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Below is a post from my precious daughter, Brooke, and yes I just pulled it right off her sweet blog. Didn't want you to miss it! Brooke delivered the items you bought for the orphans in Thailand on this very morning. One line she wrote had me just sobbing---the line was this: "many of them don't own their own things." Can you imagine not having one single thing that belongs to you? Well, they do now. Look at this precious baby in the bucket with the very first thing he owns, a ball. Soccer balls, and shirts, and sandals, and...just read on and be blessed! And, even more than that, you brought them something more that they cannot touch but they can taste, a taste of a big God.

We cannot thank you enough to those of you who sent $10 to sponsor an orphan at the House of Blessing and pray for their precious God-given life. God is so very near to these little ones, His orphans. James 1:27.

Here is what Brooke posted on her blog. It's Would you go to Brooke's blog and leave her a comment as well as leave one here for Britt. I'm so grateful to her for pulling this off for Britt and his friends and all of us. Here's what Brooke wrote...

Today was the big day!!! It was like Christmas in February. Excitement filled the air as we rounded the corner, driving into the House of Blessing. 123 pairs of eyes grew bigger with each glance at the gifts we brought.

This children's home houses 123 kids who are well cared for and are taught many useful things for their future along with the precious gift of God's Word. Along with a trunk I brought back from America filled with goodies (candy, underwear, art supplies, friendship bracelets made by students in Texas, pictures of people who gave money, etc.) I went shopping with my roommate to get the remaining needed items. We laughed a lot as we lugged several overflowing shopping carts through our would-be "Wal-Mart" in Thailand.

We had a ton of fun counting out 123 pairs of sandals, 123 pieces of candy (several times), 123 notebooks, 123 pencils, 123 toothbrushes, 123 tubes of toothpaste, 123 bars of soap, 123 balloons, etc. You get the point. We also were able to buy a bucket full of art supplies and another bucket filled with sports balls.

I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to those who gave money to help fund this project. These kids and their care-givers are so grateful for your kindness. I was able to share with them about the different families and kids who helped out. Many of them don't own their own things. They each received a gift bag with some personal goodies and picked out a pair of sandals. I shared with them that many people in America know them by name and have been praying for them. Before we passed out the goods, we all stopped as they prayed a blessing over each of the families and individuals who gave generously to them. They loved looking at the pictures of American kids and families and reading notes from some of you. I will be framing the pictures in one large frame in the next week and bringing it back to the home for them to keep.

With the remaining money given, I was able to help my house church here in Thailand purchase a new water filtering system and larger cooler/water dispenser for the home. This was a huge need they've had.

Thanks for being a blessing to these kids in Thailand! Continue to pray for them as they are encouraged to love and serve the Lord with their lives. You can also pray for the Lord to provide permanent families for them. I trust that He has an awesome plan for each one of them. He is a good Father who loves without condition.

Enjoy the pictures below of our House Church friends sorting the gifts into bags. And there is one of me explaining to the orphans where all this stuff came from. And, you'll see the orphans in line...ready to receive their gifts. Here we are hangin' out with these precious orphans:


And a huge THANK YOU to Brooke and her helpers for pulling this off for Britt on her end of things in Thailand. Brooke and Britt and I thank each of you for giving, praying, and holding the story of these orphans in your heart. Hope you hold that photo of the baby with his ball deep in your heart. And the photo of 123 orphans standing in line waiting to receive what you sent them to them. Well, it makes me want to give my stuff away. Makes me want to deal with my heart. He must increase and I must decrease. John 3:30.
123 sponsors times $10 each equals one thousand one hundred and twenty three thanks. Bev


Patty 2/10/2008  

I want to thank you for allowing me the chance to partner with you and Brooke! I loved the pictures and to see their sweet faces with their presents was priceless.May God bless you a thousand fold for giving your heart to these precious children!

jen 2/10/2008  

Oh my, those pictures are worth WAY more than a thousand words! Seeing the joy on thier faces fills my heart. Britt you did a fantastic job helping put all this together and getting sponsors! Thank you for letting us participate!

Praise and Coffee 2/10/2008  

You must be one proud Momma.
You're children are amazing.

Hugs and lots of love,

Given Grace 2/10/2008  

How amazing!!! To see the smiles on their sweet little faces is a gift in itself! Thank you so much for letting our family partner with your family!

God has been glorified! Well done good and faithful servant!!

Mary 2/10/2008  

Wow! How wonderful to have been a part of all this. Britt, thank YOU for encouraging us all to give to such a worthy cause. Those smiles are worth a million dollars.


Sharon 2/10/2008  

Wow!!!!--that was great! My heart needed that today. Thank you for allowing us the blessing of blessing these little guys.
May God continue to grow the seeds that were planted.

Thanks Britt

Van 2/10/2008  

Hi - I met you over at Laura's wellblog. You are amazing! To have read your post and then to come over here and visit. God has certainly used difficulties in your life for His glory. You have a lovely family. I loved the pictures. I too find great joy in helping children. I believe God is going to use the lives of these young ones touched by American Christians to protect our nation. We so need His grace.

Anonymous 2/10/2008  

WOW...much rejoicing that corner of the world and in heaven...I am sure!

Thanks for sharing this!

Toknowhim 2/10/2008  

Awesome!!! Your sweet daughter looks like you Bev... She looks so happy :)

It is still so funny to think of how this all began with a blog post, and soon it just took off... I loved seeing how the story unfolded..

Bev, once again you have some great kids.

Love ya!!

Fran 2/10/2008  

It was complete joy for me to do this for these children....Britt, know that we are still praying for all of them despite the ending of the "gifts." You are one fine young man and may God continue to use you mightily as one of His beloved!

Blessings and love,

connorcolesmom 2/10/2008  

I have been so blessed by this experience and this opportunity. I just tear up at the thought of these children never having anything of their own - no parents, no clothes, nothing!
It stirs my heart to tears.
Thank you Britt, Brooke and Bev for giving us a glimpse of God's grace and love!

Lindsee 2/10/2008  

Oh Mrs. Bev-

How wonderful! I loved ALL of it. I'm about to go leave a comment on Brooke's blog! (I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure we've met through Sally before!)

And, FED EX!!!!!!! Oh. My. Gosh. Praise the Good Lord. You ARE living proof of his goodness! I love it. My question, is this the second drop of from FED EX?! I remember you telling me about another one! Amazing.

Much love to you and your precious family! I love y'all and we haven't even met!


Lindsee 2/10/2008  

P.S. Just making sure you ever got my check?! When looking through my account I don't think it was ever taken out! Please tell me you got it!

Carolina Mama 2/10/2008  

Priceless! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing and I popped over to let you know I loved your comment to Lysa today! So true! Thanks and God Bless!

jaye carol 2/10/2008  

Thank you for putting forth the effort to see this dream become a reality. Thank you for allowing our family to be part of such a precious blessing. Our God is so good!!
I look forward to hear how God is going to continue to use your life in amazing ways. It is so refreshing to see young men with the compassion you have. May God continue to bless your life!

Jaye Price

Heather 2/11/2008  

Britt, thanks for allowing us to be a part of this! How fun it was to see their faces! thanks for giving us an opportunity to help! I know as a sister to a brother what it meant to your sister for you to do this as well! Those children are beautiful and I'm so glad that they are finally able to have something of their own!

BethAnne 2/11/2008  

I just love reading your blog! I always get a lift when I visit. This is absolutely beautiful. Those children are beautiful and your daughter is Jese to them and she is beautiful!

Kari 2/11/2008  

Thanks so much Bev for sharing those wonderful pictures! I am so blessed for being able to partake in this precious event!

Alana 2/11/2008  

I've been anxiously awaiting this post! And I loved every minute of it! What a beautiful time Brooke must have had with those children. Wish I could get my hands on those kiddos and give them some love. It was such a privilege to play a tiny part in this!

Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest 2/12/2008  

Thank you for sharing the photos and letting us in on a need to be filled.

You have great children with a wonderful heart.

thouartloosed 2/12/2008  

Thank you for this opportunity. I have been blessed many times over by it. I will continue to lift these children in prayer.
God bless you,

Abby 2/12/2008  

those pictures are amazing!!
what an awesome thing that is happening!!

i'm not sure about the tour dates yet...i haven't looked to see where they are and when...melissa's mom and i sort of switch off going with her (it is rather expensive to have childcare on the road and i totally understand that) so there is a chance when they are close her mom may be with her instead of me...but i will let you know as soon as i know something!!
(i do think they have a date at one of the churches in Irving...that's in the area right?!...i'll let you know)

Shari 2/13/2008  

I love, love, love stories like this. I'm so happy to see these orphans get all of these neat things. Orphans have a special place in my heart. I even made a website about How to Help the Orphans. Thanks for sharing the many pictures. They speak so many words.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home

House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
"Whoever welcomes a little child in My Name, welcomes Me." Matthew 18:5 We have posted pictures of the orphans receiving their gifts from you. Scroll down to the post entitled "Today Was the Big Day." Many orphans didn't own anything of their own, but now do, because of you.

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