Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dancing with my God in Houston

On my way to Houston this morning as soon as the sleeting weather clears. Last year, I had an awesome opportunity of being a part of a group of women at a conference in Seattle that was simply life changing. Met some courageous women there. We are meeting up again in Houston for the next few days. We'll be taking a look at Larry Crabb's course on connecting with others on a heart level. I've been through the course a couple of times, so invited to dance with my God. That's from a C.S. Lewis quote where he said he didn't want to be disrespectful but it was the only way Lewis could describe the joy that came for him. There are 12 DVD's in this series if you ever get a chance to take a look at it. The titles are so intriguing:

God-obsession v. Self-obsession
Think Passion - what's happening in you
Think Vision - what is God doing?
Think Story - learning to listen well
Dancing with God into the life of our spouse
Dancing with God into the lives of our children
It's a call to joy---our longing for our great God. Thank you again for praying for my health, I have awakened this morning feeling a whole better. Not quite 100% over the walking pneumonia but my cough feels 100% better.

The Bible uses a number of metaphors to describe our relationship with God. I have thought long and hard this past year about where I am in my walk and where I long to be with my LORD. My beautiful God has been such a Friend to me this past year. The other day, I ran across an excerpt from the book, Journey of Desire. John Eldredge has put words to those ascending stages we experience with our beautiful God. Eldredge put words to the metaphors in the Bible of our love relationship with our God. You know, I may not always agree with the theology of authors I read, but I am stirred by this guy's writings. So where are you this icy sleeting morning? Wonder where we would put our warm level of relationship with our God. And, it kind of helps me understand where others are, as well. Here's what Eldredge said about the ascending levels of relating to our God:

Potter and clay. At this level we are merely aware that our lives are shaped—even broken—by a powerful hand. There isn’t much communication, just the sovereignty of God at work.

Shepherd and sheep. At this stage we feel provided for, watched over, cared about. But beyond that, a sheep has little by way of true intimacy with the Shepherd. They are altogether different creatures.

Master and servant. Many, many believers are stuck in this stage, where they are committed to obey, but the relationship is mostly about receiving orders and instructions and carrying them out.

Father and child. This is certainly more intimate than being a servant; children get the run of the house, they get to climb on Daddy’s lap. These fortunate souls understand God’s fatherly love and care for them. They feel “at home” with God.

Friends. This stage actually opens up a deeper level of intimacy as we walk together with God, companions in a shared mission. We know what’s on his heart; he knows what’s on ours. There is a maturity and intimacy to the relationship.

Bridegroom and bride (lovers). Here, the words of the Song of Songs could also describe our spiritual intimacy, our union and oneness with God.
Madame Guyon wrote, “I love God far more than the most affectionate lover among men loves his earthly attachment.”
See you on Monday Morning for Cover to Cover. You are invited to join 23 of us who are reading through the Bible together chronologically and praying its truths. This past week we have been reading Gen 22 through 39 (and a few other verses---see reading calendar on my left sidebar). So stop by on Monday, and leave a comment about what your beautiful God is stirring in your heart as you read His Word. We would LOVE for you to post your own Cover to Cover of what lingers with you from your God. Post on Monday morning on your blog and link us up. It has been a sweet but short journey with you. I've been so touched by the God in you already, rising up, giving strength and courage for our paths. Even new repentant paths. Have a great weekend! I so look forward to seeing your sweet comments on Monday's Cover to Cover.


Nise' 1/25/2008  

So glad that you are going. Take it easy and do not over-tire yourself will all the dancing. Continuing to pray for a speedy recovery.

annie's eyes 1/25/2008  

I'm dancing, too. I cannot wait to see you at Starbucks. You have my prayers, dear Bev, for each of you to enjoy the fellowship and to go to the altar with Him as Bride and Bridegroom this weekend and know His healing and intimacy to the deepest level! I love John Elderidge and his wisdom, too. Safe travels and love, annie

Susan 1/25/2008  

Covering you in prayer this morning, Bev and this weekend. Have a wonderful, God-enriched weekend. Can't wait to hear ALL ABOUT IT when you return!
Love ya.

Patty 1/25/2008  

Praise God that you are feeling better and are able to go to Houston! I have prayed for you and and about Houston all week! This is a GodStop.
Have a blessed time and if I lived in the area I would go to the taping with you!

Shonda 1/25/2008  

I'm glad you're able to go for this retreat. I'll continue to pray for your health. I'm praying for a safe trip--travel mercies.

Oh thanks for the invite, unfortunately I wont be able to make it. If I were closer...

This teaching of the Word of God sounds fabulous. I want to have a closer intimate relationship with my Lord.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings in Christ--

Alana 1/25/2008  

Have a wonderful weekend!! So glad you are feeling better.

Thanks so much for sharing the levels of intimacy with God. I really enjoyed reading those and pondering where my place is in that list!

Mary Lou 1/25/2008  

Praise the Lord! Praying travel mercies in the bad weather. Praying for you and the others...May God speak to each heart and may each of you grow in Him this week end....May He protect you in the weather and may He protect your health and keep you safe and on the road to full recovery.

Sharon 1/25/2008  

Be careful and have a refreshing weekend.

Julie 1/25/2008  

Bev, Have a wonderful trip.

I wish I were in DFW to go to hear John Eldredge with you. I have heard him live twice and it is SO worth it.
The way he presents the relationship with God is stunning.


Fran 1/25/2008  

I'm hoping that your weekend is just full of EVERYTHING!! Can't wait to hear about it. Praying for your health, your travels, and your fun!

Love you friend~

Laura 1/25/2008  

Dearest Bev,
So glad you are on the mend! I have been praying faithfully for your recovery. Oh, how I wish I wasn't stuck up here in cold, cold West Virginia and could go to hear John Elderidge speak with you! He is really an amazing man, with such a powerful message of love. Well...just wanted to check on you and say hi. I'll pray for your conference, sounds like a special time. Blessings!

Denise 1/25/2008  

have a great time and I am glad that you are well enough to make that trip..... there is nothing like being in a room full of happy women just enjoying the pressence of the Lord.......... enjoy and renew..........

Barbara 1/27/2008  


helenw13 1/27/2008  

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and that you are feeling refreshed spritually, emotionally and physically.


Miss G 1/30/2008  

Bev, I just read your comment over at engage the journey about driving back from Houston and having the college kid tow you. It really struck me not only at the Providence of our Great God but because I too drove back from Houston this weekend and while the kid who helped you I'm sure wasn't my cousin (none of them drive white trucks) I have several college aged guy cousins who would do that sort of thing. God is good! Kelly

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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