Saturday, February 2, 2008

FOUND by an Aggie on I-45

Several of you have asked about my Houston trip.

My beautiful God orchestrated for me to meet a beautiful, brilliant, brave Annette at Starbucks. It meant so much to me!! God found her in Houston and has used "Annie's Eyes"to touch my heart deeply. You took a risk Annette (you know, the ax murder thingy) and I can't thank you enough for offering me a tall drink of Living Water, a taste of HIM. You know, she really is tall though she looks short in her pictures. Then, I joined precious friends I met last summer at Dan Allender's weeklong life-changing seminar. We will probably remain lifelong friends. It's intriguing how God binds like hearts together as we've all been through similar experiences and so speak into each other's lives.

Driving back home, I noticed the gas gauge was on one-quarter of a tank full or empty, however you look at life. I planned to stop real soon. But, something wrong happened---the inaccurate gas gauge FELL to below empty without warning. The gauge has been dancing up and down lately. I began calling out to my good God in my foolishness to rescue me and protect me for I get so SCARED in situations like this that I will get beat up or raped, again.

In the near distance was Madisonville, about a one-mile stone's throw away. The TEXACO sign proudly pencilled up through a mile of trees. I careened over to the bumpy shoulder of the road. OUT OF GAS. Maybe the shoulder isn't the best place to land, so I aborted the idea and drove down the embankment into a ditch hoping to get enough traction to land on the frontage road. What did NOT go through my head was that it had been raining and the grassy green ditch was watersoaked. I SUNK deep into mud. Not only was I OUT OF GAS but now I needed A TOW TRUCK.


Peace flooded my I-45 soul and that was so from my God.
I threw on my tennis shoes, got out of my defunct Pathfinder and sunk into mud up to my ankles. Locked it up, and began my mile trek to the Texaco. A huge white Texas truck pulled off of I-45 and maneuvred the ditch with his 4-wheel drive. With Texas dirt spewing everywhere, he headed straight toward me. My first thought was from Annette's blog history---what if he is an ax murderer? I was already praying so I just stepped up the requests and strained without my glasses to see who was driving. Relief flooded my soul for he looked just like an Aggie.
The HUGE white TEXAS truck (don't ask me what kind, I only know colors) spitted mud at me as it stopped.

Texas truck guy: Do you need some help, ma'am?
Me: Are you an Aggie?
Texas truck guy: YES, MA'AM
Me: I knew it'
Texas truck guy: And you won't believe what I have for you. LOOK what I just bought. And he holds up a brand new package which I don't have a clue what it is.
Me: What is it?
Texas truck guy: A tow strap.
Me: WHAT?!!!???
Texas truck guy: I just bought a tow strap and I can get you out of that ditch.
Me: That's unbelievable. When did you buy that thing?
Texas truck guy: About 30 minutes ago, a thought ran through my mind that I didn't have a tow strap and I ought to get one on the way back to Texas A&M so I stopped and bought one.
Me: Son, that's God putting that thought in your brain for me. I think He just showed up.
Texas truck guy: Okay. I can get you out, ma'am and tow you to the station.

W A I T...Do I have to stay in this car for you to tow it? I mean, I don't want to be behind a big white TEXAS truck when I am not in control. It was a lesson in relinquishing control to be towed. Scary but smooth. You have NO CONTROL. It so made me think of my life---I think I am in control and I may be in the driver's seat, but it's God in control if we are living by faith not by sight.

So what's the moral of this story? IDK. You tell me. All weekend in Houston my God had been talking to me about Psalm 46:10 to cease striving and know that He is God and that He will show up in my life. I just spent a week reading in Genesis all about God showing up for people like Hagar in the desert---see right over there, it's water for you in the desert. Isaiah 48:21. All I need to do is ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. Matthew 7:7. Somehow, I want to FIND HIM and do everything I can to find HIM. But He finds us. How arrogant of me to think I can make it happen. I had even just posted about all the ways God shows up from my week's chronological reading, when we don't even expect it. And there He was, once again, on I-45 telling an Aggie to stop and buy a tow strap for me knowing I would need it in 30 minutes. My beautiful God showed up in Madisonville and reminded me once again that I can be still and know that He is God. He was in Houston. He's here in Madisonville. He's in my Pathfinder. He's in my heart.
And He keeps bringing that message back to me for it's firmly decided. He is with me. He is with you. Gen 41:32
Gig 'em Aggies!
And always on my mind is my friend Cyd...see post is Day #8 of being abducted by gunpoint in Afghanistan! I hope with every fiber of my being that she is released immediately!


Michelle Bentham 2/02/2008  

That is an incredible God Stop moment Mrs. Bev... and if you read over at my blog, I memorized that very chapter of Psalms in the last two days!

Exodus 14:14 tells us that the Lord will fight for us and all we need to do is BE STILL. You didn't even have to get your shoes muddy, God had the calvary comin' in and you got to bear witness to an Aggie! Ain't that grand. So now, do tell about that Fed Ex Envelope with money orders in it... sounds very interesting to me.

Blessings and Love.

Nise' 2/02/2008  

See...I'm telling you God is answering my prayers for Him to show Himself BIG in my life even if it happens to others. And Praise the Lord that the Fed Ex guy showed up at your house with an unbelieveable miracle. You have been soaked in His shower of blessing!

CrownLaidDown 2/02/2008  

Chris says, "God drives BIG WHITE TRUCKS in Texas with Aggie Plates." Did you know that? I guess you did! You precious thing...I'm glad God watches over my friend, Bev!

Kate 2/02/2008  

The Lord is soooo Awesome and soooo full of protection and love for his princess.
I don't know about the Aggie thing though...that could have been a fluke...hee hee...just kidding. He knows what we need to spur us on to greater trust in him. And if it takes an be it...what in the world is an Aggie again? I think I asked Holly that, but am still confused. :p

Just swinging by to say HEYYYY to you.

Be safe...see ya in 6. ;)


annie's eyes 2/02/2008  

Even with a daughter at UT I have to say, GIG 'EM, and GIG 'Em God for being so mighty this past week. In what would look like a lousy week to everybody else, you, sweet Bev, sing praises through each detail, and YOU were the highlight of my week. So sweet to know you really are this genuine and dear in person. . .and I'm the shortest in my family but I'm 5'9" :) Isn't it funny how we get images in our mind of what is safe and what danger or a person might look like and it turns out much different. I mean, who would have thought God would wear maroon! love you, annie

annie's eyes 2/02/2008  

It sure was weird popping over to your blog and seeing my pic right about where I have it on my own! I like it smaller. ;)

Julie 2/02/2008  

Bev, As I read your post, and the verse that God continues to speak to you it amazes me. That is the verse He has been speaking to me for the last 4 years. "Be still and know".

I remember when my friend said to me, "You are dead in Christ" and I said, "And I'm going to be the best dead person I can be." She said, "There's something wrong with that statement." I couldn't see it. I had been striving for so long I didn't know how to "be still and just know".

So, I invited Him to take me to that place, to understand what it meant. And He has been.

When I think of you on the side of the road stuck.
I think of this. You couldn't do anything to get yourself unstuck. You had to have someone come and get you unstuck. All you could do was sit and wait. (so to speak). I mean you could walk to the gas station, yes, but you couldn't do anything to get your truck out. You HAD to be dependent on someone else to get free.

That is what I think God is doing in your life by what you write. He is allowing you to get to places where you are stuck and cannot free yourself. You HAVE to be dependent on Him to get free.

It is the best place you could ever be, because it is then that He comes and in the stillness He is God.

I don't know why I think of this, but I think of a scene in the movie "The Guardian". Kevin Costner's character ( a coast guard rescue swimmer) is trying to rescue a swimmer, but he is so afraid he will not be rescued that he begins to flail around and grab hold of his wife almost drowning her. The Coast Guard swimmer has to punch him in the face to get him to stop, so that he can rescue him. When he stops flailing and just floats, He is rescued.

I don't know why this is coming to me, but it is. So it is my dinner haunting me, then ignore it. But if something is hitting a place, ask God.

All I know is this. When I stop, He starts. When I rest He is able to be God.

When you got stuck you not only found yourself in a "pickle" but you made yourself available to be rescued.

I can't explain how He comes and changes hearts, I just know that He does. He has mine.

The greatest times of rescue for me were the times when I could not do one thing....I could not even utter a word. And He came. I was so shocked that He came without me doing one thing. Be still and know I am God became a reality for this "former Queen of Striving."

Great things are in store for you!

I could write so much more, but this is already the longest comment ever on a blog I think. Maybe I just broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest blog comment post.


Jenn 2/02/2008  

mrs beverly...
i read and enjoy your blog very much and do hereby give/pass-on an award to you... go to my blog to see what it is i'm talking about


thanks for all your time and effort in making a wonderfully enjoyable and ministering blog.
it is greatly appreciated.

Julie 2/03/2008  

Bev. Thank you for your post.

From one "recovering striver to another" have blessed my heart.

I can only imagine how long we could sit at Starbucks and compare "stories of God"...we'd close the place down.

You are precious!
Much love,

Jenn 2/03/2008  

wait just a minute ladies... if there is any starbucks meetin' a-goin' on in fort worth.. I HAD better be IN-vited!!! :o)

wouldn't that be neat? to you know, meet? tee hee hee...
in a public place of course, lol!

He Knows My Name 2/03/2008  

i just don't believe this story. i mean of course i do. just fantastic. cast all your cares on Him because He cares for YOU. hugs ~janel

Susan Kelly Skitt 2/03/2008  

Hi, I'm here via my friend Helen at Work of Heart. Wow, what an adventure! Scary, yes, but with our God, we have a safe refuge. I can't wait to visit some more. I do believe God has directed me here to discover another blog treasure :) How awesome that you are leading and encouraging others to read through God's Word. There's nothing like it this side of Heaven!

Have a great day!

In Christ,

Susan Kelly Skitt 2/03/2008  

P.S. I just read back a bit more about your friend Cyd and about She Speaks. I am praying for your friend. And the conference does look inviting for us writers and speakers. Maybe one day I can go too :) It won't work for me this year, but one day, Lord willing. I pray that if it is His will, that He will supply the resources for you to attend.

Oh, and I know we're not making our home here, my citizenship is in Heaven, but my oldest son is 16 and looking at Christian colleges, so I may be asking one day, if you don't mind, about how to find those scholarships :)

I believe God has a purpose for each one of us here, but I've been especially praying for my son, ever since my first husband died and went home to be with Jesus in 1992. My son was nine months old at the time and I remember crying out that summer to God that He would use my son to minister to many people about Jesus Christ.

Patty 2/03/2008  

I cannot believe this happened to you ! I was scared for you as I was reading it. I have been in a situation like that before. I am praising God that He showed His Presence to you through an Aggie with a truck and a brand new tow strap! How like God!!! He works in ways we can't even imagine. God has shown BIG for you this week!! I am loving the GodStops. I wonder what God has planned for this week? I would love to sit down with you and hear your testimony. Face to face!!
Have a wonderful Sunday and I will see you Monday morning!

Hendrick Family 2/03/2008  

Wow! What a great story! Do you know Aaron and I are from Madisonville?

I'm so sorry you are sick Mrs. B. 2 weeks? That's crazy!

Love ya.


Karen 2/03/2008  

Thank you for the reminder of who God is. I get so wrapped up in stuff (this weeks item has been a week long cold) that I forget to look for my God. Or I forget to expect to see Him. Praising God for your reminder and mine.

Susan 2/03/2008  

Sweet Bev. Just when I think I've got your throw me another WOW.
You absolutely AMAZE me. I long to be able to see all of the God Things like You do. I pray I am able to see them. Our God is so Incredible. And I praise Him for showing Himself through you.
Love ya.

Mary Lou 2/03/2008  

How this blessed my heart to read,....God keeps showing up. He answers prayers and we are amazed. I'm thankful He showed up for you and got you out safely. What a beautiful lesson He taught you and the rest of us who read what He did for you...I still am blown away how we all look for Him and when He does show up we get amazed..He showed up for me Friday in my quiet time and got me thru what I had to do that morning that i was dreading. Isn't it wonderful that He can be here with me in TN and you in TX and in every other place in the universe at the same time when He is needed.....What a blessing you are.....

Alana 2/03/2008  

That is sooooo cool! I love that he bought the tow strap 30 minutes before. I mean cool is that????

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) 2/03/2008  

WOW!!!! A TOW strap, that was purchased within the same hour of your need?!!!

That is so cool. I love it when our God pulls something like this!!

Thank for sharing this powerful story with us.


Fran 2/03/2008  

How great is our our God?! He is everywhere and in all things people! Just ask that sweet Bev!!

This story is just amazing and beautiful!

I love you Jesus and your multiple provisions for this awesome family!

I love you Bev. I love Jesus for what He does for you DAILY and in surprising ways!

Fran 2/03/2008  

Oh yeah...
My oldest son has to turn in some information on a missionary for their schools mission week next week......

Guess who we picked???

Your precious daughter!!! We will be praying for her, the country, and her work.

I wanted you to know that. She was the first person that came to mind. I felt like it is exactly who we should highlight as "our missionary!" So....

We are praying for her NOW!
Love you~

Toknowhim 2/03/2008  


Wow Bev, your life is made up of all kinds of amazing stories (not all good :(, but I love how you find a way to connect to God through the experiences of your life. I am so happy I met you at this stage in your life when you are on an amazing ride with our wonderful God.

I have never met you in person, but Jesus shines all over you through this blog. I can't wait to meet you one day my friend.


Janelle 2/04/2008  

That is incredible! I can't believe he showed up just for your rescue. God is good and He always knows what we need.

Thank goodness for His mercies that day!

connorcolesmom 2/05/2008  

Oh that just brought tears to my eyes. God has been telling you He is there for you and will take care of you. He never leaves you or forsakes you. It is NO coincidence that God instructed that man to buy that tow line. God knew what you would do even before you did and He provided a rescue! He rescued you from that ditch - literally and figuratively!
PRAISE GOD for He is faithful and true!
Love ya,

The Preacher's Wife 2/09/2008  

I hope I don't have the prom dress dream twice. I certainly don't want it to be firmly decided that I should have to live that out somehow! ;)

Much love,


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