Monday, December 31, 2007

Cover to Cover Chronologically .............Monday Mornings

I invite you to pray through the Bible this year with me. Cover to Cover. Chronologically. Read a couple of chapters each day --- 15 minutes --- and take those words and talk to your beautiful God about them.

Adoring Him.
Confessing our "serial" sin.
Thanking HIM.
Laying those words in requests before HIM.
In a few sentences and then throughout your day---longing to learn to pray without ceasing.

Come back on MONDAY MORNINGS for COVER TO COVER sharing. You may just want to visit on Monday mornings if you are doing another "reading plan" or other bible studies. You are so welcome to stop by and join in anytime. Just e-mail me to join us.

As you read your Bible this year, your Bible will read you.
This is a little different invitation than's an invite to pray the Word of God and let TRUTH sink and settle deep into our innermost beings. Psalm 51:6

There are beliefs I hold so deeply and some of them need to be saturated, annihilated, and melted by the Word of God. Prayer changes things---prayer changes me. Blogging has been a safe haven of community for me where acceptance reigns, not judgment. I know there are truths I've believed in my heart, images of God I have held that need to soften. The Word of God is like a fire. It is like a hammer that breaks the rocks to pieces. Jer. 23:29 The Word of God is like the melting snow that melts our hearts to pieces. Psalm 147:18. It is good that I have been afflicted that I may know His Word! Psalm 119:71.

1. Pray Eph. 1:18 - May God open the eyes of my heart that I might see my hope and inheritance.
2. Ask yourself this question when you open the Word of God...
What is God stirring in my heart as I read?
3. Click on "Engage the Journey 08" in my sidebar for a link to the chronological reading plan hosted by Kate. Sign up as a journeyman with Kate. You may want to comment during the week with chronological readers on Kate's blog she has set up specifically for this chronological plan. Kate will have a link back to us on MONDAY MORNINGS.
4. Journal through the week of reading as you hear your God's Voice and learn better to trust that small still Voice, the Spirit of God in you. Pray the exact words of truth back to HIM. Listen to what He is saying to you.
5. Come back on MONDAY MORNINGS and I will post what my beautiful God has said to me. Leave a comment of silence, a sentence, a segment...share with us what your God spoke to you. We will listen to our God as we listen to you.

E-mail me if you would like to be a part in praying through the Bible chronologically. I'll commit to pray with you this year for your life and for your family. You can link to Kate to engage the chronolocial readings and you can buy a Chronological Bible on, if you desire. Your commitment will be whatever you can do. No pressure. No boxes to check off. Just your good God wooing you to Himself. I may have one person do this with me and that's okay. I am not about numbers anymore. I am all about doing what my God has told me to do---trusting enough, like you, to hear His Voice. I believe He is leading me to do this. And I know that He is wooing me in my wilderness to Himself. Hosea 2:14. I am so eager to hear what your beautiful God will say to you from His Love Letters as you listen to Him and He hears you. May you hear HIM in the midst of your whirlwind of life as He whispers to you. I Kings 19:11-13.


annie 12/31/2007  

This is the one new year commitment I am making. I had already decided this and will be joyously joining you on this journey! I will read until I need to stop each day, whatever tugs at my heart--not a race but letting the Word change me. Thanks for the support, and I'll be praying for you also. love you, annie

jennyhope 12/31/2007  

i thought i left you a comment on this one. maybe it didn't show up! I hope you have a great new years eve! me and morgan are going to go out to eat at a restaurant that I have a gift card for! I cant wait! =)

Anonymous 12/31/2007  

Wow...I am so glad that I popped over to your blog this morning...I think I needed the extra nudge to stay encouraged about reading the Bible this year. I bought my husband and me each a Life Journal that has a Bible reading plan in it....there is a huge piece of excitement about it but also that little corner of doubt from "failings" from the past...I really needed to read your words today...I will be joining you on Mondays and thank you for being obedient to what God has put on your heart...

Joyous New Year to you,


jen 12/31/2007  

I would LOVE to go on this journey with you! Your insight to God's word is such an ecouragement to read! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this year!

CrownLaidDown 12/31/2007  

Count me in, friend!

I was deciding between two reading methods, and you just made my choice simple.

Praying over your family!

Sharon 12/31/2007  

This sounds great Bev. I have not decided what the plan for this year is just yet.
I will spend the first few weeks of this new year hashing out some things with God and then I will go from there.
Looking forward to the word of God working me over this coming year.
Looking for the new creature to show up a little more on the outside.

Bev Brandon 12/31/2007  

I tried to e-mail each of you this afternoon that we will use the chronological reading plan. Feel free to leave one sentence comments, one chapter comments, or silence on Monday mornings. Would so love to hear from each of you. I'll have a link up soon to the chronological reading plan. So excited that you will join us in listening to His Voice, His Words, His Love Letters to us.

jennyhope 12/31/2007 is my email. =0)

Fran 1/01/2008  

Ok know I already have said that I need to go "deeper still" with Jesus this year and I think He just laid it out right before me through this challenge.

Can I just say that I'm SCARED TO DEATH that I won't be able to complete it and then feel that defeat instantly. So, you know I need prayers of strength, perseverance, and a sense of "I can't wait to get to the next Word!"

I love you dear friend. I can't thank you enough for encouraging me along this journey of life.


Nise' 1/01/2008  

I will be joining in and trusting God to make time for us to be together so the daily reading does not become something I have to get done in order to keep up.

jennyhope 1/01/2008  

yeah!!! i just got your email!

Patty 1/01/2008  

What a great idea Bev! I would like to join you all.

I love God's Word!! I have been doing a 90 devotional book and I love it. I would love to go deeper in God's Word with my sweet siestas!!!


Shonda 1/01/2008  

Bev, I love what you're doing here. I want to join it, but I confess I have the same apprehensions as Fran. I sit and look a chronological Bible on my bookshelf. I never made it past Genesis. I've used it as reference, but have not read it cover to cover.

I'm still sorting things out in prayer and will ponder on this commitment.

Blessings in Christ

Alana 1/01/2008  

I don't think I'm ready to commit completely to this specific plan.

However, I do have a goal to increase my time in the word and to spend daily time with him in 2008!

And I will certainly enjoy reading about your journey and the journey of others here on Mondays!

Deborah 1/02/2008  

Bev, I would love to do this with you dolla's could you let me know how as I cant get on to wordpress, not sure if its because I am in Africa. love always me

Mary Lou 1/06/2008  

I read thru the Bible last year and will read thru this year with the one year Chronological Bible and will check in on Monday mornings. Looking forward to this... dlowran1(at)comcast(dot)net

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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