Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Photo: L to R: My 16-year-old sophomore, next is my Thai girl Brookie, I'm in the middle, then my D.C. girl Blair, then my French boy Barrett. I have no greater joy in life than that my children walk in truth and I hope that they are this day. These four children have given this mom such honor and respect and love. I can't thank them enough. I never dreamed from where I came from that I could have children like this nor this kind of life full of faith and love and hope. Wishing each of you a day where you lay your head on the empty chair, His lap---and listen to what HE says about your mothers and your mothering. That's all that counts.

Happy Mother's Day!
My buddy flew to France this morning. Oh my, here we go again. Our oldest son, Barrett, has been living at home with us for five months now. The time went way too F A S T....

I now have one daughter in Thailand, one son in France, and the other daughter on Capitol Hill. My last words to Barrett, a recent graduate from grad school, was this as he pulled out the driveway: "I hope you find God in France." To which he responded, "I think God is in France, Mom!" And, I believe God is going to France with Barrett!

You just long for your children to walk with their God and find HIM in the midst of all their lofty goals. That's my prayer for my precious boy whom we love so very very much. He's a great kid with lots of courage and determination and passion.
Barrett will compete for France for the next four months. That's why he moved to France today. They invited him over, put him up, and it's a great opportunity for him. Barrett is a professional triathlete. He competed in the World Cup in Korea last week and did very well---second best finish ever for a debut from an American. He was the second American to cross the finish line. The week before that he was in Mexico for the Pan American Games and had a great race there. He just qualified for the World University Games in Turkey this summer. His hard work is paying off. He said China called and invited him to race there at the end of this month and will help him get there.
Well, I'd say some French line if I knew it. Ciao! (except, that's Italian).
Here's Barrett in South Korea at The World Cup last week.
Olympic Distance triathlon race:
One Mile Swim **** 40k Bike Ride **** 10k Run

I am so grateful to my beautiful God for Barrett, Brooke, Blair, and Britt. The older three may be far away but they remain close in my heart this night and forever! Thank you guys for giving me beyond measure. Love You Forever, Madre


annie's eyes 5/09/2008  

Amazing Grace that allows a mother's heart to let her children fly from the nest. How sweet it is to have them home, but it is their turn. I know Barrett will find God in France. He takes Him with him from you, Bev. You must be so proud of each of your beautiful children. His eye is on each of them and you this day, as you release another into His care. You are an incredible mother and a joy to me. Happy Mother's Day, my friend. Love you, Annette

jennyhope 5/09/2008  

Oh sweet Bev! I love you so much! I know you are so proud of your children. I so want morgan to follow hard after Jesus.
That is my desire for her that she would be different. She is laying here next to me asleep and we had a bad day today. Your comment meant so much. I was so irritated with her and just tired. I had to confess to the Lord about how bad I felt that I snapped at her several times when I had just had enough of the whining and etc. LORD help me!!!
Happy Mothers day to you. They rise and call you blessed I know for sure. Love u

Fran 5/10/2008  

Hey sweet Bev!!

Happy Mothers Day sweet one! They do rise up and call you blessed.
You have such amazing children....I know that God is with him in France.... :)

Praying for his safety and protection....and, for your mommas heart.

Much love,

Mary Lou 5/10/2008  

Wow to have your children so far and yet so close. You have every reason to be busting your buttons. God has truly blessed you sweet Bev.

May you have a great week end. May He meet you each step you take and may your worship tomorrow be truly blessed.

Michelle V 5/10/2008  

Bev, I found your blog through the Siesta Fiesta blog. You must be so proud of your children! I'm sure it's difficult to have them so far away. I hope you have a very blessed Mother's Day!


Ang baylis 5/10/2008  

I can tell you have done an amazing job with your kids! They have God as their center and you can't ask for anything more than that! Our job is now giving them back to God and get excited about what He is doing in their lives! He is SO good and you are an amazing mother! You have beautiful children!!
Much Love,
Angie xoxo

Laura 5/10/2008  

Happy Mommy's Day! you are a beautiful lady, and your family is gorgeous!! Praying for your international travelers!

Shonda 5/11/2008  

Happy Mother's Day!

Beautiful children and they're doing so well. They have a beautiful mother.

Love & blessings in Christ--

Patty 5/11/2008  

Happy Mother's Day Bev!! Your children are amazing!! You have such a sweet heart and spirit!! I am so excited that God is going a new thing in your life! Like I have said before, your love for Jesus shines thru you!!
Have a great day!!

Sharon Brumfield 5/12/2008  

What an awesome thing God is doing in your childrens lives. I can't imagine what it is to be so far away from your children...but I am so glad that they are following God. That brings relief.
Happy Mothers Day!

Alana 5/12/2008  

Happy Mother's Day sweet Bev!

You are blessed with a beautiful family and I can tell they love their Mom. What is not to love?

Super B's Mom 5/13/2008  

WOW. What a wonderful job you have done as Mother. This post was a blessing to me! Happy (day after) Mother's Day!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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