Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jesus is the Stability of his Times

Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary
Several close friends honored my husband with their presence on his birthday. To be known and touched deeply in your soul by your friends is such a great gift. To lead an observed life where friends deeply care enough about you to share what's on their heart and ask you about yours...ask about your deep thoughts in your heart---that's such a gift. Our friends don't try to fix us, they just love us and hold our stories close in their hearts. "Friendship is one of the sweetest joys of life. Many might have failed beneath the bitterness of their trial had they not found a friend." C.H. Spurgeon
It's Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary in the same week for Bob. So after his birthday party ended, we slipped away for three days in Dallas. My husband lives out Isaiah 33:6 in front of me - Jesus Christ is the stability of his times and a wealth of wisdom in my husband. This man has proved faithful to me in so many many ways over 28 good years. He is one of the most stable people I know in the midst of all life has thrown his way and that's been a whole lot, especially this past year. I've watched him closely even when he is not aware. I have listened to his heart. If he is stable, and he is, it's because the Jesus in him is stable and Bob has bought into that big time. He really trusts his Lord in adversity. I know. I see it. You should ask him how he has made it to where he is today---allowing his Savior to be so stable, so sovereign in his life. You really know well the ones you live with day in and day out. You see their strengths; you feel their weaknesses. God knew what I needed, what He wanted for us, 28 years down the road. I needed a stable man this year when my world fell apart. This is one stable man whom God has given to me. All we have is today and however long God gives us breath. I want to finish well with this man as sweethearts together advancing His Kingdom. One of Bob's loved verses is found in John 4:34 --- our food together is to do the will of Him who sent us and to finish His work.
Happy Birthday Bob Brandon, a stable man.
Happy Anniversary, my Sweetheart!


Josh 10/02/2007  

Hey, fellow Fort Worthian! I'm just doing a search on other people in Fort Worth, and you came up. God bless & great blog!

Josh 10/02/2007  

Hey, Thanks for the comment on my blog. The easiest way I've found to put a YouTube video on your blog is to go to the Create New Post, then Edit HTML.

On the right side of the YouTube video (about half way down) you'll see the word "Embed" next to a code with the words: Object Width, Height, Param Name... etc. You'll copy & past this into the HTML on your Blog Post, then publish.

I hope that helps. Take care!

Leigh Gray 10/02/2007  

what a great post. you know it takes an awesome woman to catch an awesome man!! have a wonderful day and celebrate!!!


Josh 10/02/2007  

Ah yes, C.S. Lewis. I believe it's in Wild at Heart, one of my favs... & you're a John Eldredge fan yourself, I see.

One of my favorite quotes from that book is:

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

jen 10/02/2007  

Happy Anniversary sweet girl! I hope ya'll had a wonderful time in Dallas. I love the verses you shared. They're going on notecards. :)

Brooke 10/02/2007  

i love yall!!!

Bev Brandon 10/02/2007  

thank you Mr. Anonymous!

Anonymous 10/02/2007  

Dear Bev,
I am a man most honored and blessed by your love and your presence in my life.
Love Bob

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God 10/08/2007  

how sweet... I'm just such a sucker for all this romance... crying over this...

our anniversary is in october also..

love ya

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