Sunday, October 26, 2008

Monday Morning Cover to Cover............No One Can Snatch Me Out of His Hand - John 5:28

Mum is still the word in Austin. I’ve never seen anything like it for homecoming attire! We had mums in high school but I thought they were extinct. Uh uh, not in Austin. One high school here raises $10,000 on their mum sales. The moms do it. Unbelievable. Britt is on his third homecoming in a row. Hyde Park’s was first with his new best friends and he got 2 mums---boy mums. Then Anderson was last week with faithful friends and now Lake Country this weekend with his forever friends.

We are in Fort Worth emptying our attics. My diligent oldest son plowed ahead of me and tossed about 20 garbage bags before I arrived. It was good. The verse I read this morning said: "Say good-bye to your possessions if you want to be my disciple." Ooooh.

So what lingers with you as you read the Bible this week? We've had quite a bout with strept and are still recovering. Thank you so much for your prayers! You move the hands of God. God acts in our behalf and He has certainly shown up in this place this week. Couldn't be more awed and grateful!

HOW CAN I UNWRAP THOSE WHO ARE BOUND?…..There are some words in John 11:43 that will remain with me for the rest of my life. It’s the beautiful story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. “Come out Lazarus!” So we know Lazarus could walk but his hands and feet and face were wrapped with laboriously heavy strips of linen. Some say they weighed over fifty pounds. And Jesus said to Lazarus’ mother and friends: “Take off the grave clothes and let him go.” John 11:44. Lazarus rose from the dead but he needed someone to help him take off what still had him bound. Aren’t we like that? Jesus frees us up but yet we still need others. And I love thinking that Jesus wants us to go around taking the grave cloths off of our friends and family who are bound. Ever wonder how to do that??

Would He tell you how disappointed He was in you? Would He rebuke you and throw over your table? No, if you are alive to Him, then Luke 15:20 - The father was filled with compassion and He ran to His son and threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And the son’s reply is probably what you and I would say this day if we are sitting in our sin, in our old natures…we’d say “I have sinned in your Sight.” But our Father is saying: You are alive in Me. You are found. You are known. He knows our frame. He surrounds us with His compassion and love. What a Father! So what would He say to you if He walked in right now?

WHAT IF I CRY OUT CONSTANTLY? Will not our beautiful God give justice if we cry out to Him day and night?? Luke 18:7. That verse so speaks to me to be like that persistent widow bothering the judge, and not stop crying out to my God Who will fight for me. I really need Him so for no man can fill the hole in my heart.

WHAT ABOUT THE MIRACLES GOD HAS DONE FOR YOU? Think about those many many miracles God has performed in you and through you. Just this weekend, something happened that could only be explained in terms of God did it! You know what I mean. John 5:38 says to believe the miracles and you will find your beautiful God there.

WHAT IF I AM TERRIFIED OUT OF MY MIND OVER STUFF? I spent so many many years of my life being terrified of my brother. When you witness the violence that I did, if I think that I have to protect myself in life, then we really are in trouble. God spoke to me through John 5:28 that "no one can snatch me out of His Hand.” No one!

WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO FOR YOU? Mark 10:36. Jesus asked this question to the disciples. He is asking the same question to you and to me this very night. The sons of Zebedee replied, "Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left in your glory." There have been too many times I have asked for the same thing. God, don't let me fail. Let me have success in your ministry, in this life. Let my book sell. Let people respond to me. Let me end my life with a successful ministry bringing many people to You. Sounds great. But is it for God's glory or our own measure. Jesus came not only to be ministered unto but to minister to others. Mark 10:45.

Have a great week filled with His Presence and His Power, Deut 4:27. May we recognize when we are living in our old nature. May your Counselor, the Holy Spirit, let you know. We don't have to dig. He'll pierce and melt and blast and comfort our hearts! Looking forward to what only HE can do in our lives this week.


Nise' 10/27/2008  

I love your thoughts on needing friends after we've been unbound!
Amen that NO ONE can snatch us out of His hand. I was so overwhelmed with His love for me this week.

Van 10/27/2008  

Your questions are challenging me to a closer and straighter walk... questions

annie's eyes 10/27/2008  

When we know that nothing can happen to us that we are not safe in His hand, there is nothing we cannot endure, knowing to whatever ever end, His Glory awaits us. I can see though your physical body needs healing, your spiritual life strengthens and ministers to me. You ask good questions, not having to dig--He is right there in the answer. He is nothing short of amazing. Love you, Annette

Mary Lou 10/27/2008  

Bless you for giving such good questions to ponder on, for Him to reveal to us the answer. May your week be filled with His presence and His power just as you blessed us with. Hope you are feeling so much better. Know it felt good to get more done in Fort Worth. Hope that chapter of your life has more closure soon. Blessings..Mary Lou

Ang baylis 10/28/2008  

What would Jesus say to me if He walked into the room right now?? Hmmm...that's a great question... I need to think for a second.... He'd probably say, "Angie, please stop worrying. I told you, I have everything under control. Worry doesn't add one second to your life. Your kids will be fine. They will trust me in MY timing. I LOVE you more than you can comprehend". That's it... that's what I think he would say. I can relax now and go about my day! I'm glad you are feeling better!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

Michelle V 10/28/2008  

I loved your thoughts on this week's reading! Praise God we cannot be snatched from His hand! I finally have a post up for the week.


ocean mommy 10/29/2008  

Oh these questions just settled on my Spirit today! As usual, you make me want to love Jesus more!!!

I can't believe that verse He gave you before you cleaned out the attic!!! SO like Him. :)


Sheryl 11/02/2008  

I'm planning on starting with today's reading and going from there. So, do I post my "gleanings" on my blog? How do I do this?


Bev Brandon 11/02/2008  

Sheryl, So delighted to have you. I left a detailed message on your blog in response to your comment. Couldn't find your e-mail. Anyone can jump in at anytime. It's a good place right now as we are still in the gospels and you will be able to see the chronological order of the entire new testament. So glad to meet you Sheryl and get to know you. Bev

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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