Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welcome Trials as a Friend

Making new friends these past couple of weeks---it's called trials. My boys are in the driveway changing a flat...we've had more stories this week than usual. Even caught a raccoon in our attic. YUK! I could barely watch all the boys who live in my house who were ecstatic with adventure on this journey of ridding the raccoon from Rush Street as I gasped the air out of our house in horror.

Well, I just pulled together a Brandon post of this eventful weekend involving:
Britt's high school formal
Barrett capturing rocky raccoon
Britt and Dirk
Barrett's World Cup in Korea
but I can't find the camera cord so I will save the photo collage for another day.

I started a new job this week as a permanent substitute teacher with the local public school district working at different high schools where it is very difficult to secure a substitute teacher. I've been at alternative schools and special ed with the medically fragile. Needless to say, the job is challenging. I am so grateful for a full-time job. I have so many stories after one week but I'll spare you. My God has shown up for me this week in incredible ways. C.S. Lewis wrote that our God is not a static thing. He is a dynamic, pulsating Life. Almost like a drama. Almost like a dance. And I believe at this place that I am in, my beautiful God has invited me into a deeper dance with HIM. I'm so grateful to HIM for answering my prayers and I am finding HIM. Yesterday, we read a verse that said to ask God for a sign that He was present, and I did. I can't find the reference this minute. The thought came to my mind to turn on the radio. I asked God if I heard right. The thought came again and again so I dropped what I was doing and went for the radio. As I turned it on, the "DJ" announced a new unfamiliar song and the words began to flow and float and flabbergast me. "God is watching over you." God sees you where you are.

Bob is still in-between jobs. A couple of churches have been interviewing him---it's a process. My prayer for my husband is a chronological verse we read Sunday (I've jumped ahead) in Psalm 78. Just as God chose David and took him from the sheep pens, I pray that our God would take my husband from tending to his physical work to be a shepherd of people, once again. And may Bob continue to learn to shepherd with integrity of heart, with skillful hands. Psalm 78: 70-72. That's what he longs to do.

The past weeks have been difficult, challenging times, but it is our God Who is so showing up, continuing to detach us from dependence on every source of joy other than being in relationship with HIM. Not having a successful ministry. Not having our lives turn out successful. Not even healing or understanding or insight or guidance. Only God Himself can be our goal. And it is through His Providential blessings and suffering that His Spirit is moving in our lives. No easier path. No shortcuts through ByPass Meadow---remember that meadow in Pilgrim's Progress?

May we all know better how to welcome suffering, as James said, when he was inspired by God: welcome your trials as friends.


Kristin 4/26/2008  

Thanks once again for sharing your heart. I'm so thankful that you have found work, but more so that you can so see God working right now. I will continue to pray ~ Kristin

Lindsee 4/26/2008  

Miss Bev-

So thankful to hear about your job! I hope it goes so very well for you! Keep us updated on your husband!

Much love your way!

Oh, and WHOA about the Target story! You are proof there is a living God that takes care of every little detail!


JeanMac 4/26/2008  

Bev, I lost your blog address - I have been wondering what ever happened re: Cyd - I could never find a news update.

Mary Lou 4/27/2008  

Oh,Bev, how God has been showing up for you.those verses in Psalm 78 jumped out at me too. I will pray them for Bob. I have a feeling that one of those churches is going to call him very soon. So thankful that you have gotten a job. Thank you for sharing your heart and your very soul. God is using you in countless lives. You are so right we need to welcome trials as friends. We are having employee problems, just one more way that the Lord is telling my husband that his decision to close the office there down and move it home and the two of us do his work, me assisting him.....God is moving and He most assuredly is moving in your life. Blessings...

Patty 4/27/2008  

Hi Sweet Bev!
I am praising God for your job!! As you and I have talked about before in an email, it is your time to dance again. I believe you have been under an extreme amount of trials but God has things for you beyond your wildest dreams. For your husband, too. I can't wait to meet you in person in a few months and give you a big ol hug!

TJ 4/27/2008  

Thank you for sharing your journey with God. Your dependence on God is a good example to me. Next time you sub at my school, let's do lunch. T.

Bev Brandon 4/27/2008  

T - I would be thrilled to have lunch with you...I'll look you up! Might be there this week cause of TAKS.

Anonymous 4/27/2008  

\0/ \0/ That's me and you praising the Lord for the provision of your teaching job...that is wonderful and such welcome news to read...I will continue to keep praying for your husband to find the work that will make his heart sing with joy and breath with satisfaction of God's perfect place for him.


Alana 4/28/2008  

I'm so thankful that you have found a full-time job! Praise the Lord! Still praying for Bob's opportunity. Love your attitude and your heart. It is such a great example!

Fran 4/28/2008  

And we all say "hallelujah Lord, hallelujah!"

I'm just jumping up and down over the job for you! my heart is leaping! :)

Praying for you and the entire family...yo are permanently on my heart!
Big hugs and lots of love~

Becoming Me 5/02/2008  

This is a beautiful post. Ia m so blessed whenever I visit.

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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