Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mo Pac Mama

Blogger has this new follower widget feature. If you stop by here and read my blog from time to time, would you click on "Follow this Blog." I'd like to follow your blog and it would be so easy for me to click on you. It's on the left sidebar at the top. I'm real visual and to click on your picture to get to your blog makes blogging a little more accessible for me.

Maybe I'll change my blog name to MoPacMama...we officially live on MoPac. I've only moved once in my life. Living in Fort Worth for 33 years and not being there anymore, it's strange. I keep wanting to go upstairs to check on the kids, but three of them are gone anyway. There is no upstairs. I feel like I am on vacation waiting to go back home, except we don't have a home there anymore. My three adult children don't have their bedrooms to come home to. Gone. And I could not be any more grateful to my good God for helping me continue to move on. He never intended for me to be attached to anything but Him. He has so carried me through this and has answered two prayers of mine unbelievably. Only He could have done it! Reading Ezra 8-10 today meant so much to me---Ezra talked about going to God when difficult things happened, not going to people. I so saw God come through for me this week as I went to HIM.

Barrett flew home from France last night. I'm so glad to have him back or so I thought! So missed seeing him as he landed in Fort Worth. So we missed him. His long training time in France ended with their team winning a national title in their division. So glad he's on American soil again. Except, he is on his way to China. Oh dear me. Everyone will be home for Thanksgiving, including Brookie! We just can't decide where...all their friends are in Fort Worth. We hear that Jessica and Steph are somewhere here!

Went to watch Britt play basketball tonight. I'm so grateful to my son for jumping in to his junior year at a new school with both feet planted firmly in trusting his God. The first couple of days at school were tough as the girls were way more relational than the guys. But by the end of the week, he was alive and active. Can't compare this to what he had. He had been with the same friends K through 10th in Fort Worth. We miss Ben and Andrew and Ethan and Greg more with each passing day! Britt had one week notice that God was in this for us. Britt said---I'll look on it as a journey and he so has! Trying to live in the present!

And in just a couple of hours, it's my husband's birthday! We had our birthday dinner for him tonight. Had a staff birthday party in my new home last week. I told Bob that he has provided so well for all of us over the years. Isaiah 33:6 - Jesus has given me much stability in my life through my husband. A faithful guy. No one can outserve him. Talk about not loving your own life---he so puts his family before his own needs. It has been a great privilege to walk alongside of this servant. A shepherd after His Heart. Happy Birthday sweetheart! Thank you for being like that tree in Psalm 1 giving shade and protection and shelter to your family and to many. May your roots continue to go down deep this year and you find Rest by that tree of life.

Signed: MoPacMama


Nise' 9/18/2008  

Praise Him for coming through for you! He did for me as well last night when I needed Him in the darkest of the night! Happy Birthday to your husband! Extra special people were born in September (right Sharon?);o).

Fran 9/18/2008  

Always praying for you Bev. You have new soil to spread Jesus to all who come your way. I can't begin to imagine the fruit that will be coming!!

I love ya. Stay near.

Mary Lou 9/18/2008  

Bev, so glad to hear that Britt is doing so well. You are going to be used greatly in your new place. All of you. Happy birthday to your husband. Sept is a very good month for birthdays...mine starts off the month and my sweet daughter in laws was yesterday. I've always thought it was a good month to be born, ha.ha. May we all try to live in the present, for after all it is a gift from the Lord....a present. Have a great day in Him.

lisasmith 9/18/2008  

Following this thing is so easy, I think I've gotta fix mine like that. Cool!

So, Mopac Mama, how's Austin? Praying for you guys.

Shonda 9/18/2008  

Hi Bev! I am glad that God is with you as you and your family settle into your new home. I pray for you. I miss you.
Lots of love,

ocean mommy 9/18/2008  

It's so good to hear that you all are getting settled in! I've thought of Britt several times. since San Antonio. What a plan our God has for that young man. I know he is such a gift to you. :)

Miss you bunches!

Holly 9/18/2008  

I have spent many, many hours driving back and forth on Mo-Pac. Yes, they were some of the hardest moments of my life...yet, I LOVE Austin still.

Love you, more! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Bob. No matter where you spend time with your kids, it will be special because YOU are there.

annie's eyes 9/18/2008  

Such sweet words about your man--you honor him in ways I can learn from. We are sitting on our driveway in the dark for oh, about 20 more minutes before my battery will crash. We're outside listening to Fox news on xm radio from my car and checking emails by candlelight--we're romantic like that. It's not dull at our house yet. We have been so blessed to enjoy this cool front and not be that inconvenienced by the lack of power. Truly, we can live without a lot of things and our lives are richer for it. We have learned something from this experience that we needed to know again. Life is sweet in the moment, not worrying about things we don't have control over, taking our needs before our beautiful God. Happy Birthday, Bob. Love to you, Bev. Annette

Laura 9/19/2008  

I love it! Sounds like your family members are busy little bees! I'll wait until Thanksgiving with you to have them under one roof! You have such a great perspective about this whole move.
He is all we need!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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