Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Brookie Flies Over the Ocean

Bring Back my Brookie to me...
Brooke arrives in about 10 hours from Chiang-Mai, Thailand. I'll be in the radiation machine when her sweet "old" college roommates pick her up at the Austin airport tomorrow morning. She's home for good, Lord willing. She spent the past three years of her life bringing good news and binding up the brokenhearted in a land that was foreign to her. Isaiah 61:1. Thailand became like home to her and she so loved those people.

Today marked the halfway mark for my radiation treatments. Being in the radiation machine today was another new startling experience for me. All I can say is that it was the hardest one yet. Wonder why. Is the absence of temptation victory? Is the absence of conquering my fear in the machine defeat? Hardly so. I must not measure maturity by performance. It's not when I get comfortable doing something so unnatural to us all. Because my beautiful God is doing such a good work in me as I wrestle with the question of whether I am "safe." Providential suffering is a paved pathway to a Person who safely holds us together. Col 1:17. That's it. Those Unseen Eyes are watching our every thought and tear... and holding us.

While Bob was in ICU last week, I received a document of foreclosure on our home in Fort Worth. Quite unexpected. Our mortgage was paid up and we had applied for a loan to pay our taxes when I was diagnosed with cancer April 1st. The loan was approved and we even made our first payment. Yet, the house was foreclosed. A computer glitch, they said. So, cancel the foreclosure! Crazy! Seems like the enemy of our soul wants to discourage us. But we look to Him Who is Unseen. This is not about how strong I am to do this either. We cry to Him and He bends His Ear right down to me. He's listening. He sees it all. He's working on our behalf.

Our outer self is wasting away every day, but our inner self is being renewed day by day by day. For our light momentary afflictions are preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the Things that are Unseen. 2 Cor 4:16. Somehow, in that radiation machine, I have to believe that there is much more going on in that Room than the unpredictable methodical clicking of that terrifying ton of a machine.

I don't know how I can endure 19 more treatments. All I know is the One Who promises to be there for me. And HE has to this day. People say you are a survivor if you pass a certain point. The word "survivor" means statistics to me. I've been thinking about Romans 8:37 that we are more than "conquerors" through Christ Who loves us so. I think every day that we live for HIM, we are more than a conqueror. And my Christ will help me go through the second half of this. "He helps us in our weakness..." Rom 8:26.

So, as I hit the halfway mark, I just want to say to each of you that read this blog that I am so grateful that God has brought you alongside of us to walk with us through this. I couldn't do it alone. From my brand new friend, Rose, to my lifelong friend Mindy, you all have touched deep places in my heart. Your words have given me hope. Your actions have given me love! Your friendship has given me courage! I cannot thank you enough!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend 7/23/2009  

So glad to hear from you and know that you are half way through the treatment.....Still praying for you daily....


Rhonda 7/24/2009  

You have definitely glorified Him in your weakness. Proof you are more than a conqueror! Praying for you.

Dee 7/24/2009  

Hi, Bev, Praise God that you are farther along than when you started! I can't imagine the trial of it all, but I am encouraged by you. How I thank God that His compassions are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. I hope that your day today is a blessed and peaceful day. I enjoyed a week's vacation last week with my older daughter and granddaughters in Oklahoma. It had only been since Christmas that I had seen them, and I was delighted. So I can imagine your anticipation of seeing your daughter. I hope that you spend many hours together blessing and encouraging each other.
Love to you,

beckyjomama 7/24/2009  

You are such an inspiration and testimony! I am praying for you - as well as for Brooke's safe travels and your sweet reunion!

Love you Bev!

Laura 7/24/2009  

Yes, Bev, you bring HIm glory in this walk. He has gotten you here, Dear One, and He will carry you the rest of the way through.

Sending love...

(p.s. I'll never get "my bonnie lies over the ocean" out of my head now! so glad your brookie is coming home to be with you now).

Bobbie 7/24/2009  

So glad to hear from you this morning, I've been wondering how you're doing! I know your half way mark is a true milestone but I think this next half will go well because you'll have your Brooke home with you! Welcome home, Brooke! Thank you for serving our God in such a beautiful way and representing our Aggie family at the same time! Bev, enjoy all the hugs you can give her now!!

Mary Lou 7/24/2009  

Bev, by now you have hugged Brooke over and over and I'm sure shed tears of joy. I am so happy for you. Psalm 91:1 jumped out at me this week as being have made Him your shelter and you are abiding in the shadow of the Almighty. Praying for you as often as He brings you to mind, which is more than once a day. Prayers...hugs...blessings and love, Mary Lou

Anonymous 7/24/2009  

Praying blessings over you as you receive grace each day. I read once in a book that the purpose of grace is for daily dependence on God; hence, the reason we do not get to ask for grace for a whole year at a time. So His grace is always sufficient for today. And tomorrow morning we wake up and ask for sufficient grace for that day. And then the next day we ask for grace sufficient for that day. I will continue to pray that each morning as you wake, you will receive fresh, sufficient grace.
Rejoicing with you, conqueror friend!
Blessings from Fort Worth,


Hi Bev cannot begin to tell you how much you have encourage me that to believe that all things are possible with GOD. Thank you so much for sharing with us ,Thank you Thank you. We Love you and even though I do not know you personally I am glad I know you in Christ and thru the blog community.
Have a great wekend filled with Love and Joy glad that Brooke will be home. Love your seista Carol
Albuquerque NM

ocean mommy 7/25/2009  

SO thrilled that your precious girl is HOME!!!! Praising the Lord for this 1/2 way mark. You are honoring Him Bev! You are walking this path with both hands pointing to Him.

Praying for you and your family right now.

Hugs and much love

annie's eyes 7/25/2009  

My warrior friend,

Let's ask God to define His good Victory in every way through this. Just one of those victories is returning to Him, for safe passage, for peace. Freedom from fear isn't necessarily the goal. Perhaps the goal is His Grace manifested so beautifully in you. The absence of fear might be the goal, but each conquered day of fear brings such Grace, as He provides for your needs.

You are a warrior that brings Him such glory.You're closer than you may even realize. And He is all over every detail. Love and prayers, Annette

Lelia Chealey 7/26/2009  

Radiation, daughter out of country for 3 years, foreclosure, ICU...and yet not one complaint, just encouraging us to be conquerors. WOW. Thank you.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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