Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's FED EX and I'm Flabbergasted

I had another title up today, but I had to change it cause I feel so inadequate at times looking for words and ways to say my story. I can't explain my beautiful God and what He does for me. I mean, sometimes I can't even find words to craft what I feel in my heart over something so stunning He has done. And I so want to honor HIM not raise questions. Words can be perceived different than what I really mean. I don't mean to be disrespectful in any way saying a truck reminds me of a verse. But, if you see a FED EX truck today, know that it's a reminder to me about Genesis 41:32, when Joseph said that the dreams were given TWICE in two different ways because "the matter is firmly decided by God." But as one of the ancient writers once wrote: "All things lead to God." 41:32 was an intriguing thought and I wondered if not only dreams but also verses are given to us again and again so that we would know that it's our God showing up and that the truth for my circumstance is firmly decided by my good God not by what I think is jumping off the page. In the Bible there are 31,173 verses but I keep hearing the following same thoughts over and over. My beautiful God is
standing right here beside me even though I am struggling
surrounding me with His Love

And the verses I keep hearing again and again...
Surrounded by Love - Psalm 125:2
It's my Beautiful God Who is in my Path - Numb 22:34
God's knocking on the door of my heart - Rev 3:20
But, I can't do this cause all I have is 5 loaves & 2 fish - Matt 14:17
God's providing Water in my desert - Isa 43:20
Cease striving - Psalm 46:10
Rest, my beloved - Deut 33:12
Those seven verses just keep showing up everywhere I go over the past year.

I don't pretend to know that I have a word from God. Just because it jumped off the page, doesn't mean it's applicable to my circumstance. So, how do I know? My son is going through the Experiencing God bible study workbook by Henry Blackaby at his high school. Today, when I was teaching his class, I learned that Blackaby said: "If God has spoken to you, you must continue responding to that word until it comes to pass, even if it takes 25 years, like Abram."

You see, I've had a gorgeous generous act happen to me over the weekend. The Fed Ex man left an envelope at my door on Friday. The return address was a Houston bank. Oh NO! I must have screamed, cause my son instantly appeared by my side inquiring, "What is it mommy?" to which I replied: "We are being SUED." Again. It's happened before. I ripped open the unwanted outer envelope to find an inner letter-sized envelope with a yellow post-it note attached that read: "We hope this helps." How can being sued help anyone?? I ripped open that inner envelope and flabbergastedly (no such word) read "International Money Order" at the top. A money order made out to me for $1,000.00. I looked to see what else was in the envelope. Another money order for $1,000. And another money order for $1,000. And another for $1,000. And one more. Five money orders totaling $5,000. Anonymous. I fell to the floor of my study in a pool of instant tears and thanked a very present God in all of this. All of a sudden, I leaped up and ran back to ask my son if I was reading the decimals right...maybe it was $100.00?? No, I had the unfamiliar decimals right. God knew we needed $1,500 by Monday. My husband's current job as a construction supervisor has come to an end with no future contracts on the horizon and it could take weeks or months to sign another contract. I applied to about 25 jobs last week, but made a "typo" on my cell number and we disconnected our landline---so, I'm still unemployed, doing substitute teacher jobs. Pray that my husband and I both would find where God wants us to be.

Smiling, I think my Heavenly Father knew and sent me $1,500. And, I think Jesus, my beautiful Lord, wanted to send $1,500 too. And the Holy Spirit, my Wonderful Counselor, topped it off with another $1,500. And all Three added $500 so I could tithe it away---$5,000. OH! IDK. I'm being playful. I am so overwhelmed on the floor of my carpet over here. God prompted someone to do this unbelievable gesture of Love. Not only cause we needed money for Monday, but because He was surrounding me with His Love, He was standing in my path, knocking on my door, taking my 5 loaves and 2 fish, providing this thirsty mouth with some quenching water, so that I can cease striving once again, and rest as His beloved.

So, I went to my bank to cash the money orders and they said, No Way. They aren't signed. Anonymous. I called the Houston bank and they said that it could be done that way---the person can remain anonymous, no need for their signature. My bank firmly said no again, said it couldn't be cashed, to try another bank tomorrow, and gave specific advice how to do just that. Strange. I am on my way back to another bank in a few minutes. (Don't know how, but the deposit just worked out.)

Meanwhile, maybe you'll see a Fed Ex truck as you drive along today, and if you do, remember that when your God says something twice, maybe He's trying to let you know the matter is firmly decided. I may be wrong. I do know I'll never be struggle free in this life, but I want to wrestle well with my God over those disturbed places in my heart. I do know that this is a very lonely season in my life and this anonymous gift was such an encouragement to me that my beautiful God sees me and surrounds me. And I do know this, I am

Seen by my silent good God.
Surrounded by the Love of my beautiful Christ.
Staggered by His Presence in this, His movement for me, and so grateful to HIM.
Stunned by a secret agent in Houston who has a huge heart for their God & His Kingdom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my secret agent, a co-agent of their Christ!


CrownLaidDown 2/06/2008  

So very good! Praying for you and praising Him for your faithfulness to trust Him friend. He's so good! He's marked a path for you and like the Israelites leaving Egypt, there may be no shortcut to cross the river. You may have to take a longer route...but then He's going to part that Red Sea. He IS. Believe and count on it. I am.
Love you!

Patty 2/07/2008  

I am still blown away over this!! I mean this encourages us so much. It gives encouragment to this single mom as I have seen him supply our needs over and over. God has been speaking certain verses over and over to me and I believe He is about to do something in my life that will astound me! Your post was a joy to me. I just love you to pieces and I am so honored to journey with you as we seek and chase after God!! Praying for you and I know our God of Providence will supply a job for your husband and it may be something new!!
Love You,

Laura 2/07/2008  

I'm so thrilled for you, Bev! How blessed your secret friend will be for this sweet act of love!

Julie 2/07/2008  
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Toknowhim 2/07/2008  


Praising God with you my sweet Bev!!! May God keep showing up everyday in your life, and may you always recognize it is Him!!! Love to you!!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) 2/07/2008  

Oh He is so good!!

I'm in awe at how HE wove this one together!!

What a God we have. :)

Anticipating HIM!!!


Fran 2/08/2008  

Well....i'm just grinning from ear to ear sweet Bev!! You touched the face of God through that one!

I am thrilled for you! Just thrilled!!! Please know that I'm praying for the details of life for you.

Mary said in Luke 1:46 after she met with Elizabeth after she learned she was carrying the Son of God and says this....

"My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servent..."

In the original meaning of "rejoices" she jumped, danced, leaped.

I dance, jump and leap with you today Bev!!! Praise His Holy Name!

Teri 2/08/2008  

BEV! What an amazing God we serve! This is such a wonderful testimony!

Also, thank you for your comment on my last blog post! Your words were so encouraging, they warmed my heart. Thank you so very much!

Doodlebug 2/08/2008  

God is good! Praise the Lord! How awesome. Great blog. :)

Don't forget to post about the giveaway so you can qualify ! Good luck!

helenw13 2/08/2008  



Completely blessed by your post and this incredible instance of God showing up in abundance...more than we can ask or imagine...

I saw a FED EX truck whiz past our house this morning as I sat and posted...I believe I will never look at them the same again.


Julie 2/08/2008  
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thouartloosed 2/08/2008  

How awesome! I won't look at a Fed-ex truck quite the same ever. Thank you for sharing your moment with Him.

Mary Lou 2/08/2008  

Bev, know that I am excited with you. I will neverlook at a Fed Ex truck the same way. Thank you for you bless me with your life and your words. He has gifted you with disecernment and insight and the ability to convey what He shows you to the rest of us. God has kept showing up in my life this week too. I am so blessed to be on this journey with you and sharing in your life....Someone asked my husband and I at lunch if everything was good with us...I immediately said no, But God is good and the person said And God is good all of the time....we all laughed and I said we're not real good BUT He is good and that's what is important...what joy flooded my heart and we were able to share joy with a fellow believer....God is good and He is good ALL of the time...even in the bad times....Blessings...sweet Bev.....

Julie 2/08/2008  
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Sharon 2/08/2008  

Now that's the God I serve!!!!!
This is the God I grew up with.
What a miraculous God we serve--and He even delivers love notes by way of the Fed Ex man. :)

He sees us and He never forgets!
I am so happy for you!

Joyful 2/08/2008  

Hi - thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging my heart.

WOW- what an amazing post! Celebrating with you. Thanks for sharing such an awesome God story.

Keep trusting Him,

Alana 2/09/2008  

Wow, Wow, WOW!!!!! That is such an amazing story! I love when God shows up in our life, and am so thankful He showed up for you in this way!

Shari 2/09/2008  

What an awesome story. God sure showed Himself to you this week. Thanks so much for sharing it - you've encouraged us all. Your faith in God and your appreciation to Him is beautiful.

BethAnne 2/09/2008  

As we say in TN.....Aint God good????

Nise' 2/09/2008  

Praise Him! He hears us when we call and shows us the wonder of His great love!

Susan 2/09/2008  

Once again, He has confirmed my quiet time and bible study with a tangible act...I pray and hope in Him with anxious expectation...anxious expectation..knowing He will act. Expecting Him to act.
Woo-Hoo! Did He ever act for you!
Hugs and blessings, sweet Bev.

Laura 2/09/2008  

Hello, Bev,
I have been reading through some of your old posts as my morning devotional today! You always sweep me up in your enthusiasm for the Lord and I am blessed every time. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and, yes, I can see why birds would lead us to God! He knows when every sparrow falls from the sky...

Stacie 2/09/2008  

I am praising God with you, Bev! I think if Exodous proves anything it is that God cares about all the "little" details of our lives. He truly does provide our daily bread. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me in ETJ. It is such a joy to learn from and worship along side you.

annie's eyes 2/09/2008  

Such a dear post. He is purely everything to us. God the Father, His Son, Christ Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. Amen. With a thrice blessing complete with tithe--you give Him such great glory! He is amazingly good. love you, annie

Lysa TerKeurst 2/09/2008  


What an amazing story--- oh how he loves us, completely and lavishly!!!

I will go to sleep tonight praying for you and your family.


Joyful 2/10/2008  

Just came back to say how your comment on Lysa's blog today encouraged me. What wonderful thoughts. Praying my life will have a pure, clear ring today as I follow after Him.

Michelle Bentham 2/10/2008  

Okay... so I am speechless. (And that is no small thing if you have ever read anything I've written! HA!) Praise His Holy Name!


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