Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving................................. Suk San Wan Khorp Khun Prajao!

Happy Thanksgiving to Brooke in Thailand from your awesome brother Barrett & Lauren who came from Nebraska...what a sweet girlfriend she is!

Suk San Wan Khorp Khun Prajao, Brookie.... from your Mom and husband who is faithful and true and such a servant!
Happy Thanksgiving Brookie from your loyal loving sister Blair who flew in from Washington DC and her good friend Ryan who dropped by our house.

And where is our Brookie? It was a memorable moment for me this Thanksgiving Day. Pint-sized Carson suddenly realized our Brookie was missing. He came running down the stairs, threw his hands up in the air like this…

and with childlike humility, with childlike wonder, and a precious puzzled face, he shouted out and asked the question of the day…”Where is my Brookie?”

Brookie, this post is for you. We ALL missed you magnanimously this Thanksgiving.

As your mom, I couldn’t be any more proud and grateful to our good God for you and the choices you have made with your little life in Chiang-Mai to do Joshua 24:14 – “to serve the Lord your God with all your faithfulness.” And as verse 15 goes on to say---you have thrown away anything else beyond that River that keeps you from knowing your beautiful God.
Your Mommy missed you more than any words I can find and I thought about you all day long.

I woke up early on Thanksgiving morning, and went for a run---yes, Coach Brooke, you heard me right. One change in my life this year is that I am taking so much better care of myself. Next, I read in my Bible, Joshua 24:23 – throw away anything that takes you away from your good God and yield your heart to the God of Israel….set up a large stone as a witness for that stone has heard all the words your Lord God has said to you. So, I set up a “stone” in my front courtyard as a remembrance of all my good God has done for me this year. It has been so much! I am not the person I was last year, last month , or even last week. He is changing me and I am so grateful to my forgiving merciful God.

We began our trek to McKinney. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Shelby's PGA Tour Club buffet and it was simply scrumptious from Texas tenderloin to the chef's creme brulee for our table of twenty. Here's Toni's three precious adorable ones---Carly, Carson, & Cameron--- who greeted us at the door...The view of the valley seemed unending. The wraparound balcony was occupied by only two brave visitors for it was very unaccustomed cold cold weather for us---Britt chased Carson around and around the freezing balcony as we enjoyed watching warmly the fleeting moments from inside of the restaurant, gazing through the wall of glass doors overlooking the terraced balcony. It's a knock-dead gorgeous place to be. Shelby treated us all so kindly. Here's Britt & his little buddy Carson after your awesome big little brother Britt wore him out on the balcony.
Bev and Lauren @ Anthony's new home where we spent our Thanksgiving...
BIG NEWS! Anthony & Susanna are engaged to be married over Spring Break in Napa Valley, California. ..Barrett, Blair and I will get to go! Oh oh!!
Me and My faithful Sister, Syl. Happy Thanksgiving from Aunt Sylvia. She left today for six weeks in Germany with Teri & Allan---her daughter and son-in-law who are serving the U.S. at an Air Force base---it will be my first Christmas ever without her. We sure don't look alike. Look at how "big" my face looks compared to hers...LOL

Carson gave me first lessons in Wii Sports, something NEW for me...and then karaoke.
Watched the Dallas Cowboys WIN and go 11-1...whoa! At one point, they showed Texas Stadium filled with falling snow flurries...we all scrambled SO F-A-S-T to the door to witness were we in the same town or not? It was on the warm side where we were. I think we were CLOSE to seeing snow.
Happy Thanksgiving Brookie from Toni, my precious were dearly MISSED.......................................................................................................
Happy Thanksgiving Blog have NO IDEA how much you have encouraged me this year as we are in such transition, waiting to go back into the ministry. You have been like little arching bridges over dangerous frigid waters to my waiting God. He is our bridge. He is our home. And, you have so brought God to me! No "quick fixes" on this blogland just friends fanning the flame of my flickering faith in my dark days.
I have pondered and wept and lingered so much this week on all the things that have come my way, come to my mind in blog land that I am thankful for. i wrote them down and maybe I'll post them another time.
Above all else I am grateful to my beautiful God for
His Merciful Eyes on me
His Tender Hands supporting me
His Swift Feet running to my rescue over and over
His Haunting Breath that appears Unexpected Unannounced
His Attentive Ears to any word I utter before Him
His Forgiving Character
His Protective Nature fighting for me
His Unequaled Beauty enthralled with even me
His Friendship that will never walk out on me
His Matchless Love I will never lose.
Thank you, my Glorious Awesome Merciful Loving Sovereign Beautiful God
for Zephaniah 3:17
"The Lord, my God
is with you
He is mighty to save.
He takes great delight in you.
He will quiet you with His Love.
He will rejoice over you with singing."
Oh! HE is! HE is!


Shonda 11/24/2007  

OH Bev! You and your family are beautiful people! Thanks for sharing the photos!

My brother & his family went to that game in Dallas. I didnt get together with any family other than my husband and my own sons. We did gather with brother and sisters in the Lord and had a good time. I'm so glad in the Lord we have family where ever He places us.

I thought about you yesterday as I cleaned out my cupboards. Yes, you inspired me. It was something the Lord nudged me to do before and I just needed to do it.

Have a blessed weekend! You've blessed me!

Lindsee 11/24/2007  

SUCH a beautiful family!! I am so glad you all had a wonderful time.

And, Happy Late Thanksgiving!! I am so thankful for you and what you have meant to blog world. Not only are your posts and comments so encouraging, but you fill them with Truth and God's word!!!

I hope to meet you some day...maybe next semester at Breaking Free....?!?!??!!!

All my love to you this holiday weekend!!!


Alana 11/24/2007  

Wow, what a wonderful time, of fellowship, family, and fun! Your joy and thankfulness shows through in the pictures!

As always, thank you for your sweet words on my blog. You use your gift of encouragement with such love and grace!

Thank you!

Jenn 11/24/2007  

great party, great pics! it was good for us, too! thanks for sharing... :o)

Fran 11/24/2007  

I'm speechless Bev! This was just beautiful for your daughter to see and read on her own. She will definately feel as if she was right there with you!!

My heart is just full this Thanksgiving too....i think it happens as we get older and as our journey with Jesus becomes better and better.

I am in awe of Him and Who He is.
I am in awe of this friendship that we all have in blogland. Y'all too just bless me to death when I feel lonely or sad.

I loved, loved, loved these pictures. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. I'm going to come back and read this post again.

Be God's~

CrownLaidDown 11/24/2007  

I can hear it! That song. It is one of LOVE over YOU my sweet friend Bev. God is doing a work in you and it's spilling over on everyone you meet. Be encouraged DEAR one...Your loving Jesus looks so very wonderful in you!

Jackie 11/25/2007  

THat is so sweet- beautiful pics of a beautiful family. I am thankful for you...and for your enouragement to me and so many others- you are incredible.
Happy late thanksgiving and I am so grateful for you. Love you- Jackie

Fran 11/25/2007  

I came back to read again! Can I tell you what I see this 2nd time of reading this??? These pictures and your words scream L-O-V-E!!
Love is ooooozing all over the place here. And...I love it!! Your family is wonderful Bev. They are lucky to have you and that darling husband as leaders.

Now...thank you for letting me comment again. :)
Feelin the love~

Toknowhim 11/26/2007  

Thanks for the kind words you left on my blog... It is easy to be encouraging to you because you are so encouraging yourself.

Your life experiences have made you into a woman with such wisdom, but more than wisdom I see such a hunger for God through your writings. I am glad that you stumbled across my blog name, because now I can stay connected with you through the blog world...

Have a wonderful week Siesta!!

Brooke 11/26/2007  

thanks mom!!!!!!!!!!!

i loved seeing all the pictures and to know that sweet little carson missed me! :)

love yall! see you REALLY soon!

Kristin 11/26/2007  

Hi Bev! Happy belated Thanksgiving and Happy belated birthday, too! I loved reading about how God cradled you in His arms on a day that was so hard. That is the best present in the feel God's presence so close and feel his love that is so feel. I loved seeing your Thanksgiving celebration as well. Looks like so much fun! We had a great time as well celebrating with family in beautiful Sonama, CA. I could just see God everywhere I looked. My camera wasn't working, so I don't have pictures...sigh. Thank you again for your encouraging words and your friendship to me. God uses you mightly in the lives of others!
Blessings my friend ~ Kristin

Kristin 11/26/2007  

Ok, that second feel in regards to God's love in my comment is supposed to say real! His love is so REAL! I guess I should read over what I typed before I get all carried away with myself and publish it!
Ok, I feel better now that I have explained that!

Mary@notbefore7 11/26/2007  

Great shots! Love that list at the end. God is so good.

connorcolesmom 11/26/2007  

Thank you for sharing them with us.
It sounds like you had a great time.
You are just beautiful!! I look forward to hugging your neck one day!
God bless,

Anonymous 11/27/2007  

Sounds like you had an absolutely memorable Thanksgiving. Take care & stay warm!

Sharon 11/27/2007  

This was sweet.
I wish I could get my Mom involved in blogging. It would be a great way for her to keep up with her children.
I am sure this blessed your daughters heart.

CrownLaidDown 11/28/2007  

Look! A new profile picture! I just wanted to say thank you for your prayers...they have kept your friend's soul in-tact.

Love you much!

Abby 12/07/2007  

this is so sweet!!!!

i love zeph 3:17!!!! we were all about learning that verse this summer at camp :)

beautiful pictures!!!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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