Monday, September 22, 2008

Re-Defining Success on an Anniversary

My car battery is deader than a door nail on MOPAC. Husband is out of town. Kid needs to get to school---no car. Called a new friend. They not only loaned me a mini-van, they REPLACED and FIXED the corroded connector. Things happen when my husband goes out of town. Seems like the enemy of my soul is trying to discourage me. I don't want to live self obsessed about my needs in a new town. Have been on my face asking God to put closure on my past life of 33 years. We left town so quickly. Moved in a micro minute to MOPAC. Didn't get to say goodbye to so many people I truly loved. I'll be honest---it's really difficult. I'll be humble---my beautiful God is so present, how can I complain about anything.

We went with new friends to the UT football game (TU for Brookie). Woohoo! 97,000 people ocean of orange (and I was in the wrong color). Behind me, I heard a couple talking about church planting. I could see the wife's pink shirt out of the corner of my eye. I liked her spunk instantly. I was curious, so I stole a peek to see if their faces were young or old. OH MY! It was a couple we so love that we haven't seen in maybe 20 years. We exchange Christmas cards every year and have kept up by snail mail. Boomer Sooner graduates and friends from our former church in Fort Worth---they had gone to Nebraska to plant a church there. One of their kids was an Aggie and the others were Huskers and Sooners. Right smack behind me---the aggiesoonerhuskermom were AGGIESOONERHUSKERparents. We caught up on our children who are about the same age.

Then the guy said to me something I don't think I'll forget for a long time! I'll think about it every time I pass that UT Stadium and every time I say "Hook 'em Horns" (and according to Brookie, that may not be often). The guy leaned over to my ear and said: I just asked God why he would put you in front of us with 97,000 other people here. HE said to tell you that people from your past really care about you. In light of the silence in my life, I can't tell you how much that meant to me from my beautiful God. This guy had no idea what he was saying to me that would sink so deep in me (Psalm 51:6). So deep.

We can't define our story by how people deal with us. We can't define our lives by our circumstances. I cannot define success by measurable results like numbers and noses.

Today is our 29th anniversary with my sweetheart. I get so nostalgic and evaluative. What have we built together. Maybe I should say what has God done in our hearts---oh my, that is so HUGE! New hearts! I can define my life by the peace I have in my heart that no man can steal; the rendezvous with Rest I know that is so real. The Presence of our beautiful LORD that is worth more than anything this life gives to me. Happy Anniversary to a sacrificial unselfish surrendered guy that I have the privilege of walking alongside for three decades now---he's the real thing. I know.

God sent His word and gave some perspective to me in that UT stadium, and I think a little bit of healing occurred at that Longhorn game. I barely knew who they were even playing, but it was one of those games I'll remember for the rest of my life. He so stirred my heart for His world! Take my eyes off of myself and revive me in your ways! Psalm 119:37


annie's eyes 9/22/2008  

THAT was a word from God's lips, Bev. So sweet of Him, so very dear. He loves you so. And if you can't, call me and I'll just say it for you--Hook 'em. He did indeed hook you directly to the hem of His garment. Love you, Annette

Bev Brandon 9/22/2008  

Oh my my my my my Annette!
You have reduced me to more tears.
Your words sink so deep! You touch deep places in my soul that you will never know. Thank you my friend!

Michelle V 9/22/2008  

Bev, that is such a beautiful story! Praise God! And, Happy Anniversary!!


HIS Child 9/22/2008  


Thanks so much for your words, and the blatant fact that our Lord is so deeply interested in our lives and will us anything and anyone to communicate that to us. Today my friend He used your blog to quiet my raging heart and bring some peace to me. I love your heart to share and at this time in my life a need a Titus Mom.
God bless your day,

connorcolesmom 9/22/2008  

How appropriate that God would use someone else to speak directly to your heart and need for that moment!
Bev you are so encouraging to others and this was a time He wanted to use others to love on you!
He is incredible and He loves you so much!
BTW: Happy Anniversary - May God continue to bless your marriage
May He fill it with love, joy, respect, devotion and true happiness!
God bless

Mary Lou 9/22/2008  

Happy Anniversary to both of you. May you both have a great day. So thankful to our great God that He spoke to you and lifted your head.
Bless you for blessing the rest of us with your words of encouragement and courage and seeking of His face and hand.

jennyhope 9/22/2008  


Happy Anniversary!!! That is so wonderful of God to do that for you. He cares so much for us!! love you and praying!

Van 9/22/2008  

In all my moves- as much as they have come near devastating me, I have met God and grown closer to Him. Others may have left my life, but God has always gone with me! I know when He moves us, He does so to teach us lessons. I pray your settling in will come fast and that He will direct your paths.

Toknowhim 9/22/2008  

God is speaking all the time :) Happy Anniversary Bev!!! I am excited about what the Lord is doing in your family. Thank you for always sharing with such authenticity... Love ya :)

Shonda 9/22/2008  

Happy Anniversary!

Bev How beautiful for the Lord to put you in the midst of so many to whisper words of encouragement to you. I just love HIM and how HE encourages us. Lots of love!

Engrafted by His Grace-

Holly 9/23/2008  

Now THAT is a plumb miracle if I've ever heard one!! Gotta love those UT fans, who love Jesus. Your friend Holly happens to be one (and 1/2 Aggie, too).

I love how God loves you, my friend!

Praying and thinking about you!

Kate 9/24/2008  

What a great story. I'm in Essex, UK and I'm staying with a girlfriend I met online about 8 years ago who has such a burden for the Native American people. She had prayed for something exciting to happen in her life and she realized that when I showed up (being Native American mind you) the Lord had answered one of her prayers. Not only was she able to say some things that had burdened her for a while (and received healing from releasing it all), I also took her to London and we'll be going to Paris...He answered another prayer of hers to shake up her life. It's exciting to be right where the Lord wants you to be even if you don't know what He is doing at the time.

Love ya doll!

Profbaugh 9/24/2008  

Happy Anniversary Bev. We're only three years behind you (next month). I've gotta say, I loved your post. It touches me so deeply when God shows off for someone. I'm glad He chose you, my Siesta. You are just one of the most special people.

Have a great day today, Bev!!

P.S. My minivan has died and is in the shop. Looking for some heavenly intervention here too. lol

Much love,

Julie 9/25/2008  

Bev, what an amazing story. Of all the people in the whole stadium, He sat you right where He had planned for His revelation of His heart towards you to come....

It's so amazing how He loves us.

Thanks for sharing,

ocean mommy 9/25/2008  

Bev, this gives me holy chills. I just love how our God pulled this one together! What you thought would be a fun day with new friends, turned out to be a holy appointment! LOVE IT!!!


Alana 9/26/2008  

Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope it was a wonderful one! 29 years...that's awesome!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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