Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monday Morning Cover to Cover

Both of our daughters ended up in the hospital ER this week. A teary DC phone call at 3:30AM last night from Blair shouted out that there was something very wrong with her shoulder---a kayaking experience gone wrong. Brooke continued to have issues all week with pain from her Thailand address. Pray for my girls that they get the help they need. They're in His Hands. We don't know how God will answer prayers for our health, our jobs....but, a verse that has meant much to me this week is Isaiah 40:4. We do know how God will answer all our prayers to know HIM. He will lift up every valley in your life; every mountain will be made low to reveal His Glory to you. Every obstacle to knowing HIM will be removed as we return and repent and respond to the Holy One!

There were 105 passages of Scripture that I wrote down that touched places in my heart this week as we read the Bible chronologically. So how do I start? I love the book of Isaiah! And there is no way to write about that many, so I'll share a few that still linger with me. Leave a comment about what lingered with you and link us up to your blog. This isn't about gaining a bunch of inaugural knowledge or striking insights. No, it's all about finding and connecting with our Maker, our Husband. Isaiah 54:5. He's a sovereign God Who is coming!

Yes, Isaiah 33 opened with encouragement to be strong in our distress for He is the Stability of our times (33:6). And your God WILL COME to give you water in your wilderness and streams in your desert (35:3) and blind eyes will open, deaf ears unstop, and those of us lame will leap and those mute will shout. Here's your highway, a "Way of Holiness." And the ransomed will return. It means we are confronted with the Holy One!

Hezekiah knew those words and in Isaiah 38:5-6, the king turned and wept bitterly as Isaiah delivered the news that his disease was fatal, soon to steal him of his breath. "Must I be robbed in the prime of my life?" 38:10---do we ask the same question when tragedy befalls us? God heard his cries and gave Hezekiah 15 more years to live. Sounds like the answer we want when we face tragic health reports. But what did Hezekiah do with those 15 years? 2Chron 32:25 says he missed his God and became proud in his heart. When God gives us a second chance, what do we do with it? All I can do is deal with this present moment that I have from God. Deal with my stuff in the fray of my own heart, not with what others are doing to me.

In Chapter 40, the One Who measures the waters, marks the heavens, and displays the starry hosts is your Shepherd Who gently gathers, leads, and carries you close to His Heart (40:11). Am I resisting being carried close? So, why do we say: My way is hidden/disregarded by my God? Hezekiah thought God didn't notice. I guess we think God gives us the life we want here on earth---great husbands, obedient children, happy days, the good life. Isaiah 48:2 says we are citizens of a holy city and are to rely only on God not on our being happy here.

And then comes the offer of God's Hand. I will take your right hand and help you (41:13). Sometimes we are so low we can only reach up to touch the hem of His garment. That's where I've been the past couple of years, so low to the ground. God says in this chapter that He will make rivers flow, springs in our valley, water in our desert. He so is doing that for me!!! I'll take your hand and keep you and give light in your darkness--- that we might know it is the Hand of God in the midst of our circumstances. And I'll make you light to free other people stuck in their world, sitting in their darkness.

The LORD is marching as a warrior in your hearts. Stirring up zeal (42:13). A bruised reed HE will not break (42:3). Leading us down unfamiliar paths, turning our dark days into light, our rough places smooth so that we don't trust idols like great marriages, good children, perfect worlds. We have used the wood that is made for burning as an idol---half what it was meant to accomplish; half for what we want to tip our hat and bow down to (44:15).

We've seen many things and paid no attention (42:20). We didn't take to heart against WHOM we have sinned (42:25). Yet when we pass through the waters, we won't drown (43:2). You are precious in HIS SIGHT and LOVED (43:4), created for HIS GLORY (43:7).

Don't dwell on the past...I am doing a NEW THING, making a way for you in your desert. And it was at this point in the readings this week, that I broke down and just wept. You see, I wish I could change some things about my past but I can't. And my God is so showing up and doing a new thing in my life and I am so grateful to HIM for smoothing my mountains (45:2). So grateful for sustaining, carrying, rescuing me to my old age (46:4). He won't forget me though others have forgotten whom I held close. No, God will never forget me for I am engraved on the palm of His Hands (49:15).

Abandon my quarrel with my Maker (45:11) Who counsels God, Bev (40:13). Do I want to give God a piece of my mind? He is testing me in the furnace of affliction (48:10) and my Redeemer is saying: I teach you what is best for you. I direct you in the way to go. Pay attention and your peace will be like a river (48: 17,18). What is due me is in God's Hands (49:4) not for me to decide what is best for me.

My God's Arm is not too short (50:2). Am I living today thinking my lack of strength is due to His short arm? My Sovereign LORD gives me an instructed tongue and sustains me with His Word. He woke us all up this morning to LISTEN (50:4). So, I'll stop what I'm doing. I'll set my face like a flint (50:7). Though I walk in the dark with little light (50:10), and some of you with no light, I will rely only on HIM to help me. For there is something inside of me that desperately needs to change and I can't do it without His Work. Don't light your own fires (50:11). Trust only in the name of our good Sovereign LORD. Come closer those who are thirsty (55:1). Seek HIM while He may be found. Call while HE is near. (55:6). Forsake your ways/your thoughts for HIS. For His Word will never come back to you empty (55:11). Never.


JnL4God 7/20/2008  

Your daughters are definately in my prayers. I posted early as well, and yes Isaiah is a great book.
It really touched me when you said how you wish you could change your past. Me Too. The closer I draw to God the more it hurts me that I hurt HIM. Oh how I wish I would have known more back then. And how grateful I am that He did forgive does forgive and that He remembers them no more. I just have to remember I am forgiven. When you read my post scroll down to the other post. I wrote about you.
PS I will continue to pray for your girls.

Karen 7/20/2008  

Girl, I am right there with you about the treasures in these verses. Too many to choose from! (and isn't that a great thing! Something else to praise Him for!)

I'd link to my post but we all know how that would turn out. :)

I'm praying for your girls and for your quest. Remember, He has chosen you and will uphold you. (41:9-11)

blessings to you, sister!

connorcolesmom 7/20/2008  

Oh no !!
I am praying for your girls
Please keep me updated
Love ya

Ang baylis 7/20/2008  

He will take your right hand and help you, Bev! I will be praying for your girls! I also agree that I love the book of Isaiah!

I hope you are all enjoying reading the Bible this way as much as me! I am so honored to be reading it with you! I wrote a little something here.
Blessings to each of you! Have a great week!
Angie xoxo

Toknowhim 7/20/2008  

Sorry to hear about your girls being sick, but I see you are trusting in the Lord to take care of them.

Bev, the scriptures you quoted were so awesome this week (as every week:) ... I am in a situation right now where so many of those scriptures can apply. God is so much bigger than what my earthly eyes have imagined Him to be... Thank you for reminding me to seek Him, even in the hard times.

Love to you sweet sister... Kim

Shonda 7/20/2008  

I'm praying for your girls--their health, doctors, safety. The Lord is our Helper!

Oh so many things touched me this week in the chronological reading. But one particular scripture came up 5 times! Five times! I think the Lord shouted to me & HE definitely got my attention. I wrote about it on my blog.

I'll keep praying for you & the girls. Love ya sister!!

Engrafted by His Grace--pge

Bev Brandon 7/20/2008  


Isaiah 40:2 - Double Coverage! I love it!!! He has me covered more than I know. Thanks for your kind words.

Bev Brandon 7/20/2008  

Karen - Chosen and upheld by God. Oh that so speaks to me! Love your wit and wisdom! Took me one year to figure out how to post something on blogger (my son told me I had actually set up 7 blogs).

Bev Brandon 7/20/2008  

Kim, Hope your vacation was awesome---look who was with you, how could it not be?? Praying for you guys as you count down...

Bev Brandon 7/20/2008  

Ang, well your post took my breath away with your exciting news! I thought several times this week about God reaching down to take our right hand as I ran under His starry host a couple of nights. Unbelievable!

Bev Brandon 7/20/2008  

Kim, you have such an open, humble sweet heart that longs for Him. I treasure that. Love you sweet girl! Bev

Bev Brandon 7/20/2008  

Shonda, To take His right hand that HE offers you and me means we "let go" of those idols in our hands like perfection. I've always wanted to do things right or not at all which is just as bad. Letting go with you of anything else in my hand to grab HIS. Loved your post.

Mary Lou 7/21/2008  

Bev, I loved all of the verses that you chose to comment on and how they spoke to your heart.

I've been in prayer for your girls.

The verses that spoke to me this week were Isaiah 26;3 and then Isaiah 30:15 and then Isaiah 40;31. They built on one another in my heart...He is telling me that If I will focus on Him and be still I will gain my strength and by waiting on Him that I will be able to mount on wings of eagles....I do so need a steadfast mind and to be quiet and still before Him and rest in His quietness and strength and exchange my weakness for His strength. As every week, you ministered to my heart by what you shared. Thank you for being transparent. I sent you an email in response to one that you sent me. Hope your writing is going well this morning. Love Mary Lou

annie's eyes 7/21/2008  

I've started to comment three times and just am overwhelmed by the goodness and tenderness of His thoughts towards us recorded in His Word. I hope to post later today, but for now, want you to know I am praying for your girls for comfort and restored health, and also for you as you wait. Your heart reflects His so sweetly. Love, Annette

lisasmith 7/21/2008  


I have gotten to know you a little bit through Heather's blog. I have a little Hunter Isaiah Smith (HIS) and a Palmer (engraved on His palms). I loved your comment on Heather's blog. I love Isaiah.
I love God! I love getting to know you.

Blessings today!

lisasmith 7/21/2008  

Just a quick question, Are you reading the chronological Bible? I am reading the 90 day and that is my next goal. I can't wait to read all your insights!

Holly 7/21/2008  

Praying for you, for your girls today. Asking God for an answer today for your family.

Mahfot MH 7/21/2008  


I will pray for your daughter as well. May he will answer to our prayer. Hope that everything will be fine.

Wrist Corsage"

Bev Brandon 7/21/2008  

Mary Lou, Got your e-mail that so spoke to me. Always love hearing from you! Always!

Bev Brandon 7/21/2008  

Annette, you so live like you are Loved lavishly. You do! Good to talk for a minute, call again. Love how we all hear how your God so shows up in you!

Bev Brandon 7/21/2008  

Lisa, what a sweet comment and I thank you from my heart. Your words draw people into your heart. You invite and that is so precious! I left a way-too-long comment on your blog. You make me feel like I know you and love you already.

Bev Brandon 7/21/2008  

Chronological Bible readings
for Lisa and anyone...

We started January 1st reading through the Bible chronologically...what joy to read it this way where you see God writing in Psalm 46:1 that He is our ever present help in times of trouble and what had just happened---it was a fierce battle for Jehoshaphat---2Chron 20:9 standing, crying out WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO but our eyes are on God...the "Battle is not yours, but God's" 29:15. You don't fight, you take another position---you fall down in worship 20:19. And here comes the words of the beautiful psalm 46 about our ever present help in trouble! When your earth gives way like it did for Jehoshaphat in battle, don't fear. Be still and know that I am God. 46:10. The Lord is with you. Oh my! To attach the psalm to the story is so powerful for me. We love reading the Word chronologically. It has helped me so much for God has showed up. It's not about insight but all about the journey we are on to find HIM. And we are. Anyone is welcome to join the readings anytime. Scroll down my sidebar for schedule. You may want to think about joining us in the fall when we start the New Testament. I think I'll do it this way again next year too! We post on Mondays what lingers in our hearts from our readings during the week.

Bev Brandon 7/21/2008  

Holly, thank you sweet friend for praying for me. It means so much! We will know by the end of this week, Lord willing!

Bev Brandon 7/21/2008  

Wrist Corsage - what an intriguing name. Thank you so much for offering to pray and that is so touching for me to have people I don't even know who would walk with us in prayer. Thanks!

Michelle V 7/21/2008  


I so love to read your insights each week! I am praying for your girls and your family. You are such a wonderful encourager to me!


Bev Brandon 7/21/2008  

Michelle, thank you! It is such a joy to be on this journey with you and hear your heart each week. I'm still surprised you live so close. See you in a couple of weeks---wow.

Marina 7/21/2008  

Bev, I am sorry to hear about your girls I will keep them in my paryers ,and I love these post now I am going to have to start reading,marina

Becoming Me 7/21/2008  

Wow, what an uplifting post. I found your blog from Shonda's journal and left feeling very encouraged

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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