Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love & Lagniappe

Love. Happy Valentine's Day. Much love to you all who have touched my life through your words, His Words, though we've never met. May you long for and find, this Valentine's Day, the beautiful love of your Christ more than anything else...more than a good marriage, more than being a good mom, more than making an impact, more than an undisturbed life, and even more than life itself. For what could we possibly want more than the love of our beautiful Christ? For if we have _____________ (you fill in your blank), but do not have love, we are a noisy gong. Clanging cymbals says the love chapter, I Corinthians 13. And we have nothing. What do you want more than the Love of your Christ?
Lagniappe. Annette reminded me of this word from my childhood that strikes a chord with this New Orleans girl. It's something free for one of you, a little extra for stopping by. For those who comment on this post, I'll draw one name and send you a copy of Debbie Williams' Prayers of My Heart, A Personal Prayer Journal. I will draw one name on Saturday morning.

If I could give you anything this Valentine's Day, I would want to give you a little rest but only our sovereign God can do that. But, here goes, I do want to give you what is called a String of Pearls...

I hope for you that you find His Presence and He gives you rest. (1) For He longs to speak with you face-to-face this Valentine's Day as He would with a friend. (2) He knows you by name and you will find His favor this day, and we ask You, our beautiful God, to teach us your ways that we may find more favor. (3) For to Whom else shall we go; only You hold the words of Life. (4) Your words are not idle words, they are our very life. (5) I would have despaired had I not believed that I would see the Goodness of our Lord in the land of the living. Wait! on the Lord. Take courage. Wait. (6) God acts in behalf of those who wait for Him; we wait for no man, only for you, our big God. (7) Look to the Lord; expect much from Him (8) He longs to have compassion on you this Valentine's Day. (9) In quietness and confidence, may your repentance and rest be fully in Him. (10) For He is singing over you with His extravagant Love, dancing over you. (11) He is reaching down to you on this Valentine's Day to take hold of you if you'll let go of what is in your hand. He's drawing you out of the deep water you are in. He's bringing you to a better place. He is rescuing you because He delights in you. (12) He's recapturing your heart for you've deserted Him for small stuff. (13) He is setting His love and affection on you and chooses you to be His valentine not because of your performance, but because the Lord loves you & keeps His word to you, to bring you out by His Right Hand and redeem you. (14) Cling not to worthless stuff and forfeit the grace that could be yours. (15) Pray to God while He may be found. When the mighty waters rise, they will not reach you. You, O God, are our hiding place. (16) And your Hiding Place is knocking at the door of your heart for your greatest opportunity to know Him is your set of circumstances, not mine. (17) Don't commit your life to a future moment, future happiness but, O God, who is listening, we offer willingly all these things we think in this present moment. (18) God, you are near to the brokenhearted (19) You say, "I will win you back" this moment, again. I have put in front of you an open door. (20) An open door that no man can shut. (21) Turn to Me this moment with all your heart and I will keep on giving you a heart to know Me. (22) Take courage because the Hand of your sovereign God is on you. (23) And His arm is not too short for you this Valentine's Day nor forever. (24) Glory to our Beautiful God in the highest and His valentine peace to you on whom His Favor rests. (25)

paraphrased from:
1 - Exodus 33:14
2 - Exodus 33:11 ]
3 - Exodus 33:12
4 - John 6:68
5 - Deut 32:47
6 - Psalm 27:13
7 - Isaiah 64:4
8 - Hosea 12:6
9 - Isaiah 30:18
10- Isaiah 30:15
11 - Zephaniah 3:17
12 - Psalm 18:16, 19
13 - Ezekier 14:5
14 - Deuteronomy 7:7,8
15 - Jonah 2:9
16 - Psalm 32:6-11
17 - Revelations 3:19
18 - I Chronicles 29:17
19 - Psalm 34:18
20 - Hosea 2:14, 15
21 - Revelations 3:7
22 - Jeremiah 24:7
23 - Ezra 7:28
24 - Numbers 11:23
25 - Luke 2:44


jennyhope 2/14/2008  


annie's eyes 2/14/2008  

A string of pearls indeed. I love pearls especially because it takes strife and an irritant to make a beautiful pearl from a grain of sand. Beauty from ashes-His perfect love amazes me this day. Happy Valentine's to you!
And Jenny, (who is not from Louisiana, I am pretty sure) LAGNIAPPE - say it Lan-Yap-something free of charge, extra, a bonus. Yes, a bonus from God on this perfect sunny day in Texas. Happy, happy Valentine's filled with His perfect love. Annette

annie's eyes 2/14/2008  

Your String of Pearls would be a beautiful gift to publish, Bev. Please consider submitting some of your work. So many others that might not stop by here would be blessed.
And I am not trying to give myself two chances at the beautiful journal--wink, wink! Love you, Annette

Nise' 2/14/2008  

While I would love a string of pearls yours is much better by far and with the Love of Christ I am in need of nothing else!

Fran 2/14/2008  

Much love to you this day thru the sweet, loving Name of Jesus!!!

May His love pour into your beautiful heart and His glory shine through you. May your day be filled with complete gratitude and joy for your Lord. May His presence be so sweet and tender today. And, may you spread His love to all that come your way.

Love you dear friend.
Blessings and peace,

Mary Lou 2/14/2008  

Oh Bev, If I lived near you I would come and give you a big hug. consider yourself hugged. I agree with Annette, this post needs to be published. It is so beautiful and expresses His heart thru your heart. I wrote out a lover letter to Him this morning while I was doing my Prayer Portions study,it blessed my heart and then I go online and He blesses me again thru you. He also gave me a verse last night concerning a hard thing we are having to deal with and I praise Him for His word and for His servants such as you. The string of pearls out of His word is far more beautiful than any that can be bought(though I do love my pearls). I love His pearls far more. Blessings on your day. May the Sonshine of His love be all over you today.

Laura 2/14/2008  

Dear One, Your words are so sweet on this Valentine's Day! Thank you for drawing me closer to the One that I love, my True Prince! You are a precious gem for sharing that string of pearls. I have never heard of anything like it, and I love it! Bless you, Bev!

Shonda 2/14/2008  

Lots of love to you on this sweet day. I love the string of pearls and agree with Annie--publish!

Blessings in Christ-

Patty 2/14/2008  

Happy Valentine's Day Bev! I have to share something with you. Yesterday I drove my son (3 1/2 hours) to visit with his girlfriend and family. I can't tell you how many Fed-Ex trucks we saw and I have seen so many today and my son asked me why I was laughing when I saw a Fed-Ex truck. I told him your story and blessing. He loved it!! Every time I see one I think of you!! Have a blessed day!!

Lelia Chealey 2/14/2008  

We frequent the same blogs & I came by the other day, but my computer wouldn't let me comment for some reason.
Loved your post. I just started this same prayer journal. It is awesome. If I'll win I'll definitely pass it on to a friend of mine.
Many Blessings~

He Knows My Name 2/14/2008  

happy valentine's day bev. you are such a blessing. <3 you! ~janel

Ang baylis 2/14/2008  

What a beautiful post on this Valentine's Day! I agree with Annette, you must publish this! So much love to you, Bev! You are a blessing to so many, especially me!
I LOVE pearls!
Thank you for sharing this with me!
Angie xoxo

Toknowhim 2/14/2008  

Happy Valentine's Day my friend. I have not been blogging as much (or at least visiting other blogs) so I have missed talking with you. Let me say, first that your answers to my questions today on my site were amazing. I loved all of your answers, and loved your explanation about the conflict question. You have been blessed with wisdom Bev!!!

I then came over to your blog to find this awesome post. I think this is the best post I have read of yours so far. You get it Bev... You understand that Jesus is life, and He is really what we need...only Him. You also have such a grasp on His great love. I at times find it hard to accept the love that He so freely gives... Thank you for the reminder.

You are precious, and if I ever knew a Proverbs 31 woman... you are her :) Much love today and in the days to come...

Denise 2/14/2008  

Thank you.......... She is a precious friend of 30 years....... I know she is in good hands but I will miss her so when she is gone.....

Julie 2/14/2008  

Bev, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the string of pearls.


Lindsee 2/14/2008  

Okay, Miss Bev-

I started remembering the numbers of your "pearls" up there that spoke to me...but then I lost count. Oh my gosh, so good for my heart to hear today. Especially #5 and #6...I will wait on the Lord. Amen!

Yes, I think they do have a steve and berrys in Dallas. Go click on there website, that I linked on mine, and it gives you locations! I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they do. :) That would be a fabulous gift!

And the kiddos loved their pencils. Seriously. I got a huge kick out of it!

I love you, Miss Bev. Your wisdom , knowledge and encouragement are a tremendous example to me.

I hope you've had a fabulous valentines day! I just got back from the Steven Curtis Chapman concert with my little brother and some of his highschool buds. Fun time!!

Much love,


jennyhope 2/15/2008  

you are so precious and happy valentines. i left you something on my blog!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God 2/15/2008  

You have know idea how much I have been holding onto our precious Lord.. His string of Pearls!!

Your words are precious..

btw, my blog for Laced w Grace doesn't post until 3 am the next day.. so it's up now... you are so funny

love ya

Sharon 2/15/2008  

Thank you for this. I needed to be reminded often of my place in Him and His love for me.

I pray you had a love filled day.
And yes, I am S.B.

BethAnne 2/15/2008  

I can SOOOOOO picture Lifeway advertising "A String of Pearls" to give as a gift!!!! I love this. I know people probably tell you this all the time, but you are such a sweetheart!

Cyndi 2/15/2008  

What a beautiful strand of "pearls"! As I read your post I was reminded of my shopping trip to pick up Valentines gifts for my three blessings. Two were fairly easy, but the oldest (almost 15) was very hard to buy for. And as I walked and walked and walked trying to come up with something for this young man, God spoke to me that His love was greater than any gift I could buy. I was reminded of how crazy things have been in our lives lately and that I needed to hold on to His love and show His love to my husband and children, that was the greatest gift I could give. Such a peace came over me as I shopped. That's why I was having trouble shopping for my son, he needs even more love at this age than any more things. God's love shown thru his mother is the better gift I can give.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Gina @Chats With an "Old Lady" 2/15/2008  

Thanks, Bev.
You are a blessing!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) 2/15/2008  

I love this string of beautiful and touched a part of my heart that was in need of being touched. Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!


MrsProverbs31 2/15/2008  


Thanks for stopping by my blog. And, thanks for the nice comment you left there.

Thanks for the encouragment you blog on Valentine's day-you took the time to cut us each a piece of God's pie. How nice. God bless you.

Collecting 2/15/2008  

I made a link back to you and hope that this is alright. I am a new blogger. I came to you by the way of another blog. I'm thankful that many women and men do post about Our Lord Jesus Christ...and all over the world it does go. What a day and time we live in. That the Lord has made for us to travel in the speed of this fast web. Thanks for letting the Lord use you to bless others...
Be safe in Jesus!
Love to you!

Karen 2/15/2008  

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your sweet words. What a beautiful valentine blessing.

CrownLaidDown 2/15/2008  

Yesterday I was up to my ears in work, so I missed this blessing. I'm SO GLAD I came by today...for every day with the LORD is Valentine's Day!

Love you much,

Denise 2/16/2008  

Your string of Pearls blessed my heart........ thank you....... I am so sorry that I have not been able to participate in the bible study...Life gets in the way.... also

When you get a minutes head over to my blog .... We have finished the Tee shirt contest and now is time to vote..... so hop over to my Samaritan Women and click on my Sew The Word and VOTE.......

It will be fun to see who wins and the shirt that will follow.......

Michelle Bentham 2/17/2008  

Though I missed the prayer journal, I would like to thank you for the string of pearls. They are beautiful.

Blessings, Friend.

twinkle 2/24/2008  

Beautiful! Loved your paraphrase AND the idea of them being a "string of pearls." So inspiring...

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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