Saturday, December 8, 2007

Please Lift Me from the Ash Heap and other Random Ramblings...

Brooke had a motorbike accident in Thailand today. She was driving and lost control making a turn; she flipped over the handlebars sending her straight to the ER. Stitches in her chin and arm, and a messed up jaw. Pray that she is protected from any staph infection from her hospital visit. This mom didn't think it was a good idea for missionaries to ride motorcycles when she sent this pic last year in shorts and no shoes. Brooke will be home for Christmas. Lights are up. Trees decorated. Packages wrapped. BlueBell in freezer. Black Forest cake ordered. We haven't seen her in 19 MONTHS! Hurry Home Brookie!

Saw Point of Grace Winter Wonderland Concert Tour at church last night! Heather had her 3-week-old baby on stage. How We Live (Turn
Up The Music) so brought God to me. "Best concert I've ever been to." And Bob replied back to me, "Bev, the last concert you went to was Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones MANY years ago." He's right, POG is only concert I've ever been to as an adult---can you believe that? Things have changed...

Houston, I have another problem besides the digital camera. I received an LPL wristband in the mail and I don't know where to keep it for 8 more months. Should I send it to Fran or Kim??? You see, I have a college son who is committed to throwing away everything around here when he visits. This morning the 16-year-old younger son is yelling from upstairs---"Mom, did Barrett throw away my dress shoes!!!!!!!!!" If it's outdated, it's out the window.

Britt needed dress shoes this a.m. for YMCA Youth & Government District Conference at TCU today. I promised him I'd go buy him a cheap pair of Size 13 dress shoes as soon as Payless opened this a.m., and deliver them to the college doorsteps. Ooops, I FORGOT. He still looked great in his suit and socks. And, his Judicial Team qualified for state in socks---Woohoo!

Church productions in Fort Worth area are quite quintessential. The King riding in on various animals. On his blog today, Travis said they have elephants in the Christmas production he is doing tonight in Houston. Reminds me of the Easter pageant production Hattie did when King Jesus rode in on the spoofed horse who attacked us in the front row but the sturdy pews saved us. Now, if it had been those elephants---whoa!

Something happened to me yesterday that disturbed my peace! Big time! Please pray for me. I let life steal my peace. I am really struggling. I went to my Sovereign Savior in immense need and He spoke to me through I Samuel 2: 4, 8-9. The bow of this warrior is broken, but those who stumble will be armed with Strength. The Lord sends poverty and wealth; He humbles and exalts. He lifts the needy from the ash heap. It's not by your own strength that one prevails. Not about my decision to work so hard at doing life right. This is all about Him. His Christmas Story. Holding fast and grateful tonight to my Beautiful LORD, my Sovereign Savior, my Forgiving King for lifting me from the ash heap, by faith.


Susan 12/09/2007  

Bev! I am so sorry Brooke was in an accident! Oh how difficult it must be for you not to be able to go right to her! I am glad she only suffered minor injuries and will pray, pray, pray for her swift healing and safe trip home for Christmas! I know you can not wait to give her a big old hug!

We went to see Casting Crowns a few weeks ago...they were amazing! Next week we're going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. Love them, too.
I love the song, How We Live. So does my Sarah.

Congrats to the shoe-less Wonder Boy on their win!

Can I borrow Barrett for a few days (weeks?) and have him clean out my house? I worked on it yesterday for about 5 hours and will tackle it again today...and that's just the home office! Five people accummulate a lot of junk!

I let life steal my peace All. The. Time. I spent this morning reviewing each page of A Woman's Heart...workbook, pulling out the points I had underlined, highlighted, ***'d, and jotting them down in my journal. That way, I can put the workbook away and still be able to review what really spoke to me. The basic theme I seemed to focus on with this study was that I want a closer walk with Him. I want to fully be THIS Girl (His Girl) and to completely throw off the skin and innermost being of THAT Girl...the one I alternately despise and worship. Ugh. It is so difficult! I praise Him for the MIGHTY work He is doing in us both, Bev!
Love u...

Blair 12/09/2007  

i cannot believe you guys didnt call me and tell me brookie crashed...

and can i just say..i'm glad she's ok, because i totally called it...the day she sent the picture with the green motorbike and her goofy green helmet...

glad Britt did well...cannot wait to see you guys!!!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God 12/09/2007  

I am praying for Brooke...

a mom's fear... I know...

btw,, you should be able to just click on my blog.. laced with grace and it should take you right to your spot.. if not, let me know... is another option...

Blessings my friend

Bev Brandon 12/09/2007  

blair - we got the word last night at midnight from an e-mail...she doesn't answer her skype us brookie!

Fran 12/09/2007  

"Dear Lord Jesus,
I pray for Bev and her family as they anxiously await to hear from Brooke regarding her accident. Lord, I pray that Your peace cover Bev and family. The peace, Father, that can only come from You. Cover them Jesus with love and your presence. And, we pray that Brooke is absolutely fine, mentally, physically, and spiritually and not afraid or worried. We pray for her safe return back to her mom and dad. We love you and praise you even in this time. In your name we pray, Amen."

I love ya friend and my heart is only on her today and your family.

And, yes. Send me that Siesta Fiesta wristband. :) I cannot wait til August!

Much love and praying with you~

Bev Brandon 12/09/2007  

OK Fran...send your address.
Or, they won't let me in wristbandless...

Alana 12/09/2007  

Praying for your girl. Give us an update once you have one. I know you will be so excited to have her home for Christmas!

Had a good chuckle over the dress shoe incident ;-)

Sue @ Praise and Coffee 12/09/2007  

OH Dear Bev,
Praying for your daughter and you! She will be fine- don't even let satan taunt you with staph infection thoughts.

Put the wrist band in your undies drawer!! I'm thinking he won't be emptying that out!

jennyhope 12/09/2007  

hey Bev! I have been working this weekend and went to Rods parents for a birthday party and i just came home. i am so sorry about Brooke and I am going to pray! Please let me know how she is. I so hope she will get to come home for Christmas. Love you bev. Oh and sorry i am just mailing that book boo on me!!

Fran 12/09/2007  

I want to mail you a Christmas card so keep my return address from the envelope! DON'T THROW THAT AWAY! :)

And...I guess I'll send it to the address where the check was mailed for the orphans??? email me if its different....
claytylerdylan at bellsouth dot net

Bless you...and I'll hold on tight to that wristband....because I love you that much!


Patty 12/09/2007  

I have to tell you that I was in the same state of losing my peace, well, I did lose it, BIG time and it was awful. I prayed about this and God gave me the same verse you posted. I love how God uses both of us to minister or encourage each other even when we aren't aware of it. lol.

P.S. please pray for me. My ex is up to his no good as usual at this time of year.

connorcolesmom 12/09/2007  

Oh goodness!! I will pray for your brook! I am so glad you enjoyed POG what a blessing. I will continue to pray for you. I REALLY enjoyed talking to you the other night. I was smiling all night and when I told my hubby I talked with you he knew exactly who you were. He said "oh, she is that sweet lady that always sends you the best scriptures"
You are LOVED!!
God bless,

Shonda 12/09/2007  

Like Kim said, you always seem to have the right scriptures. I praise God for you. Your comments always encourage me.

I'm praying for Brooke. Please keep us updated. I'm counting the days with you til she comes home for Christmas.

I have only been to one Christian concert before and that was Carmen a long time ago.

I have never been to a women's conference before either and I look forward to meeting you and all the other ladies next year!

I too lost my peace, but by this after noon, i determined I can choose. I choose to seek peace and pursue it. I'll be meditating on the scripture you gave. Thanks!

Love & blessings in Christ--

jen 12/09/2007  

Will someone get this woman her peace back??? Well if not that, how about some giggles?? :) You must go to a Casting Crowns concert. I had never felt closer to God than when sitting in an arena of over 10,000 people listening to them play live. It was one of the most awesome points of my life. And they are coming back in February!!! I'm so excited!! I'm praying for Brooke and you as well. Please pray for me also. God is moving some mountains in my heart and created an empty space. My heart is longing and searching. I know how He wants to fill it, and gosh darn if He isn't making me long to have it filled. It's amazing how He can make His desire our desire. Anyway, I will be praying for ya'll. I hope Brooke makes it home safe and sound minus one motorcycle. :)

Crystal 12/09/2007  

Praying for your daughter to heal quickly. My sister is a missionary in China. She left for her second year there back in Sept. She teaches English at a university. Last year she got to come home for Christmas but this year she isn't so it will be her 1st Christmas away from home. She's going to be doing some traveling in Thailand in January though!
Anyways, I pray your daughter has a safe trip home! I have enjoyed 'looking' around your blog!

He Knows My Name 12/10/2007  

i am prayng for brooke for healing and for her to call you that you and your family will feel peace in this situation while you are waiting. i'm so glad it was only as bad as it was. we always have to look for the blessing as i preach to my bad ole self.

pog would be awesome to see. mwsmith came to our church about 3 months ago. he was true to form so good. i can recall many groups along my path an there is no comparison to concerts sung for Him. amen sister.


ps update us about brooke when you hear please.

annie 12/10/2007  

I'm praying for Brooke this morning as I read your post! I will especially pray against any staph infection and for healing quickly to come home. Nineteen months! Oh, I pray she is well and comes home soon! love ya, annie

Sharon 12/10/2007  

I scrolled down to check out the number of children that have been spoken for-wish they were all gone but it is great what has been done.
I am glad that Brooke was not hurt any worse and that she will still be able to come home for Christmas. I know that you are so excited and that you will probably spoil her rotten. That is a long time to be apart. I pray that ya'll have a wonderful Christmas together.
I love your absent mindedness. I have two calendars going and I am still afraid I am going to forget something.;)

Lindsee 12/10/2007  

Praying for Brooke! I know how bad you want to see her for Christmas!

Let us know how she is!!

And, POG, I love that it was your first concert in a long time. They are so fun to see at Christmas. I saw them a few years ago when they came to Houston! All Is Well blew me out of my socks!! :)


Kristin 12/10/2007  

Praying for Brooke and your peace. Update us on her condition when you can. Claiming Ex 15:26 "I am the Lord who heals you". Trusting that she is in God's healing hands ~ Kristin

Anonymous 12/11/2007  

Yeah, although I want a Harley really bad, I'll prob wait 'til I'm ready for the good Lord to take me home first! I think they can be dangerous. They make me so nervous when I'm driving. They are so hard to see!

Have a great Holiday Season!

Amy 12/11/2007  

Oh my! I will keep your precious girl in my prayers. Please let us know how she is doing when you find out something. So happy for your family that she will be home for Christmas!! That makes me teary eyed because I can only imagine how uch you have missed her and longing to hold her in your arms tightly!

My favorite Christian group is 4Him! They are no longer together, but I've been to many of their concerts and just love them so. POG is also fantastic. Much better than the Rolling Stones :o)

Fran 12/11/2007  

Praying for you and your sweet Brooke. I pray the ultimate healer is on her and peace is covering you like a blanket momma.

I love ya..
And, check is in the mail for the orphans. I of course almost cried as my 7 yr old dropped it in the mailbox! I'm praying...we are all praying for our 3 guys.

Hugs friend~

Abby 12/14/2007  

i'm a little late in reading, but i'm praying that peace is all yours!! it seems the devil is working over-time these days (as usual during happy holiday times) cause a lot of friends in blog-land have been writing about peace and needing joy...mmmm i can just see us all ganging up on him and praying against everything he has planned for us that goes against what HE has planned for us!!

you continue to bless me every area of TX do you live in again? (i'm gonna check the tour schedule when it comes out and see if we are coming near you!!!)

Kelly 12/21/2007  

I went to college with Point of Grace. ;-)

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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