Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bring Me Back Home

We were so close to our Dallas destination. We attempted to cross over the LBJ freeway but something went way wrong. We were out of gas, suspended on the stately overhead bridge. I had put $25 of gas in the car before we left home---it wasn't enough for a trip in traffic to Dallas. Bob jumps out the car to push it while I navigate an SUV that is going nowhere. I'm asking God for help cause if we get hit on this bridge, where do we go? Scores of cars pass us. Then, a gentleman jumps out of his car to our there are two men pushing the car and a third man is running to help them. And their cars are abandoned on the bridge. Whew! Safe on the shoulder of the road, Bob treks two miles to buy a gas can and gas while I waited in the 102 degree abandoned car.

Francis Frangipane writes: "Rescue is the constant pattern of God's activity." One minute we are fine, not realizing how badly we need help. Then a word comes, a report dawns, something breaks and we are moved in our distress to do something. What do we do? What's our M.O.? I loved the word that I read this a.m. in 2 Chron 33:12,13. This guy named Manasseh was unbelievably distressed---he actually had just deliberately killed his own son---and he got caught. He made a choice that was completely uncharacteristic of how he handled life. He sought God's favor and humbled himself. And the LORD was moved by his prayer, his plea and brought him back home. Wonder why I think that God moves for those people who are doing the right things? A powerful passage.

Whether I am out of gas in my SUV or in my soul, in my big or small distresses, may I seek God's favor and humble myself and pray. I want God to keep bringing me back home when I'm not in a good place.
I don't know why $25 of gas---that's about 6 gallons here in the US--- didn't work for the 40 mile trip---it should have. I wonder if it has anything to do with a 17-year-old son who ran a quick errand to the gym in my car this afternoon. At $4 a gallon, I don't get as far as I think I can. When I bought my first car, gas cost 36 cents per gallon---I guess I have seen a lot in my lifetime!


Technonana 7/23/2008  

In need of rescue... my son found himself in a simular state this past Sunday with 13 youth and 2 counselors on their way back from a mission trip to New Orleans. They blew a tire and the spare was flat. But praise God many people came to their rescue... THANK GOD THAT HE PROVIDES THROUGH THE HANDS OF HIS PEOPLE!!!
So glad that you were not injured during this episode in your life.....
Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

connorcolesmom 7/23/2008  

I love that message
I hate that you got stranded but the lesson God showed you was priceless
Thanks for sharing
Glad you are ok

Kate 7/23/2008  

You are one adventure after another! A livin'-on-the-edge, howbeit unintentional, I love it! I also love your faith through it all...You Make Me Smile.

Life is exciting!

Shonda 7/23/2008  

I'm so glad you're safe!

Manasseh's story of how God heard his prayer and released him from captivity caught my attention this morning too!

Glad you're home! God's favor. I pray you have HIS favor in all areas of your life!

Engrafted by His Grace-

Holly 7/23/2008  

So glad for your rescue, friend!

Praying over your life this moment.
Zephaniah 3:17

Kate 7/23/2008  

Haa haa haa...never afraid of adventure my dear Bev...never!

Mary Lou 7/24/2008  

So, thankful that God sent some angels to help you in your distress and all is well. The Word is so powerful and oh, how He gives you and the rest of us exactly what we need every day. His eye is roaming about to take care of us...His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me. are your girls?

annie's eyes 7/24/2008  

That is a powerful word for me, Bev--how He rescues us, no matter how far we've fallen, like Manassah. The Lord was moved by Bev's prayers, too. He loves you so. Blessings this day. Love, Annette

Fran 7/24/2008  

I'm so glad that ya'll were ok and that you were rescued beautifully!

I love ya Bev.
Praying for you today.

Laura 7/25/2008  

"Rescue is the constant pattern of God's activity." How profound. How true! I love your rescue story, Bev! and I am so grateful you are safe and sound. Hang in there, precious child of God! Journeys always weem to have those little bumps before we arrive!

Profbaugh 7/25/2008  


What a great message, as usual! I know that when I come to your blog I can always find a good word. Thanks my Siesta.

Much love,

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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