Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monday Morning Cover to Cover................She Did What She Could - Mark 14:6

19 days and this mom is counting. Brookie is flying home from Thailand for Thanksgiving. Barrett is in Korea racing and he'll be flying back soon and bringing sweet Lauren. Blair is flying in from DC and bringing her friend Patrick whom we have not met yet. The funny thing is that they all booked their flights to Dallas and we don't live there anymore! It will always be their home where they grew up.

Still struggling over here with some health issues. But for me these days, life isn't about solving problems and everything working's all about trusting Him in the midst of what He is doing and what He has provided, no matter what. God is so showing up in Austin in the midst of some difficult times for me. Couldn't be more grateful for His Presence, His Power. Deut 4:37,38.

Three pictures linger with me from reading the chronological Bible this week.

1. Zaccheus Climbing a Tree. Luke 19:4. Am I climbing trees to find my God? Am I spiritually hungry like this guy? I think I am at times. And Jesus says in Luke 19:42: If you only knew what would bring you peace. I keep asking myself that question. What will bring me peace? Not solve my problems, my issues. There is one that looms too large. But how can I find my rest in Him in the midst of these difficulties. And in the midst of confusion--- just like the disciples who lived confused and Jesus was right there with them. John 12:16. Jesus didn't explain everything away to them. He let them wrestle with truth. May we wrestle well to find the escape from the anxieties of this life that He talks about in Luke 21:34. I think most of my anxiety stems from wanting to look good. As He said in Matt. 23:5 - "done for men." Looking good in the marketplace. Matt 23:7. There is so much put on us to be successful in the eyes of this world. So when the pressures hit this day, one question for me is what will my God do with me if I don't trust in His Goodness? He is waiting and watching at the bottom of the tree where a sinner sat looking for Him.

2. Jesus Washing Their Feet. John 13:14. Wash one another's feet. Do I assess whose feet I want to wash? It's a humbling thought. A pastor called me out of the audience to wash my feet. All I could do was weep. Washing feet doesn't make you clean on the inside. We can be righteous on the outside and not on the inside. Matt 23:28. We can give out of our poverty or wealth. Mark 12:44. Wonder what is going on inside of our minds and hearts this moment as we face our lives? Mean thoughts? Unkind words? Are we repenting of what is going on? Jesus tells us all we have to do is love. Can we do it without Him. We can do a lot without God but it means nothing, no eternal value. Are we giving out of our poverty or wealth? Are we sitting at the Lord's supper table clean on the inside? Life isn't about behavior modification. It's all about dealing with the fray of our heart and repenting from what's inside that makes us unclean---pride, self ambition, self obsessions. We so want to be saved from everything in this life. But Jesus said: "save me from this hour, NO, it was for this very reason I came to this hour." John 12:27. As we encounter the moments in our lives, may our eyes be opened to see what our beautiful God is doing in our lives and trust His goodness.

3. A Woman Pouring Perfume. He is a good God watching and waiting for us to return to Him in our every thought, our every move. Just like the woman who poured perfume on Him. Mark 14:6. A sinner who had repented. The perfume was worth one year's wage at that time. Oh my goodness! She did what she could! She responded to that prompting inside to lavish love without thinking about what others would think. She had no idea that she was preparing Him for His burial. She did know what the cost of her alabaster box was---she knew what she had been saved from! My prayer for you this week is that you love Him extravagantly!


Ang baylis 11/03/2008  

Hi, Bev! I'm so glad you'll have your family with you soon! I hope you are feeling better! I LOVE how we each share our insights so we can touch on different parts that stood out to us! I loved reading about the alabaster box! I heard Beth talk on it once and it was great! It also reminds me of the song by Cece Winans! She had no idea! You also have no idea how much you touch me with your insights!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

p.s. You can read my insights here.

Karen 11/03/2008  

what a picture it paints to think that we would be willing to do anything to find our Jesus. (and tree climbing would be high on my "anything" list. Graceful and limber I am not.)

I'm praying for you today, sister. I hope you are doing better and drawing your strength from Him. I have my post up but I'm afraid you'll have to find your own way over there. In addition to not being graceful or limber, I am not technologically equipped. :)


Nise' 11/03/2008  

Will keep you in my prayers and thoughts this week as you are recovering and looking forward to your family coming! Praise Him for making Himself known to you during difficult circumstances. Over the years, I have learned I want that more than anything else. Just to know (even though I do know) and for Him to make His presence KNOWN to me during those times give me more peace and rest than anything else! That's not to say I don't fervently pray for the circumstances to change or go away!

annie's eyes 11/03/2008  

These are all such beautiful pictures of Christ. I've often thought about the command to wash each others' feet. I think you may have found the answer-we pick and choose. And the thought never occurred to me that Jesus let the disciples struggle with their anxieties WITH his presence. I so appreciate that word this morning. He is our peace, but He will allow us to find Him even when He's right next to us. I'm so glad you will have all your family together so very soon. What a great Thanksgiving you will have. Your mother's heart pours through each word--it won't be long. In each, such extravagant love you write about. I got my post up last night, as we have quite a week ahead with company. Love you so, Annette

annie's eyes 11/03/2008  

PS. NOW, after only 43 weeksm I found an easy way to post a link to my blog from here...

1. At the bottom of the comment, there is a Name/URL place to sign in.

2. Go to your blog, click on the TITLE of the BLOG POST, and you will have the URL listed in the window for that post.

3. Copy that URL (http://...)

4. When you finish your comment here, sign in under NAME/URL

I sign annie's eyes
I paste

and, voilla!

5. Your comment will direct readers directly to your post. Yay!

annie's eyes 11/04/2008  

Dare I try again, and particularly at this unruly hour? Mike and I just got back from putting out campaign signs and I must admit I feel a little good about getting to participate in the American way--whatever this day brings. The whole PS above was how comments on your blog could be sent directly to their post, not just the website. Not a big deal, but I think it's hysterical that we have nine weeks left, and hey, I have an idea. Just musing I suppose...Pray hard this day. I have fasted with no meat for a couple of weeks, which isn't a big deal but it is a reminder to me and so it has served its purpose. I just had a chocolate milk shake though as a reward for all that work stomping signs in the ground at the voting polls. I better get some sleep. Love you, friend.

One more PS to the PS -I have read your post over and over today but not for the same reasons you did my comment! LOL. Each time something else pops out as a cherished nugget of truth. You write from a heart that has been sanctified in Him with a love and a mercy that speaks!

Fran 11/04/2008  

Its so exciting to read about your family. And, then I laughed that they are flying into Dallas. :)

Love you sweet Bev. Praying for you this morning. May God continue to be the THRILL of your life.


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