Friday, July 11, 2008

Someone is watching my back!

You want to have a clean car to travel, or so my thinking went. I drove my Pathfinder smack dab onto the tracks at the Shammy Car Wash (in memory of the Six Chicks). Nailed it. The attendant spewed out her memorized commands of how I could navigate the car through the automatic car wash.

Me: "But, wait! I don't want to stay in my car with those things bopping on my car."

Attendant: "Well, you have to stay in the car. It's an insurance issue."

Me: "I'm so sorry, but I can't do that. Don't like those bopping things. I tried it the last time I was here (which was my first time ever to face my fear and stay in the car) and I made it through but it was not a pleasant facing of my fear. I'll come back another time with my son."

Attendant: "Nah, that's okay. I guess you can catch your car if you wait at the end where it comes out."

She proceeded to give me detailed instructions how to maneuver to the end of the car wash, and in mere seconds, there I S T O O D...waiting for my car to be delivered to me.

She made it sound easy. How hard could this be? Just take a running jump and plop in. Okay, here it comes. I grabbed the door and flung it open. My flip flops were flopping to keep up with the rolling car. What if I miss when I jump in? For a quick second, I actually thought I could stop the car with my own strength. Silly me. Way too suddenly, there was a major dip in the pavement with intentions to stop the car that had just gained momentum. I held my breath and took a dive into the car that was now rolling backwards. I think I slammed on the brakes or maybe stepped on the gas. IDK. I didn't expect the car to be RUNNING. I was WAY TOO CLOSE to the street and so I just took O F F with a spanking clean car. Shaking like a leaf in the wind. Don't try this one at home!

We made it to Austin in our spanking clean car. Writing to you from a hotel in our state's capital. Awesomeness. We're in town for a job interview. Spent the most delightful evening with fifteen fun & loving people. Tomorrow will be a full day with church leaders and staff. Can't wait! Micah 7:7 - We are watching in hope, waiting on God," not for any man. That verse says that He hears us in Austin. And I believe He has said to me in Isaiah 22:22 that He will "give us a key to open the door that no man can shut. I'll drive the peg in a very firm place for you." He will. "God answers; God looks after us."- Hosea 14:8. And I just love what Kim said to me in a comment this week---He is watching your back..."God is taking care of us on every side." 2Chron 32:22. No matter what! In a car wash or groping for words in an interview. He's got my back.

Deeply appreciate your prayers for our next step. We want to hear our God saying "Go to the place I send you." Genesis 12:1. We wait for no man, just on our God to say the word.


Michelle Bentham 7/12/2008  

Like Daniel in the Lion's Den you are with that Car! WHEW! So glad you survived.

I'll be praying for you while you are in Austin. Be Blessed sweet sister!

Brooke 7/12/2008  

wow, mom. this one had me on the floor laughing. love ya! i'm praying for ya'll this weekend!!!!!

p.s. i'd really like to "have" to visit austin frequently. my vote is yes! :)

Mary Lou 7/12/2008  

Bev, this had me really chuckling and trying to envision you jumping in the car, hard to picture. Wow, glad you made it. Woke up early and He put you on my heart, prayed in earnest for you. Praying that God will make it clear, or that He will put up the road blocks, whatever is needed for you all to be in the center of His will. He has gone before you, He has sent that angel on ahead....He is right there. Trusting Him to speak to you clearly and loudly or maybe softly. Blessings and more blessings on your week end.

cherryt7 7/12/2008  

Thank you for your post... it was a God-send. My husband and I are in 'the process' and the words you posted from Scripture were reminders... I will pray for you in your pursuit of affirmation of God's plan... Would you pray for us? We are in unknown territory... Thank you.

JnL4God 7/12/2008  

I had a situation this week while talking to a customer that was less than desirable with his speach to which out of the blue said "Whoa Whoa Whoa- you don't need to talk like that" Well I can imagine you had that same feeling while trying to catch your car.

Whoa Whoa Whoa. :)
Prayed for you and your family - peace and favor and guidance and direction.

"Just Me - NC Beth" 7/12/2008  

Oh, my goodness! I got nervous just reading your attempts to get in your car!! Whew!! Glad you survived it!

(Found your blog through, um, I now can't remember but enjoyed it!)


Claire Borne 7/12/2008  

Only you Bev! Oh my goodness...I love your stories. I am laughing out loud right now just listening to you tell it in my head! I so wish that you were here so that I could really hear and SEE you telling this story. Only you! You guys are both in my prayers for this new potential transition in your lives. I love you all!

Michelle V 7/12/2008  

Whew! The car thing made me nervous. I'm praying for you all as you follow God's lead! Honk on your way back home when you pass through Hewitt. ;)


Nise' 7/12/2008  

Glad you were able to jump back into the car safely. I am surprised that it is not an event on one of those shows where people try crazy things!

Toknowhim 7/12/2008  


Although we have not communicated as much through comments in the past few months... I have to say that meeting you through the blog was/is one of the best things that have come from the blog (when it comes to meeting others). Your blog is a ray of sunshine in the blog world, and a place where I can be challenged spiritually...Iron sharpening Iron..

I will be waiting to see where the Lord is leading you and your precious family...

I will try to stop by more often, and hopefully one day we can meet in person :) Blessings Bev!!

Jean 7/12/2008  

Praying for you Bev.

Love, Jean

connorcolesmom 7/12/2008  

I just LOVE YOU!!
YOu make me laugh so hard!
I have been praying for you and meant to call you today
Craig and I slept until 10 and only woke up b/c Cole came in and said "how long are you guys going to sleep?" LOL

We had to hit the ground running after that :)

I can't wait to hear how it goes - I honestly have a good feeling about it :)

God bless you my sweet friend

littlerad 7/12/2008  

Wow that is crazy, I couldn't see someone that might be a few years older than me or even me on my feet hurting days...
I'm glad you made it safly and you are in my prayers...

annie's eyes 7/13/2008  

Oh, I am laughing and crying at the same time. He SO has your back, Bev, and loves you dearly. I'm praying. Love, Annette

Fran 7/16/2008  

Praying for you Bev. Yep, He's got your back indeed! Keep us posted on how things are going.

Lots of peace,

Alana 7/16/2008  

"those bopping things"...You are CRACKING me up, friend! I am so picturing you making a running jump into your car...too funny.

How did Austin go? Send me a note when you get a ya!

Jessica 7/17/2008  

I was just about to write "Only you, Bev" when I read Claire's comment that said that very thing.


I wanna know how the interview went. Have ya'll made a decision? ARE YOU MOVING TO MY CITY???

Miss you, lady

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