Sunday, May 13, 2007

Orange Hair for Graduation

Barrett called from California---yes, I do have that right that he is in California...but he called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and tell me that he did not really graduate on Saturday. Okay, where have I been? Actually, Blair did graduate from college on Saturday but she only "walked" and starts class on Monday to finish up a class or two. So, she's graduated and still in college. Walking is very new to me....Barrett could have "walked" at Nebraska or from Nebraska or whatever you say---but decided to take his last graduate class this summer. So Barrett didn't "walk" only Blair "walked." I knew Barrett wouldn't be there for his "walk" cause of his "race." However, somewhere in the "walking" conversations, I thought it had happened and he had to miss "walking" at his own graduation to go to California for an important race...ssssoooooooo...we are still very proud of you Barrett for almost graduating or walking and look forward to graduation with no "walk" in August with an MBA in hand! Just wanted to clear that up cause I have confused a few people including myself!
I'll post the story of Blair's awesome graduation soon.... but I can tell you this. I went to get my hair highlighted on Friday for the big day and uh! oh!....I should have had my digital camera with me so you could have witnessed the debaucle....the girl put my hair under the dryer with Paul Mitchell product and that evidently doesn't work. No heat on Paul Mitchell!!!! She had me tilt my head to get the last part of the highlights baking well...oh no!!! Paul Mitchell ran down the whole left side of my head. When the foil came off...I had ORANGE HAIR FOR THE OU GRADUATION and that's not their color either...and it was only on one side kind of random in no specific order. The more people that gathered around my salon chair gave me a clue that it looked hideous from several angles. It looked horrific...THEY ended up trying five more times to color it---first lowlight brown, then bleached again, then toner, then stronger toner, then bleached again and the 6th try worked. I was starving sitting in the chair for 7 1/2 hours straight. And my scalp really hurt from 6 washings and pullings and I was so grateful to be highlighted blonde again. I had to do business with God in that salon chair and make peace that I might have to go to the OU graduation with bright orange TEXAS HAIR but just on one side. Here's a sweet pic of my precious graduate with her mommy who was so proud to be there with normal hair for my sweet Blair. I would have come with orange hair, Blair!


Patty 5/14/2007  

Good Morning Bev!
Thank you for visiting my blogville home! I had you on my mind last week. I was so happy to hear from you. Now, about the orange hair, let me say that would have worked for me. I am a Tennessee gal who loves her VOLS football team and orange and white are our colors!! I wish you had a picture. ;o)

Ok, someone tagged me and I am tagging you. List 8 random things about yourself but come over and check out my randomness.

Have a great day.


sarah 5/14/2007  

mrs. Bev--you would have still looked fantastic with orange hair! If anyone could pull it off--it would be you!

congratulation to Blair!
looks like the Brandon's are doing well!!

Brooke 5/15/2007  

#1 i'm glad you didn't fall in love with the orange hair

#2 next time you should take a picture when something like that happens..... always have to be thinking about good blog material!

#3 britt is huge

#4 i'm super proud of my semi-graduated sister! :) even if she is a sooner.

Bev Brandon 5/15/2007  

britt really does look huge all the time but i think we might be shrinking...oh dear

Jane 5/17/2007  

Orange hair? I've been there. Mine however was from the well water at our new house years ago. Horror of horrors I actually had to live with my Lucille Ball hair for a while. In fact, I had to go back (yikes) to my original brown. Just not flattering at all. Really, I was meant to be a blonde.After all I was born that way. I'm just helping out. Every time I get my hair done I hold my breathe. Now the issue is not red but "too ashy". The last time I went I looked my stylist and best friend in the eyes and said," This is my SHOW hair. It better be good" :)

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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