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Monday Morning Cover to Cover

This past week, we continued on a wilderness journey from Exodus to reading Numbers 1-8.

The intention of the Israelites was
to conquer Canaan immediately.

They had NO IDEA that they would spend 40 years wandering in the wilderness until all the men who rebelled against God had died. If they knew the straight road through the wilderness, it would have only taken them a few days to reach the promised land.

I am going to camp on one passage in the wilderness this week that has lingered with me. What lingers with you from your reading of the Word this week? Leave a comment here, long or short. Link us to your blog if you'd be willing to leave more there. We'd love to hear what touched you, what holds your heart?

The Lord continues to speak directly to Moses. God says to tell Aaron and his sons that this is how you are to bless the people wandering lost in the wilderness. Say to them:
Jehovah bless you and keep you
Jehovah make His Face shine upon you and
be gracious to you;
Jehovah turn His Face toward you and
give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26

Do you feel like you are wandering in your own wilderness today?
The verbs: bless, make, be, turn, give are written in the imperfect tense meaning that the action is in progress, a continuing action to this very day. For you.

The name Jehovah is used in the Hebrew language because it refers to God's Longing Love for us and His Provision in our wanderings. Your First Love.

There was a shorter route. And, the Travel Agent, Who was able to divide the Red Sea, surely could maneuver through a quicker, painless route to a promised land. But this Divine Agent leads His best friends right through the wilderness. No shortcuts. No detours on His itinerary. Just a loving good plan to humble us and do us some good. Deut. 8: 2,3.

John Piper said: "The good that God aimed to do through the wilderness testing was to make the people intensely, deeply and lastingly conscious of their total dependence on God for everything. God aimed to give them experiences in the wilderness which would make it impossible for a reasonable person to say, My power, my might or my hand has gotten me this wealth."

So whatever you wrestle with as you lay awake at night or ponder throughout your day, this blessing is for you from your God many years ago spoken to Aaron through Moses. Spoken for you this very day. Here are the cross-references for these verses. Scripture interprets Scripture.

May your beautiful JEHOVAH bless you today. May your present Father bless you in your city and in your country. Deut 28:3-6. May your Sovereign Father bless you all the days of your life and that means today through the day you see your children's children. May your Great Shepherd bless you and carry you forever. Psalm 28:9.

May your beautiful JEHOVAH keep you this day. May your Savior hide you in the Shadow of His Wings and keep you as the apple of His eyes. Psalm 17:8. For you, my good God, are my Hiding Place protecting me from trouble, surrounding me with songs of deliverance saying: "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will counsel you and watch over you." Psalm 32: 7,8.

May JEHOVAH'S Face shine on you today for our times are in His Hands. Let your Face shine and save me from my plight because of your Unfailing Love. Psalm 31: 15,16. Revive us and make your Face shine in us and through us. Psalm 80:3. Redeem us from oppression. Make your Face shine and teach us your Word. Psalm 119:134,135.

May your beautiful JEHOVAH be gracious and turn to you. May His Whole Face turn toward you. For our Omniscient God knows we are lonely and afflicted. Be gracious. Psalm 25:16. Turn to us. Have mercy on us. Give us your strength in our wilderness. Psalm 86:16. May the Living Word be gracious to us through His Word as we deal with our deceitful ways. Psalm 119:29

May JEHOVAH make His Face shine on you today. For it is not by your sword that you will win this land, not your arm that will bring you victory. It is the Right Hand, your Father's arm, and the Light of His Face, for your Heavenly Father so loves you. Psalm 44:3.

May JEHOVAH give you peace this very moment. For He says, I will bring healing to you and let you enjoy abundant peace and security. I'll bring you back from being trapped. I'll rebuild you as you were before. I will cleanse you from your sin. Only One can do that. And, you will bring me renown, joy, praise and honor! And you do. You so honor HIM. Jeremiah 33:6. I do not give you peace as the world gives. John 14:27. Now, may the Lord of peace HIMSELF give you peace by all means, always. II Thes. 3:16

And God told Moses in Number 6:27 to tell Aaron to give this blessing and that Aaron would put God's name on the people he served. I pray for you today, that first you receive God's Name for you this day. It's a revelation for you. Then, you go and put His Name on those you serve.

And His Name is this...The Becoming One.
God becomes to you this day what you need.
Your JEHOVAH'S arm awaits you.
Walk out on His arm today.


Ang baylis 3/03/2008  

Happy Monday to all of my girlfriends reading together! Bev, thank you so much for your encouragement! I love what John Piper said... thanks for sharing that as well as your insights. If you want to hear an old Catholic song, stop by at my blog today! I am running to work but wanted to tell you all how happy I am to be doing this with you! Many "Blessings" today to each of you!
Angie xoxo

Nise' 3/03/2008  

I love it that you "camped" on that blessing. As it was so familiar to me, I quickly read over it and kick myself when I do that, because I miss so much richness of truth. Thank you for the blessing of truth you bestowed upon us.

My thoughts on this week's reading are here.

BethAnne 3/03/2008  

Have I told you lately that I love reading your notes?

Patty 3/03/2008  

Good Morning and Happy Monday to my sweet friends! I have been absent for two weeks. I have been dealing with the crud. I am behind somewhat in my reading. It's hard to read or do anything while on medication. :o)
Bev, I LOVE what you wrote this morning! Amazing. I prayed all the blessings this morning and I speak them right back to you in Jesus' name. I wanted to say that from your comment you left on my post under When God says Go...what you wrote is what I have been praying for your husband and yourself and I am excited to see God working! He is our Restorer! Although I am still playing catch up I will comment on Numbers 12. Miriam and Aaron Oppose Moses. Miriam and Aaron spoke out or talked behind Moses's back and the Lord heard. They both asserted that God had spoken to them the same way He spoke to Moses. To me this screams jealousy. Moses did nothing to provoke this attack by them. I learned a long time ago, don't be jealous of anyone and their ministry. We don't know what they went through to get to the place God has called them to. We can look at another and think they have it all together or covet their ministry and that is wrong. God takes all of us through trying seasons to prepare us for the ministry or calling God has placed on our lives. In verse 4, God dealt with this immediately. verse 5, the Lord came down, God knows and deals with our situations on earth. An attack or injustice against us does not go unnoticed by God. May we support and encourage each other in our ministries.
God's judgement against Miriam: he struck her w/leprosy. A public sin required a public response from the Lord. God have mercy on us.
And verse 13: Moses obviously forgave them and interceded on Miriam's behalf. God has taught me to pray for those who have wronged me. There was no root of bitterness or unforgiveness in Moses. I need to remember that. Humble myself, surrender my hurt feelings quickly to God and pray for those who hurt me.(also forgive) A hard thing to do but we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. This is already to long but God used this section of scripture for me when a lady was jealous of the ministry God had given me at church and she and her friends did awful things, said awful things about me. I had to work through resentment, bitterness and anger over what they did and it took me a few years to move past this. I praise God that He helps us through times like this and helps us to pray for those who have hurt us. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, may God help us to remember who our real enemy is and may we have unity in the Body of Christ.

Shonda 3/03/2008  

Good morning ladies--

Bev, how you blessed me with your focus on the Aaronic blessings. How you explained that the imperfect tense means action is in progress. Our Lord's Word is living and active to this very day brings such comfort that it doesnt expire. Jehovah is our Provision!! And the makeover we get in our wilderness. He definitely gets the glory!!

Patty, your words resonate in me like a gong sounded next to me. It has my attention. I read quickly through it this morning, but your exposition brings it closer to home. I too have been on both sides. Aaron and Miram were Moses blood relatives. Those closest to us seem to be the ones who hurt us most. But forgiveness is necessary and it poured out of Moses. What an example. The Lord shows me He is my advocate and this reaffirms it! Thank you.

I shared on my blog about how our redundant routines can affect our fellowship with the Lord, esp. when other desires overtake our desire for him. I titled it Same Ol' Same Ol' Everyday.

Blessings in Christ--

Anonymous 3/03/2008  

Awesome post this morning Bev...especially since you were conferencing this past weekend...I love the John Piper quote and the way you expounded on the of my favorite blessing but now I can add so many of the blessings that I read this morning...
Bev...I pray that you know how BIG this Cover to Cover is...I know that God's Whole Face turns to you and smiles by your obedience and leading us to immerse ourselves in His Word...

May you be blessed as we all are so blessed by you,


Read my comments here
A Work of Heart!

annie's eyes 3/03/2008  

Bev, your explanation of the Priestly blessing prayer and the associated Scriptures from Aaron's blessing were rich with His Love as always. I am up on the reading but not able to post today. I simply want to say how much this blesses me each week with all of your comments and what hits home with you. We're all in a wilderness working through this life, and I thank Him for His Cloud by day and Pillar of Fire by night to never leave us or forsake us and light our path in the dark. Though His ways are shrouded in a cloud at times, the Light of His Face is our blessing. Wouldn't want to do this without Him, that's for sure. Love to you all, Annette

Laura 3/03/2008  

What a beautiful blessing to share. And I needed it today, my friend, having a down day. But I feel better after reading your post. Thank you, Dear One!

Mary Lou 3/03/2008  

Bev, as usual you wrote and explained things so beautifuly. I love the blessing in that prayer and pray it over my husband every day. The only thing that stood out to me this week, was that the scripture kept telling us that God spoke to Moses and then Moses spoke to the people. Now, God speaks to us thru His word and we can speak to Him. We are blessed to have the scripture and the people weren't, we are stubborn like they are too. I have a wonderful Bible teacher that tells us over and over what ever happened to them in the Bible is what happens to us spiritually. She is so right. God has gifted you dear sister with understanding and discernment and an abiltity to share it with all of us...He speaks thru you to me. He is good ALL of the time. Blessings..

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

Ang, can't tell you how happy I am to be doing this with you! You are so humble and childlike in it.

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

Nise, You don't ever want to miss anything of God, do you? He's waiting for you.

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

Bethanne, have I told you lately that you have such a gift of encouraging words to me?

CrownLaidDown 3/03/2008  

He is so good...and His Word has spoken to me so much this week. I remembered the cross that Beth describes in the Tabernacle study--as they walked across the desert. I thought of the things we complain that we want--and beg God to not give it to me, if it is not His best. Also, I really thought about how I speak with God. Am I complaining all the time? I DO pour out my heart before Him. But I hope that it is in the bounds of asking Him without whining. I also wrote this week on my blog about the "with" word--that Moses spoke with God, not to Him. And His relationship draws a comparison with the one we have in Christ. His Spirit doesn't just rest on one or 71, but, whomever will call on the Name of Jesus. I am so glad.

You bless me so, my Bev! Thank YOU for faithfully following Him. May I walk with you? :)

Much love,

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

What a delight to me to know that when God says go, He has already placed it on hearts like yours to speak into my life. Thank you!

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

PS - the above comment was for Patty

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

Shonda, just left a comment on your blog about how you deal with the Word of God and your beautiful God! You so bring Him pleasure in how you live in that way!

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

Helen, I just spent some time reading your blog and God took my breath away. I had a dream when I took an unexpected nap today. I woke up in terror and God gave me a word---didn't know where it came from---but there it was right on your blog. Can't thank you enough!

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

Annette, it's such a joy to do this with you and hear how God speaks to you and it's perfectly fine for you to comment another time---happy that you said so. Numbers 6:27 so reminded me of you that it was God's name to you today "The God Who is Becoming" to you all that you need in this present moment. Feel like I've known you a lifetime!

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

Laura, you bless me so with how you engage and embrace life and the One Who extends His Arm to you. And you so honor Him as you walk on His arm.

Bev Brandon 3/03/2008  

Mary Lou, thank you from my heart for your kind words. You bring such wisdom to the table for all of us!

Bev Brandon 3/04/2008  

Oh Holly! You bless me so. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I want to walk with you.

Patty 3/04/2008  

I am excited how God is moving in your life! You have a sweet and kind and giving heart. A heart like God's and He is going to use you in ways you would never have imagined!! Thank you for your time that you give us each Monday and for the encouraging and kind words you speak to us! I am just thankful that God spoke to you through any thing I write on my blog. :o) Have a blessed day!

Fran 3/04/2008  

Well.....its Tuesday night and am I this behind on Mondays post???

Jehovah bless you and keep you
Jehovah make His Face shine upon you and
be gracious to you;
Jehovah turn His Face toward you and
give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26

I absolutely love this verse and its one I memorized early on in my life. Its just beautiful isn't it?
And, thank you Bev for your notes. They are helping me tremendously as i'm battling a very sick family.....who's counting but its been 7 weeks of someone being sick! :(

I'm reading in spurts with you guys and I absolutely love your insight. Its helping this foggy girls brain out tremendously. When Spring comes, I'll be with ya in full force! :)

Hugs and love to you all!

Alana 3/04/2008  

Hello friend! How are you this week. I'm far behind, but still trying to catch up as I can. I am on Leviticus 7, I believe. The last part of Exodus and Leviticus are a struggle to get through I have to say. It is interesting to try and reconcile the God of the Old Testament with the God of the New Testament, isn't it?

marina 3/04/2008  

That is my Favoriate vs in the whole bible well one of them it's up there , I have had a rabbi say these blessing over me and I recive it in Jesus name.marina

Phil & Lori 3/04/2008  

Bev, I met you at a Beth Moore taping. You took a pic of me and my friend with Beth. We are from San Angelo. I was just thinking of you the other day and now I have found your blog. My email is I don't' have a blog :)

Lori Todd

Bev Brandon 3/04/2008  

Patty, thank you for holding my story in your heart. I am doing well and it is because of friends like you who have prayed for me and shared His Word and shared your life. Can't thank you enough.

Bev Brandon 3/04/2008  

OH NO Fran!!!! 7 weeks of sickness is so hard. So long. Hope this week takes a turn for the better. But what I love about you is that you find your God in the midst. Love your heart advancing His Kingdom---that sounds so spiritual---you have such a huge heart to help others especially the down-and-out who can't help themselves. Just love your servant heart. And I love you more than I can find words this night even though we've never met.

Bev Brandon 3/04/2008  

Alana, I am thinking about you trying to push through to catch up and you could just jump ahead a few chapters but here you are trying to do that. And I love that about you! Whatever you can do...we're so glad to be with you and know you. And I just love it that you call me your friend! You are so precious to me!

Bev Brandon 3/04/2008  

Marina, I just left a couple of comments on your sweet blog. I really enjoy when I read your comments on different blogs. You are always welcome. That's so neat that this was a verse that means so much to you. It's a beautiful one and my hope for you is that His Name, The Becoming One, may it be what you need on this very day.

Bev Brandon 3/04/2008  

Oh. My. Goodness.
Of course I remember you.
I lost your phone number.
I lost your email.
I lost your name.
Woohoo! no more!
I had tickets from Beth's last taping that I could have given to you---I couldn't find anyone to give them to. I've been back to James Robison's tapings a lot and think of you both when I go.
I'll e-mail you!
Thanks so much for stoppinng by!

marina 3/04/2008  

Oh, Bev, the valleys I a have walk have been long.. too much to write about but I think we all go through them so when the rabbi bless me with that I held on to it like honey on my lips and care it in my heart. I love what you are doing to your blog its wonderful.blessing and thank you for posting on my blog,marina

Shelley 3/05/2008  

Hi Bev! Thanks for the comment on my page--and yes, it's me! The very same... :-) Keep in touch!! And thank you for the idea! Blessings!!

Bev Brandon 3/05/2008  

Shelley, when you showed up in my e-mail several months ago, it was my God whispering to me such sweet words I can't even describe. Never thought I'd hook up with you again---and you know Nancy, another moment in my life when God's eyes stopped on me. I'm sure Nancy remembers that moment.

Julie 3/05/2008  

Bev, Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments.

I haven't been blogging much lately as I have been pretty swamped with preparing for the retreat, which was last weekend! But I have updated my blog today, finally.

By the way, the retreat was AWESOME. God showed up in mighty ways and I LOVED every minute of it.

Hope you are doing well.

Julie 3/05/2008  

Bev, Thank you for your precious words to me on my blog.

I have been hit hard since I came down from the mountain (literally, the retreat was is the North Georgia mountains). The enemy has been coming after me with relational stuff. But Jesus won!!!

What I posted on was part of what I spoke on at the retreat.

I think God saw Gideon as the Valiant Warrior because he already was, he just didn't know it. God had to take him into it and show he was willing to finally come out and follow where God was calling it was revealed to him who he really was.

He had to throw out some fleeces and question, but God didn't mind it. He waited patiently meeting Gideon right where he was until he could see God in him.

It is amazing the ways God loves us into who we are. I have been discovering more and more of who He has called me to be.

I encourage you to ask Him what He thinks of you, what name He calls you. He will speak to you. He's been waiting to tell you what He thinks of you.
And when it sounds too good to be true....then you know it's Him.

Much love,

Laura 3/05/2008  

Hello, Dear Bev! I am reading and re-reading your insights into these scriptures; have even visited some of your compadres to see their thoughts. You ladies have something so special going on here. Nurture it and enjoy the blessing of it! do you get together in person to discuss too? Are you all old friends? I love to wonder about relationships and how they have evolved. I'm so glad we have become friends! I'm still "mucking out" some stuff, but doing so much better in handling it. God is so good in how He prepares our hearts. Thank you for thinking of me, and for your prayers!
Luv, Laura

Laura 3/05/2008  

Hello, Dear Bev! I am reading and re-reading your insights into these scriptures; have even visited some of your compadres to see their thoughts. You ladies have something so special going on here. Nurture it and enjoy the blessing of it! do you get together in person to discuss too? Are you all old friends? I love to wonder about relationships and how they have evolved. I'm so glad we have become friends! I'm still "mucking out" some stuff, but doing so much better in handling it. God is so good in how He prepares our hearts. Thank you for thinking of me, and for your prayers!
Luv, Laura

Bev Brandon 3/05/2008  

Dear Julie, I just posted on your blog about how much your retreat topic touched me. I just love the story of Gideon, the "mighty warrior" and he never knew it, yet! Praying for you even this week as your ladies go back filled with God's Word and passion---may they have fruit that remains in them and through them. May your God fill you with the knowledge of His will as you come off such a beautiful weekend. Sounds like He showed up and nothing else is worth that!

Bev Brandon 3/05/2008  

Laura, Just left a comment on your post. Isn't it just like a good God to bring bloggers into my life to melt my heart with His Word. I really don't know the majority of these women. Have met precious Annette recently in Houston. Holly, who is as happy & humble as they come, came down to visit last summer. I only know them through blogging. They have been so hospitable to my soul. God has used these women on the Monday Morning posts more than they will ever know! Our group meeting will be in heaven as these ladies live all over the universe it seems---from Africa to Virginia to California up to Seattle. Some of them, I have no idea where they are from nor what they look like. I only hear their hearts. I just am amazed at what blogging has done for me! They have so brought God to me!

Anonymous 3/06/2008  

Stay warm. They're making it sound like the snow's gonna be pretty bad. Be careful out there!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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