Sunday, March 9, 2008

Monday Morning Cover to Cover

It's Monday afternoon. I slept all morning. My body was recovering from fainting four times yesterday. Song of Solomon 1:6 - sometimes I neglect myself for sake of the ministry and that's not right. So, my God has my attention. My doctor made a house call on Sunday, and confirmed my toe was really broken with a combination of low blood pressure and pain; the fainting was explainable. And it was those kind of faints where your whole body fights it. Glad to be up and feeling better today with just a little bitty broken toe that is directing all my moves.

So glad you've joined us as we read through Numbers in our chronological readings. Please leave a comment about one thing that your beautiful God has stirred in your heart this week as you have read His Word. We'd love to hear on Mondays what God is saying to you from any place or what lingers as you have read through the chronological readings and this week it was Numbers. See the sidebar listing for the readings if you would like to jump in and join us.

The story of Balaam’s Donkey in Number 22 and 23 means more to me than I could ever find English words to tell. I started calling him my "Beautiful God" from reading this story. When we were terminated from our church staff of 27 years due to lack of church growth, I hit a severe depression and the bottom of my life fell out. My identity was too wrapped up in being attached to a strong ministry, a strong pastor. God never intended for me to be attached to anyone but HIM. God orchestrated the termination not to bring us to a bigger ministry, as we still don't even have one, but to bring me to a better place with HIM. It was such a surprise to me that I responded like I did in losing my church family. We had a charmed life, or so I thought, for 27 years. Loved God. Loved ministry. But when we got the news, the verse in Numbers 22:22 happened. It was my beautiful LORD standing in the middle of my road to oppose me and get my attention. Even if verse 18 happened, that someone would give us a palace filled with silver and gold, we could do nothing great, nothing small to go beyond the command of our LORD. What was it that God commanded of us in our pain, in our loss. I questioned everything I had believed for 27 years and wrestled with my God to know how to find & honor HIM as my LORD, my Friend, my Lover.

I LOVE IT in the story when the LORD opened the donkey’s mouth to say: “What have I done to you, Balaam, to make you beat me three times? If I had a sword in my hand, I would kill you right now. Have I been in the habit of doing this to you?” Balaam replied TO A DONKEY, “No.” Oh my. This desperate guy is now having a conversation with a donkey! I kind of understand what it means to be that desperate.

And I LOVE THIS PART and LONG FOR THIS FOR EVERY ONE OF US…It is what I have prayed for you this week. Numbers 22:31 “Then, the LORD opened Balaam’s eyes!” Wow! And he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the road with his sword drawn, and fell FACEDOWN. How many times have we seen these people respond by falling FACEDOWN in Numbers? I am so touched by their humility. And I am moved by a God showing up and may He do that for you in whatever you face.

With a sword drawn, the angel said: “Why have you beaten your donkey three times? I’ve come to oppose you because your path is a RECKLESS ONE before Me.” How I love Balaam’s response: “I have sinned. I did not realize YOU were standing in my road.” The angel gave him permission to go on, but said to speak only what God would tell Balaam. And he did.

This was my story. It was my beautiful LORD standing in my road to oppose me. I was attached to things not in God’s plans like my success and approval and recognition. It was a deeper surrender to detach me from dependence on even good things where I found my source of joy other than my God.

In Numbers 23, Balaam tells of five oracles given to him by his mighty God. Balaam went to a barren height to meet his God. God met with him and said to Balaam: Speak what the LORD puts in your mouth. Balaam knew he must do whatever the Lord says. Not what man is telling me to do. Balaam didn’t resort to his old ways of living (sorcery) but turned to his desert (suffering), the new man with a new way of living attached to his God and nothing else. They are oracles of one who sees clearly, who hears the words of his God, who sees a vision, who falls FACEDOWN and whose eyes are opened. There are those who look secure, even in our day, with their nests set in a rock but one day they will come to ruin if their security is not in their God alone.

Balak wanted Balaam to bless the secure ones but Balaam exposed them for they were attached to things God never intended. What is God detaching you from today that you have depended on for security, joy, peace, a safe haven other than abandonment on your beautiful God? Could it be a friendship, a job, ministry impact, success, recognition?

I should end this post RIGHT HERE but there is so much in the Book of Numbers, so if you want to read on, then read
the following questions raised from the chapters in Numbers we read in our chronological reading this week. Pick ONE number from questions below to read cause this post has become way too long. Then you leave a comment and tell us what one thing your God has stirred and spoken to your heart this week as you have listened to HIM from Numbers or anywhere.
1. Do I listen to rabble?
2. Do I live in the present?
3. Am I asking for favor?
4. Am I wailing from my bed or crying from my heart?
5. Do I aware how my sin affects others?
6. Do I hold a grasshopper mentality?
7. Am I unmoved by people and moved only by my God?
8. Do I follow wholeheartedly?
9. What if I hear thousands of grumbles?
10. When my God calls, do I come running?
11. Do I know that all this is God's idea?
12. Am I using spiritual language to grumble?
13. Do I fall FACEDOWN when there's no water?
14. Do I trust in HIM enough?

It was the rabble in Numbers 11:4 that started the complaining and the Israelites let themselves be influenced by it. Do I let the rabble of today influence my words? Jesus says to us today, "Let not your heart be troubled" by whatever is troubling you. "In My Father's House are many dwelling place prepared for you.""If it were not so, I would tell you." I John 14:1.

If you keep on remembering how you think your past looks better than where you are today, we won't really live in the present and whatever God has provided today. And sometimes what we had wasn't really as good as what we thought we had. In Numbers 11:15 they said, "remember the fish" for it looked better than the manna. The devil wants us to live in the past or in the future but not in this present moment.

Numbers 11:15 says "If I have found favor, don't let me face ruin." And, God answered Moses in a very practical way. You know, He's not my great vending machine but He does give good gifts to His children. Am I asking for God's intervention in my heart from ruin in my life not just from deliverance?

Numbers 11:18 Wailing "Why Did We Leave Egypt??" Be careful what you wail for, you might get it out of your nostrils. We should be crying from our hearts not wailing from our beds. Hosea 7:14 God says: I'll give you meat. Man says HOW? Not enough cattle; not enough fish in the sea. Numbers 11:23 - IS THE LORD'S ARM TOO SHORT. NOW, SEE WHAT I SAY WILL COME TRUE. I had to just sit before my LORD on this one. I watch for His Word to come true for me. His arm is not too short for anything in my life so what am I doing with that?

Miriam and Aaron talked about Moses. God heard. He hears every word, every thought of my heart. Do I seem to forget that? Miriam's sin held the camp up from moving for 7 days.

Numbers 13:30 Caleb said let's take possession of the land. We can do it! 10 leaders said "No, we seem like grasshoppers." 2 leaders said "Yes. Am I looking at my circumstances in life and saying the same thing---no way, this is impossible. It is Christ Who will be my strength, my confidence. Not about how strong I am or think I am. We can do what we face by His strength.


Numbers 14:1. That night all the people of the community complained and raised their voices and wept aloud. All of them. Does that mean 600,000? That’s a lot of feedback but Moses and Aaron were unmoved by the people when they talked about choosing another leader, and even wanting to stone Moses and Aaron. . Moses & Aaron’s response: fell facedown in the assembly in 14:10. Only moved by their God whose glory appeared to all. What courage rose up— if I had heard this kind of feedback about my leadership, would I have caved in OR faced down.

But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants. Wow. I want THAT. Numbers 14:24

Numbers 14:29 Every one over twenty years old who has grumbled, that would be all, will not enter the land except Caleb and Joshua and 15:14 says they will be there for 40 years, one year for each of the 40 days they explored. May we all live today like Joshua and Caleb.

Numbers 16:12 - Moses summoned Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab. But they said, "We will not come! Isn't it enough that you have brought us up out of a land flowing with milk and honey to kill us in the desert? And now you also want to lord it over us? They missed hearing God.

Numbers 16:28 Then Moses said, "This is how you will know that the LORD has sent me to do all these things and that it was not my idea: If these men die a natural death and experience only what usually happens to men, then the LORD has not sent me. But if the LORD brings about something totally new, and the earth opens its mouth and swallows them, with everything that belongs to them, and they go down alive into the grave, then you will know that these men have treated the LORD with contempt." It happened and they perished and were gone from the community.

“You have killed the LORD’s people" Numbers 16:41---they were mistaken. No such thing happened. How many events, circumstances in our lives have we bought into the untruth that it was about “the Lord,” about something spiritual. Yet, it really wasn't. The plague started and 14,700 died from it. Aaron was in the midst ministering and praying for release.

Numbers 20:2 Now there was no water for the community of 600,000 plus, and the people gathered in opposition to Moses and Aaron. "Why did you bring the LORD's community into this desert, this terrible place, that we and our livestock should die here? No grain or figs, grapevines or pomegranates. No water to drink." Moses and Aaron fell facedown, and the glory of the LORD appeared. "Moses, Take the staff, and gather the assembly. SPEAK to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water. Okay, I just got on my face not to make my life work but to honor HIM. How many times in Numbers does it say they fell facedown???

So Moses took the staff from the LORD's presence, just as he commanded him. He and Aaron gathered the assembly together in front of the rock and Moses said to them, "Listen, you rebels, must we bring you water out of this rock?" 20:11 Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock twice with his staff. Water gushed out, and the community and their livestock drank. But the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, "Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them." You have no inheritance in their land (18:29). You know, Moses didn't CHECK OUT cause this huge privilege was taken away from him by his very real God. What did he know that we do not know today? Was it the end of 18:29 -"I am your share and your inheritance." And that was enough for Moses, he didn't have to enter the land to be happy about his life. He had God and that was enough.
I love you all SO MUCH. Can't wait to go to your posts. Link us up if you wrote about Numbers! So excited to read what you wrote about these chapters in Numbers or any place else where God spoke to you.
Facedown with you, Bev


He Knows My Name 3/10/2008  

bev, just read your numbers post. loved it and love you. loved that you have a doc that still makes house calls. hope you are mending quickly. ~janel

Bev Brandon 3/10/2008  

Thank you Janel though I always call you Jane and will tell you why someday! And my doctor makes house calls only cause he's my friend. When he heard how many times I fainted, he came! I am doing much better today! Thanks for caring!

Karen 3/10/2008  

I am so sorry about your toe! I hate it when I do that. (and I have done it more than once.) I loved your rendering of the weekly reading once again!

The verse that touched me the most was 14:40 "so the got up early the next morning and set out for the hill country of Canaan. "Let's go," they said. "We realize that we have sinned, but now we are ready to enter the land the Lord has promised us."

How often do I try to gloss over my sin like it's no big deal? Too many times.

I also got spoken to by 15:39:"The tassels will remind you of the commands of the Lord, and that you are to obey his commands instead of following your own desires and going your own ways as you are prone to do."

Going my own way as I am prone to do. My heart is humbled.


CrownLaidDown 3/10/2008  

Oh, this week has been full--so very full. But life is full, is it not? I can only say that I have been praying facedown and crying out facedown and looking for the face of God to shine upon us this week.

I guess the one thing that struck me the most from our reading is the tenderness of God in allowing Moses to tell Joshua that he's next up to serve. I think that it could have happened where Moses just died and the Israelites were left wondering what to do. But God made provision--in fact, He'd made it all along (Joshua was in a lot of the places Moses went and saw very much, but spoke not one word about what He saw). All Joshua spoke was faith. Faith in God and trust in His name. He was in the Presence of God with Moses and yet (because I have read ahead) he was afraid, like I sometimes am. So I appreciate that God let Moses tell Joshua what was going to happen. And I love that Joshua was being prepared for such a time as this.

It gives me hope that I am being prepared, too...and that God won't leave us hanging. He will give us a word. We watch and pray for that word...sometimes in fear and trembling with wobbly knees and all.

Love you Bev!
Praying for your toe. You are right...such a small thing and it hurts so badly! I'm sorry you are hurting, friend.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God 3/10/2008  

I have a friend that says.. sometimes, "God just has to take the wheels off our cart."

for some reason my friend, God is trying to slow you down and get your attention...did you heed that warning? and for how long? sleep, rest what does that look like?


really love your writing.. it's awesome...

but do NOT do it at the expense of Bev.....

I speak from experience... and love...

love you my friend

Shonda 3/10/2008  

Bev, I'm so sorry that you are in pain. I hope you are feeling much better now. The littlest things can hurt the most. I'm praying for your recovery. You're such a precious child of God and an inspiration to me.

I enjoyed reading what the Lord spoke to you in this post. I never understood the story of Balaam and Balak until I read this through. What ever painful experiences you have been through, the painful experiences I've been through and the painful experiences that any believer here has been through are for HIS purposes. God comforts us in our troubles so we can comfort others with the comfort wwe have received. (2 Cor. 1:3-4)

I've enjoyed this weeks reading. So much of the Word ministered to me. As I went back through my journal, there's too much to write about. But one thing stood out to me the most and I'm still researching it. I actually got stuck in the genealogy in 1 Chronicles 7. There a woman named Sheerah was mentioned. I couldnt get past what she did. I wrote about her on my blog, titled Sheerah.

Blessings in Christ--

Nise' 3/10/2008  

Glad you are feeling a bit better this afternoon! Continued prayers for a quick healing. WOW, Bev, there is alot of "meat" here and I am going to come back daily to digest it all!

This week had me thinking again about my walk with the Lord. Does my actions done in public and private match up with what I say? Or as Beth Moore says, “Does my reality match up with my theology?”. Is that truly my heart’s desire all the time? Am I so focused on my present troubles that I miss what God wants to do in and through me? God loves me and wants the very best for me, His best, not my own. I can trust Him to bring that best about no matter what is presently happening my responsibility/job is to move ahead in faith.

The rest of my lengthy post is here.

Bev Brandon 3/10/2008  

Oh Karen! Your two verses you shared are so moving. I loved the one about the weak view of sin that we all hold. I have been thinking about that very thought lately and it is so meaningful to me to have that verse as well as the other one about being prone to my own way. How very good and I deeply appreciate your sharing!

Bev Brandon 3/10/2008  

You are so humble Holly and I knew I would find my friend facedown! Just love your heart for Him! And I loved the way you interpreted what God did through Moses in preparing Joshua. All I could think of was that Moses didn't get his dream and it didn't send him into despair cause God was enough for Moses. Didn't have to have that land, that job, that ministry. Oh!!! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Bev Brandon 3/10/2008  

Dear Prophetess Connie,
Hey - HE got my attention and I am going nowhere F A S T. Home alone most of the time these days with foot elevated. You can speak A N Y T H I N G you want to me Miss Connie and I will L I S T E N. Your words capture my attention all the time. So thanks for the word. Don't ever stop!

Bev Brandon 3/10/2008  

Shonda, Well you have rasied my curiosity H I G H. So, I'll be right over as I comment. Thank you for the precious verse from II Cor. and it means much to me! I'm with you, I could hardly believe all of the truths in what we read in Numbers. I mean, chapters could have been written just about Numbers. Thank you so much for being willing to do a post and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Bev Brandon 3/10/2008  

'Nise - Oh! I just love love love your comment cause you are dealing with the present moment in your heart. And I just believe that makes your beautiful God so happy to hear you say. And your words are so far-reaching into my own heart. I just love the way you take His Word and apply it and embrace it and meditate on it and digest it. Such a privilege to hear you 'Nise!

Jean 3/10/2008  

I hope this post doesn't end up being too long, there is so much I'd like to say, but I will have to leave a lot of it on the cutting room floor!!!!

I have to start with the donkey, because I love him/her! The story reminded me of the scripture that says if we don't praise Him, then the rocks would have to cry out. Well, Balaam didn't see the LORD, so the donkey took over for him! I loved it and what I found so humorous was the fact that Balaam carried on a conversation with his donkey like there was nothing strange in that at all. I really don't think he was surprised that his donkey started talking to least I did not get that idea! If I ever get called "a donkey", I'll remember this creature and say "thank you!"

A little more on Balaam....I did not get the idea that he was a willing messenger of the LORD's. He mentioned several times that he could only say what the Lord told him to.....I think that was because somehow he knew that God was not going to let him do otherwise, not because he had any innate "desire" to. In part of Balaam's 2nd oracle he said....."God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? I have received a command to bless; he has blessed, AND I CANNOT CHANGE IT. No misfortune is seen in Jacob, no misery observed in Israel. The LORD "THEIR" God is with them; the shout of the King is among them." (I don't get the sense that Balaam considers God his God....he just daggone sight knows that HE IS GOD!!!!

OK, now for Moses, I will just try to draw a not so lengthy conclusion to what I love about him. These Israelites caused him to fall face down before His LORD many, many times. He cried out to God for them many, many times. They insulted him and Aaron many, many times. They grumbled and complained and complained and grumbled and Moses got tired of it, but he never stopped loving them. He never stopped giving of himself to those people because His God called him to do it and He loved his God. Because he loved his God, He also loved God's people. I sense he cried out for them out of a sense of love for them, not a sense of duty. When God took Moses up the mountain to show him the land He had given the Israelites, he reminded him that he would not be leading the people in because of the sin he and Aaron committed against God in not honoring Him as holy before the people. Moses' first response (what was recorded, anyway) was for the people. He did not complain, he did not protest and say "but, Lord, it was no big deal", he said "May the LORD, the God of the spirits of all mankind, appoint a man over this community to go out and come in before them, one who will lead them out and bring them in, so the LORD's people will not be like sheep without a shepherd." I see love for the people in those words. And like every other time when Moses interceded for the people, God granted him his desire......why? Because Moses' desire of his heart for the Israelites was so much the desire of God's heart for the Israelites. I also don't think Moses minded one bit not going into the promised land, because he was going someplace a whole lot better! And there'd be no grumbling and complaining where he was going!

One more comment, then I'll go to bed! This is one more incident that spoke to me of Moses' humility and his love for the people. When God anointed 70 of Israel's leaders to help Moses there were 2 other men inside the camp that also received the anointing and they prophesied just like the other 70 who were gathered together. A young man ran and told Moses about Eldad and Medad and Joshua spoke up and said "Moses, my lord, stop them!" To which Moses replied "Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the LORD's people were prophets and that the LORD would put His spirit on them!" At first, I thought he probably said that because it would make his life a lot easier and then I thought, no, that's not the reason. Moses had a special relationship with his Creator God. When you have a special relationship with your LORD and you talk to Him and He talks to you, you are passionate about wanting others to experience that relationship too. I think Moses wanted the people to know the joy he knew in serving his God.

Bev, I love all your thoughts. Thanks so much for doing this for us and praying for us.

Anonymous 3/10/2008  

Hi Bev,
I must say that I felt a bit lost this morning coming to your site and not seeing the Cover to Cover logo...although of course I completely understand based on the events of the last few days...but you have taught your gals well...I navigated myself onto a few sites and we carried

I will have to come back and read your comments related to each question...right now I am picking my chin up off the floor...just your writing about Balaam was huge insight enough...there have always been aspects of that story that I have not fully understood...your illustration from your own life really was helpful...I always seemed to get stuck with the Lord saying don't go and then saying go and then don't go...what?

I definitely will be back and read some more when my mind isn't exploding but in a good way...ha!

For my thoughts click here
A Work of Heart!

Kristin 3/10/2008  

Hi Bev. Just stopping by quickly to catch up with you, and once again have been drawn in by your insights in the cover to cover reading. All these verses are familiar as I studied them a few years ago in BSF with the Life of Moses study. I love what you had to say, and it really struck a chord with me and where my focus has been lately. Please pray for me as my Bible study time lately has felt more like a chore than a joy. Oh, how I want to hear from God, but haven't put forth much effort lately. I know the fault lies with me.
So sorry to hear about your toe. I actually think I broke mine around Valentine's Day when I caught it on the edge of the couch. The couch didn't move, so don't quite know how I managed that one, but the pain was so great. No fainting here, but lots of limping around for days. One thing my husband (who is a physical therapist) suggested right after it happened was to put a tennis shoe on to walk around. That really helped in the beginning. After a few days it actually felt better to just walk around barefoot, but it did provide some support at first. And remember to ice it often. I'll be praying for a quick recovering for you. Sorry for the long comment. I just love you so!

Mary Lou 3/11/2008  

Oh, Bev, I am so sorry that your toes has given you so much trouble. I just wrote a post which evidently was not supposed to be posted because it didn't get posted. That is a sign to me, that I went and on and on too much. So, I will shorten it..two of your questions really stirred my heart ALL night last I fall facedown when I have no water and do I trust in Him enough. He has me right here with you all and in another study at church on prayer that is right where I need to be for THIS time in my life. I am so humbled by that. I am also way too needy right now and that is breaking my heart. Anyway....those two questions did stir my heart and make me ponder on all I've been reading and they made me really think and much more than that they made me praise Him. Blessings on you and your toe. Once again your words were used by Him to minister to me.

annie's eyes 3/11/2008  

Well, I thought I left you a comment yesterday to say how much I love your words about Balaam and the story itself, and so many other rich points in the readings this week. I so hope you are feeling better and are resting taking care of yourself. Thank you for taking the time to do this in the midst of feeling so bad! I have a lengthy post over at annie's eyes, too. God is so good through every desert experience!

I love all your comments and how God lingers this week for each of you. He is mighty at work in your lives. Love, Annette

Fran 3/11/2008  

Hey darling Bev...
How is my sweet friend today on this Tuesday afternoon?? I hope your heart is well, your toe is better, and His peace is ON you!!!

I just have a quick comment on the whole trust concept...

This is a huge obstacle for me.
I trust Him but probably with only 75% or 85% or maybe a good 90% of my stuff....depending on the day and situation.

I'm asking Him to give me a heart that can COMPLETELY trust Him in every single thing that is in my life.....every single person in my life.....every single decision in my life...every financial matter.....every decision....

Its hard Bev. My flesh fights it so much. I need to revisit "Believing God" again I think. :)

I love ya. Praying for you daily.
Hugs and blessings~

Ang baylis 3/11/2008  

I am still praying for you tonight, Bev! I am sorry I didn't comment yesterday to say that I wrote a little bit of what lingered during our readings this week. I want you to know that I am praying "FACEDOWN" for you!

You are such an inspiration!
Angie xoxo

Anonymous 3/12/2008  

Great Story. Take care!

Ang baylis 3/12/2008  

How are you feeling, sweet Bev? You've been in my prayers! I guess I will keep you there!
Much love,
Angie xoxo

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  


You may leave AS LONG AS YOUR HEART'S DESIRE LONG COMMENTS anytime at all. I so look forward to hearing your heart on Monday mornings. I loved Balaam's story too. I had a couple of friends who wanted me to exegete the story better but HEY this is about lingering with God in our hearts and I'm with you. I don't think Balaam's heart was with God so I love your "take" on it. And I am very challenged about how you described Moses life as one of love for the Israelites even when they wanted to get rid of him. And when Moses found out he couldn't enter the Promised Land, he's pointing to Joshua. God was enough for Moses! Thanks so much for stirring us up Jean, as always! See you on ETJ.

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Helen, You simply astound me with your writings! Thank you so much. How did we ever find you?? You are so precious. I had 2 other people asking me those same questions about Balaam's story...God said don't go, go, don't go...whatever...all I know is that God got Balaam's attention and more importantly He got my attention through my circumstances and through these verses to see that it was my beautiful God standing in my reckless path---and I didn't even know it was reckless. It was just earthbound. And we are meant to co-author our lives for another world not this one. Thanks Helen!

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Hey Kristin---always a joy to hear from you!!! "The couch didn't move"--haha. I know the feeling, same with me. And I tried to put on a shoe yesterday but all I saw was stars. I'm pretty stable on my foot though. Praying for your stability in HIM and His Word --- Isaiah 33:6 says He is Kristin's stability. So you don't have to get it together....He already has --- we just have to find Him in it. You are always so humble and honest and I love that about you. Hope you are doing well today! Keep on coming back!

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Mary Lou, I prayed for you this week that you would trust Him as enough! So what does that look like? I don't know. I do know that your questions are beautiful and yearning and right. I don't know that we can be too needy for it's the best place to be---desperate for Him to come through for us. Thank you so much for your post. Love your heart of praise in midst of it all.

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Mary Lou, I prayed for you this week that you would trust Him as enough! So what does that look like? I don't know. I do know that your questions are beautiful and yearning and right. I don't know that we can be too needy for it's the best place to be---desperate for Him to come through for us. Thank you so much for your post. Love your heart of praise in midst of it all.

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

You e-mailed me instead of posting a comment. A beautiful response. You all need to go over to annie's eyes to read Annette's post on Numbers for this week. It is very intriguing, drawing you in to the heart of God. You can tell she wrestles with these words and it's so heartfelt and humble and even harrowing. Great job Annette! I always cling to what you write! Thanks so much! Love You! Bev

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Fran, If truth be told, every one of us fights Him and what He requires which is everything, nothing held back. I love your wrestling heart and childlike humility. He hears the cries of your heart. He knows your heart. And it is a beautiful one! The enemy got up before you did this morning! And you will continue to walk by faith and honor the God you so adore and love the people you so lavish on like me. Love you to pieces. Praying for you and all of us on this heart journey to find HIM right where we live and deal with our "stuff."---Numbers 33:55.

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Hey Josh----well we went from 31 degrees to 76 degrees awful fast. Did it really downpour snow last week?? How's that baby?? Good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Thank you Angie! Oh I TREASURE your praying for me Angie for I don't think I know of many people praying for my family so I am humbled and honored by that. I was really moved by how many times they talked about being facedown. I am doing much better with my toe. Thank you so much Angie! Deeply appreciate your prayers more than I could say.

BethAnne 3/13/2008  

Loved this:

"It was my beautiful LORD standing in the middle of my road to oppose me and get my attention"

Most of the time we dont think God is so beautiful when HE opposes are truly an inspiration, Bev.

HIS daughter 3/13/2008  

Hi Bev,

Thank you for such a beautiful comment on my blog. Plus, you DO understand the lack of Christian women friends whatever the reason.

I heard Beth on Life Today talking about having your 12, and then your 3 like Christ. Being in school and so far from my church, plus, my husband doesn't like group bible studies that meet during the week and I feel with whatever time I have leftover at the end of the day, I should spend it with my family...

However, I do miss that. Could I be a part of your Bible study? I am not sure how you are doing it, but I can read up. I still do my own Bible study and quiet time and I would love to have other women to share Bible Study with.

So, I would love to invite myself even though I don't know you all in "real world"...:-) Are all of you close by one another?

Hope your toe gets better and heals quickly. GOD wanted to slow you down. As Beth would say, "Child, you need to come away with the Father and get some rest"...:-)

Love in HIM,

Laura 3/13/2008  

Finally, I get to sit down and enjoy your beautiful words. Your story about leaving your church broke my heart. How sad for you to lose so much. My prayers are going up for you and your family. I know He has a wonderful adventure planned for you.
I love the story of Balaam and the Donkey. it gets my boys attention every time! thanks for the insights.

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Bethanne, I just left a comment back to right you are. I know I think my indifferent God has showed up and my narcissistic self has to repent of wanting HIM to be like a vending machine for me---self obsessed! He is so beautiful, isn't HE? And when we surrender, His beauty pours out of all of us. Cause it's HIM. His Beauty pours out of you in your humility. I saw Lysa's comment back to you and I smiled---I'm with you!

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Teri, I just left a way-too-long comment on your blog! We would be delighted for you to join our chronological reading group of about 20 of us. The reading plan is listed in my sidebar. Jump in today as we are starting the book of Deuteronomy. Come back on Monday mornings for Cover to Cover. Leave a short/long comment or link us up to your blog if you want to write a Monday post. No commitment. No check-up's. No confessions. Just sweet accountability to read the Bible through this year! All are welcome. And none of us live in the same time, maybe one or two. But we all met through blogging, mostly through the LPM blog. Delighted and privilege to have you! Bev

Bev Brandon 3/13/2008  

Laura, thanks so much for your beautiful words by e-mail and by comment. They sink deep in my soul. You have story so marked with Resurrection.

Kate 3/13/2008  

I've been talked to by a donkey or two...oh wait...that wasn't quite the

Know what I liked best...Balaam saying ... gee, I didn't know you were there...if I knew, I wouldn't have been such a butthead. Sorry, that may just be the poorest interpretation EVER. Anyway, I was talking to a girlfriend tonight (on the way home from sushi...YUM) about how we if Christ isn't even with us in the room. I said what do you think Jesus would say if he were right here with us...woa...hold on...was I just Baalam...I didn't know you were there...if I knew...I might not have said those things. I think I might have said "I have sinned, but as long as you're there...ya mind pointing the way for me and my steed...uh...and may I take a picture, my family will never believe this."

Heard ya callin', so I thought I'd swing by and say howdy so you can link me up. No worries though...I haven't forgotten you. Just a few more months.

Ciao for now!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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