Friday, May 30, 2008

School's Out --- not in Texas

One more week of school. For the past few months, I have had the privilege of substitute teaching in public schools. This full-time job switch from private to public was a stunning surprise to me. My beautiful God has so showed up to carry me through the challenge of going to work full-time and holding out a little hope to today's startling teenagers.

I am learning to long to love and be a blessing MORE THAN I want my students to cooperate with me. I am learning to return a blessing for an insult. You never know where someone has come from or what is happening in their home life. Last night, I had a conversation with a wary wayward teenager who was hoping I would get him "out of trouble." A few tears dropped from my eyes as I shared with him that one decision could change the whole direction of his life. I wondered if anyone had offered him their tears for his precious life.

Funny thing happened to me today...I was Miss PE...teacher's lesson plan said to walk a mile on .the track. It was like 90 degrees outside but no ozone alert. Okay, we can do this. So, 54 students start the first lap with me. When we got to the second lap, I noticed that a fair number had sat down with the other coach by the bleachers. That was okay. What I didn't notice was that the soccer girls team had come onto the track and they took off jogging and walking fast. So, I'm right in there with them all, thinking it was my class, and what great runners/walkers they were. However, my PE class had all sat down with the other coach cause of the heat. Only one person out of 54 finished the workout with the soccer team----me. And, I thought I was with my class the whole time. My class politely waited for me in the shade. If I had just known who they were, but I thought I was with them...LOL.

It really is a privilege to be around young people. God has done so much in my heart in these months and I am so grateful to Him for seeing a higher calling in my life to love rather than wait to be loved, and to advance His Kingdom. You know, I have really dealt with self-hatred over my lifetime and God continues to move in that area for me. I was so broken over it last weekend! His Kindness led me to repentance over my rudeness, my aloofness, my distance. Rom. 2:4. Then comes grace, greater than all my sin. And as a friend said to me: "Shift your focus from how I feel about myself to how I feel about my Christ to how HE feels about me." And you know, I can't even do that without God. The truth is that I can't live the Truth without total dependence on HIM to help me. Take our eyes off of ourselves and revive us in your ways, O God, the psalmist wrote. HE must increase and I must decrease.


Alana 5/30/2008  

It sounds like you are having quite an experience with your substitute teaching. I'm totally picturing you running laps without your class!

Momofsix 5/31/2008  

Thank you for sharing your words have been such an inspiration!

What a blessing you probably are to so many young people. A light in the darkness!


Shonda 5/31/2008  

That's so funny about the class. What a beautiful person you are to me as you share your heart. God's grace is so good. Greater than I can even imagine. Yes more of HIM and less of me. I'm praying for you dear friend.

Love & blessings in Christ-

Karen 5/31/2008  

I've been praying that God would use you to touch lives. I think your beautiful spirit comes shining through!

Someday, those students will look back and remember something special about you. Because you've walked the path that our Father has set before you.


Teri 5/31/2008  

I am actually going back to college so I can enter the world of teaching High School! I can start subbing in about a year! Yahoo! I just LOVE teenagers!

Michelle V 5/31/2008  

I have a a teen and a tween and my hat goes off to you! What a blessing you are! You have a wonderful heart!


Julie 6/01/2008  

That's cool that God provided you a job. I am glad to hear of that. I am impressed that you kept up with that soccer team. I would have passed out a few feet into it!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.


Fran 6/04/2008  

Your heart is one of the most beautiful hearts I've ever seen Bev.

God is doing great big wonderful things in your precious life.

Stay ever so close to Him. I can totally see He's doing His beautiful work in you and through you.


jennyhope 6/05/2008  

I just laughed out loud thinking of you running that mile all without your class!! ha ha!

Profbaugh 6/11/2008  

What a great story (on the track). I've gotta give you props for finishing the walk! Oh my. I think I would have been there with your students--sitting under the shade.

Bev, you've definitely got a gift for teaching. What a blessing you are to your students. I'm so glad that God has provided teaching opportunities for you!! Just think of the diverse experience you've received while substituting!! And most of all the students are pretty darn lucky to have you there, even if just for a few days.

Much love,

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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