Sunday, November 11, 2007


TRADING's a great show but life is different than trading spaces...sometimes I get the feeling that I am supposed to go the THE TRADING POST and trade my sorrow in for joy. Trade my pain in. But this life isn't about trading. It's about emptying.

EMPTYING SPACES...the Holy Spirit is emptying spaces in my heart that I have filled with MYSELF. And HE is doing it for one REASON and that is to fill it with HIMSELF. And then I EMBRACE and EXPERIENCE my Good God whether it's on top of the mountains or in the valleys of the shadow of death.

God cannot walk by an
without FILLING IT
wrote St. John of The Cross

We are trying to downsize from spaces so to speak...and I was looking in the study today to see what piece of furniture I could get rid of next. I thought about the nightstand. And I turned to my husband and said...let me tell you why I have never got rid of that nightstand with the broken handle. My daddy slept every night next to that nightstand that held a loaded gun to protect us from my brother who struggled so much. We feared for our lives growing up. Someday I'll sell it for $10. But for now, it's a reminder that my good God, my beautiful God, my mighty God, my ever-present God, Who was there then, is here now, and is still emptying me of myself and that's good. I became a follower of Christ right after college graduation when I realized I was exchanging my life for this world. Matthew 16:25. Fear of man. Fear of evil. Yet, what does it profit me if I gain the WHOLE WORLD and lose my soul. It has been decades of emptying me of myself. Every day, my Faithful Friend is filling me with Himself and that just simply blows me away.

The nightstand is about all I have left of my physical belongings as a child. From nightstands to new dawns, my Beautiful God is detaching me from dependence on anything but Him and Him ALONE. I'll tell you tomorrow one thing He is detaching me from. He is so good to us. So very good. The God who created EVERYTHING, the Uncreated One, is filling our empty spaces with HIMSELF.

Emptying Spaces...I wonder what empty spaces in your life He is filling with HIMSELF?


Susan 11/11/2007  

Hi Bev,

This is my first time to your awesome blog...

Great post. Gave me lots to think of, and I'm challenged now.

So nice to meet you!


Shonda 11/11/2007  

Wow! Good question. I know He's emptying me of myself, especially selfishness. Yes, I see that God gave me a husband and children to teach me to get rid of my selfish desires. Less of me and more of HIM.

God is so good to us! Thanks for all the scripture you shared with me. You're a blessing!

Blessings in Christ--

connorcolesmom 11/11/2007  

God is emptying me of my self-reliance. I tend to go through a whole day and "forget" to consult God. I should talk to and consult Him about everything. I know when I do not focus on Him I tend to have so much more anxiety. Plus I always have so much more fun when He and I hang out all day long. He is my everything!!
We love you FATHER!

Alana 11/11/2007  

That is so interesting, because I have been going around thinking that I feel like God is "emptying" my life of obligations,responsibilities, etc. This is a good thing, but I keep wondering what is up. It makes me wonder if we're going to be moving, or having a baby, or if maybe He just wants me to fill those spaces with Him. I'm working on the latter.

Jen 11/12/2007  

I always tell myself that if there is a void in my life, or any place that I am feeling "empty", I just remind myself that it is probably because I am not letting God in there!

Thanks for the post!

jen 11/12/2007  

I love this! Makes me want to raise my arms and cry out for some filling! And if it tastes a little like chocolate... the more the merrier! :) I want to be so filled with Jesus that it just can't help but pour out!

CrownLaidDown 11/12/2007  

Amen, Amen & Amen. Very good words which I will chew on all day today!

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Jackie 11/12/2007  

thanks for this... I needed to think about that! MY sweet daughter reminds me to "empty" myself of my selfish desires daily!

Fran 11/12/2007  

Hey sweet Bev,
Oh yes!! You know, about 5 years ago, I had my tonsils out. I was 32 years old at the time. Not a pretty thing for an adult to have those things taken out. But, we did and it was horrible to say the least. BUT, one giant thing came out of that for me.....

"Stop, slow down, simplify, and rely on everything!" That was God speaking over me every single day for 4 weeks. Boy, I got it! 4 weeks is a long time to have that spoken over you day in and day out.

My daily, hourly prayer is "Jesus, empty my self desires and fill me up with Your desires and Your presence."

I fight hard against falling into my "self" that I can't see Him or feel Him. I missed Him for most of my life...I didn't know the real Jesus until I was 28...and, that was after years of mess. I want ALL Him as much as I can.

Empty that self out. Fill up on Him. He's just wonderful. I hope you have had a Jesus filled day my friend.
Love you!

Sue @ praise & coffee 11/12/2007  

Wonderful post!
How about emptying myself of control! Lord fill in those places that I have surrendered to You!

Blessings dear one,

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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