Friday, February 22, 2008


I am engrossed, enmeshed, entranced, enthralled, exhilarated, exasperated, entertained, and excitedly encouraged about what??? Devouring four books all at the same time. And, I am giving away a brand new copy of one of them. Here's my new four favorite friends:

C. S. Lewis' Mere Christianity

William Young's T H E S H A C K

John Eldredge's Walking With God


I didn't plan on reading four books together, it just happened cause it's been a desperate alone week for me, no matter how many overtures for friendship I have offered. My beautiful God is calling me to learn to better walk alone right now from a heart at rest---at least that's what my friend said about where I am. I want to find rest no matter what the circumstance. Only God can give that.

As C. S. Lewis once said: "We read to know we are not alone." A friend said to me that their "take" on reading a book is that they carry on like they are actually talking with that author. Maybe that's why I keep grabbing for a book. But I want to ultimately grab for the Hand that is reaching out to me. Psalm 18. God's right hand taking hold of me. I don't want to depend on man or books for answers but listen to my Love's Voice. Books don't have the answers. Only God does. I don't want to borrow the wisdom of these books. I want to borrow the Wisdom of the one real Author!

And, I am learning to trust that I can hear His Voice and don't have to get "it" from an author. So, I just laid all the books down, and went for a long walk with my beautiful God to listen to His Voice amid all these words on a cool late February Texas evening with the table of His Presence in the sky, beneath my feet, in my heart. I lifted one gloved hand mirrored in the shadows in glorious praise to HIM---no one could see this race walker dressed in all black in the night. But HE saw me and heard the cries of my heart from this weary week. And He so showed up on Chapin Road.

These books really have touched deep parts of my soul, my story. And we all need to be reminded of the things of God, the ways of God, rather than always thinking we need to be taught new truth. For the Bible says encourage one another daily...we all live with ourselves and know the paths of our mind and feet. My jolted journey of this week has been jarring. But, let me share with you what I am reminded of as I encountered what was true in each of these books about living life.
Ron Hall & Denver Moore are on a book tour and stopped here in their hometown to speak about Same Kind of Different As Me. Our home fellowship from our church went together to hear the duo. I cried through every word Denver spoke. Denver said: ":we are really all homeless." How home is heaven. Denver and Ron are "locals" and the familiar setting in my hometown, a true storybook about a Dipsy Dumpster in downtown Fort Worth where Denver lives for many years. I know right where that dumpster sits! And about how a wealthy Texas upscale art dealer named Ron Hall steps down and befriends Denver ---and their lives are both changed forever.

John Eldredge also came through this week on a promotion for his new book, Walking With God, that comes out March 25, 2008. I went to the live taping of the promo this week on Life Today, James Robison's tv show that will air April 15th. Underneath our chairs (just like Oprah) was a copy of the book in an unedited proof---but it looks like a final copy. His publisher printed these paperback copies just for our audience. One-of-a-kind! I am giving away my husband's brand new copy to one person who leaves a comment on this post sharing one of your favorite quotes from one of your well-loved favorite authors, among many. You get one entry for every qyuote (up to 7) that you leave. I'll draw one random name on LEAP DAY, February 29th, at nightfall, from those who comment on this post with an author's quote. Eldredge said that the Bible is not a book of exceptions---it's the bible of Abraham, David, Gideon, and me. God offers us Himself. In our pain, we have a hard time if we end up demanding. Either we have God or we have understanding If we insist on understanding, we lose God. You'll just have to read the book when it comes out in March, unless you win.
Let me wrap up this post about words! I have to get back to T H E S H A C K. I'm at the part where they just found the ladybug pin and I am on pins and needles. This guy can write fiction. And every day I am so into Mere Christianity. I think I am going to have to do a post just on that book alone as there are a couple of thoughts that have been life changing to me! Well, at least we'll see how it affects the course of my life. I am blown away by that book!

I'll end here with a quote I read in this C.S. Lewis masterpiece:

"Fallen man is simply not an IMPERFECT man who needs IMPROVEMENT...
He is a rebel who must lay down his arms, SURRENDERING, saying he is sorry, realizing he is on the wrong track, getting ready to start over, from the ground floor up.... . Repentance means unlearning all the self-conceit and self will we've trained ourselves in for years."

Wonder which book I'll finish first? IDK. But I do know this...God is offering HIMSELF and I want the quality of the life I will live forever to be so much more. So, I'll keep on reading and having private conversations with these authors whom I will never know. Bur first and foremost, I'm reading the Book of no exceptions by the best Author of All.


Mary Lou 2/23/2008  

Bev. no quotes to leave as of yet. Just wanted to tell you that it's been a rough week for me also,and He's met me every step of the way. He's been holding me by His right hand or I would have fallen on my face. I know how you feel. I want Him to answer me, not another human and not a book. Except that He uses the books sometimes in our hearts...I have prayed for you numerous times this week. So, He heard your cry sweet girl. Just wanted to touch base. Blessings on your day...good luck with all the reading.

Laura 2/23/2008  

How on earth did I miss me being a winner? I know I read that post because I have been praying for your sweet friend to be returned to us. I must have gotten interrupted before I finished reading! LOL. That happens a lot around here! Here's my address:

Laura Boggess
2005 Salisbury Way
Hurricane, WV 25526

Thank you for the encouragement you have given me through this journey I am embarking on. At first, I was afraid, and it was difficult to get started, going back to those painful places. But the best way I can describe the entire experience is "sweet". I feel God's presence with me so acutely as I revisit these old wounds. I feel vulnerable, but safe, because I am in His arms. Does that make any sense at all? He is healing me with such a sweet and gentle hand. I can only say how much I love Him, and how much I feel His love through this. It has been so amazing. I do not know your story, Bev, but I will pray for you as you go through your own journey. Maybe one day we will get to meet and share our stories over a cup of coffee. Wouldn't that be so lovely? You have become a special lady to me. I am amazed at how I can come to feel so tender toward a bloggy friend! We are kindred spirits, friend.
NOw for my quote. It's from one of my all time favorite books, Celebration of the Discipline by Richard Foster. If you haven't read this one yet, I know you will love it. It's right up your ally!

"Worship is our response to the overtures of love from the heart of the Father. Its central reality is found 'in spirit and truth.' It is kindled within us only when the Spirit of God touches our human spirit. Forms and rituals do not produce worship, nor does the disuse of forms and rituals. We can use all the right techniques and methods, we can have the best possible liturgy, but we have not worshiped the Lord until Spirit touches spirit. The words of the chorus, 'Set my spirit free that I may worship Thee,' reveal the basis of worship. Until God touches and frees our spirit we cannot enter this realm. Singing, praying, praising all may lead to worship, but worship is more than any of them. Our spirit must be ignited by the divine fire."

Bev Brandon 2/23/2008  

Oh. My. Goodness.
I usually only respond on Mondays to COMMENTS but NO, I am going to have to respond to quotes---that is if I get anymore! You sealed it for me that I was supposed to do this and even if I just get this one, I LOVE IT. Laura, that's why I CANNOT WAIT to get to church on Sundays. I keep asking, what is it about corporate worship even if I am on the back row. The Divine Fire is lighting me up and I mean that reverently. I am so alive and coming alive and being set free and am free. And whoa! Loved your humble heart comment back to this one He looks...Isaiah 61:2 - YOU.
And, yes, you were the WINNER of my last giveaway AND I think you won Lisa's like the day before! Look at you! Thank you so much for this quote---I did ask for one from you!!!! You can enter again!

Toknowhim 2/23/2008  


I will leave some quotes later... Oh, how I wish I could sit and talk with you about these books. I have read the book "SKODAM" (intials of title), and I was in tears, challenged and convicted. I loved it.. I love that Denver, and oh the things that happened to Ron's wife...

I just finished "The Shack", and all I can say is WOW... That book really makes you think about some things if you know what I mean.

Love ya friend!!!

Glad you are enjoying some time alone with God. Thanks for always encouraging all of us to look to Him first, before any other person, or any other thing...

Mariel 2/23/2008  

I love you 'book worm' blog!! I must say, though, my favorite quote comes from the Author of Life! Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."

Praying for you, dear one!

Michelle Bentham 2/23/2008  

Okay Bev... I'm going to leave you my favorite quote from my blog for you since you requested I post my own favorite quote for myself:

It is from the Blog Post about the Righteousness of Chirst HERE

So here it is: (Drumroll please, JK!)

"Our righteousness is positional - we must submit ourselves to the process of sanctification by the washing of the Word, and consecration which is being set apart for the purposes of God - but the righteousness of God resides fully within us in the person of Christ through the Holy Spirit. Spiritually you are clean, when you come before the throne of grace to make confession of sin in your life, you are cleansed by the second cleansing and the blessing that is spoken over you by God Himself. Receive it, and bask in the glory of His presence and His righteousness as it washes over you."

Thank you for the honor of being noted with the classics and the contemporaries you have posted about here today! I am so blessed to have a precious friend like you. I know what you mean about learning to walk alone with HIm. Some parts are meant to be shared with others and some are just simply times we must walk in obedience behind and beside Him knowing that He will be with us every step of the way... and for today that is enough!


Michelle Bentham 2/23/2008  

Okay, for comment Number 2! It is from my favorite Author of this season - I have only read six pages of this book because sometimes I have to stop and read again the sentence I just read, and then read it again aloud and then just sit with the book in my lap and go WOW! So deep, so blessed... I love Abraham Joshua Heschel...

This quote is from his book - a philosophy of Judiasm called "God In Search of Man" -

"When faith is completely replaced by creed, worship by discipline, love by habit; when the crisis of today is ignored because of the splendor of the past; when faith becomes an heirloom rather than a living fountain; when religion speaks only in the name of authority rather than with the voice of compassion - its message becomes meaningless. Religion is an answer to man's ultimate questions... A living thought is like a seed. In the process of thinking, an answer without a question is devoid of life. It may enter the mind; it will not penetrate the soul. It may become a part of one's knowledge; it will not come forth as a creative force."

Think that over for a while....

Okay - I am worn out now... I will be back with a few quotes including a few from my fave Fiction authors... Be Blessed.

jennyhope 2/23/2008  

oh no my battery is about to die...
i love the quote we read to know that we are not alone.

also, i have been at rods parents this weekend and just got settled in at home. i have missed you!
praying for you
and also please pray for me...i have really not been feeling well. better come back when i have my power!!
so cool about the books and the signed one and etc!

Van 2/23/2008  

No quotes from me. Just dropped in to say that I love books. Right after Christmas I wrote book reviews on all the books I had been introduced to over the holidays. Reading and sharing is like introducing my best friends to each other. Thanks for sharing your thougths about the books you are reading. I am always looking for a book to read. I hope your week is ending on a positive note.

Michelle Bentham 2/23/2008  

Hey Bev,

Wanted to say "Mere Christianity" is on my bedside table waiting to be cracked open, "The Shack" was recommended by a friend and I purchased it last week, to which my daughter hastily abducted it and loaned it out to a friend, and well, obviously I am not reading John Eldredge's new book - however, I am interested in "Same Kind of Different as Me."


jennyhope 2/23/2008  

PLEASE let me know how the preaching goes! Praying

BethAnne 2/23/2008  

I really want to read "The Shack". Here is my quote by Oswald Chambers "Have you ever heard the master say something very difficult to you? If you haven’t, I question whether you have ever heard Him say anything at all”.

Julie 2/23/2008  


Note, you might not want to read them until you finish the book, but they do not give away the story, just tell you some of the quotes of the book.

These are my new favorite quotes from it.

"God is a verb" Buckminster Fuller

"Tears are the words of the heart" (another favorite!)

"God didn't come to punish sin. Sin is it's own punishment, devouring you from the inside. It is not His purpose to punish it, it is His joy to cure it."

"Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved."

"Being a follower is not trying to be like Jesus, it means your independence is killed."

"We came to live our life inside you so that you will begin to see with our eyes, hear with our ears, think like we do."


Jenn 2/23/2008  

same kind of different as me! great, great book!

p.s. i tagged you.... go look at my blog for details!

hope you have a great week!

annie's eyes 2/24/2008  

I have so many, I will just make this one comment...what a great idea, and I am praying for you, safe travel and nothing to steal your joy!

Corrie ten Boom: “With Jesus, even in our darkest moments, the best remains and the very best will be.” (The Hiding Place)

C.S. Lewis: "Reality, in fact, is always something you couldn't have guessed. That's one of the reasons I believe Christianity. It's a religion you couldn't have guessed." (The Case for Christianity)

Elisabeth Elliot: Do you often feel like parched ground, unable to produce anything worthwhile? I do. When I am in need of refreshment, it isn't easy to think of the needs of others. But I have found that if, instead of praying for my own comfort and satisfaction, I ask the Lord to enable me to give to others, an amazing thing often happens - I find my own needs wonderfully met. Refreshment comes in ways I would never have thought of, both for others, and then, incidentally, for myself. (Gateway to Joy)

Madeleine L'Engle: Our truest responsibility to the irrationality of the world is to paint or sing or write, for only in such response do we find the truth.

John Piper: “One of the most important discoveries I have ever made is this truth: God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in him.”

Martin Luther: “Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God.”

Like you, Bev, I adore words. The best resource is Scripture, but I deliberately chose to not choose, because every word is God-breathed and worthy to quote.

This is one of my favorite posts you’ve done so far to read the comments as well as your heart-felt writing. Hope your week is filled with hope and His joy.
Love you,

Shonda 2/24/2008  

Hello Bev,
One of my favorite quotes I've read recently from Ney Bailey's article based on her book Faith is Not a Feeling is:

"Faith is taking God at His word."

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Mary Lou, I'm praying for you too. Last week was symbolic of my beautiful LORD calling me to death again and again in certain areas. Detaching me from Dependence on anything else. We were walking similar paths in dealing with the enemy of our souls. Come back and LEAVE ONE OF YOUR OWN QUOTES YOU AWESOME WRITER, YOU!

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Kim, I thought to myself SKODAM ---hmmm, never heard of that one before. LOL. I am running fever so that's my excuse. Come back and leave a quote from it. I loved when Denver stood in front of us and said, "we are all homeless." He was such a humble man. Oh. my. goodness. Being in his presence was moving. And we'll be in the presence of thousands, millions of people like that in heaven, whoa. Ron talked about how Denver was missing one night and Ron immediately thought Denver went to get drunk but he was up all night long PRAYING for Ron's wife, Miss Debby, who was dying of cancer. I know the dipsy dumpster where Denver lived for decades. Such redeeming Love!

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Mariel, that's the first verse that I ever heard as a Christian. So you touched my heart tonight!

Janelle 2/24/2008  

What terrific recommendations. I have been wanting to read Same Kind of Different As Me for some time. I don't know where that dumpster is, but I feel a pull for Ft. Worth.

My favorite quote...??? I am at a complete loss, but will have to think hard about it. Thanks for the challange!

Hope your family is doing well. I love reading your blog.

jennyhope 2/24/2008  

Some quotes that have stood out to me:
When I wait God wins-Chuck Swindoll
We act out what we believe-Beth Moore
Saying Goodbye is a necessary life skill-Keith Moore
I have so many! =)

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

you are a teacher of the Word
you are a lover of your LORD
you are a friend of God
you are beautiful

thank you for sharing this with us...
the washing of the Word, the Living God
the cleansing of the second

And your quote from AJH
I absolutely loved every WORD
I will hold on to that quote probably forever in this life.
I am so glad I asked for quotes. After no posting for first 24 hours, I thought it might be a bust, but, OH could have just given me this one and I would have been thrilled. So stirred by it!

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Oh no, Jen! You have had so much sickness and stuff lately. Hope you're well. I started running fever last night when we were in Austin but I'm moving well with it---sore throat. The preaching went very well and something happened we never dreamed---it was very good---can you guess what happened? I'll e-mail you. Take care.

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Van, I am so coming to visit to find your post on the book reviews. Last week was way more difficult than most and God dealt with my heart of attaching my identity to having things, like a job and friends. It was going a little deeper. Thanks so much for recognizing my hurts and for your tender comment to me. Means so much!

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

I L O V E D I T !!!!!!!
Thanks so much!

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Julie, beautiful quotes from The Shack...riveting of a book...the Trinity has meant so much in my life and Young's words so touch deep in places of my heart where the Trinity wants to speak to me. Loved your choices and for telling me about this book.

Michelle Bentham 2/24/2008  

Had to offer the a quote from the post you inspired... with just one short sweet sentence or two. Bless you Bev. God is so good to put us together. I had a meeting with my ministry placement coach today and WOW! All I can say is God is at work. I don't know what it looks like yet, but I know God is about to move in a big, huge... a stirring way! I cannot thank you enough - I love you.


Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Jenn, I just visited your blog and thanks for the meme...I am sick right now and have been out of town and facing a full week of work so I hope to get to it as soon as I can. Left a comment on your blog, so nice to meet you! Loved your Kari Jobe song---she's from here and I love to go hear her sing at Gateway as much as I can---she leads you right to our precious Lord. Thanks Jenn

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Annette, Thank you so very much. The Martin Luther one just grabbed my soul. So speaks! My joy was not stolen this weekend after one of the hardest weeks and it could have been! Thank you God for working through the prayers of the saints! Thank you Annette! The weekend was so hopeful as I saw God speak to my heart such hope in waiting on Him, not man. You're a dear friend! Loved reading these quotes you left and will read again and again. I picture Corrie tenBoom writing it in her captivity and thought of Cyd and wondered what she would write tonight wherever she is.

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Isn't our beautiful God's eyes roaming the earth to show Himself strong to those who will believe HIM? You make me want to throw myself on him to have more faith!

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

I love your heart Janelle for your big God, for your family, for your children, and for your friends like Alana. You honor Him and her. So shows in your posts. Love reading yours too!

Bev Brandon 2/24/2008  

Michelle, your words so
and give hope.
And don't we all need hope for today and for the future we walk into. Thank you!

Nise' 2/25/2008  

Enjoyed reading everyone's favorite quotes! I, too, love the one Annie shared by John Piper. Another one, "Beloved, you will NEVER waste time in God's Word" by Beth Moore, is one I remind myself of often!

Bebemiqui 2/25/2008  

Quote of the Month for me: "Is this life, or is this discipline?" -Kevin Shive

Michelle Bentham 2/25/2008  

"I first discovered I wanted to write—and wrote a brief spy novel, complete with illustrations—somewhere around the age of 12, but as far as seeing myself as a writer, that came much later, sometime in my thirties, after a few manuscripts and several rejections, when I knew I would always be a writer, whether or not I ever became published, whether or not it would simply mean I wrote in a journal. I was a writer. As Joyce Meyer likes to say, 'It’s about your who, not your do.'" ~ Ruth Axtell Morren (Fiction Author)

This quote is from my friend Lena Nelson Dooley's interview with Ruth recently. You may want to check out Lena's blog - you can check her out HERE


Mary Lou 2/25/2008  

Bev, I love books and love to read, can't imagine reading four at one time. The only quotes that come to mind are from Corrie Ten Boom,the Hiding Place..."no pit is so deep that God is not deeper still." One of my favorite authors is Jan Karon, I love the Mitford series...Father Tim speaks to my heart over and over....his favorite saying is "pray the prayer that never fails" which is thy will be done, not mine. Jan Karon has him say this to people every time they come up against something really hard. She points me to God in these"light" fiction readings...And From her latest book, Home to Holly Springs, is from father Tim's wife who is speaking to some fears that Timothy is having..."Do not fear whatever God lays before you today." which goes along with one of mine...Fear not tomorrow, God is already there. Now, if I can just get my arms around those thoughts. Praying your week is a good one. Blessings..

CrownLaidDown 2/25/2008  

I'm reading Captivating, Get out of that Pit and A Thorn in my Heart right now. So here's one that has struck me today: "As a result of the wounds we receive growing up, we come to believe that some part of us, maybe every part of us, is marred. Shame enters in and makes its crippling home deep within our hearts."

Captivating by Stasi and John E.
p. 73

CrownLaidDown 2/25/2008  

And a quote from Brother Lawrence:
"God alone is capable of making Himself known as He really is. We search in reasoning and in sciences, as in a poor copy. What we neglect to see is God's painting Himself in the depth of our soul."


Carolynn W. 2/25/2008  

Some of my favorite quotes are by Max Lucado:
- Fix your eyes on the Son!

- Before you face the day, face the Father. Before you step out of bed, step into His prescence.

- Meet today's problems with today's strength. Don't start tackling tomorrow's problems until tomorrow. You do not have tomorrow's strength yet. You simply have enough for today.

- Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. To these I commit my day. If I succeed I will give thanks. If I fail, I will seek grace. And then when this day is done, I will place my head on my pillow and rest.

- God will wipe away your tears. the same hands that stretched the heavens will touch you cheeks. The same hands that formed the mountains will carress your face. The same hands that curled in agony as the Roman spikes cut through will someday cup your face and brush away your tears. Forever.

- God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.
--C. S. Lewis in The Problem of Pain

- When the train goes through a tunnel and the world gets dark,
do you jump out? Of course not. You sit still and trust the engineer to get you through.
--Corrie ten Boom
Amen! I love those quotes and all the others being shared.

Uniquely Yours 2/25/2008  

I could really use some words of encouragement this week myself. Unfortunately we cannot always hear God's answers to why we go through certain things in life. My favorite Bible quote would be "We are God's Masterpieces. . ." Ephesians 2:10 I have a couple of recommendations for you "Don't Waste Your Life," by John Piper and "The Family's Heart," by John Burnett sorry if you've already read them, but I'm new to your site.

holly K 2/26/2008  

I've had a hard time this last week. The only thing that keeps me sane is GOD! My favorite Bible quote is Proverbs 17:17. "A friend loves at all times." I haven't read anything, but my Bible lately, but I am trying to force myself to make time for it. I have never read "Mere Christianity" and always wanted to. I like your site.

windycindy 2/26/2008  

I absolutely love the Bible verse ~
"Be still and know that I am God!"
I would love to read "The Shack!" I have and read "Mere Christianity many years ago. Thanks for your kindness in offering your books. Cindi'

Mary Lou 2/27/2008  

Bev, a few more quotes have come to mind, I just feel led to share them, they actually have nothing to do with more attempts to win the of Elisabeth Elliott's famous quotes, don't know which book...."with acceptance comes peace". I've used this numerous times in my life and have shared it with others. Then as I have been reading Nancy McGuirk's devotion book on Rest Assured, a few things jumped out at me.."For the rest of your life increase in humility by submitting to God's will,not by seeking to be humble","Biblical hope is based on the character of God....not a circumstance or human ability." And my last, just because I want to share what it says, not to count as an entry..."For the rest of your life measure every giant you face against the promises of God's Word.". These have spoken to my heart for the place where I am right now and I wanted to give Him some glory....Blessings.

Janelle 2/27/2008  

FINALLY a quote has come to me.

"I'll love you forever.
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be."

From my favorite children's book, "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch.

annie's eyes 2/27/2008  

Jean's words in consolation to Cy's family were so touching to me and worthy of a quote entry-so I enter them on her behalf--hope she is okay with that.
from Hannah Hurnard's Hinds Feet, Jean writes:

In the book Hinds Feet in High Places, the Shepherd was showing Much Afraid a great fall of waters and He asked her "What do you think of this fall of great waters in their abandonment of self giving?" She trembled and replied that they were beautiful but terrible beyond anything she had ever seen. He asked her "Why terrible?" She replied it was because of the leap they had to make, "the awful height from which they must cast themselves down to the depths beneath, there to be broken on the rocks." As she meditates further on the sight and speaks more of her thoughts, the Shepherd speaks and says, "At first sight perhaps the leap does look terrible, but as you can see, the water itself finds no terror in it, no moment of hesitation or shrinking, only joy unspeakable, and full of glory, because it is the movement natural to it. Self-giving is its life. It has only one desire, to go down and down and give itself with no reserve or holding back of any kind. You can see that as it obeys that glorious urge the obstacles which look so terrifying are perfectly harmless, and indeed only add to the joy and glory of the movement." (pps. 186 & 187 of Hinds Feet in High Places)

Jean 2/28/2008  

Annette, what am I going to do with you?!

Bev, I don't need to be in a drawing for your books, but I absolutely love to read and since Missy Annette has started something here I will add two more.

This one I absolutely love and it comes from a book called Soul Sculpture:

"What if God should place in your hand a diamond, and tell you to inscribe on it a sentence which should be read at the last day, and be shown then as an index of your own thoughts and feelings? What care, what caution, would you exercise in the selection? Now, this is what God has done. He has placed before you the immortal minds of your children, more imperishable than the diamond on which you are about to inscribe every day and every hour, by your instructions, by your spirit, or by your example, something which will remain and be exhibited for or against you at the judgment day. Dr. Payson."

And from The Day I was Crucified as told by Jesus Christ by Gene Edwards: (I love Gene Edwards!!!)

Chapter 29


It was the thief.

His face was swollen, his eyes dark and vision blurred, every breath a struggle. I was certain that these would be among the last words the thief would be able to utter.

My time was also very short. I could smell the stench of approaching death.

I heard a tone in the voice of this thief I had not heard before, though it was but one single word, Lord.

"Lord, have we met before?" he asked.


"Then when?"

"Before the beginning. Or perhaps at the end. Or after the end. I walk the corridors of space and time, transcendent over past or future, this realm or the other. I knew you before time existed, I knew you before I created, even before I said 'Let there be light.'"

The old thief shook his head, "I have no idea of what you speak, but I know that no one else has spoken as you do."

"I ask one thing of you, Lord: Is it possible, in that moment of your triumph when you enter into your kingdom, is it possible that you might....remember me?"

"Remember you?" I replied. "How can I possibly forget you? You are the first of my salvation. You are my first conquest over death. You, above all others, are the first evidence of my redemption. How can I forget you? There is a book called the Book of Life. Your name has been written therein, long, long ago."

The thief understood nothing, but in a few moments, he would know everything. He would know even as he was known."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Now close your eyes, redeemed one. When you open them again, open them in paradise.

"Now it is time."

The scene on the hill began to change.

"It is now time for me to summon even Death."

Gene Edwards, a favorite author of mine!

OK, I'll save space for someone else!

Bev, don't enter me in the drawing!!!!

Anonymous 2/29/2008  

This is such a fun idea...I may have to copy and paste all the quotes so that I can look for all these great resources...

I just found this quote this week and the more I read it the more I like it...I just ordered the must be out of print as I could only find used copies but at the bargain price of 1.99...

So here it is:

"Our questions can serve us well in a time such as this, a time of grave uncertainty, of soaring potential, of fragile yet resilient hope. Our questions and questing are crucial, because they can help us live into the answer of the future. I am certain of one thing: the love that God is at the heart of the answer, just as it is at the heart of each moment--past, present, and future. Faith today, tomorrow, and always seeks to live, to love and to be loved fully. It seeks the Holy and waits (though not always patiently) to be found; it nurtures and activates wisdom and compassion. It chooses to embrace hope and to be embraced by hope, even when overwhelmed by despair; it seeks life even in the face of death. We act in faith, knowing that we see only dimly. But living in faith, we act anyway, choosing and doing the best we can. We act and live in confidence that someday we will see face to face, that we will live into the answers. For God's grace embraces our questions as well as our answers and our blindness as well as our vision, just as the sun shines steadily through the night, waiting to illumine the sky at dawn."
** Jean M. Blomquist Wrestling till Dawn

I just left a comment for Cyd's family and now I realize that maybe this quote was possibly more for them for your contest...see what you can pass it along if you think it would be of value...

Love to you dear Bev...I do pray that you will be able to lay your weary heart and soul down and find some restorative sleep and that the Lord will quiet your mind and heart to receive the rest and His comfort.



Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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