Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Morning Cover to Cover

For the past two weeks, I have been really ill with kidney failure. It all started with a broken toe. But, I am finally back on my feet today. It’s my first day up. And, I want to post what lingers with me as I reflect back on the daily readings of the Bible chronologically from the past two weeks. My beautiful God has listened to my cries 24/7. And now, the cry of my heart is to be back and to get to hear each of you walking with the God you so adore. I am not 100% yet so it may take me a few more days before I can get to reading blogs again. I'll be back soon.

Here’s what lingers with me from the week before. I actually had Joshua posted on this one too but I just lost it all so will have to do it again--- I may try later tonight. Lesson Learned---do it in Microsoft Word.

I have a new-found courage rising up in my heart and fresh hope in the midst of closed doors and many tears to my beautiful sometimes silent Savior. Let me say, I am so grateful for your prayers! I have changed the way I eat every day and this will be a challenge for me to give up lifelong habits. But I am committed to it.

Deut 12:24 – In the presence of our beautiful God, I rejoice in what I put my hand to, along with you, not doing what I see fit, but living in His presence at the place the LORD has chosen for me --- and for you. Deut 12:18. Then, HE gives rest from the enemies of our soul. “Do what is right in His eyes.” My world says different things to me. Different advice, depending on the person. Listen to HIM.

I experienced nine fainting spells that threw me for a loop these past two weeks and felt God was distant during those times. But I do know that He is present, not absent for me. And I found rest for my soul as I wrestled through this. And I am finding a rendezvous with rest I have never known before. And I can’t praise HIM enough. Can’t thank HIM enough. Not for deliverance from all my current problems but for making me dependent on HIM, my source of life. Deut. 13:3---Revere HIM. Hold fast to HIM. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be His Treasured Possession. And that’s just unbelievable.

One verse that meant so much is Deut 15:16 and I thought about pierced ears and pierced hearts all week long. I don’t ever want to leave my beautiful God. My heart is pierced for life. A bondservant is what Paul called it. No matter what happens, He is my Master, I am His servant. He is my Father and I remain His daughter. We are Friends. I call HIM my Lover. Lover of my soul, Lover of my life, Lover of my all.

There were a few moments when I had no idea what was happening to me this week. I just knew something was really wrong with me. All I could do was pray and lay my head on the “empty chair." He was there. My prayer for you is Psalm 90 - Teach us to number our days aright. Have compassion on us, o God. Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, and may the Favor of the Lord your God rest on you this moment. For Deut 32:47 says that His Words are not idle words for you, they are your very life. Take this to heart! May His Words fall like rain on your tender heart. Deut 32:2. “Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in HIM all day long. You are the one the LORD loves and may you rest between His shoulders." Deut 33:12. May you find the favor of HIM Who dwelt in the burning bush. Deut 3316. There is no God like the one I see in you all and pray you find in the midst of what you are going through. He rides on the heavens to help you in your need. Deut 33:26-27…for underneath you are His everlasting arms.

I'll try again to tell you what lingered from Joshua...
I was so touched by the prostitute, Rahab. Joshua 1:6 She did what she could for her God. She took a risk even when a city didn't think the same way.

Joshua 23:2-4 resonated with me cause I am older than most all of you, I think. We have seen what the LORD has done for us. I never dreamed that HE could deliver me from the strangling fears of someone taking my life that I experienced in earlier years, but HE HAS. 22:16 "Don't break faith with HIM." For HE fights for us in the midst of whatever we are going through. And HE is setting me free even today. Because HE fights for you, one of you routs a thousand. 23:10. So be very careful to love HIM with all your heart.

I LOVED in 14:14 where Caleb followed the LORD wholeheartedly. Whole heart. Fully HIS. That's my prayer for us all this night and forever.

And I'll end with the "sun stood still" story. So touching to me. 10:9 Joshua took the enemy by surprise after marching all night from Gilgal. And what did his LORD do? He so confused the Amorites. I thought so many times during my fainting spells about the hailstones. God can do anything! Please help my unbelief!
He hurled heavy hailstones from the heavens.
He made the sun stand still in the sky.
Never a day like it before or since when the LORD listened to a man. He is listening to you tonight. Listening to your prayers. Listening to your words to your husband, your children, your world. Listening, hoping to hear you come to HIM for every day you much choose this day WHOM you will serve. 24:15. What do you want more than the Love of your Christ? What in life is more important to any of us than following HIM wholeheartedly?

With Loving Gratitude and Hailstone Prayers for you, Bev


Mary Lou 4/01/2008  

Blessings on you sweet Bev. How you bless my heart. He always speaks to me thru you. Have not stopped praying for you and most certainly will continue to do so. Blessings on your day and may your strength continue to grow hour by hour.

Karen 4/01/2008  

I'm so glad you are up and about!

Your words were what I needed to hear this morning. It's been a difficult day, battling with things that never seem to go away. Hearing the reminder that my Lord fights for me, just as He promised is something I can cling to today.


Super B's Mom 4/01/2008  

Thoughts and prayers are with you. Your faith inspires me!

BethAnne 4/01/2008  

I am so happy you are up and feeling better, Bev. I pray for your continued healing.

Mary Lou 4/01/2008  

Bev, I wanted to come back and say what stirred my heart as I read last week and the week before. I have a Hummel of a shepherd carrying a me it is a picture of "resting between His shoulders". I bought it for that reason, when I saw it the mental picture of Jesus carrying me and me resting between His shoulders was so perfect with the Hummel. As to Joshua 23:2-4 resonating with you cause you are older than most of us, sweet girl I think we are close to the same age and I think I'm even a few years older than you, for I too have seen Him carry me thru things that only He could have done and I've not had great tradgies in my life but He truly did fight for me and He went before me. I can remember these things and they give me comfort and knowledge that He is going to do the same for me and mine as we step out into this new future that He has put in front of us. Yes, I too what to follow Him wholeheartedly. What a beautiful illusration did you paint with the hailstone prayers. You truly have a great way with words and how you listen to Him and hear Him and share Him with the rest of us. So glad that you are feeling so much better and may your strength even grow more today. Blessings...

annie's eyes 4/01/2008  

Hey Bev. It's so good to have you almost back. What a trial you have been through yet you give Him such glory. You inspire me to look at God not circumstances. This journey is richer because of each of you. If you want to read my post, come and join me here

Michelle Bentham 4/01/2008  

Oh Sweet Bev, I have not been in touch with your blog until today. I've been worried about you since I learned you broke your toe, but last week was upside down busy and I had not time for anything that was not PINK IMPACT! Sweet sister, I am so sorry to learn what you have been through, but I know God is a great and mighty God.

As I read through your posts, I think how it goes right along with what I have been studying today about Yahweh Rophe and how I have been finding that so much is tied to our willingness to see ourselves as we are and God as He is ... and then trusting Him more than what we see in ourselves.

I look like Frued as I sit here considering your post about Blubbering to your husband asking for forgiveness - I can only say, "Very interesting, very interesting indeed."

I will email you a copy of my post about Yahweh Rophe after I get it posted tomorrow. He is such a good God. Read it in parts as much as you can at one time. I am sure God has a word for both of us in this - I have been in bed all day with a sore throat and aching bones. Nothing compared to what you have been through, but I have felt miserable all day! I am praying for you Sweet Bev, and know the Lord is fighting for you this minute!

Anonymous 4/01/2008  


I am so sorry about the ordeal that you have been through...although I know that the Lord has kept you by His side and He has never left yours...

I have been MIA from the computer with Easter and I will back track and get caught up on what has been happening since the toe...the back...and now your kidneys...I will be praying for you dear one...

Love to you,


Laura 4/02/2008  

Dear, sweet Bev,
I am so sorry that you have been ill. I will continue to pray for your health and a complete and speedy recovery. Bless you, Dear ONe, as it sounds like you have been through an awful ordeal! And still you are praising His Name above all. What a tremendous example and inspiration you are for all of us. I love your heart, lady! Get well soon!

Alana 4/02/2008  

I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope you are back to 100% SOON!

I need to email you about cover to cover. I am a cover to cover LOSER. Please forgive me.

HIS daughter 4/02/2008  


Your words of worship are so deep from your heart and soul!

I am still praying for your healing and I'm believing GOD.

Sweet Ms Beth said once that if we feel like GOD is "absent" it may be because at that point we are being covered with HIS hand and we can't see anything as HIS hand covers us for whatever reason.

Many Prayers and Love,

Jean 4/02/2008  

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bev, for posting the reading schedule for April!

And, I am sooooooooooo very happy you are feeling better!!! Praise God!


Bev Brandon 4/02/2008  

Thank you to all of you. I hope that by this weekend I will be able to get back on the computer and visit your blogs. I just can't add that with getting up and getting back on my feet quite yet. I am remarkably doing well. So grateful to God. I have been able to go back to work today and I did great teaching Edgar Allen Poe's dark dungeon of 100 laborious steps---The Pit & The Pendulum ooohhhhhh!!!!! I went to hear Beth Moore last night and God showed up. Will blog about it when I can. Will be by your place real soon!

Shonda 4/03/2008  

I'm glad you're doing better. Been praying for you. What a blessing you are!
Love & blessings in Christ-

Anonymous 4/03/2008  

I hope you are doing well. My prayers are for you!

He Knows My Name 4/04/2008  

great news! ~janel

Fran 4/04/2008  

Just coming by to say hi and let you know you have been sooo in my heart this week. I hope the week has continued to be a healing one.

Much love Bev,

jennyhope 4/04/2008  

praying 4 u still

Shonda 4/05/2008  

Just a note to say I'm praying for you. Miss you. :)
Love & Blessings

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