Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Brookie Lies Over the Ocean

She's crossing the Pacific right now. We put her on the plane last night. I'm already having trouble this morning remembering what her face looks like. I didn't want that to happen. I cried uncontrollably as I left her presence. She is such a safe harbor to me. Such a great daughter. Such a faithful friend. Such a huge heart for her God that she has found! And, she's gone to do the will of Him who has called her half way around the world. So I unclench my fist and let her go. So, I applied to work at an airline last night to get benefits. LOL. I really did. She will be gone for another couple of years. I won't see her face. I won't be in her presence. Maybe I'll get the job. Maybe not. What does my God want?

This posted picture lingers in my mind this morning. My four kids so love music. And do I! I'll miss her playing the piano, listening to Robbie Seay in the car (she politely listened to my music, too, but I am just discovering people that have been around for ages!)... speaking of that kid...Robbie Seay so brings God to me. Have you heard him on the American Idol theme song?
Click on this link to hear his song RISE in their tv ad promoting the upcoming season for AI. Sing a Song of Hope...Sing along ...God of Heaven come down---on all of us!!! Here's the RISE song---don't you love it??? (my first attempt at a link, in case it didn't work!) Hope they include it in the show---I hope I hear somebody sing that song!
Back to Brookie 2 Shoes...she is somewhere across the Pacific Ocean as I write. This mom couldn't get enough of the Jesus in her when she was here. I'll remember laughing till I had to leave the table to avoid choking, not being able to catch my breath, at Don Pablo's. I'll remember sobbing as we sat in the Honda (we don't have a Honda anymore---you know, it's the black car) in the driveway one afternoon talking about our lives and how much we were finding God and wanted to find Him. I'll remember the moment of asking my children to forgive me for what I had done to them in my parenting---conscientious but clueless at times, wanting so much for life to work and not to miss our God. I'll remember my youngest saying---every one at this table who thinks mom did a great job with us, RAISE YOUR HAND. They all raised their hands. Some day, they'll realize how, actually they already know, how I "missed" them in their worlds. But hallelujah! we have this moment today, a redeemed moment to deal with the fray of our hearts and find HIM. For it is the kindness of our God, Romans 2:4, that leads us to repentance. Remember my girl over the Pacific today.

And the real reason I came to post is this---I waited until she left to get back on to my computer. I have been so touched by the journey we are on reading through the Bible together. I commented on my post Monday Morning, Cover to Cover to each of you who left a COMMENT. I probably left about 15 comments so if you commented on that post, you have a comment from my heart. You can go to that post and click on COMMENTS and read what I would say back to you if we were having a cup of coffee. Whew! I had a hard time getting that out.

I am going to post, probably tomorrow, what I prayed for those of you in our Cover to Cover study the first week. So, jump back again, and know that you are prayed for and loved so much this day. And pray for this mother's meltdown. The good news is that my oldest son graduated from Nebraska grad school at Christmas and moved home yesterday for about six weeks. First thing he did---tore down the wallpaper in Brooke's room and he's up there PAINTING it. And throwing stuff away---what a help to me! So thrilled to have my boy home for a few weeks before he leaves for FRANCE for good. And here we go again!
Bring back my Brookie to me...someday!


Shonda 1/09/2008  

I'm praying for you. I dont know it how it feels to send off a child--but my mother's heart is feeling for you. My friend across the street sent one off to school and another one leaves tomorrow.

I know the Lord is preparing my heart for when that day will come. I don't know though if it can be prepared.

I've been reading the assigned scriptures. So please add me to the list...I'll join in.

Lord, I pray that You comfort Bev's heart today. Rain Your peace upon her. I pray You shine on her all Your love, mercy and grace. In Jesus name, Amen.

Shonda 1/09/2008  

Lord I pray travel mercies for Brooke. I pray You charge Your angels over her. Protect her and keep her in Your loving arms. In Jesus name, Amen.

Susan 1/09/2008  

I cried, I laughed, I related. I prayed.

Hugs, sweet Bev!


Sharon 1/09/2008  

How good of our God to give you an extension of your heart.
I think I am that for my Mom.A child hates to say that but it is true. We just get each other. I love my Mom.

I hurt for you. But I am so glad that you had some good time with your girl. And how cool that her room will not be empty for a few weeks.

Looks like maybe you will be needing to do some traveling in the near future. Ever been to France? :)
Praying for you and your tender heart.

Toknowhim 1/09/2008  


I can't imagine how you must feel, but I know that you love your little Brookie. I will pray for her as she journeys back to her home (for now). Thinking of you today, and hope that Jesus fills your heart so much that the pain of missing Brooke lessens... You should be so proud of all of your kids.. What an awesome testimony they all are to our world!!

Kate 1/09/2008  

Wow...that was beautiful...first time I ever heard a mom's heart like that. left a comment on my blog...who are you? haa haa haaa just kidding. Yes, you picked the right person, and of course the "offer" is still "on." I wouldn't dare take back a blessing. I did, however, extend an invite to one other person who isn't sure if she can do it. Sorry, hope you like to share...I'm just so excited, but I promise we won't be water packed in a can...I'll stop now. Woo Hoo, I was a little nervous you wouldn't accept, but am so glad you did!

Kate 1/09/2008  

oops...yeah, I can't make up my mind what I want to be...I think I'll stick with Stuff & Stuff a not to confuse the world of blog.

SWEET...Merry We'll be!!!

Linda B 1/09/2008  

You make me miss my mom and love my sons even more than I thought I could. You are a poet and a precious person. Mark Bubel and I love reading your blog. Thank you.

jen 1/09/2008  

Praying for you sweet friend. I am sorry I missed the first week :( With everything so crazy from our virus scare it was hard to do much more than pray for healing for the boys and myself. But I am playing catch up and WOW! God rocks! :)

connorcolesmom 1/09/2008  

He is moving to France!!
Oh my you might need that job at the airlines :)
I will pray for Brook and remember her daily as she is doing God's work over there. What a blessing she is to so many. I pray that I can boast of my children and their love for God as you can.
What a wonderful God!
I need to pick your brain about parenting b/c you have done an amazing job!
God bless you my sweet friend!

Fran 1/09/2008  

"Oh sweet loving Jesus. Would you just put your gentle arms around our beloved Bev and wrap her in complete peace? Lord, would you give her a sense of joy for her daughter, Brooke, that she knows only comes fromm you? Fill her, God, with that joy of where Brooke is and what she is doing.
Lord, she is doing YOUR work. She is bringing Jesus to others that would never know you! HALLELUJAH!

Lord, please protect her with that mighty hedge that you can. Protect her physically, mentally, spiritually in all that she does.

May Bev be in a place with you every day that is so real, so full of love, so eager to just "be and know" that you are God. God of the universe!! Let her grasp again the magnitude of Who you are and what you are doing specifically for her that day.

In that mighty name of Jesus,

connorcolesmom 1/09/2008  

I have something for you on my blog :)

Nise' 1/09/2008  

I feel your Mother's heart as I am in that stage as well. One out on her own and another one wanting to fly the coop. Mine are not as far away as yours (oh I can't imagine).

Mamacita 1/09/2008  

Dear Bev,
I can only imagine what you are feeling. I feel so much for you and want you to know that I am praying for you. Your heart for God and your family is so sweet. I had to smile through the tears as I read that you went to apply at the airline. That so sounds like something I would do!!
God bless you.

Jen 1/09/2008  

Hi Bev!

What a sweet sweet post that was. I must tell you though, as I was reading it, I caught myself singing "My Broooookie lies over the ocean..... my Brooookie lies over the sea..." and Grant said "WHAT are you SINGING?"


Hope that can cheer you up a bit!


Alana 1/09/2008  

Oh, my heart aches for you! I can only imagine what that will be like someday. Enjoy the time with your son for now, though. Why is he going to France and for how long?

Denise 1/09/2008  

I cried...... I miss my son so..... so I know how your heart hurts....... I pray that the Father shelters your heart... and hovers over you like a hen over her chicks......(I learned that was in the bible a few years ago) I find that the older I get the harder I pray for my two sons.. I know that one day I will need to go and I need to know that one day they will join me..........

great big hug for you today...........

Lindsee 1/10/2008  

You are such a precious Mom. Your love for them absolutely overflows! Praying for your Brooke now that she's headed back!

And yes, I have heard of Robbie Seay. He actually is from Houston!! I am so glad you were introduced to him and are encouraged by him! I'll have to go to iTunes and get his CD. :)

Much love to you!


(P.S. Be looking in the mail, you should be recieving something any day now!)

Praise and Coffee 1/10/2008  

Big hugs friend!!

I know your heart is hurting and joyful all at the same time.
Wish I could be there with ya!
The Lord has all of you right in the palm of His hand.

Bev Brandon 1/10/2008  

Linda & Mark - oh my goodness!!! my Florida buddies!!! So thrilled you posted a comment. Tried to find you online but can't. You and Mark always enjoy my stories and it means so much to me that you laugh with The Brandons who are always up to something, right? Hope district is going well for Daniel. Not good for us, so far. Lost two district games by one play. Should have considered your offer to move in to your mom's house. Britt is doing well though. Stay in touch and comment from time to time---don't be silent! I like hearing from you guys!!!! Missing you...

jaye carol 1/10/2008  

This is Jaye, Ryan Price's mom. I know to well what you are feeling at this very moment. The only thing that helps is knowing that so many people are praying for Brooke and the Lord will be faithful to answer those prayers. I never thought about applying for a job with the airlines, great idea.

It amazes me how much we have in common. Our middle son moved to France for a year. It was a very testing time for me.

The one thing I have learned from our Lord sending my kids all over the world, that is "what true FAITH is". We just think we know until we have to totally trust Him with our precious children. All of a sudden we have no control over protecting them. Something we have spent their entire lives doing.

Hang in there, you know as well as I do that it does get better. It is just hard to turn loose again. I'm so thankful our children are willing to GO and DO what the Lord has called them to do. Not all children are that obedient. Blessings always follow obedience!

Please know that I will be praying for Brooke and you!


Bev Brandon 1/10/2008  

Fran, You said the word "beloved"---oooohhh! I so want that to sink deep in my heart this year...I am His beloved daughter and that changes everything!

Bev Brandon 1/10/2008  

Kim, my son is a professional athlete. He has been invited to compete on a team in France. They will fly him over there in a few short weeks...

Bev Brandon 1/10/2008  

Jaye, Your son Ryan in Africa is amazing!!! What a huge heart for His God. Ryan has found what we hope for all of our children---intimacy with his Lord. I'll try to find your site.

connorcolesmom 1/10/2008  

I don't know what happened this morning but I am praying for you. Call me if you need to :)
God loves you sweet friend and so do I!!

Anonymous 1/10/2008  

Sorry that I couldn't post a comment until now but I have been praying for you...your tender mother's heart....I am just beginning to feel the releasing process as my oldest will graduate high school this year...
I could not relate when my own mom said that she missed my brother and me so much when we went off to college...somehow I thought she would have just heaved a sigh of I am bit by bit getting it...there is a lot of sighing involved but different kinds.

May all your sighing be to Him and may He whisper back with His tender comfort and love and acceptance.


jennyhope 1/10/2008  

Bev, I just cried with you seriously. I cant even imagine what a blessing but how stinking hard it must be. Also, I know you are a good mom and you have even had time to mother me a little. We all love you so much. I am so proud of you!

Janelle 1/11/2008  

I hopped over from Alana's blog. She said really wonderful things about you in her post tonight.

I can't even imagine what you are feeling right now. My kids are so little that I don't see a day that far in the future. But I know it will come fast.

It sounds like you have wonderful children that know the Lord. So it is all going to be OK.

Anonymous 1/11/2008  

Hi Bev!
Had to come over and meet you after Alana's wonderful words about you. :) I enjoyed visiting and look forward to getting to know you.

We live in Japan----where was your daughter flying to?

I pray that the Lord will comfort you and keep Brooke under the shadow of His wing while she is apart from you.

Grace to you.

Fran 1/11/2008  

Praying for you today Bev. Can I just tell you that I literally opened my Bible to find you a scripture and honest to goodness that landed in my lap....

Deut. 33:12 "Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the LORD loves rests between his shoulders."

LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I pray this for you today.
Lots of hugs,

Crystal 1/11/2008  

What an awesome post!! I've just had time to stop by and read what's been going on with you lately! I pray that Brooke made it safely and that God give you the comfort and peace that He promises us when we lay it at His feet! My sister will be traveling to Thailand over the next few days and will be there until Feb 2, then will return to China. I have some exciting news that I posted over on my blog. It's from a few days back, so you might have to search, but I wanted to share it with you!

Anonymous 1/11/2008  

Dear Aunt Bev,
Just to let ya'll know I love your blog! And also that Brooke was such a blessing here in WA, and we enjoyed the time with her immensely. She was - and is - a gift from God. And I'm sure Gramps loved the time also!
Love you!
-Corrie (from the Distant Land of Washington) :D

Bev Brandon 1/11/2008  

Oh my goodness, it's our Corrie!!! Thanks so much for stopping by sweet Corrie. Brooke loved her time with you ALL even though she was severely jet lagged. Uncle Bob & I send our love to you and your family and to Gramps! Brookie made it back safely to Thailand with 183 pounds of stuff in her suitcases. Praying we can come for a visit REAL SOON. Please tell your mom I said hello and thanks for taking such good care of Brooke. All our Love, Aunt Bev

jennyhope 1/12/2008  

i saw where you were picked on the daily dose or you would have been my first choice. I AM DYING LAUGHING about the baby in the blanket is on!!! LOL!!!

Toknowhim 1/12/2008  


Thanks for stopping by leaving your answers to "Know & Tell"... Your testimony is amazing...amazing in the fact that God has healed you from all the very deeply painful things in your past (I am sorry all those things happened to you :( ... It is no wonder how you are able to minister to so many women. I see that the women in the blogosphere (me included) have already been touched by knowing you.. I can imagine that there are so many other people (your family especially) that you minister to everyday in your life.

You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Gina 1/12/2008  



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