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TAG - You're It

Seven RaNdOm ThInGs about Me! What is a Meme---what does it stand for? Me? I was tagged by JennyHope, such a sweet girl!

I really loved the BEATLES!!! When I met John Lennon, I pulled his hair out of his head. I was 12. A lock of love. What was I thinking??

I was the first one in my family to ever go to college and I received my Masters Degree from Seminary. My parents and their parents on down never had the opportunity to finish high school much less grade school.

I had 3 kids in 3 years and was on a first name basis at Cook's Hospital Emergency Room...the most memorable one was when our 10-year-old daughter fell off her bike and sadly broke her arm in front of our house. My husband who is a very good athlete tried to ride the bike about two feet up our front lawn to get it out of the street, but the wicked bike threw him over the handlebars and he knocked out his front tooth, broke his collarbone and was knocked out "cold" with a concussion---a "Reader's Digest" story.

We went through seven years straight of infertility....oh my....then our young son made an entrance into our lives that shook our world with such sheer delight.

If you asked my youngest son to tell a story on me, he would tell you about the time when I left him home alone and he was three. I orchestrated all 3 school children plus our carpool children into my huge van that morning, and was going to pick his sleeping body up last. I remembered half way to school that I forgot to pick him up (it's a 30-minute drive) so I announced GASPING to the carpool --- "You will all be TARDY" and I turned around SOOOOO F-A-S-T !!!!! When I arrived at home, he was GONE...scared me to pieces. A very kind grandfather next door was driving down our street, observed him standing at our huge picture window knocking on the glass calling for help, and stopped to rescue him. Three-year-old Britt told him where the key was hidden in our courtyard. Grandfather unlocked the front door and took Britt home with him. Talk about me being shaken to the core...

I have so many CARPOOL STORY the night the fruit flies hatched in our huge van because a child left their uneaten banana under the seat. It was dark that morning and we didn't identify the hatched horde until I tried to clean my windows. The carpool rode to school with their heads hanging out the windows.

Okay, I TAG YOU for 7 random things.

1. Holly
2. Brookie
3. Patty
4. Connie
5. Kim
6. Fran
7. Sue


jennyhope 11/16/2007  

REal quick...number 6 where was he?
Also fruit flies I have wondered are they in the fruit? If they are I will never eat fruit again? I mean are the eggs in the fruit? sick!! praying for you!

Alana 11/17/2007  

What great tidbits. I thoroughly enjoyed reading those! But, I'm with jennyhope...where was your youngest when you returned from the carpool????

Bev Brandon 11/17/2007  

I was going to write 7 RANDOM sentences...did I think I could write one sentence? So I tried to cut the sentences shorter on #six and left a cliffhanger---where was the kid when I got home??? I finished the story out for you on the post...a grandfather driving by heard him knocking & calling on our huge picture window. Britt told him where to find the hidden key in our courtyard...and the kind grandfather took him home with him. Scared me to pieces.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God 11/17/2007  

Wow,, These were great.. and If I had been the ER nurse... I'm not sure what I would have thought... but I'm sure we would have been whispering.. hear comes that family again.. LOL...

you could have your own family album.. my trip to the ER.. or ER Brandon Style....what a hoot...

ok.. I am working on mine and will try to get those up tomorrow.. on my way to my dad's for thanksgiving dinner.. they are going out of town next week

love ya

Toknowhim 11/17/2007  


I think you have to be one of the most interesting people I know (can I say know yet, since we have not met?) Your life would make the best movie ever :)

I have been reading your last posts, and they have just blown me away. I don't know your story, but have just seen bits and pieces in your posts, but you have had many things happen in your life. I am so sorry for the many bad things that have happened in your life, but this I can see through your posts. You are letting God use everything that has happened to you to draw closer to Him.

You are experiencing an intimacy with God that I don't believe many Christians do..

If we ever meet up out there in the future, I just want to sit and listen to your stories, and your wisdom.


Mary@notbefore7 11/17/2007  

OK, I came over from Alana's...i HAD to read the carpool story. Oh my! I laughed at the reality of life with many little ones.

When I had #3, I left him in his car seat in teh stroller sitting in panera while I went into the bathroom to check on my mom and my other two. I was helping wash hands when my mom asked, "Where is D?" AHHHHHH!!!! (running out of teh bathroom)

CrownLaidDown 11/17/2007  

Wow! I want to hear more stories...wish you all were sitting on MY living room floor! Colorado is pretty this time of year (snow this week!)...come on for a visit :)


Sue @ praise & coffee 11/17/2007  

Thanks Bev, this looks fun- I love your answers. I will try to get to it after our trip to Florida.


connorcolesmom 11/17/2007  

I hope you had a WONDERFUL Blessed Day!!
Thanks for the tag - I will do it soon :)

Fran 11/18/2007  

I sing along with Kim.....

Happy Birthday sweet Bev!
Happy Birthday to you!!

God knew you would bless the fire out of so many of us and He is doing just that at this season of this birthday!

I'm glad I "know" you and I hope to hug your neck one day! San Antonio?? I sure hope so!

Much love friend. And may God's blessings rain on you this day and always!!

jennyhope 11/18/2007  

Happy Birthday Bev! you truly pour out encouragement from your heart and you are such a gift!! Seriously, I have struggled with discouragement over being in a certain place in my walk. Thank you for your ever kind words...i feel so romans 7 most of the time. you are loved

jen 11/18/2007  

Oh girl, you have made my day. I have been on the couch all day with the flu and have felt rotten. I finally got up the strength to come see what my blog friends were up to and God blessed me hugely when I opened yours. :) Sweet sweet thoughts.

Katie 11/19/2007  

i wish i could drop by.... but i don't think i'll be able to. give brookie a huge hug for me though!

Patty 11/27/2007  

Hi Bev!
I am sorry to just be getting to this. I am going to do the meme now! I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!


Patty 11/27/2007  

I have my meme up! Come by and visit when you get a chance!!

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