Sunday, October 5, 2008


* Still hobbling around. Think I may have plantar fasciitis. It's called flip flop fasciitis. I've had to retire the sandals. I so miss walking/jogging. Some days I can barely hobble.

* Went to hear Chris's band at Gateway. Oh my goodness. I was the only one there taking notes from a band while tears streamed down. They sang this Switchfoot song that so stirred my heart! "Meant to Live for So Much More." I have so been thinking about that lately that there is so much more.

* If you dropped by for Monday Morning Cover to Cover, I have moved it to:
Come on over and visit us there. There are 20 of us who are reading the New Testament chronologically together. You are always welcome to join us at any time. I won't be posting cover to cover here anymore but you can find us
DAILY at and every

* A new friend took me to lunch. The Oasis. If you ever visit here, that's where I am taking you. It's the sunset capital of Texas. The waitstaff applaud at sunset. Wonder if they know Who they are applauding. It's spectacular sunsets like in a Mediterranean setting over Lake Travis.

* Our renter in Fort Worth bailed on us---wasn't what he wanted. So there we stood last Saturday with Macy, our dog, home alone in an empty house. Bob made a quick run to pick her up and brought her here to Austin. Our pastor's family babysat her for this week---is that unbelievable that they did that or what??? We cannot have animals where we live. She is back home with Barrett today who flies in from France

* Speaking of son is home from his long stay in France and this mom is so happy he's here in Texas. He's actually been at a race in China so we're so glad to have him back. Hop on a train and come visit us!!! Hint hint hint....

* Our finances kind of dipped this past week with all our start up stuff and I still had no job. So, here comes in the mail a huge check from a past employer and another huge check from an unexpected friend. I was so humbled by our good sovereign God. I read yesterday in Matthew 6 that life is not about blessings and money but it's all about putting first things first.

* I have a job!!! Oh, I am so very grateful! It has been six weeks of waiting. Finally was approved on Friday to work for the Austin ISD as a substitute teacher. I start tomorrow. Thought I could work like right away when I got here so that has set us back. No surprise to God---He provided in another way and taught me much along that way.

* The move here has probably been a little harder on me than my boys. Bob goes to his church every day surrounded by staff and people. Britt is at a great school that he loves and has made many "besties." I've been at home for the past six weeks and it's harder to meet people. I do already have precious friends but a lot is so unfamiliar to me. But God has been so very real to me in all of this. So grateful for His Presence. As I glance back on what I left behind and the loss is real, I can't help but see the beautiful peace that God has brought to me and is bringing to me. A rendezvous with rest that I've not known. A little bit of a shift is happening over here! Only God can do that!


Karen 10/06/2008  

your strength always amazes and inspires me. I'm praying for you as you begin your new job!

Fran 10/06/2008  

Always keeping you tucked in my heart and prayers. It sounds like really good things are already happening and more is just on the horizon. Your faithfulness is beautiful to see. You inspire me so, Bev.

Much love,

Shonda 10/06/2008  

God is the God of everything! I just love you so much as you're a beautiful example of a women who loves her Lord.

Engrafted by His Grace-

Michelle V 10/06/2008  

The Oasis sound wonderful! I hope I can get there one day! Praise God for your new job and for blessing you with unexpected checks when they were needed! He is so good!!


Mary Lou 10/06/2008  

Oh, how I am grateful that God has provided for you in your time of need. He is making Himself so real to you and thus to those of us who follow your blog. I am grateful for your life and for all you write and share with the rest of us. Your feet will eventually be okay. You may need to go to a doctor if you haven't been already. God is blessing you with your new church home and job. Wow, what a pastor, to watch your dog. So glad that Britt has new friends that have accepted him and are loving on him. He will provide you with someone soon right in your own back door. Meantime,you do have us on the internet, not the same as a body that you can touch and see, but we are here., Mary Lou

Anonymous 10/06/2008  

We sang "Fire Fall Down" in church this Sunday, and as we came to the stillness in the song - "I'll never be the same. No, never be the same" tears spilled over the corners of my eyes. I thought about our journey, your journey shared with us, the sweetness of a new friend whom I love. The way you reflect Him has changed my heart. I won't be the same. Don't ever let me be the same again. Life can get so hard, so messy, yet we can stop and applaud the artwork of God. I can't wait to share that moment with you. I hope to get to Austin very soon. Linds is coming home this week, but soon, I will hit Austin and we can raise our hands and clap at sunsets. He is our beautiful God. I'm praying for your day tomorrow to be filled with Him in every aspect. Love, Annette

ocean mommy 10/06/2008  

I've been praying for you and the family! It's so good to see these praise reports!!!

HUGS and Much love

Toknowhim 10/06/2008  

My move 4 years ago from Florida was one of the greatest things that God has used in my life to date... I know that you will find wonderful treasures along the way in this move... Love ya Bev!!!

Julie 10/09/2008  

It sounds like God is doing some awesome things in your life....

I LOVE Gateway worship. I can't believe you get to hear them in person, how awesome....

Kari Jobe has become one of my new fav's...

Congrats on the new job!!!


Profbaugh 10/10/2008  

Hang in there with your foot. I know how painful that cam be. You might want to google "Finn Comfort" shoes. I have a pair of the clog style ones. They helped immensely.


Alana 10/11/2008  

It's so good to read an update from you!

Congrats on the new job!!

Wish I could have applauded a sunset with you!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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