Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Two Kinds of People---Democrats and Republicans

This post is being e-mailed to people in my address book AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO STOP IT!!! I've never seen that happen before! Is it a virus or what?? I apologize if it was e-mailed to you---not my intent. Here's the post: Well, my presidential candidate just lost and I am very sad this night because it seems to me that a race was not decided on issues. People do vote with their pocketbooks. "Personal peace and affluence" says Francis Schaeffer. But I may be wrong. But, I do know this...there are two kinds of people in the U.S. --- and it is not Democrats and Republicans. There are those who trust God and those who do not trust God. Nothing changed tonight. We still trust God and will pray for His Hand to be on our new president-elect and on our country and its leaders. Acts 11:21.

I just watched a video of McCain's concession speech and oh my was he ever gracious! I liked when he said that he has "no regrets." He so graciously thanked people who so served him---people like my daughter Blair in Washington DC who so serves her country. (She met Joe the Plumber while campaigning in Ohio yesterday. I have the photo on my laptop at school so I'll have to post the pic tomorrow.) And I love that McCain always talks about remaining a servant. And I liked that he said that "he holds in his heart a love for this country and its citizens." I hold him and his POW story in my heart! And then he wishes Obama godspeed! And tells us not to despair in our difficulties but never quit! Never hide in history---just make it. I only have a certain amount of time left in life---don't we all---but I don't want to spend my later years hiding in my heart, hiding in my house, hiding in my actions. So thrilled I am free tonight and becoming more free being redeemed from my old nature---if I can just keep recognizing it all the more as the Day draws near.

I had the privilege of teaching US History this very day and one of my students shared Psalm 75: 6,7 with me this morning as we talked about the election. And it is a verse that is very true as night falls on the close of an ordinary working day that will be chronicled in every history book forever. Praying for our new president for God's protection and presence in his life.


Mary Lou 11/05/2008  

Bev, I echo every word you wrote. Psalm 75:6 and 7. My pastor quoted that at the prayer meeting we had on Monday night...two hours and it did not seem like two hours at all. we prayed for every state and every Governor and all the people in our own state and city in high places. It was very moving. Left it all at the feet of Jesus and had such a peace. God is the one who puts men in power and takes them out. We need to be in earnest prayer for our country and look to Him. May revival come to our land, people were deceived and I pray the blinders will come off, kept praying that, but they didn't all fall off.God is moving the pieces into place and we need to be alert...we need to salt and light to the rest of the world. It is coming to Jesus....only most don't really know that. What a blessing you had for a student to share those verses with you. I pray you are doing much better physically. I know you are doing better otherwise by the way you write. Blessings on your day...Love Mary Lou

Holly 11/05/2008  

Wonderful words of Life, my friend.

THANK you, THANK YOU! for my text this week, I have re-read it and re-read it. It has given me much to hold on to in hope for this Thanksgiving for our family.

I WILL greatly miss seeing you, friend. So very much.

Love you and am praying for you, too!

annie's eyes 11/05/2008  

Amazing Grace. His strength. Our hope in Him. I am thankful. And I will praise Him and pray for our new president-elect. A pallor of sadness has lifted. I washed my face and dressed, completed my fast and know that our good God is in control. Now unity and love are our banner as Christians in adversity in difficulty. Thanks so much for your beautiful words that echo in my life.

Shonda 11/05/2008  

I like the two kinds of people--those who trust God and those who dont. Count me in the party that trusts God. I told my son no one can ever vote HIM off the throne. Jesus King of kings and Lord of lords forever! We will pray for our government officials (1 Tim 2) Much love to you dear. I hope you're feeling better these days.
Engrafted by His Grace-

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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