Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Blair

UPDATE on Blair's Biopsy: 
The radiologist was not able to perform the full biopsy today due to the size of the growth on Blair's thyroid. The complete biopsy will need to be done out-patient at a hospital.  The radiologist was able to take one sample of tissue and fluid.  Blair did very well tolerating that procedure.  Pathology report will be back in a couple of days.  Thanks so much for praying for her!  Bev

Dear Blair,
Happy 25th Birthday Baby Blair.  I remember the day well.  I bled profusely after giving birth and needed to have a blood transfusion. I didn't want it---who does---but they were not testing blood for AIDS yet.  God protected!  And your daddy went and ran the Cowtown Marathon.

You were the cutest baby girl with an intriguing personality.  Like a blonde Shirley Temple.  Brooke would say that if she ever wanted to meet anyone, she would stand right behind you. Even at an early age, you knew everyone in the neighborhood!  Now, you probably know someone in every state!

I remember your first soccer game as a four-year-old.  You grabbed your teammate's hand and ran off to the playground instead of to the ball.   Do you remember dancing in MayFest?  Stage fright!

You have always adored your sister and brother.  When Britt entered the world when you were 7, you met him at the front door in your clown outfit with rainbow clown hair.  Awww!

You loved school because you loved people.  Teachers would want me to get you to stop trying to help others and do your own work.  You have always had such a big heart for other people!

I can't remember your middle school years??  My mind is blank....hmmm.

High school was so much fun for you!  You'd say, you were grounded for all of high school.  But this mom says you just enjoyed yourself to the max!  You cared deeply when your friends messed up.  You prayed for them.  You talked to them.  You walked with them.  And you followed your God to this very day!  I think your high school days were a dream!

OU was a perfect God-ordained match for you.  You tackled political science and you met many more friends to fill your world with joy and love.  Your dad and I were so proud of the young woman you were becoming!

The Witherspoon Fellowship was another great match!  And then working on Capitol Hill is a calling and love and an opportunity you have seized well.  Your daddy and I have never had to worry about you for you've always been responsible and diligent at whatever you've tackled.

And now you're engaged to the love of your life.  A great guy who adores you and will care for you forever.  A guy who is so committed to you and to making the most of your lives together.  An accomplished guy who knows where he's going in life.  And we love you both more than words can say.

I wish I could upload one of your baby pictures with your gorgeous hair.  Instead, here's one of the last pictures we took before we moved out of our home of 20 years where you found a Secret Room and climbed out of the window behind us to get to school one morning and sang yourself to sleep every night and found a good God and left us with beautiful memories of a young life well lived!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!

Pray for Blair on her Birthday:  Blair is having a needle biopsy on her thyroid today.  Pray for our girl on her birthday today that God's Hand once again protects her precious life!  She's a beautiful girl and she'll always be our Baby Blair!


twinkle 2/22/2010  

Bev, this was beautiful. I love this daughter of yours without ever meeting her! She sounds like so much fun and so full of LIFE!!

Blair, I pray to our loving God that He will divinely heal your body. No surgery. No bad news. Just a divine healing. ABIDE in Him through this test, but know that He is The Healer. Lord, You have promised that You wouldn't put more on us than we can handle. Be merciful to Bev and to Blair and allow this health issue to pass by with no drama. Just heal YOUR daughter, Blair, and bless her life. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Leah @ Point Ministries 2/22/2010  


What a precious post!! I know that Blair will treasure this for years to come.

I pray that the Lord will direct the doctor and all who come in contact with Blair today. I ask Him for His will to be done in this situation and for His name to be lifted high.

God bless you Bev.


Rhonda 2/22/2010  

A beautiful letter to your baby girl. Praying for her today!

beckyjomama 2/22/2010  

BEAUTIFUL! Nothing like a sweet mama's love. She is beautiful.

Praying for her .. and all of you today.

Blair 2/22/2010  

i LOVE you mommy!!!!!

And you were really too kind to skip those middle school years...thats a dark spot on an otherwise bright- however spotted-canvas!!! Haha. I love you, thanks for being the best mom I could ever have.

Bev Brandon 2/22/2010  

Aww thanks, Baby Blair! But no no no, I think middle school was awesome--- I just can't remember any of those spots! Dad couldn't remember either as I wrote last night. I was in a meeting yesterday and when I went to speak, I kept forgetting big stuff like who my 4 children were---it's kind of scary. And, NO, you were not the one I forgot. I couldn't remember Barrett's name---no, I couldn't remember who my 4th child was. I go to the doctor tomorrow to see what's wrong. So, I'm delighted I remembered what I did about you and there's so much more to you! You're a beautiful girl and lots of FUN! I remember dropping you off for college and hanging out the window of the car yelling at you, then going home to all boys...I cried for days! They just didn't talk as much as you girls did! Have a wonderful week and your present is on its way! Love, Mommy

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend 2/22/2010  

What a sweet post......Have a great day

connorcolesmom 2/23/2010  

What a sweet post to your little girl
your kids are blessed to have you for a mom :)
Much love

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