Friday, February 29, 2008

Synchronized with What?

LEAP DAY G I V E A W A Y. An Algebra honors class where I subbed mathematically picked the winner of the John Eldredge book called "Walking With God."
THE W I N N E R is Annie's Eyes...send me your address, precious friend!

Happy Leap Day, a day added to our calendar in order to keep the calendar year
syncronized with the seasonal year.

I've thought a lot about being "synchronized" myself lately. What I am synchronized with? Last summer, a friend told me that he thought I had synchronized with evil against myself. Beating up on myself for failure. Failure is our friend, an ally. I don't ever want to live synchronized with evil.

Bob ran a marathon, trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon He missed the qualifying time by 15 seconds....that's a blink! When I finally caught up with him, he said: "May we learn more from our failures than we can learn from any victory."

So, here we are synchronized once again on planet earth, thanks to Leap Day. What about my heart? Am I synchronized with truth, living in this present moment--- for it really is all I have, listening to Love's Voice gently prodding and parading in my heart. Psalm 51:6 - Let the truth sink and settle into your hearts.

I'm at a Paula Rinehart conference this good, so good! Tonight she said,
"There are parts of my heart
that have never heard the Gospel."
I am reading her new book Better Than My Dreams, Finding What You Long For Where You May Not Think to Look. Sometimes God offers a different sort of wonderful than the one we have in mind. You know, I thought things would end differently in the last chapters of my life. This wasn't what I thought would happen to leave the church we so loved and where we were loved. I wanted to die there. But that's me. What is God's will for my life? That's what I'm asking now.

THIS is wonderful where I am today in my walk with HIM. To be alive, so alive, in this precious present moment is such a gift from HIM. And, I couldn't be any more grateful to my beautiful God this Leap Day. I'm so in love with HIM! So in love! Just can't stop thinking about HIM! Need to go for I hear Him asking me a question...


Fran 3/01/2008  

Oh Bev!
I pray that He spoke such sweet sweet words to your beautiful heart!! I bet He did!

You have an AMAZING time at the conference and more importantly with Jesus!

You are His beloved.

Mary Lou 3/01/2008  

Congratulations to sweet Annie's Eyes. She is so deserving. Oh, Bev how i've prayed that He would minister to you this week. Sounds like He has. We too, are not where we thought we would be at this point in life, don't know where we thought we would be and He hasn't shown us yet what He has in store for us. The waiting is not easy because we are somewhat on man's time table with a lease etc. But my God knows that and He's NEVER late, so He's really stretching my He seems to be you...He will show up. How can He are looking and listening. Blessings on your week end.

annie's eyes 3/01/2008  

OH YEA!!! I don't think I ever won anything in my life except a coloring contest. When you were telling me about the book, I was HATING I would have to wait until it came out. You are so very sweet.

I haven't heard of Paula Rinehart, but certainly can relate to her quote on parts of her heart not hearing the Gospel.

And much food for thought about sychronizing the heart to God, letting Truth settle in every recess.

I'll email you my info offline. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I can tell you a book makes me happier than almost anything. And John Eldridge is awesome.

Love you,

Michelle Bentham 3/01/2008  


Beth have a wonderful weekend, and bask in the glory of His love. He loves you so. We do, too.


Lindsee 3/01/2008  

Oh, Miss Bev!

What am I synchronizing my heart too? Thank you for the reminder! And 15 seconds? Ugh.

Hope you have an amzing time this weekend!

Love you-


Shonda 3/01/2008  

Congratulations to Annie!

Bev--you've got such a sweet, tender heart for our Lord. That quote reminds me that I don't know much.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Blessings in Christ-

Kristin 3/01/2008  

Hi Bev! Catching up with you after figuring out that new posts were not showing up for me on the sites I visited. Still don't know why this has happened, but I thought it was odd that several people stopped blogging around 12/12...turns out you didn't, so I had lots to catch up on. You have such a beautiful way with words and tying God's word into everything you say. It always blesses me to come here. I especially love reading your recap of cover to cover for the week. You always have such great insights that speak to my heart! Praying for you ~ Kristin

Michelle Bentham 3/02/2008  

Don't know why I called you Beth? Bev... You are a blessing. The pastor's conference was last week at our church and I thought about you.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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