Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Billboard in China

A friend of Barrett's was visiting China and looked up and saw this billboard and e-mailed it to Barrett who had no idea he was on a billboard---he raced in China and Korea recently. He did Treasure Island this weekend and I think he did great---he's off to compete for France in three races, France's Grand Prix or something like that. It will be very surreal if Brooke sees her brother on a billboard in China. Brooke is in China---on her way back home to the States. Can't wait to see my girl again! Really!Here is a different billboard where you can see the writing a little more. Can anyone read Chines---what does it say? Did you read about the family whose Christmas card ended up as advertisement on a billboard in Prague?

Tomorrow, Monday morning, I have 2 radiation treatments. 8:40am and 3:10pm. Oh dear me. I am taking life moment by moment. And may I be more concerned about my unholiness than about my pain! There is something that happens to my body every time I go into that radiation machine. My mind is clear and I know that it will not collapse on me nor stab me nor snatch me. My body remembers what my mind does not. Brings me back to my rape. I was unconscious for over 24 hours from alcohol poisoning but was with 4 teen boys for those 24 hours. They laid me unconscious at my family's doorstep the next day and ran. Pretty horrific.

But there is a Great Physician Who is in that room with me continuing a surgery on my heart as I live in the present moment and deal with what is in my heart. And it has caught me off guard how radiation treatments make me want to give my life and energy and passion to pursuing God's purposes and watching out for the contrary agendas within me. And repent. LORD have mercy on me in that thing. God doesn't always give and guarantee us instant comfort but HE never means anything we go through except for my good. I was reading this afternoon: "Our agenda is to fix the world until it can properly take care of us. God's agenda is to bring all things together in Christ until every knee bows before Him." The book went on to say how people equate peace with pleasant circumstances. "God's peace belongs to those who have confidence in His Goodness even when life is tough and their self-esteem is low." "Whenever we place a higher priority on solving our problems than on pursuing God, we are immoral."

Before one of my radiation treatments last week, God placed on my heart to find a homeless person and give them something that day. I usually avoid them---thinking they need to find a job. They are prolific in Austin and the city takes care of them---boggles my mind. I also think they may pull me out of my car. I shared with a clean-cut attractive lady sitting next to me at my radiation oncologist's office that morning that I had been terrified to go in for my radiation treatment that day, but God had given me 2Cor 1:9 that I must rely not on myself and how strong I am but on God Who raises the dead. She began weeping uncontrollably and said that was what her pastor preached on last Sunday and she was struggling immensely because she was a homeless person, living in her car, for the past year---even though she had a full-time job. We talked for about an hour. God's Agenda: every knee shall bow before Him. This is not about solving all our problems but pursuing our beautiful God in the midst. He's good!


Rhonda 7/12/2009  

will be praying for you.

Mary Lou 7/12/2009  

The beauty of seeing Him work in your life thru this trial is speaking volumes to me. He put it on your heart to do something for a homeless person and then He brought the homeless person to you. Wow.He is using you to show the rest of us how to live and say "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...blessed be the name of the Lord". You are praising Him and I will be praying for you tonight and tomorrow. Hugs and love..Mary Lou

connorcolesmom 7/13/2009  

WOW - that really took my breath away to read about how God placed that need on your heart and then placed that woman beside you in the waiting room
God is breath taking!
This post was wonderful and God is using you in such a mighty way!!
Love you and praying for you!


Praying for you Bev as you go thru thsnk you for letting us see God work thru you it is amazing how God works in our lifes and puts people beside us when we least expect. My prayer for you is that you would see God in each turn that you make and each corner that you would find Him waiting there for you.
Love your seista in Albuquerque NM

Nise' 7/13/2009  

The billboard is so cool! Don't know Chinese and my friend who does is there right now!

Continually praying that God will remind you that you are His precious possesion and is EVER present!

Bobbie 7/14/2009  

God is working thru you my friend! Not only in your tho'ts and words you share with us here, but also when He places people in your very presence!

Praying daily.......btw, you continue to amaze me!

Lynn 7/15/2009  

I came to your blog through the LPM scripture memorization post today. I am blessed by what you wrote. In times of deep pain and struggle God seems to become so much more present with us. I love how He placed the desire to find a homeless person on your heart and then brought her to sit beside you at the radiologist's office. Isn't He just awesome! I will be praying for you as you continue in this journey.

annie's eyes 7/15/2009  

I am praying for you right now and for Bob. I know you'll be so glad to have Brooke home with you. Love, Annette

Grami's girls 7/16/2009  

I enjoy your blog so much, it is inspiring. What book did you get the quote from about our agenda? That is a powerful statement. I am praying for your husband.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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