Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ironing in my high heels

What happened to ironing???

My son leaves tomorrow for HOBY---four days at TCU. It's the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Conference throughout the state and it's here in our city---one sophomore from every high school. The dress is business casual. So, the conversation went this way:

Me: Britt, can I wash those khaki pants you wore to school today to take with you.
Britt: They are okay, Mom.
Me: Please.
Britt: Really. They are fine.

So...I gave hour later...

Britt: Maybe you better wash them.
Me: (Secretly) - Whew!
Britt: But you cannot iron them.
Me: I promise I won't put a crease in them. I'll iron them flat.
Britt: Mother, kids today do not wear pants that have been ironed.
Me: Oh, please!
Britt: No, you cannot iron them. Boys from the 90's ironed their pants. This is the 00's.

I'm looking at the washed unironed pants. I want to iron them so badly. When did this happen??? I've had other boys in the 00's who let me iron their pants with no crease.
He wins. No ironing tonight. Can you imagine that I am begging to iron anything!!!

On another note, Bob and I went to get Bob's car fixed at the mall, and on the way, I got a call that I was supposed to be at the 4-H banquet tonight with Britt. No car. So, I walked back home to get another car. It was 80 degrees and five miles through fields. And you know what happened?? I walked on wildflowers. Every day I drive by these fields but can't see the tiny one-inch bouncing bets and Indian paintbrush and scarlet buglers and Texas bluebonnets and lamb's quarters and lady-of-the-nights and owl's clover and four o'clocks and
I was o v e r w h e l m e d under the painted landscape of the evening sky and pungent palette of wacky wildflowers underfoot. God so spoke to me.

I have given up ironing.
New hobby---planting wildflowers!


Michelle V 5/15/2008  

That's intersting to me because my 15-year-old is the obsessive ironer (is that a word), in our family! I'm not allowed to do it because apparently I don't do it right. Last weekend he had a friend spend the night and Sunday morning I walked past his bedroom and both boys had the ironing board in his room ironing their clothes for church. Maybe my kids just aren't cool! :)


Fran 5/15/2008  

I was just sitting here thinking about you and had you on my heart and praying for you....then, to come over and read this just sent me grinning from ear to ear!!

Simply beautiful...every bit of it.
Ironing or no or no flowers.

You're fabulous Bev!!
Much love,

annie's eyes 5/15/2008  

I hardly know what to make of that. Now ironing is not cool! I so wished it had come into vogue about twenty years ago, when my husband decided he wanted no polyester in his shirts only 100% cotton, and we had a stackable washer and dryer where shirts came out in a tied up package! I love your stop and smell the wildflowers in your day too! You're a good mom! Love, Annette

connorcolesmom 5/15/2008  

I will be your daughter and you can iron my pants :)
I can't stand to iron and so I don't - I never knew I was in style though -LOL
I love wildflowers maybe I will plant some this weekend too :)
Love ya

Mary Lou 5/15/2008  

Oh, how my mama liked to iron, not one of my favorite pastimes. I finally found dress shirts for my husband that don't have to be ironed IF i take them out of the dryer in time..I still don't think it's cool to wear thing unironed....oh, well. I iron what I wear and when it wrinkles I wear it wrinkles and all. Bet you had a funny look on your face when he said it wasn't cool. Wish I could have gone walking through the wild flowers with you. Blessings on your day and week end...

Alana 5/15/2008  

Try Wrinkle Releaser...he might let you use that ;)

My Mother in law loves wildflowers. My husband teases her and calls them weeds!

Kristin 5/16/2008  

Hi Bev. Thanks for your sweet Mother's Day comment. When I saw I had a new comment I just knew it was going to be from you! You are such a faithful friend to this girl you don't even really know. I love that about you. Would you please pray for our family as we are making some decisions about a new home and seeking Dr's wisdom for some mysterious health issues with my son. Caden has been having "episodes" of chest pain and shortness of breath the past couple of weeks. This week has been better, so we are praising God for that improvement. He sees a cardiologist on the 30th. I love you sweet friend ~ Kristin

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God 5/16/2008  

This is such a funny topic in our house..

I buy the Downy wrinkle resistant spray...
so when my husband hears my spraying he says, "Honey, are you ironing"..."of course, darling", I say...

and then i have a child that doesn't like a crease...he prefers wrinkles...

so we iron sometimes...

before long... irons will be hard to find...

I hate ironing...!!!

On a different note... I have missed you.. you are a wonderful, dear friend...and love you tons...

Michelle Bentham 5/16/2008  


The things we are willing to do and end up doing for your kids! Amen on planting Wildflowers. I'm dying to buy a flat.

Thanks for all your sweet words of encouragment and I've posted a bit of my AGONY on my blog.

Anyway... I better go, Pizza's growing cold!


Toknowhim 5/17/2008  

Sweet Bloggy Friends/Siestas (and the “Know & Tellers”)

If you get a chance, go over today to ( if you visit my site, you will see the button that will link you directly there). This is the new meme I am involved with… I only ask one question, but I would love to have all you participate so I can read your answers… Blessings, and hope to hear from you soon… To Know Him

jennyhope 5/18/2008  

I so love you and your heart for the Lord!

Shelley 5/19/2008  

Bev, Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share this and to comment on my blog. You are a gem!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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