Sunday, March 9, 2008


Where is my Brooke and Blair when I need them?????????????????
I miss you girls SO MUCH.
I don't think my boys have any more words left for this day and it's noon.

A friend of mine came in town to speak to a group and she decided to do a mini-conference for her close friends yesterday. It was such a joy and pain for as I was rushing to get ready yesterday morning, my barefoot self ran into an unnoticed box of packed books in our hallway and the toe went crack. I hobbled around all day yesterday. But, today, I can't put any weight on my foot. It's black and blue and swollen. And the story got more complicated when I woke up today.

This morning, we were to leave at 5:30am for USA Junior Nationals basketball tournament that Britt qualified for near Austin. But, when I got up this morning and put weight on my foot, I fainted four times. Out cold every time! Such a horrific feeling as my body was fighting not to faint. I have low blood pressure and this has happened before. It is one of the most awful feelings I have experienced. It did pass away mid-morning and I am doing okay. Britt didn't make his tournament.

Please pray that I would find a rest in my heart I know not, as I have lost a little control over what I can do. Pray that I have peace in not being able to get up and work. One thing God has been saying to me, and He did it again at the conference yesterday, is that I need to pray for transformation in my heart not just insight or deliverance in the midst of my circumstance. Life is not primarily about being delivered from pain, being delivered from what has happened to me. It's all about finding God in the midst of the moment. And I so pray He opens the eyes of my heart to really see things as they are.

That makes me think about Jonah trapped in the mouth of a whale and what did Jonah pray for? GET ME OUT OF, those were not Jonah's words! Read Jonah 2:8 and you'll see that He didn't pray to be spit out, spewed out, strewn out. He prayed that he wouldn't miss the grace of God in his life for worthless things.

Yesterday, my friend asked us, "Do you value eternal good over present pain?" We all work so hard in different areas in our lives. Do we work even harder on an eternal perspective? While, it's not about "doing," it is about laying up treasures in heaven.

I bought 3 books on Friday from Good thing.
I deeply appreciate your prayers for my peace in inconvenient pain. How can a little bitty toe be such an annoying pain? My doctor just said to come on over and let him take a look at be continued...


Ang baylis 3/09/2008  

Hi, Bev.

You have a friend in Michigan praying for you! It must be so painful! I remember hurting my toe when I was in my daughter's very very small bathroom in New York. I can feel your pain. I'll be praying for a quick recovery!

Hope you are resting this evening!
Angie xoxo

Mary Lou 3/09/2008  

OH, ?Bev, I am so sorry. I've broken a few toes in my lifetime, but none ever gave me those kind of problems. i am really sorry all of your plans got messed up. It is frustrating. As I have learned and am learning every day, He knew ALL of this before hand and He is in control. Good will come from it. Just as the Fed Ex package that my husband needed to arrive yesterday did not and he needs it for court in the morning.....(we found out why and that is another story), I reminded him that God is in control and not Fed Ex or anyone else. God does work ALL things together for our good, even broken toes that are as bad as yours. I will be praying for you. Just keep looking up as you have been..praying as I go. Blessings, sweet Bev.

Toknowhim 3/09/2008  

Sweet Bev,

I am so so sorry about your toe :( You still amaze me that you find the spiritual meaning in the circumstances of your life, whether big or small. You are a blessing to many in blogville, and I am sure so much more so in your day to day life. Take care of yourself, and I pray that you are able to enjoy God while you are going through this down time... Love ya Siesta!!

annie's eyes 3/09/2008  

Well, you will rest this one out, I guess. I was so glad to hear your sweet voice this afternoon. As you told me what happened, I hurt for you and thought about how this wouldn't have been a convenient time. Is there ever? Can we all in the midst of our circumstances, see Him and His beautiful ETERNAL plan not the temporary pain. My prayers for you healing and rest this week, and some great revelations from Him in the middle of it all. I get the idea you don't sit still very easy, so take it slowly and you will heal. (said in my "mama knows best" voice) I am praying for you and for some female help to nurse you through this. Do you need me to send Lauren over to help you? Really. Give me a call.
Love you, Annette

Nise' 3/09/2008  

Bev, ouch! I can feel you pain. I am so sorry that you broke your toe at this time. I broke mine when I was 8 months pregnant. Will pray for a quick healing.

Michelle Bentham 3/09/2008  

OUCH! I'm praying complete healing and quick! Especially relief from pain. Love to you, Bev. I am giving away books over at my blog... anyone interested come on over by using this link

He Knows My Name 3/09/2008  

dear bev, we do praise Him when it is seems almost impossible to praise Him because He is worthy to be praised always. i know this is so hard for you right now. i pray you will be at peace with this inconvenience and pain free too soon. ~janel

jennyhope 3/09/2008  

i love you and I love your heart Bev. Always seeking, running hard (or limping) after Him...fainting for His courts (LOL). I have Low blood pressure and faint. I hate it!! So I feel for you and it looks like the Lord is making you lie down.

jennyhope 3/09/2008  

ps I really need to share some stuff God has been speaking to me about from Jonah! I about jumped up when I saw your comments on that!

helenw13 3/10/2008  


I will be praying for you...toes are small but they are important and do much more than we give them credit for...but I am sure you are more than aware of that by now...I will pray that you are able to sleep through the night...that may be the hardest...speaking from experience...sometimes God speaks the loudest when we have nowhere to go but to prop up our feet and listen and be ministered by Him and by others...I pray that you will be surprised by the blessings of others desiring to carry the load for you are a blessing to you take this time to receive...

My love to you,


BethAnne 3/10/2008  

Having broken a toe, I feel your pain. It would be good if you could wrap it really softly and thick in some gauze and wear sandals (yes, I know its not Easter yet, but desperate times call for desperate measures). I pray that your toe will heal quickly and all will be well again VERY SOON.

Julie 3/10/2008  

I broke my big toe when I was in the 6th grade. It was VERY PAINFUL. I had to walk on crutches for a week. Then when I was several months pregnant with my 4th child I sprang or is it sprung? my ankle. Crutches again....It's a pain when you can't walk without help...especially when you have to rely on others just to bring you a drink of water!

I am so sorry you broke your toe. I pray it heals ever so quickly. But how tender of God to have those books waiting on you.

I am praying that you will find a superabundant amount of time just soaking Him in, hearing His voice loud and clear to your heart. Seems He is pulling you away to a different type of wilderness where He can continue speaking tenderly to you.

Praying for your healing.


connorcolesmom 3/10/2008  

OH NO!! I can't beleive you broke your toe!
I sprained mine after working out a few weeks ago and I could hardly walk. I can't imagine actually breaking my toe - I am so sorry!
I will pray for a quick recovery and no more pain (or at least for the pain meds to work really well).
Love you my friend!

CrownLaidDown 3/10/2008  

Aw Bev! I am sorry! Goodness gracious. You can talk with me anytime :) I can almost always talk the bark off a stump. hee hee! My prayer for you is this: that in the midst of the fog, you will see God clearly and know Him better than you ever imagined.

Praying for you, my friend and sister!
Love and prayers,

Denise 3/10/2008  

ouch!!! that has to hurt.... Slow down my friend and take time for some rest.. I am learning that the hard way... I have gone and gone my whole life and now the Lord has got my attention and I have been stopped in my tracks with this back pain and numb toes!!! sooo blessings to you my friend and I will pray that the Father will give you rest and restore your body...


Alana 3/10/2008  

So sorry about our toe, but it has given us a chance to play a mean game of Scrabulous. Blessing in disguise? :-)

Praying for quick healing!

Shari 3/13/2008  

That's awful that you broke your toe. I know that even a little broken toe can cause a lot of pain and inconvenience. I broke one of mine on the bathroom door frame.

My latest blog post is about Evangelism ideas at Easter. I'm telling everyone about it, because I think that Easter and Christmas are awesome times of the year to spread the word about Jesus.

Shelley 3/14/2008  

Bev--Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. I really appreciate you! Have a blessed weekend!


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