Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'll give you a Drink in your Desert



Do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in your desert.
I'll provide the water.
I'll give you a drink in your desert, my chosen one.
For I formed you for MYSELF that you may

Isaiah 43: 19-21

Wow. I'm in a desert. I don't perceive what my good God is doing.
But I'll look for that drink.
Isn't it amazing He calls us chosen. Formed for HIMSELF.

There are ten of us who are reading the Bible "Cover to Cover" (see post below if you'd like to join us) and today we read Genesis 4-6. As I read the verses, my mind went to preschool days with my children. My oldest daughter, a tad-bit shy, was sandwiched between an older brother who was a "take charge" conquer-the-world person at three years old and her younger sister who never met a stranger and knows someone in every state in the US of A and a few other countries, too. Brooke never had a lot of opportunity to speak because the other two always were talking. We were out shopping and I prompted Brooke that I was going to ask her to say "goodbye" to a store owner at a shop we frequented. I told her I'd look straight at her and invite her to say goodbye. As we left the store, I turned to Brooke and said "Would you like to say something nice to Miss Shirley?" (I missed the cue card.) Older brother, never at a loss for words, chimed in immediately and quoted Genesis 4:7 to the shop owner. So, I leave you this freezing Texas night with the verse Barrett nicely said in his little preschooler tone to a lady we barely knew. It was in our reading today and it made me reminisce of precious preschool days when you never know what they'll do next. Barrett blurted: "Sin is crouching at your door. It desires to have you, but you must master it." Genesis 4:7.

Don't dwell on the past, Bev. That would be my sin tonight. Repent.
I formed you for MYSELF. That would be my sin thinking I was here to live for this world.
You are my chosen one. That would be my sin thinking someone else is better fit for the job than me. Such lack of confidence.
Sin is at our door. And we have the Holy Spirit to help us, another Counselor.

If you are in our area tomorrow night, drop by for a New Year's Open House (that's for you Michelle and Claire and Lauren and Hayley!!!!) in honor of shy Brooke who has become a beautiful young woman, serving as a missionary, in love with her beautiful God. She so honors Him.


Patty 1/03/2008  

I wrote 2 pages of notes on the reading today! I am already having fun reading God's Word with you all!!

I have an award for you. Please visit and see what it is!!


annie 1/03/2008  

That's too funny about Barrett. When Greg was little and went to the Communion altar railing, he looked up at the priest and said, "Dat beer?" No Genesis 4:7 or anything! I was such a proud mama. That verse struck me today in our reading as well. Beth often says to look for firsts in Scripture, and I think that is our first instruction on how to handle sin and our first warning. Sorry, I know Mondays are reserved for the study, but since you mentioned it...:)

jennyhope 1/03/2008  

LOL that he quoted that verse. That is so hilarious. I bet she took that as a word of warning. Oh and I read that last night and I always feel like it should be in a movie scene. Also, the verse about not dwelling on the past spoke so much to me this week. I am like Lord is this verse for me? Are you going to do a new thing? Help me to not dwell on the past.
MORGAN IS STILL AWAKE. Not sure what time zone you are on but it is 1:28AM she is supposed to go to school tomorrow but I feel guilty since she hasnt even gone to bed. I really need more grace. This is getting VERY old! I have not had ONE second to myself in days.

Susan 1/03/2008  

You have the most wonderful children, Bev. I know that you know it and are thankful for it!
Love u.

Heather 1/03/2008  

I love these verses in Isaiah. It reminds me that God can always do something with whatever we have done in our lives. That as long as we come back to him he is always willing to take us back in. we can never get too far out of his reach.

Alana 1/03/2008  

Oh, I wish I could be at that open house! What a privilege that would be.

The story about Barrett has me in stitches! So funny.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me!

helenw13 1/03/2008  

Oh they say...out of the mouths of babes...

I love the scripture in Isaiah...I pray that your open house is loads of fun and a great way to honor your daughter...wish I wasn't "stuck" in the Oregon rain...or I'd drop by...


Kate McDonald 1/03/2008  

You are so encouraging! I am glad we've had the chance to meet!

Fran 1/03/2008  

Oh, out of the mouth of our babes!!
Its scary sometimes when they speak!

Tell Brooke that Fran in TN gives her hugs and love through my heart as y'all celebrate her work and enjoy just being together!

I'm loving the reading. I am taking notes with each read and love what happens to stand out at that particular moment. Thank you for praying for me.

Hugs and love~

Sharon 1/03/2008  

That is too funny!
Wish I was going to be in the area for your get together.

Thank you for posting the reading on your side bar. I got a little confused at the other site.

Have a great get together.

Teri 1/03/2008  

I wish I lived in your area, I love to celebrate people who have given up their lives to serve the Lord.

Thanks for being so real on your blog. I am so attracted to authentic lovers of Jesus. Life isn't always pretty...but as Beth Moore said on her blog yesterday..."Not one ounce of pain will be purposeless and not one inch of progress has to be joyless." I love this quote. God has us in His grip...even in the midst of the desert. I pray the River of Living Water will flow over you, meeting your every thirst. May His peace be ever present as He ministers over you!

Mamacita 1/04/2008  

I really, really love your blog. It is so very uplifting as you share your thoughts about God with us. I am so glad I 'discovered' you! :)

Michelle Bentham 1/04/2008  

I just read your post... so the good news is - I got your invitation, the bad news is... its a day late!

But, since we are not dwelling on the past, I will look for new opportunities.


P. S. I did an interesting thing with Genesis 1 - I will email you about it later. I am off to rest before taking my girls shopping. I woke before the rooster and have been out on an errand and back again.

Lisa 2/07/2008  


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