Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monday Morning Cover to Cover.......The gardener is calling your name - John 20:15

Just drove across the bridge here in the city where I sit on a dismal day. No sunlight in my home or heart, but it is morning and His mercy on me is brand new. Things haven't turned out like I had hoped they would. And I mean good things. So grateful to God for standing me up at this time in my life, for lifting my head in the midst of some bleak stuff. Much praise rising in my heart to Him for Who He is in my life and that when I turn to Him, He listens and loves. Morning has broken open, the birds are singing, the wind is whipping the leaves about, and parts of me feel like I could burst for my God is saying to me this bleary beautiful morn: "I have come to you." He doesn't leave us like orphans.

Here's my posting on what lingers with me from the chronological readings this week.

HAVE I FALLEN AWAY FROM GOD IN MY BUSY LIFE, IN MY BUSY THOUGHTS? There's a thread through my week tugging at my heart about "falling away from Me." Matt 26:31. The disciples sang a hymn with Jesus. Wonder what that was like. I so adore singing worship songs to my beautiful God. I love doing it with others! But I can't imagine standing there in His Presence singing it with Him, to Him, for Him. And the next words out of Jesus' mouth were:
"This night, you will all fall away from Me." I think people think that music sweeps away their sins. No, only repentance does. It's what we do with those things that bother us in the fray of our hearts.

IN THE MIDST OF MY CIRCUMSTANCES, AM I LIVING OUT OF A GOOD PLACE IN MY HEART? John 15:5 - "Apart from Me, you can do nothing." We think we can be overcomers and hold our heads high, and set out face like a flint to do the right things, and dig way down deep and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. But what does that count for? Apart from God, we can do nothing of value for eternity. We might look pretty good in this world. Maybe we are even successful in what we touch. But are we living life out of our old nature that we are so comfortable with or do we live out of our new nature. Seems to me that it gets mixed up. We are living out of the old and people see right through our arrogance, our pride. Yet, we think we are doing right. Apart from Christ, what we do amounts to nothing.

DO I BELIEVE THE MIRACLES I HAVE SEEN? This has been a difficult week for me. Extremely. So, how do I live and embrace what God has allowed, provided, planned, when it's not what I had hoped for. It's not what I thought I really needed. Here I am telling the God who hosts the starry skies tonight what I think I need. How arrogant of me! There's a thought in John 14:11 that has helped me in my dark week. "Believe in the miracles you have seen." I don't see any miracles in the place where I am tonight but I can believe in the Ones I have seen. And I can know way down deep that Jesus prayed for me this day "that my faith fail not." Luke 22:31.

And I just broke down and wept when Jesus said: “I won’t leave you as orphans. I will come to you.” I have felt like an orphan all of my life. I am an orphan this day having no parents. Never felt loved when I had them. But those five words just overwhelm me:I WILL COME TO YOU …

AM I IGNORING MY CIRCUMSTANCES OR EMBRACING AND ENTERING THE PLACE GOD HAS FOR ME? Luke 22:42 - I am so moved that even Jesus asked the Father if He was willing to take the cup from Him—-yet not my will, but Yours be done. Jesus didn’t deny the pain He faced but He embraced the will of the Father. May we not deny what we are in nor ignore it but enter and embrace what God has provided and willed for our lives.

DO YOU HEAR YOUR BEAUTIFUL GOD CALLING YOUR NAME TONIGHT? John 20:15 "Woman," Jesus said, "why are you crying?" He appeared to Mary but she thought He was the gardener. I wonder how many times I have missed my beautiful God thinking he was the gardener??? But when he said her name, she knew. God called my name this week as a sweet special ed student blew me a kiss goodbye. I'll never forget the moment. I had spent most of that day teaching fighting back the tears. And God so showed up for me.

I sit here in my pain with tears rolling down my cheeks knowing that my Jesus is calling my name, calling your name tonight. He is risen. He is alive. Apart from Him, we can't do anything that counts.


Karen 11/10/2008  

Too many times of late I have found myself asking for the same thing again and again, after He has already promised it to me. Until finally, I hear that voice inside ask, "Do you believe Me or not?" Your words remind me that so often I struggle because His answer is not in the shape of what I asked. Sigh. So this day, I choose to believe.

Blessings to you, dear one. You are in my prayers.

Ang baylis 11/10/2008  

"I won't leave you as orphans. I will come to you." He does continue to amaze me in new ways every day. I can believe the miracles I've seen. He has shown me so many and I know I'll see even more as I make my way back up to Michigan! I'm so glad He revealed himself through the special child this week. That story gave me the chills! He will never leave you or forsake you, Bev! Keep Believing Him!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

annie's eyes 11/10/2008  

Embracing the Will of God, not denying His pain or ignore the circumstance, Jesus walked square into God's Will, knowing there was a beautiful plan in place. He has that beautiful place for each of us, though it rarely looks like what we think it will. You are so dear to me, Bev. I woke up with a prayer for you on my heart this morning. Blessings of peace, and His presence. Love you, Annette

Nise' 11/10/2008  

"Apart from me you can do nothing" I need this reminder daily as I am one who, because of my past, has to be "strong" & "independent" so as not to be touched again by betrayal, disappointment and hurt. But it is only with Him and in Him that I am protected and safe.

Bev Brandon 11/10/2008  

Karen, thank you for praying for me. I have to keep asking myself when disappointments come---what do I want more than the love of my beautiful God? What rules my heart more than Him and His Love? I'm too in love with this world and its success. Too caught up in interpreting people's responses. Oooh! But there are shifts happening and it's Him. You so inspire me.

Bev Brandon 11/10/2008  

Ang, He is so calling your name. The gardener is saying "Ang." Have a safe trip back home with Him. He is drawing you closer. Love you Angie!

Bev Brandon 11/10/2008  

Annette, your words ring so right, so true, so deep. Sometimes I miss seeing the place I am living out of---my old nature---and then wonder why I am irritated and angry and not at a place of rest. If only I would listen to my words, my thoughts and let my beautiful God purge me. Your post today was one I will remember for a long time. The outdated (LOL) YouTube video---was it like from the 80's??---was a word from God to me this dreary day that He just stepped into. I was so taken aback at the holiness of the moment for me!

Bev Brandon 11/10/2008  

Nise ...
I am right with you on that one. I have had to be an "overcomer" my whole life to get over the abuse and damage. One verse from the OT lingers with me all the time and it's Hannah in the temple with her mouth moving and she says: No more! She gets up to leave and her circumstances were not any different but she goes out with a trusting heart that shifted from her own needs to surrender to His Will. You so live that out in your pursuit and all the ways I see you deal with the fray of your beautiful heart! Love to you!

Mary Lou 11/10/2008  

oh, Bev how my heart breaks for you. My parents are both gone too, with Him,I always felt loved and secure with them. Yet, they could not fill that empty void in my heart that only the Lord Jesus can fill. I felt so alone in the world even with a loving family. When I was twenty, the Lord sent Campus Crusade for Christ into my life and thru a young man's testimony the light dawned and I've NEVER been alone since that day. God is so good and He is so real. He is ever present. God meets us every day right where we are. So thankful that He is meeting you and lifting your head. You are in my prayers. May you have a sweet day with Him. Your post touched me very deeply. Your heart so speaks to mine. Blessings on your day and your life. Love in Him, Mary Lou

Michelle V 11/10/2008  

What a beautiful post, Bev! Praise the Lord He did not leave us orphans and Praise the Lord He is calling my name!


Bev Brandon 11/10/2008  

Mary Lou, you are such a dear friend and I deeply appreciate your comments to me week after week. God has so opened your eyes to really see!

Bev Brandon 11/10/2008  

Michelle, so thrilled to see you back after a break. Trust that all that is on your plate will work for such good for you and your family. Love your faithfulness to all you touch.

Anonymous 11/10/2008  

Hi there Bev,

I have been a bit of a blog break...I have missed all of you...and my heart weeps that you are going through another time of hardship...yet as always you continue to hold His hand...praise His Name...what a wonderful Savior we have...sometimes we need to remember that He continually saves us in the midst of our struggles...we are not orphans...Praise Him!

I wrote this week about clinging to Him and not falling away...God gave me a visual picture and hopefully the words to convey my heart...

Bless you Bev...I will continue to uplift you before the Throne and that you will continue to see and feel kisses from heaven just for you.


Bev Brandon 11/10/2008  

Helen, So good to hear you again! Have been missing seeing your comments! On my way to see what you said about falling away. Singing hymns with Jesus then they were g o n e ... so glad to have you b a c k.

Shonda 11/11/2008  

He knows your name. He knows my name. He calls us to Him. We live because He lives. Lots of love to you!
Engrafted by His Grace-

Fran 11/12/2008  

Oh my sweet Bev...Jesus loves you this I know for the Bible tells me so. Jesus loves you THIS I KNOW.

Embrace Him today.
I love ya dearly!

Bev Brandon 11/15/2008  

Shonda, you give me so much hope! I just love your huge beautiful heart for Him!

Bev Brandon 11/15/2008  

Fran, just love you to pieces and for how you always bring me to Him! I have seen His Love this day, this week in my suffering, and it's so good. He is so good!

lisasmith 11/17/2008  

Just thought I'd take a moment to visit your cover to cover, I am praying, praying, praying for you, my friend. As I read I see you as the disciples in the garden...a part of something so big, so powerful yet so unknown and inexplainable to them. Hold on, girl, your Rescuer is coming to reveal great mysteries to you. I am praying that your weeping would give way to joy.

That passage about the disciples all falling asleep always touches me deeply. I'd like to say, Lord, I won't sleep, I wouldn't have. But the reality is He's here with me and yet, I sleep. I fall. That whole faith thing, not seeing fully, can be so darn hard at times. Oh that I would never give up and be found blameless at His great and glorious return!

Jennifer 11/19/2008  

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