Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pungently Perfumed Macaroni & Cheese

Our sophomore son couldn't wait to dig into the macaroni & cheese at supper tonight accompanying the King Ranch chicken casserole---even though he had downed a foot-long BMT subway sandwich right before swim practice tonight. He lives hungry. You should have seen the look on his face after one bite of the mac & cheese. "What's wrong?" I protectively asked. You see, the other night he mentioned that my couscous dish tasted like it had cleaning agent on it. Now, the child usually doesn't complain about food at all. The husband never complains about any food. But, tonight would be different. Bob quickly tasted the macaroni & cheese dish and gagged but very humbly kept on trying to eat it with a scrunched up look. "Oh dear, what have I done wrong. How do you mess up Velveeta Macaroni & Cheese out of the box? I followed the directions to the "t." " I could feel my culinary insecurities rising inside. They began smelling the concoction and asking me all kinds of questions of what I did. The sophomore son solved the situation at hand. It was Blair's fault---his sister and recent college graduate who came home from college with the food left over in her kitchen pantry. Of course, the valued Velveeta box had never been opened...but sleuth Britt figured out that some perfume must have spilled into the box permeating the sealed uncooked macaroni. You see, Blair just loves perfume...and I do remember the box of unused perfumes and bath products coming in the door with the box for the kitchen. It was a kind gesture from the college grad to donate to our kitchen but perfumed macaroni will permeate our brains forever...and we may never be able to eat macaroni & cheese again... and, I think we'll be smelling a few more dinners before we eat them. And my God helped me to laugh at myself rather than take the self-obsessed path with how I performed. I'm beating myself up less these days and that's good. I've been asking myself this week---am I self-obsessed or God-obsessed? Am I more concerned with allowing my family to touch my soul and touch theirs or is this about looking good, feeling good about myself. Oh well, one might say it was only macaroni and cheese...but too much of what I think is tied to how I perform or connect with others or what I look like. God, please deliver me from my self-obsessed soul. We tried to decipher which perfume it was...but couldn't unpack the fragrance. Sure enough, the box in the trash can smelled like HUGO... how will I look and live today... self-obsessed or God-obsessed?


Abby 10/05/2007  

loved this...hilarious!!!

thank you so much for visiting and words were calming and encouraging. the Lord definitely used you to bless my heart tonight! my best friend (shown two posts earlier on my blog) sent me an email tonight and didn't know that her words and scripture she sent would also be just what i needed to hear tonight! the Lord takes care of us for sure!! He is so good!! :)

glad for a new blogging friend ;)

jen 10/05/2007  

oh my goodness! "perf-aroni" doesn't sound too good! Kudos to hubby for trying not to hurt your feelings. :) We've had similar dinners, thankfully not too many. :) Only I WISH I could have blamed it on Hugo. lol!

CrownLaidDown 10/05/2007  

Awww....I would have never figured that one out!

I have to tell you...I'm craving Tex-Mex...there is none here...And I miss it! :)

Can't wait!

Alana 10/05/2007  

Oh, that is funny! I had never would have guessed perfumed Velveeta was the culprit!

Hendrick Family 10/05/2007  


I love this story!


connorcolesmom 10/06/2007  

That is so funny!!
I can only imagine how it must have tasted LOL!!
Thank you for visiting my blog and saying such sweet things about me. You truly touched my heart.
I am the San Antonio hotel lady :)
I think you have a room reserved through Holly right?
If not and you need one let me know I think I only have one left :)
I look forward to coming back and spending time with you again :)
God bless,

Alana 10/06/2007  

Bev, thank you so much for you KIND words on my blog. I'm so glad I could help you with finding the book. I should get my copy out and read it again. I think I still have it.


Abby 10/06/2007  

you are so sweet!! glad i have a new friend :) blog world is so great :D you really have blessed my heart and i can't thank you enough for the encouraging words and scripture.

hope you had an awesome day! have fun worshiping tomorrow!!

Lindsee 10/06/2007  

This is just such a small world. Yes, I do know Jon, Sally and Jude and I actually think I have met Brooke through them a couple of times. Sally is one of my best friends! When I went to see Brookes blog she def. looked familiar!! How fun!!! :)

And yes, I do live in Texas. :) And proud of it! I am in Huntsville right now finishing up at Sam Houston and am moving back to Houston in the spring to student teach! So, I am very excited and VERY ready to graduate.

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It touched my sweet lil' heart!

Do you live in Houston?

Hope you've had a great weekend!


Blair 10/11/2007  

HAHAHAHAHA...sorry mom. I packed really quickly when i moved...i had a box of perfumes and stuff right on top of the food box now that i think back...annnd it stayed packed that way for a while...hmmm...might throw the rest of that stuff out...

Love you.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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