Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Merry Marry Month of May

What a spectacular setting, a Napa Valley wedding...
I give up. I have spent way too long trying to upload photos onto blogger today so that Barrett in France, Brooke in Thailand, and Blair in D.C. can see their little brother. Britt is the only one at home and it's like being an only child when you've been surrounded by the older three your entire life and then---THEY ARE GONE, in other countries, even! When the third one left for college, Britt asked if we could get another sibling from somewhere.

This is the best I can come up with in a couple of hours. Sometimes, the telecommunication age is way over my head. I received an e-mail that said that my blogarithms have migrated to RSS what and where? I can't even "do" a blogarithm. Somehow, I have Vicki on RSS feed, but don't ask me how I got her there. So, enjoy a few pictures---I have tons more...

ATHLETE OF the YEAR....Your little brother was named Male Athlete of the Year at his high school. He went to state in swimming and cross country and was all district in basketball and all-state honorable mention.
BRITT @ HOBY....Do you recognize this guy on the right from your childhood friends? Britt (l) was a HOBY delegate and Brian (r) was the Seminar Leader for North Texas. Now, your friends are your little brother's leaders.PROM NIGHT....Britt & Nicole...the little big brother is the second couple from right

Here is Barrett and Lauren entertaining all your little cousins.

The beautiful bride and her new family---we love Susannah so much!
Toni's three: Carly, Carson, and Cameron
they stood still for a sec

The groom and the little girls.

My buddy Barrett and me. My favorite pic.
The next pic threw me for a loop---and all my boys LOVED IT~

Before Barrett left for France, he caught a raccoon in our attic...
I happened to see IT climb the tree in our courtyard and jump onto our roof...
so Animal Control came and left this cage.
Funny thing! I never expected the boys would catch anything in the cage.
Merry May was a great month in a lot of ways. Britt is ending his school year well. But more than any achievement, what we are talking about here is that life is not all about getting "better" at anything. But, it is all about being "broken" for ways we try to make out life work without HIM...broken before a good sovereign God who loves us more than we can fathom. It's all about dealing with what is going on inside of our hearts as we live and love and linger on His word. Is there anything we want more than the love of our Christ? I am so grateful to my God for showing up this month---merry May has brought more storms in my life. And, in the midst of some pretty rough circumstances, He's here and my God is good!


annie's eyes 5/24/2008  

During our school years, those of our own and those of our kids, we define year ends in May. Looking back, it's time to give Him some praise. I still can define my life in semesters until next year. Then, I'll be back to December again, but think there will always be a sigh of relief and joy I find in May! Love you, Annette

Shonda 5/25/2008  

Beautiful pictures of the family. I'm glad you got them loaded. We're ending a season this as I have a boy graduating from high school. I'm grateful God is with us as HE never leaves us or forsakes us. He is a good and great and merciful God. I'm still praying for you.
Love & blessings in Christ--

Mary Lou 5/25/2008  

Bev, what beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. I find that I define years according to what age my children were and what grade or season of the year it was. The last eleven have been defined far more differently, but still somewhat the same, as the year of so and so and such and such happened. The last two and a half have thier own definition. I can see God in ALL of them just as you can in yours. Praying that your June is FULL of His presence and comfort and joy and that He does exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask, dream or imagine....Blessings on your Lord's day...May you receive great news this week and every day see Him. Love you...Mary Lou

Lindsee 5/25/2008  

You May sounds just as about exciting as mine! But really, isn't May always the craziest month? I LOVED this picture post. You are such a proud mama and I love it!

Hugs to you!!!


Karen 5/25/2008  

I wonder if there's a pill for when your blogarhythms migrate?

I loved the pictures, they are gorgeous. May does seem like such a crazy month. I know I'm excited that school is out but sad over the passing of another year.

Enjoy the day!

Marina 5/25/2008  

Bev, you look so pretty in all your pictures and you have a lovely family. Yes,May is always crazy but I always look forward to summer b/c I love the beach it relax's me so much ,but another year has come and is almost gone and God is alway with us no matter what,hugs,marina

Laura 5/26/2008  

Your family is so beautiful! You must be so proud. What a lovely wedding. What a special time.

Alana 5/26/2008  

I'm just loving all these family pictures! You look beautiful in the wedding photos!!

And I'm really loving your new blog title ;-)

Fran 5/28/2008  

I LOVE LOVE these pictures Bev!!
I mean really love them. You and your family has the most beautiful smiles.

I pray for you every day Bev. Your heart is so very beautiful and you know that you are His beloved child. He is captivated by You.

Big, big hugs~

HIS Daughter 5/30/2008  

Thank you, Sweet Bev, for your post! I am looking forward to having time off, even if I have tons to do to before the middle of August when I start my second year.

At least, I will have time to blog some and catch up on everyone else! I really miss you all!

Someone said their husband called the "internet sisters" there "pretend" friends. I think the guys don't get it!

Women need other praying women because we "get it", you know? We feel the same pains, physically and mentally.

I hope to catch up with all of my siesta's, if not today, then definitely Monday!

Prayers and Blessings,
p.s. You are beautiful! The pictures of your family- they are all just gorgeous. But, I mean it. You are a beautiful woman..inside and out!

Praying for Our Friend Joanne Psalm 131:3 Waiting on God. Hope Now. Hope Always.

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House of Blessing Tribal Childrens Home
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