Monday, April 13, 2009

Birdseed for Breakfast

I'll remember this glorious Easter for the rest of my life. Cancer diagnosis. Hands held high singing "Jesus Paid It All" and tears streaming down.
I hear the Savior say,
“Thy strength indeed is small;
Child of weakness,
Find in Me thine all in all.”

Here's two prayer requests:

I have very little strength within me to walk this road of cancer. I read Saturday on Beth's blog the quote from Melissa that means so much to me: "He knows it is scary to be me." I have been diagnosed with two different breast cancers and one is an aggressive, invasive one that goes into the bloodstream. Invasive ductal carcinoma. IDC. Don't know the stage or size yet. I do know that I also have Stage 1 DCIS Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. I've learned more in the past 72 hours about cancer than I ever wanted to know. It's overwhelming. You are your own manager of your care pulling together a team of doctors: breast surgeon, oncologist, radiologist oncologist, plastic surgeon (I'm a keloid former) and the list goes on. I'm in a new city, unfamiliar to the Austin medical world. Very familiar to the Great Physician though. I've talked at length with several survivors of breast cancer this weekend. Again, that's overwhelming. I'm on info overload but I am also ignorant in many ways of what this battle involves. All I can do is trust my good God to direct my steps. The battle is His. This morning I read in Psalm 62:11 God spoke one thing but I heard two things: HE is strong. HE is loving. That's what I keep hearing over and over in the cyclone of the past 72 hours. HE will meet me in my weakness. It's not about my strength in being an overcomer, a survivor---it's all about HIS Strength being perfected in weakness. I am so weak this morning. That's a good place to be.

So, my prayer requests for this Monday morning is twofold if God leads you to pray for me:
1. PRAY FOR A TEAM OF DOCTORS (Psalm 1---not the counsel of the wicked but delight in the law of the LORD). Pray for God to lead me to the team of physicians that would be best for me. I am going for second opinions on surgeons---I want to find a surgeon that only does breast surgery. When I learned that my surgeon does gallbladders, I just have to see if God will direct me to one who is only looking at cancer cells all day long.
2. PRAY FOR MY BODY TO BE ABLE TO SURRENDER TO SWEET SLEEP EACH NIGHT (Psalm 92:2). Pray 2Kings 6: 16, 17 that God would open my eyes to see that my beautiful God, my suffering Savior, and comforting Holy Spirit and His host of angels are greater within me than ALL that surrounds me. I need to be able to sleep at night and that's my battle.

I have had waves of debilitating panic come over me this weekend that I cannot even explain. I absolutely refuse to synchronize with anything that is not of my beautiful God Who loves me so. But how do I stop the panic? Friday morning I was awakened with fainting spells, vasovagal syncope. A familiar condition to me. Fainting happens to me in the middle of the night when I haven't been sleeping and/or eating right and am under stress and pain---I am awakened and begin fainting. It is so scary and when I am unconscious and wake up---it feels like I am dying. I spent Friday physically feeling like I had been hit by a Mack truck the entire day. It happened again Sunday afternoon as I slipped into depression. Three years ago when we went through a crisis, the fainting started happening all the time and I spiraled into a very deep depression. I am not willing to go there if I can do anything to help on my part by diet and sleeping right and letting God help me deal with this overwhelming stress of the unknown and what is known. We don't know the size of the tumor. Don't know the stage---it's an aggressive invasive type that goes to the bloodstream. Don't know the margins.

So, I'm walking two hours every day. Cancer does not live in oxygenated cells (I read that quote in Lance Armstrong's book "It's Not About the Bike" which I read when it first came out---and it stuck with me.) When I heard cancer, I knew I also needed to start eating sugars, no fast food, no red meats, no artificial stuff, organic and lots of water. That's about all I can handle for right now. I just ate a bowl of boiled oats for breakfast with flaxseed and remarked to Bob: "You put way too much of this bird seed stuff in this---gag." I'll learn how to do this. Cancer feeds on sugar. In the past six months, I have CRAVED sugar for the first time in my life...I know why now.

We are still new to the Austin area but have been embraced by our awesome church body even in this news. It will be best for me to post on this blog, when I can, to ask those of you who want to help me through prayer and those of you who truly want to know about how I am doing---not to judge me but to walk alongside of me as a fellow struggler in life. I just won't be able to return all the e-mail's and texts and comments. In some ways I am by myself in dealing with this. I am open to friends calling and helping me---it will be hard for me to find you but you know where I am. If what I say bothers you, then don't read my blog. This is who I am. Maybe I am wrong in some of the things I write, I don't know. I am trying to find my beautiful God in the midst of my fears. I will listen to my loving LORD. I just know that I love my beautiful God with all my heart and am desperate for Him and His Glory in my life. We are connected to a lot of people and I don't know how else to do this. I have had over 100 phone calls and e-mail's and haven't been able to answer them all. Keep trying if you need to get to me. I was simply overwhelmed in gratitude with the response on my last post. Your comments meant so much to me and I will read them again and again. I had no idea so many people would respond and your words sink in my mind, my thoughts, my heart into deep parts! Psalm 51:6

After our Easter service yesterday, I felt led, actually really compelled, to go to Austin Stone Church. I'm listening to every prompting God says to me! The service ended with "cardboard testimonies" (google "cardboard testimony" if you've never seen it done---it's on, originating from Willow Creek). One breast cancer survivor spoke on this "cardboard testimony" video about being broken and her oncologist was on the video with her. I'm going to check him out. Never imagined that I'd find a doctor referral at an Easter service.

I am terrified at taking medicine, anesthesia, MRI's, surgery---again, if you think I am wrong in saying that, you certainly can tell me, but please be gentle with me---I'm a bruised and brutally honest person and your faith takes you so far. This is all about relationship with the ONE I adore---no fixes. The answer is not about slapping a Scripture verse on my problems. Nor is it about being positive and shoving everything down. I am going to wrestle and find the beautiful God I so love that seems so distant at times even in this, a very dark night of my soul and it's only been 72 hours. It's okay. He's a good God in all my horror, and He's not safe. But, this I know: Psalm 62:11 He is strong in all my weakness and fears and failures. He is loving. He's here. I deeply appreciate your prayers for me if God leads you that way.

WATCH and PRAY with me.
Find in HIM our all in all.


Holly 4/13/2009  

Praying every second, friend, and so encouraged by your details. I know God is in each and every one of them, and He is filling you with strength every single moment.

I love you dearly and am praying continuously!

Sheryl 4/13/2009  

this is the place for you to be raw and real. no judgment ever! can't even imagine the emotions you are feeling - but you are entitled to every one of them.

privilege to walk all beside you from michigan. praying.

Susan 4/13/2009  

Hey Darlin' Bev. Of course you are terrified of all that stuff! I would be, too! You have posted here whatever is in your heart before this diagnosis...I would never expect you to stop that after this diagnosis. Come here...let it judging from us. We love you and are praying for you.


Teri~Facedown 4/13/2009  

I don't think there is a "right or wrong" or a protocol when it comes to a cancer diagnosis. Your feelings and thoughts are precious to me, no matter how terrifying they are. You have an army of siestas praying for you and standing with you.

You are the most amazing encourager, I pray that your heart is SO encouraged by those who you've poured in to.

Amen sister, I will WATCh and PRAY with you.

Much love,

Mary Lou 4/13/2009  

Dearest Bev, do not be afraid to show us what is on your heart. I truly believe there will be no judgement from any of us here in blogville. All of us who "know" you and your heart are only concerned and praying. The cardboard testimonies are a heart grabber..they are so good. Watching and praying with you. Thanks for keeping us posted and for telling us how you want to be prayed for...we want and need to know. You are such an encourager...may He be your encouragement today. May He truly be the lifter of your head as you hold on to His precious right hand. He is guiding you and leading you and He will help you find just the people you need. You are helping others out "here" who may walk your road some day. The verse He gave me for you today is Isaiah 26:3...May He be your strenght as you have asked Him to be...Blessings...I am here for you. Reach out and touch if need be...hugs and love coming your way. Mary Lou

Nise' 4/13/2009  

I hope that you don't mind that I took a picture off your blog of you and made a button to place on my blog to remind me and others to pray for you. I have not linked it to your blog yet, I wanted your permission to do so. Maybe someone else has already made a button?
Anyway....Share your heart honestly my friend, God can and will do more than we can ask or imagine with our fears! Praying!!!

Fluff Your 4/13/2009  

Dear friend,

You know there is no judgement here and none from Jesus! I so appreciate your honesty. You are and always have been an encouragement to me.

I relate so much to many things you said--I also dealt with panic, not sleeping, being a wreck because I wasn't sleeping, being a wreck because I had cancer, being a wreck because I was a wreck and felt guilty that I wasn't being "strong", etc. Your God will walk you through this with love, strength and complete acceptance. And your friends (myself included) will hold your hand when we can, but as you said, in some ways, this is a "you and God" journey...and that is a good thing.

I personally took anything that the doc felt comfortable giving me in order to get sleep so that I could deal better with the emotions, etc. when I was awake.

One BIG lesson that came out of my experience and sustained me through it was this...It's not about me being strong enough to hold on to Jesus--HE does all the holding. He will hold you Bev, even when you are too weak to grip his hand.

I love you, dear friend and you can count on my prayers.


Kim V 4/13/2009  

So glad to get an update...I am constantly lifting you up in prayer. Please email me if you have any questions.

Moose Mama 4/13/2009  

No condemnation here! You say whatever you want. Don't you ever wonder..."Should I have said that?" We are here to support and pray for you, not judge you. If it's been a crappy tell us that, Bev. You need to know that we are family and we will not always understand, but we WILL love!!

Melana in Wyoming

Yolanda 4/13/2009  

Aren't we called to be real...vulnerable and that the world is tried of the fake?

Go for it my new friend!

Two scriptures that have come to mean a lot to me...

Psalm 3:5-6

Psalm 5:1-3


PS: I'm watching and praying WITH you.

Karen 4/13/2009  

praying for you constantly, dear one. (and asking all I know to pray as well.) Be as honest as you need to be. It's okay.


Phil and Lori 4/13/2009  

You might think about going to MD Anderson in Houston. I know several people who go there and then their doctors in their hometown follow the regimen that Houston says. Just a thought. It's what I would do...

Bobbie 4/13/2009  

Oh Bev! We're called to be real--you go ahead and share what you need to. I'll be praying and walking right beside you. As Melana said "we are here to support and pray for you, not judge you."

Watching and Praying right beside you!!

Hendrick Family 4/13/2009  

We're praying over you, Mrs. B.

This house is praying.

Love you.


Ang baylis 4/13/2009  

No you ever worry about what you share on here. This is a safe place for you to find God's hugs around you during this difficult season. When I wake up at 3:00 in the morning, I promise I will pray for you, Bev! I'll be in charge of the 3:00 time slot! :) I love Nise's idea about a button. I want to do anything I can to help!
Much love, my friend!
Angie xoxo

Ang baylis 4/13/2009  

p.s. The perfectionist in me can't stand that my first sentence made no sense. I meant for you to NEVER worry about what you share with your girlfriends on here! :)

Fran 4/13/2009 just know that this one is walking beside you...praying for you every step of the way. God has gone ahead of you and has prepared the path for you to take. He's right alongside you, holding your beautiful hand. He's got you!

I love ya dearly. Its pure joy to pray for you and know that Jesus will always be the source of your strength and heart.

Big hugs,

Toknowhim 4/13/2009  

Love you much... Will be praying for you too... I will check back here for updates on a regular basis...

Love ya, Kim

beckyjomama 4/13/2009  

Sweet Friend,
If you are sharing your feelings you cannot be wrong - it IS your feeling and this, being YOUR blog, is the place to express your feelings. There is no right or wrong, only what you know. And, here is the thing, God is big enough to take it all. If you are angry, let it out - He can take it. If you are scared, He knows and He's big enough to take on your fears. If you are feeling lost, HE knows the way. He will lead.

I am here for you anytime. I have an ear to listen, a heart to love and arms to hug you - even if it is across many miles.

I love ya Babe, and I am here.

Becky Jo

Kim 4/13/2009  

God brought me back to your blog tonight and I sit here weeping with you, but also raising my hands with you to our glorious God, the Healer of ALL and the God who created YOU in HIS image. The God who knows where you are and yes, as Melissa said in the LPM blog...He knows how hard this life is for you....

Please know you are not alone on this journey.

Praying for you to get some very sweet sleep!

Blessings & hugs from Hideaway, TX,


twinkle 4/13/2009  

Surround yourself with prayer warriors.
Find someone you can tell your fears and concerns with. A live person. Someone you can cry with. It will release tons of stress.
Be needy. God loves that if it is Him you need. He is all you really need.
Make it a habit to thank Him.
Witness for Him through the doctor's office, in the labs, wherever, may be on a mission for a soul to for that soul like a lost, precious coin.
When you can't do it anymore, let Him be your breath, your breath of heaven (Amy Grant).

Listen to His Voice.

Love you, unconditionally, without any judgement or pretense.

ocean mommy 4/13/2009  

Praying. Praying. Praying. I love you and I'm asking God to give you rest tonight.

Please don't ever apologize for being real as you share this journey with us! We want to hold your arms up and love you during this. You are just precious to each one of us...

Much love

jennyhope 4/13/2009  

Bev, I wish I could be all upbeat and positive...but I am heart broken for you.
I am asking God for complete healing. And the panic attacks and fainting...I AM VERY FAMILIAR WITH. I love you and will be on my knees. I wish you did not have to deal with any of this.

Lindsee Lou 4/13/2009  

Sister, you just pour your heart out. Authentic and real, and we are behind you 100%. Love you much! Praying for complete healing and that the Lord would give you sweet rest during this time.

Profbaugh 4/14/2009  

Praying for you Sweet Bev!! Remember He knows how it feels to be scared. Pour out your hear to Him and know he understand and LOVES you.


Brooke 4/14/2009  

i love you mommy.

i miss you so much and can't wait til i get to hug your neck again!

being away from you is so hard right now. but, i KNOW our Father will show His goodness to you. He loves you more than i can imagine.

Psalm 27:13-14 "I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD. "

Joanne (The Simple Wife) 4/14/2009  


annie's eyes 4/14/2009  

Bev, I so appreciate your heart in this. If you weren't scared, you wouldn't be true. He knows our frame, and I am praying several times every day for you, as you come to mind often. I will be in Austin soon, and we'll have to go see the most beautiful sunset together. I know you are inundated with all there is to do right now--I am praying as you asked, and for added strength and faith, as you glorify Him so with your beautiful testimony. He loves you so, my friend. I love you, too. Annette

connorcolesmom 4/14/2009  

My sweet Bev!
I am so extremely heart broken over this news
I am praying for God's complete covering not only for healing but for peace as well
You keep being real
Keep laying out the truth and honest emotions
you are a blessing to us all!
Much love

LD 4/14/2009  

Hey Ms. Brandon! I received an email from Brooke about you and wanted to pass on some information. My mom went through all of this a few years ago, and I remember how difficult it was for her to pick her "team." The surgeon who performed her initial surgery ended up butchering her and not leaving much for the reconstruction. She eventually found Dr. Aldona Spiegel in Houston, who she is in love with. Dr. Spiegel specializes in breast reconstruction and did the second surgery and complete reconstruction. Anyway, my mother is a very medically minded person and is a wealth of information on surgeons, oncologists, chemo, etc. If you'd like to email her or call her, here's her contact information:

Gayla Davis

Praying for you!


Little Steps Of Faith 4/14/2009  

Would a simple...I LOVE YOU work here:)
I KNOW what you feel, and HOW you feel, maybe not in the same sense, but I mentioned this on the LPM blog, we are all ailing with something whether its inward, or outward.
I am here for you all the way, I am GLAD you stopped by to visit my blog to share this with me, and I AM AMAZED that God used Beth Moore to minister to you...I almost cried.
and come see me on my real now own domain

I've been through the fire too. Its why we go through we have a story to give:)

:) ang

Sallye 4/14/2009  


Did the Dr tell you to quit your hormone replacement therapy? If not please do, whether you are taking all natural or an Rx. These will speed up the spread of the cancer. Also if you are taking an Rx for your bones check on this.

I love that you are not hiding any of your emotions, but are willing to lay them all out and deal with them. Keep searching for your "dream team". our loving God will direct you to each one. Yes, this is your's and God journey. We get to be the listening ears, praying knees, and cheering section. We will be your armour bearers.

Praying for you,

Dee 4/14/2009  

Bev, I think I deleted my comment by mistake a few minutes ago. But I want to assure you that we embrace you with open arms and hurt for you. You have a safe place to voice your fears, your thoughts, and whatever else. I pray that we, your community of sisters, will encourage you in this season. The details you shared with us only give a clearer glimpse into your hurting soul. I pray that the God of all comfort hugs you close to His heart. I'm praying for you.

Amanda 4/14/2009  

I'm asking God to flood you with peace.

Nan 4/14/2009  

I trust you are exactly where you are supposed to be for this season of your most remarkable life, Bev. I must admit that I wondered why you aren't in Fort Worth where everything is familiar and there is so much love for you to draw on. Then I was reminded that He loves you so, your beautiful God, and knows exactly where you are and is providing exactly what you need at every breath. Your blog is being checked regularly by your Lake Country family that loves you. We are praying in agreement with the Scriptures you shared and for the requests you made. Put your arms around yourself and give you a big, long, huge hug from everyone at LCCS you can see in your mind's eye. We love you, Beverly and are standing with you always.

Anonymous 4/14/2009  

Sweet Bev,

I have been a long blog hiatus...just only hitting and missing reading others blogs...I happened to read a blog that had a link to Holly's blog and I was stunned to read about you dear friend...I am going to print out your post so that I can digest the details better and pray accordingly.

I will be upholding you in prayer my dear friend. You have walked with us so steadfastly through the Word and I know that that time of hiding His word in your heart will hold you steady when all else seems less than that.

Much love Bev...


AbbyLane 4/14/2009  

don't have anything fancy to say...just that i love you and i'm praying :)

Kristin 4/14/2009  

Thanks so much for sharing your heart and specific ways we can pray. I have not stopped thinking about you and lifting you up to our good God. I was talking about some verses with my husband last night when I happened to glance at another verse that I had underlined from Proverbs 4. It jumped off the page at me and made me think of you..."My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are LIFE to those who find them and HEALTH to a man's WHOLE BODY." Proverbs 4:20-22 The Message Bible says "Those who discover these words live, really live; BODY and SOUL, they're bursting with HEALTH." Bev, you have always amazed me with your knowledge of God's word. You are always referring to scripture and using it in your encouragement of others. My prayer for you right now is that it would not only be LIFE to you (as you demonstrate it clearly is!) but also HEALTH for your whole body as well. His word is in your heart and HE promises it is HEALTH to your WHOLE BODY! You have that flowing thru your veins and your blood!!! Just picture that!! I know your heart is so filled with His word. May it be LIFE and HEALTH to you in this difficult season.

All my love ~ Kristin

Susan 4/14/2009  

Hey Bev,

I saw your request for prayer on Michelle's blog.

My heart truly goes out to you. I would have to say this is every woman's greatest fear!

Please count me in to be one of your prayer warriors.

I know God is going to give you His peace that passes ALL understanding in the days to come.

You are in shock now.

Keep holding on to the loving hands of Jesus. This didn't take Him by surprise, He's there with you now in all your tomorrows.

I'll start praying now.


Anna Ross 4/14/2009  

Mrs. Brandon,

I am praying for you now with all my heart.

Jane 4/14/2009  

Hi Beverly,
I was so sad to hear your news. You will be in my heart and prayers.
You are an amazingly determined and tough lady, you made it across that swinging bridge in Thailand after all. That took courage. I know you'll bring the same kind of gritand determination to this. You have an incredible family, church home and a world full of people praying for you. I am so proud of you. You are facing this crises with faith but with direction and information. I'm so impressed that in a short 72 hours you have become fluent in the cancer language and know what will be best for your body. No victim here!!! Bravo for you. We love you and will constantly keep you in our hearts and prayers.

Anonymous 4/14/2009  

God continues to bring you to my mind and I find myself lifting you up before the throne often. I keep remembering the picture of Aaron holding up Moses' arms so that the Hebrew children did not lose the battle. I am amazed, humbled, and blessed to be one of MANY who are standing here to hold up your arms!!!! I am also praying for God's peace over your children...great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children (Isaiah 54:13). I love you!
Kristen W.

lisasmith 4/14/2009  


I am praying for you. Praying so hard. Praying that He will rise as bright as the sun with healing in His wings. May He grant you sleep and rest and wisdom. Praying His nearness over you.

PS Do you know Lisa (Merryman) Johnson. I met her from Heather's Bible study and wondered if she's friends with Brooke. She and her husband, Jesh go to Austin Stone.

April 4/14/2009  

Hi Bev -
I am a friend of Jenny's... I will be praying for you! I lived in Austin prior to where we live now and it is a great city... I am not sure where you are going to Church there but I am so glad you have found one that is coming alongside you and embracing you through this, as I am sure your family and friends are.
I have a friend who was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal cancer in 2007... any way she has a blog that she wrote to help her cope through the process and to inform others... if you want to check it out:

My prayers are with you!

April 4/14/2009  

I forgot to mention that my friend had just recently moved to a new city too and then shortly found out about the cancer... I hope her blog might bring you some encouragement...


Krista Ray 4/14/2009  

Mrs. Brandon, you and your family are in my prayers.

Sharon Brumfield 4/15/2009  

Girl my heart was just crushed when I read this. I was over at Nise's site and I saw a picture of you..and she said she was praying. So I had to come on over and see what was going on...I have been on break from blogging for about 2 months.
So I want to jump on board and join the prayer team. Our God is mighty to save! And You already know He is walking in a omnipresent way all around you and in you.
I would expect nothing but honesty here. May the name of God be glorified by your ups and downs..ins and outs. :)
You are my sister...when the body hurts...we all hurt.

Anonymous 4/15/2009  

Dear Bev,

I am praying for you, sweet sister. I'm praying for your sleep to be sweet tonight. I'm praying for the fear and the panic to be far from you. I'm looking at my scripture memorization card right now and am reminded that our God WILL BE the sure foundation for our times -- not matter what "times" we find ourselves in. (Is 33:5-6)

I am watching and praying...


Sheryl 4/15/2009  

Thank you for being so open and honest.

My sister, I am lifting you up in prayer now and will continue.

You're right. God does know it's scary.


Ang baylis 4/15/2009  

I'm still praying for you, Bev!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

twinkle 4/15/2009  

Holy Father,
Like a child praying, with simple child-like faith, I ask You to give Bev the best team of doctors for her need. And help her sleep at night. We love You, Lord. Amen.

Shonda 4/16/2009  

Oh Bev, I thank God he led me to your blog today. I've been wondering about you. I am praying now and I will continue to pray--as you asked and as the Holy Spirit leads. I pray that you will have the mind of Christ to be alert and make the decisions that must be made. I pray the Lord send people to comfort you in your time and to stand in the gap for you. Bev, you hold a special place in my heart and I love you my sister in Christ.

Psalm 120:1 In my distress I called to the LORD,
and he answered me.

He hears and He answers.

marina 4/16/2009  

Dear Bev I am praying for you
"so do not fear for I am with you, do not be
disayed for
I am your God I will strenghten you and help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand: Isaiah 14; 10 those who trut in the Lord will never be disappionted.
I love you Bev you are in my heart and prayers, marina

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife 4/16/2009  

Sweet Bev,

I'm just hearing this news and I can't tell you how much it hurts me to know you are going through this.

BUT, can I encourage you in saying that I can't think of another person more armed for the battle? In whose heart truly and deeply abides the Word of Truth? You are an amazing woman Bev and I know this thing will not destroy you.

I love you and am putting you in my prayer book!

Smelling Coffee 4/16/2009  

I just saw this request on the Siesta Fiesta blog~ and am praying for you right this very moment. For the Lord to lead you in every step and for Him to reveal Himself to you and your family in miraculous ways! For healing, and for help, strength, and joy along the way.

With love through Jesus - our Healer and Great Physician... Jennifer

Kristin 4/16/2009  

Still thinking of you often. Still praying for you often.

Love, Kristin

Mary Lou 4/16/2009  

Bev, just found something for you...Friday is passed and Sunday is coming.....the Son is out. Love you tons...Mary Lou

Sharon Brumfield 4/21/2009  

You were just on my heart...and I just wanted to speak some peace and love over your heart and life.
There is a passage where Jesus tells the disciples that if they visit a house that agrees with their message that they could leave their peace with that household.
I kind of take these things literally. And so today know you follow hard after the One that I follow hard after....I want to leave some of my peace with you. I pray you KNOW the peace of His presence today and that you are drenched in the awareness of His love.
Love you girl

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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