Wednesday, April 23, 2008

God Showed Up at TARGET

I went to pay for my gas purchase at the Quik Trip. I counted out $5 in change with trembling tears streaming down my cheeks to buy enough gas to make it home. I wasn't crying over the gas issue. I was so deeply touched by my beautiful God and you know all those tears are in His record. That's what I read last night. Psalm 56:8 Record my sorrows; list them in your record book, God.

You see, I was driving home from work this afternoon--- a sub job on this precious day, assisting in teaching students with severe cerebral palsy and it was SUCH A JOY. I so sensed the presence of my God in me to serve them. The world is not worthy of these precious ones. Hebrews 11:38. (This verse makes me think of my friend Cyd!) I held my tears until I got into my car and silently prayed for the families these beautiful kids were going home to see. Will they be cherished, adored, and treasured tonight? Yes, they will! Their Heavenly Father will do just that for them.

Back to the gas station story. I didn't count my change right. I had just come back from stopping at the eye doctor and my eyes were not seeing correctly. The clerk told me I was short. Well, I can always go check the seat of my car for coins that fell through. That sounds so pitiful. But it was all the cash I had on me. And the clerk turns to me and says---don't worry about the rest of it. Just go on....when do gas stations say don't worry about paying the rest of the money???

I stopped at Target on the drive home. I knew the smell of popcorn would overtake me as I walked in. So I rummaged through all compartments in my car to find one dollar for popcorn and a coke. When I went to pay at Target's food court, it happened again. I only had half of the dollar. Let's blame it on my brand new glasses that I just picked up from the eye doctor. I haven't had real glasses since last summer when I lost them. But, the prescription is messed up. I can see far away and mid-range great, but the close up range is far TOO STRONG. They can't adjust them until next week---ouch. I have already fell once thinking a step was there and IT WASN'T. LOL. And the clerk looked at me (no tears in Target) and she said. It doesn't matter that you don't have the right amount...just go on and have it. It's only popcorn. When does that happen???

I have a special table where I stop and sit at this Target, and invite my God to say anything to me that HE wants. Can't pass it by without asking HIM to talk to me. Tonight HE said to me that "getting rid of my issues" was a false god for me. I'm trying to force things to happen. There is something I am believing that is just not true. Enter into what makes that thought of getting rid of my issues seem reasonable to me. I have to let go of wanting resolution and things to work out well with my husband and children right now. I need to trust. Attach. Let HIM strip me off of myself. Whew. I got up in peace and gratitude for it is the kindness of our God that leads us to repentance. Romans 2:4.

As I approached my car, it happened again---in the Target parking lot! Someone slipped into my hand a $20 bill and I simply lost it at that point. I am so grateful to God for providing my needs and my wants. But more than all that, I am so grateful to HIM for showing up in my life and making His Presence known. So grateful to HIM for making me holy and making me care about that, more than I care about life working out in my favor. It's okay right now, in fact it's way more than just OKAY....and I know that's God. Things are really rough right now but there is joy unexplainable. Attaching to HIM and being stripped off of myself. It's such a holy horrendously difficult desirable place to be!


Mary Lou 4/24/2008  

Oh, Bev, how awesome is our God. My mouth fell open at all the times He met you yesterday. He is right there with you, gave me chill bumps. Praise the Lord. He is on His throne, He is God alone, In the good times and the bad, He is God alone. That song has been runnning thru my head....and it just seemed to fit right here. Blessings on your day.

Shonda 4/24/2008  

You are so special to God and to me. I sit here this morning led to 1 Peter 1, praying for you. I have seen in my life and others that God works in that He refines prior to releasing into something He has for us to do. Refined to be proved genuine and praise in Christ. Prepare our minds for action; hope fully in grace given to us from Christ Jesus. Be holy as the Lord is holy. We are like grass, but God's word stands forever. It's all about HIM; HIS Word that works in us, works in other--has the power to transform lives!

God is doing a new thing and making a way. (Is. 43:19) I'm so glad you're holding on--He wont fail you! He will keep meeting you at Target or where ever you are. He is there! Be encouraged!

Love and Blessings in Christ-

jennyhope 4/24/2008  

first your emails have gotten returned to me that I have sent you. Second...I love you so much sweet Bev! Third, I can't praise Him enough for the work He is doing in you. What a blessing to me and I can't tell you the times He has done the same things for me. We must keep looking to Him and seeking intimacy like your post a few days back. We have to keep believing Him against our opposition. No weapon forged against you will prevail.
Thank you for sharing your heart. I am going now to turn off my computer and pray for you. Love jen

He Knows My Name 4/24/2008  

bev, it is good you are recording these moments because they are all Him. He is directing your paths and He is making Himself known in such unbelievable ways. each time you let us know how He is working in your life it is building up my faith and the faith of others. just like you said He wants all the Janel off and Jesus on.

if your sound is back, i left you a song on my blog and some of our friends left you the sweetest comments.

the title of a francis schafer book comes to mind in all your testifying how He is showing up...He is There and He is not Silent!!! amen! ~janel

annie's eyes 4/24/2008  

Once more, His Face is what you seek. And He does not disappoint. Even at a gas pump, even in Target at a special table...Your heart shines of Him. Once more, so like Him, you find joy unexplainable amid the storm. I hope you get those same students today that you can love on again. He's give you eyes to see each as a Gift, even before there is a solution. There is nothing like going through the storm to see the Son. I will now pray for you as He reveals the words to bring to Him for you and your sweet family. Much blessing and love, Annette

connorcolesmom 4/24/2008  

I have goose bumps so big my hair feels like it is standing up!
That is amazing but we have an AMAZING God don't we!
I pray for you often and know this season in life is about trusting Him.
He is showing up BIG Time!
Much love

Michelle Bentham 4/24/2008  

Amen and Awesome all at the same time... and Yes, I do just love the Word! I do... Bless you, cause I know you do, too. Love You!

Karen 4/24/2008  

Is that not so true? Sometimes we decide that we are going to get rid of our issues and we are going to do it this way, not His way. I just love it when God shows himself and I love it when I have the eyes to see Him. Blessings to you my friend. I'm rejoicing with you!

Nise' 4/25/2008  

Rejoicing with Amens and Thank You Jesus! He.Is.! He knows our "now" moments and our now needs. May you continue in your unspeakable joy as God carries you through!

Laura 4/25/2008  

Oh, Bev, I am so glad that He met you in such a powerful way! You are such a faithful daughter to listen so intently to His voice. Bless you, my friend.

CrownLaidDown 4/25/2008  

"It's such a holy horrendously difficult desirable place to be!"

I know. I know.

::sigh:: I know.

But my Sister, a day at a time, this place is do-able.

I love you! I'm glad God is sending what my heart would love to send. He is fathful, isn't He?

Praying you through the days...until your faith is indeed sight!

Teri 4/26/2008  

What a mighty God we serve.

Bev, thank you for sharing so humbly. Your words of testimony brng hope to others. Thank you for sharing them in the midst of your trial. Sometimes it is easy to sit back and wonder when God will bring you out of a trial. Here you are in the middle of the darn thing and you are constantly giving Him the place He deserves. When most people would take the bait, ("Why don't you just curse God and die?") you are showing us the way up is down. That God is Jehovah Jireh. That HE DOES CARE ABOUT US. Even popcorn at Target.
Thank you for being authentic.
You continue to bless God.

Alana 4/28/2008  

So amazing. So full of hope. I love it!

SweetPea 5/05/2008  

Wow. How precious. What an amazing story of our AWESOME God. He is EVERYWHERE and He is very good to us. His love is abounding. Eph 3:20 tells us that He does things immeasurably more than we could ever imagine or think! Amen to that!!!
God bless you,

Profbaugh 5/10/2008  


It's absolutely amazing that when I come to your blog it always seems that God speaks so clearly through your words. This particular post immediately got my attention with the word "Target" in it, after all I love Target!! By the end of the post I was bawling like a baby. Yes, this was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you my dear friend for once again ministering to me.

Much love,

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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