming, basketball, and track.

OKC...Can you find your brother in the photo??? We jumped in the car after the state track champs to make an AAU Basketball Tournament in Oklahoma City where Britt played three games. Here is his Team Texas Swoosh playing for the championship against an Oklahoma team. Lost by four points. Is this all about winning? I actually really enjoyed every minute of the games and track meet but I don't like to lose. Why? What do you REALLY think when you walk away runner-up? How we process these things REALLY does matter.

Our passions reveal our thirst for Life or life. “Most of us escape so much by being less than fully alive” Frederick Buechner wrote. Buechner said that most of the time we are little more than half alive; the rest of the time we are dazed, dreaming, or detached. The dead sparrow, the woman touching the hem of his garment as he passes by, the disciples shooing away the children, Zaccheus in a tree to see him come through town----God seems to escape nothing. He seems to be vulnerable to the pain of the crippled and bereaved and pain of being human. I love reading Buechner in terms of processing the thoughts of my heart.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
"Whoever welcomes a little child in My Name, welcomes Me." Matthew 18:5 We have posted pictures of the orphans receiving their gifts from you. Scroll down to the post entitled "Today Was the Big Day." Many orphans didn't own anything of their own, but now do, because of you.

My Family

My Family
Britt, Blair, Bev, Bob, Brooke, Barrett


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