Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

I'm about to jump out of my skin on Santa Rosa Island...I have been simply overwhelmed with my beautiful God this week. I have read my favorite authors sitting on the sand---that sand, a thousand thought-filled reminders of how much He thinks about us. I have walked 6-10 miles each day and listened and lingered and longed and loved every minute with my God. I've knelt in humility and brokenness on the beach and stood in grace and gladness on that shore.

I've been with my sister and her 3 children and their 9 kids. I have watched the nine precious ones (ages 5 through 11) several times so the adults could go out for dinner and fun. We made collages, a seascape, seashell hunts, and I even drew their body profile and they colored and decorated it---should have posted the pictures of them. It has been good.
I came here hoping for extended time with my beautiful God but HE has exceeded my expectations. Every morning at 5:30AM I leaped out of bed, drawn like a magnet to the overwhelming ocean tide coming IN. Every evening about 7:30PM, it happened again---drop everything to see the sunset. It's like I was seeing this like never before. Kept twirling around. I experienced 360 degrees of beauty that pierced and penetrated. A pastoral panoramic picture created by my Author and Finisher.

Today I thought of my family as I walked the shore and wept. Seventeen years ago, my youngest son Britt came home from the hospital on July 4th and we went straight to see fireworks cause I remember how they were going off in my heart over having him for a son. He was born 17 years ago July 2nd and this child means more to me than I could ever express. He's been away at Conference on National Affairs this week and it will be my first 4th of July without my family. I'll miss them all! There was a newborn on the beach this morning, yes at 5:30AM. I told them how beautiful he was! I remember touching my own beautiful boy's toe. Couldn't believe God did that for me!

On this Fourth of July, my thoughts go to those in my family serving our country. All my sister's children and their spouses are here except for Teri's husband who is serving in Iraq this very day---we just heard from him. He was asking about Lauren and how he could watch her in her Olympic Trials today. More on that sweet girl later. Then my thoughts turn to Bob's 22-year-old nephew in Iraq. God, please hold our loved ones in your hands this day. Protect them from the enemy of the soldiers and the enemy of their souls, as only you can do.
I hope your Fourth is filled with His Presence and Power! Love to you all, Bev


Mary Lou 7/04/2008  

Bev, how this post blesses my heart. You have been on my heart all week. My oldest one's birthday was yesterday...she was almost a fourth of July baby...but not quite. She always thought when she was little that the firewords were for her, ha, ha. She has blessed my heart and life as Britt has blessed yours. So thankful that God has met you over and over this week. Praying that He leads you and directs you and speaks to your heart and your future. Blessings....Love, Mary Lou

Kate 7/04/2008  

I'm almost jealous...almost. I have the beautiful mountains; however, no tides. While once apon a time scientists say we were underwater, I think I would be in my running shoes if I saw a tide come in...hee hee.
Sounds like a wonderful time you are having...I think I too am one who would opt to play with the little people rather than go out with the big people.

Nise' 7/05/2008  

It is wonderful that you are having such a great time with family and with the Lord! Our youngest sons are the same age. Mine will be 17 in 2 weeks. More of a man now, but will always be my baby!

annie's eyes 7/05/2008  

I never thought about how an island would give you a sunrise and a sunset on the beach. In Florida where my son lives, it is a beautiful sunrise over the water. The evening sunset is has a land foundation for its color, but not water. I love your words and am particularly rejoicing that God showed you another baby this day. I am offering prayers this day for your family, particularly those serving our country for safety and peace. Love, Annette

Michelle Bentham 7/05/2008  

Sounds like a little slice of heaven hear on earth... Let me know if you see my boy! The Kingdom of heaven is at hand, Bev... Beautifully written - your depths with God are soaring heights.


jennyhope 7/05/2008  

Bev! I have been praying for you and it is no fair that I can't be there to! LOL!!
Anyway, you have been on my heart so much and I am so thankful that the Lord gave you this opportunity!!! Love you!!

Toknowhim 7/06/2008  

Wow..wish I was there too. I love hearing how you enjoy God so much, it is so encouraging to all of us.

Enjoy the rest of your time with God and family.

Blessings sweet Bev!

Alana 7/06/2008  

Your beach vacation sounds just lovely! Glad you are enjoying yourself and soaking Him up!

Patty 7/06/2008  

Oh your vacation sounds like so much fun. As you know my favorite place to vacation. I don't think I am going to make it to Destin this year but hopefully next summer.
Have fun and continue enjoying our great God!

jennyhope 7/07/2008  

yay you did it!!!

Fran 7/07/2008  

The beach is a slice of heaven isn't it?? It is such a beautiful place to meet with God...and boy you have!

I love you dearly Bev. I'll see you next month! Oh, yes I am!!!!!

Big big hugs~

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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