Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'll Be Home for Christmas

I am crying just posting her picture! She's been gone for 19 months. Missionary in Thailand. Let me catch my breath...9 more days and she's HOME for Christmas. Hurry home, Brookie!
Brooke is okay from her accident. They had to stitch up her chin and her arm. She goes to a "jaw specialist" today---what is that? Brookie said that her "mothers" in Thailand have kept close watch on her ---all 50 of them. There's 84 volunteer teachers at Grace International, the school where she teaches---ISN'T THAT AMAZING!!! So, she's in good hands.

Brooke flipped over the handlebars of the motorbike and landed on concrete while trying to negotiate a turn where she had lost control of the bike. Instead of applying the brakes, she applied the gas propelling her onto her head. Uh oh! Must be in the genes. When my three children were newborn, one year old, and two years old, I applied the gas instead of the brakes while trying to exit the pediatrician's office parking lot. I took down the 6-foot concrete sign that had been a mainstay of their practice AND a beautiful magnolia tree like 100 years old, not really, but it was something sturdy like that. Hey, I had just delivered a baby and it was my first car trip out! I'm so grateful God protects us from ourselves, cause we all make mistakes. I am so glad that her accident (and mine too!) didn't cause any lasting damage. I'm sure some of you have applied your foot to the gas thinking it was the brake. Haven't you? Tell me I'm not alone! My sixteen-year-old just did it this week driving with me but caught it instantly. Okay, you're probably saying right now, "Watch out for the Brandons!"
I asked Brooke if she had plastic surgery done on her face to which she went into a roaring fit of laughter for a few minutes. Evidently, they don't have plastic surgeons in the hospital where she was in Chiang-Mai. Brooke said that her roommate told her (Brooke was a little out of it during the stitches!) that the table they used to stitch her up was quite dirty. Oh my! Continue to pray for her healing.

This mom just wants to say thanks so much for praying for my girl who will touch on Texas turf in ten days. This mom is deeply touched by all of you---faithful bloggers---who have expressed such kindness to me and my family. This has been, by far, the most difficult year of my life. And, my beautiful God has shown up for me through you. I read I Samuel 3: 1-8 in my Quiet Time this morning. Samuel didn't recognize it was God calling out to him. Sometimes, I don't realize what my beautiful God is doing in my life. But, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. I am a little more free than I have ever been. I can't thank Him enough for doing this for me---the unexpected unannounced unbelievable...a new community of blogging friends who have stirred my soul deeply.


Alana 12/12/2007  

What a pleasure it has been. You are SUCH a blessing to me.

I'm so happy for you and your family to have Brooke home! What a Merry Christmas that will be!

Susan 12/12/2007  

Oh, PUH-LEEZE, Bev! YOU are the blessing to me! You and your amazing family. I love the picture of you and Miss Brooke. What gorgeous children you have. Can I just say that ALL of the children just seem to be more beautiful these days than when I was a gawky, buck-toothed kid?
In any are raising an incredible family and it is clear that they, too, adore you!
Love u.

Fran 12/12/2007  

The day that girl hits Texas turf I want to hear you screaming for joy all the way here in Tennessee!!! Because then I'll just scream right there with ya!!

I can't imagine how your momma's heart has felt and feels every day knowing your girl is so far away.
But, that is where the beauty of God comes in and does His thing!

I will keep praying. I count down with you. I will rejoice and cry with you on that day!

I love ya~ Thanks for blessing me to death through every word you say.

annie 12/12/2007  

I am so glad you heard from your Brooke. Now to get her home and in your arms again. Your post was such good news as I prayed again for you this evening. I know you can't wait. My oldest, Greg, is driving tomorrow from Florida to Houston in some rather nasty weather. He got new tires, but it's about 20 hours. Please pray for safe travel for him also. I can't wait for him to be home! Linds doesn't get to come home until Tuesday, as UT has their finals so LATE! Then, they'll all be in the nest for a few days. How about yours--all home for Christmas? What a day it will be! Love, annie

CrownLaidDown 12/12/2007  

Ah, and if the Son sets you free, sweet one, you ARE Free INDEED!

Love you much and covet those prayers! The pediatrician's office story made me laugh :)

Bev Brandon 12/12/2007  

You know my computer C R A S H E D. The laptop is no longer W I R E L E S S. And there are S T R A N G E things happening around here like...
1. i was on Lisa, the PW, reading her blog, and she freaked me out cause it was dated August 21, 2008 & I thought I was about to miss you know what for a quick second...then S O P H I E pops up w/o touching anything with boomama's post about buying cream cheese for 98 cents. where am I?
2. i tried to read annette's sweet remarks and my header keeps changing---this isn't the header i put up LOL...wonder where it came from?? LOL
3. i think i e-mailed boomama 25 times about that christmas tour link but actually there was a problem with her computer, it was always B L A N K, she wanted to know about my IE---what's that?
4. computers are hysterical but wait a minute, i am the one who set up seven blogs cause I could never figure out how to get started posting so i'd just start another son thought the computer operator was pretty hilarious...who in the world am i even commenting to right now? myself??? I think i better go to bed..

Deborah 12/13/2007  

Wow what a wonderful family of God you guys are, so nice to have stumbled on your blog. I will be back again to read. love alway Deborah

Toknowhim 12/13/2007  

So happy for you that your Brooke is coming home, and that she is doing ok after her accident... I get the feeling that Brooke is a lot like her mom :) (and that is a compliment)

Blessings to you as you count down the days...

Sharon 12/13/2007  

I am so glad that she is o.k.
I know you can't wait to wrap her up in your arms. Soon!
I am so glad that so many of the children have been "adopted".
I pray all the rest of them are snatched up before she goes back.
She will have fun shopping.
Praying you will hear His voice loud and clear today.

Gina 12/13/2007  

Praise God that Brooke is doing so well...AND that she'll be home for Christmas. She is a cutie!!!


Toknowhim 12/13/2007  


I bought my ticket to the Siesta event in August of next year. I don't know if it will work out for sure, but I bought it (didn't want tickets to sell out) in hopes it will all come together. So if things work out I will get to meet you in person next year :)

Amy 12/14/2007  

I thought I had left a comment on this post but alas I cannot see it!

Know that I am praying for your precious girl! Just remember when you hug her to let her have a little breathing room ;o)

I cannot begin to understand what you go through having her so far away, but I do know the love a mother has for her babies! I have three wonderful, amazing gifts from God!

Hugs to you for a great weekend!

Abby 12/14/2007  

ahh!!! yay for your girl coming home!!!! :) i know you are so stinkin' excited!!!! :D

and yes, i have done the gas/brake thing before...luckily i didn't hit anything...but it has happened before..

praying for her full recovery!! (and no weird infections!!)

Lindsee 12/15/2007  

You and your girl are precious! So glad she's OK!!! :)

Much love,


P.S. Are you and your crew doing Breaking Free next semester?!

Fran 12/15/2007  

My wonderful friend Bev. I sent you a Christmas card this week. And, I sent it to the same address I sent my check. You are a wonderful friend and I just didn't feel right not sending you one.

Thank you for your kind, kind words. I've said before, you bless me to no end anytime I read your words.

And, how many days til that sweet Brooke comes home?! Praying~

I love ya~

Sharon 12/15/2007  

Good to know someone else is having header problems. My ladies have all "butt" disappeared.
I do hope all of them come back at some point.
When I tried to fix them they all appeared with an extra 50 pounds apiece.
Someone commented that the ladies had back. :)

He Knows My Name 12/15/2007  

bev - i am so relieved for you that brooke is fine and you will see her in a few days.

i absolutely amen your freedom you have. we get to a point in our lives and we just have to break free of all the strongholds that tie us to this place called earth because we want to be free of the bondage we just seem to accummulate over the years. those stinkin strongholds come in so many shapes and sizes, don't they.

if i can mention two that have grabbed me since my fathers homegoing. i was faced with the ugliness of wanting my dad's approval all my life and having him die really not having it clearly demonstrated. then the stronghold of having some momento that i could hang on to of his and seeing my other siblings want these things more than i. i am resting in my heavenly Fathers love for me and not putting priority in the things that are just things. i am still in process of these two i mentioned. there is more but i just wanted to say God has been right there in His word absolutely calming me when i have cried out to him and i truly experienced freedom. He is so good. if i want 2008 to have a theme you hit the nail on the head and it would be freedom.

God Bless You. ~janel

He Knows My Name 12/15/2007  

i just read in fran's blog comments are to be 1-2 sentences?! sorry about my last comment. let's just call it a...a commentary as in book. i better read up on blog etiquette soon.

:) janel

Kristin 12/16/2007  

Hi Bev. I've been busy with a sick boy, but I guessed it , right!? You are so precious to ME! Thank you for continuing to come back and encourage me time and time again! The words you have make me feel so loved by you and by my God as I know he continues to direct you to me. You speak rich blessings over me and yet you hardly know me. It is the love of God through you and you touch me so. I prayed for years for God to send a mentor into my life and he is using you to encourage me in my walk with him. To let me know that He delights in me when I can't understand why. So glad that Brooke is coming home. That was the cry of my heart after the accident for God to bring her home to heal. Enjoy your time with her!
Love you ~ Kristin

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